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I wear them while jogging the readings are pretty accurate and the sound quality is great. Everybody wants to know the secret to winning. Whatever industry you work in, this is certainly worth a read. While many people reach for their Fitbit in the pursuit of the quantied self, Ive gone one step further and had a fascinating P genetic screen to determine which pharmaceutical drugs my body can process.

After all, what can provide more information about you than your DNA? I love personalised medicine. However, Project LiveWire represents a shift away from the muscle of old. Harleys rst electric bike swaps the classic 60 V-twin engine for a longitudinally mounted, three-phase AC induction motor, which produces 74hp and 8,rpm. Peak torque is A full recharge takes 3. The longitudinally mounted electric motor is shaped to allow the rider to hug the bike.

But this 8. Evolve reckons you can squeeze about two hours or 45km out of a single charge. It also helps that the motor forms part of the deck, meaning theres no unsightly power pack. The Passat uses a simple graphic with a diminishing bar and an audible beep to tell you when to go forward or reverse. Its the most intuitive setup. Its also the only system on test to feature a drive away function that guides you out of the space. In common with the group, it struggled. While attempting to parallel park in.

Vehicles from 23, to 37, volkswagen. Ultrasonic sensors on the side of the car measure the available space and, if its large enough,alertthedriverviaadashboarddisplay to select reverse. The steering inputs are autonomous but the driver retains control of the throttle, brake and on manual cars the clutch. The driver must respond to a series of prompts to select forward or reverse until the carishappyitsnishedthejob.

Thetechnology is still relatively crude, but in the future, autonomous cars will be able to park themselves. WIRED lived with each of the cars for a week, carrying out a series of parking manoeuvres in everyday conditions. When the systems allowed, we attempted parallel and perpendicular procedures.

These included parking on Victorian streets in London and in supermarket car parks. We included real-world hazards, such as parking next to motorbikes. The Focus coped well with parallel parking between two cars, but the sensors failed to identify a parked motorbike, and only emergency braking avoided a rather costly collision. It also struggled with perpendicular parking, striking a kerb in a supermarket car-park test.

Vehicles from 18, to 26, ford. The C-class shares much of its tech with the S-class luxury saloon. Several times, though, the Active Parking Assist sensors failed to read an appropriate space, whether parallel or perpendicular. In common with all the cars here, the C-Class was also inconsistent on kerb distance. Vehicles from 30, to 70, mercedes.

The Toyota Auris is the only model here not to offer perpendicular parking and it left WIRED unconvinced by its ability to parallel park. It steered into a kerb, narrowly avoiding damage to the alloy wheel and declared itself complete even when the front wheels were pointing out into the road. Vehicles from 21, to 23, toyota. This is a crossplatform tool that measures the computers ability to carry out realworld tasks and investigates the true potential of each of the cores in a multi-core system.

It also uses a stress test to measure the systems stability. Further pressure was applied with real-world multitasking, including editing with Adobe Lightroom and video streaming in multiple browsers. Indeed, for many, this notebook wont even begin to make sense. But since when was that a concern for Apple fans? With such a skinny chassis, interior space is at a premium. To ensure every millimetre is used, most components have been recongured. The result is a beautiful feat of engineering.

Given its price, it would have been a serious misstep to not equip this device with a Retina display. Thankfully, Apple supplies the full ppi. Not only is the screen sharp and bright, but the bezel is super thin, which adds to the overall delicate look.

Despite this, it doesnt feel fragile, even when open WIRED carried it around in one hand and didnt detect any ex. At just 0. The keyboard is likely to divide opinion. The new buttery mechanism that sits underneath the keys provides improved stability, but the lack of travel feels undeniably strange at rst.

The large trackