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When python executes a return statement, it immediately exits the function and replaces the function call with the return value. Thus, code like:. In the incomplete code below, a function is defined to generate a beat string which plays a simple drum groove.

The repeatBeat function repeats a short pattern to get a complete beat string 16 beats. The returned string can then be used in the makebeat function. Replace the question marks below each comment to match the DAW screenshot below.

Video: Combining Functions. Once defined, a function can be called from anywhere, including other function definitions. This allows us to take a complex problem and break it down into smaller problems. Popular music consists of various sections, which include intro, verse, chorus, and bridge. The main goal of this project is to take advantage of custom functions in order to create a musical piece that has structural form A-B-B-A for example.

Two custom functions for creating two different musical sections see EarSketch Example 7. Make sure to call each section at least twice in some pattern A-B-B-A for example. It is rarely appropriate for real programs because it does not allow the value to change without editing the source code.

User Input: Asking the user to input information ex. It is ideal for programs that do not need lots of data. Random Generator: Generating random values ex. In this chapter, we introduce a fourth way of getting data into programs: text file input. This is a common technique for programs which analyze data intensive systems like stock markets, social media websites, science experiments, etc.

In chapter 6, we introduced the string. The function uses a character specified by the input parameter to determine how to split the big string. Data text files are typically composed of lines of text separated by the new line character, that like the space character, is invisible white space but important. Video: Reading and Splitting Text Files. Python can open and read the entire contents of a text file with two simple functions: open and read.

The open function finds the file on the file system hard drive. The read function loads all of the contents of the file into one string value. We can then split any individual line to get a specific item on that line. Assume you have a text file called mary. Notice how there are newline characters between each sentence and space characters between each word. The following code would read the entire file, grab specific words out of the file, and print them out.

This exercise loads the clipAndMeasures. The most common data file format is called the CSV file. It is composed of lines of comma separated values. Look at the example file for daily high temperatures in US cities. Notice how each line is composed of a city name, a date, and a temperature all separated by commas. It loops through all contents of the file grabbing each value in a separate variable and converting data types when necessary.

When working with large data sets, users usually want traditional visualizations such as charts and graphs. There are situations, however, where data can be turned into a more artistic perceptions such as digital paintings or sounds. This section explores how we can use sonification in EarSketch to create auditory perceptions of data.

Sonification is a way to use non-speech audio to convey information, or in other words, turning data into sound. There are many examples of music which has been created based on sonification such as a piano composition based on the number pi and a heavy metal song based on data from the Higgs Boson particle. In this example, we will use stock information to alter the pitch of music.

The goog-data. Below is an example of using setEffect with data from the text file. Read the comments carefully to understand the code. Convert the example above so that:. Track 2 uses makeBeat instead of fitMedia. A clip should play for each line of data using:. One or more imported files with a loop. This can be one of the files provided listed below or any text file from the Internet. Chapter One: Getting Started 1. Programming basics Computers are programmable machines that process information by manipulating data.

Text user interfaces using the keyboard and a console. Programming Languages and Environments There are many different programming languages for programmers to choose from. PythonTutor PythonTutor is an environment for creating very short and simple Python programs and visualizing their execution. PythonTutor Example 1.

Edit in PythonTutor. Running a script A typical EarSketch script follows the template below:. Figure 1. This diagram shows the relationship between measures, beats, and subdivisions. The EarSketch Workspace Your browser does not support the video tag. Accounts top right : Log in, create an account, or reset your password. Reset: Press to jump the playhead back to the beginning. Toggle Metronome: Play a click track over your music. EarSketch Chapter Projects Each Chapter except this one will end with an EarSketch project which will allow you to create your own musical composition from scratch.

Comments Program files can contain source code and comments. Importing a module At the beginning of many Python programs, there will be statements which use the import keyword. Data Types Video: Data Types.

Strings and Quotes. Examples of Data Types in EarSketch. Variables Variables are virtual boxes that store values for reuse later.

PythonTutor Asg. Variable Names. EarSketch Example 2. Your browser does not support the audio tag. EarSketch Asg. Operators and Expressions Video: Operators and Expressions. Expression Evaluation.

When Python encounters a line with an expression, it always evaluates the expression first. In this EarSketch code, expressions are used to calculate new variables from existing variables. Modifying Variables Video: Modifying Variables. Constants Some Python modules come with pre-defined variables that can be used at anytime. PythonTutor Example 2. Using The EarSketch Sound Library To find sound clips that work well together in your music, choose them from the same folder.

Chapter 2 Project Based on the examples above or any other source, make any song you want with EarSketch. Chapter Three: Using Functions 3.

Function Calls Video: Function Calls. PythonTutor Example 3. Function Calls and Parentheses. Setting Effects Another useful function is setEffect. EarSketch Example 3. Combining Expressions In the last chapter, we introduced expressions.

Remember, Python always starts evaluating expressions with the inner most parentheses first. Random Numbers The random function takes no input parameters and returns a random float greater or equal to 0 and less than 1. Importing Random Functions. Modify Input Edit in PythonTutor. Edit the code below to ask the user to type in a starting measure for the track 1 clip. Unpredicatable Values. Listen to the audio of the example project. Chapter Four: Conditions 4. Making Decisions Computers make decisions that give the illusion of "thinking".

Booleans Video: Boolean Values. Never put quotes "False" around a boolean value. Quotes will make Python think it is a string. Comparison Operators The comparison operators are often used to generate boolean values. Equality vs. Boolean Operators Video: Boolean Operators.

True and False. False or True. The not operator takes 1 boolean input and returns the opposite negated boolean. If Statements Video: If Statements. EarSketch Example 4. If, Elif, Else As we learned above, if statements will either execute or skip 1 block of code depending on the condition. While Loops Video: While Loops. Input Validation While loops are often used to validate user input. Chapter Five: String Indexes and Loops 5. More Functions in EarSketch In this chapter, we will use two new EarSketch functions which will be very useful for the rest of the course, fitMedia and makeBeat.

EarSketch Example 5. Notice how the clips repeat as many times as necessary to reach the endMeasure. Slicing Video: Accessing Characters and Slicing.

The Last Index. Chapter 5 Project: Beat Challenge Compose a song that is centered around beats that you create with the makebeat function. Called Chap5Proj At least 15 seconds long. You will need to create at least 2 of your own beat strings and choose a clip for each one. Chapter Six: Lists 6. Creating Lists Lists are collections of values combined into a single entity. String Splitting With Numbers. Indexes The indexes of each value in a list are identical to the indexes for each character in a string.

Swapping Items in a List. EarSketch Example 6. The list below contains 8 sound clips of kalimba piano. Each clip has its own track Each clip starts one measure later. Each clip lasts for 5 measures. Chapter 6 Project: Complete Drummer Compose a song that is centered around a multi-instrument beat that you create with the makebeat function. Called Chap6Proj At least 15 seconds long. Review: Calling Functions In Chapter 3, we introduced functions like lenprintinputstrintrandintrangeand more.

More Functions in EarSketch In this chapter, we will use a new version of the Invisible (Original Mix) - DiscoVer. - Invisible (File EarSketch function which will be very useful for the rest of the course. EarSketch Example 7. Defining custom functions Video: Defining Functions. Function Definitions. Return Statements Video: Return Statements. Return Statement Evaluation When python executes a return statement, it immediately exits the function and replaces the function call with the return value.

Combining Invisible (Original Mix) - DiscoVer. - Invisible (File Video: Combining Functions. Chapter 7 Project: Structured Song Popular music consists of various sections, which include intro, verse, chorus, and bridge.

Called Chap7Proj At least 15 seconds long. Chapter Eight: File IO 8. Oversongs! Jokes of the day and funny stuff. Why you should sign up. Growin' Down Appropriate in Love Song Invisible (Original Mix) - DiscoVer.

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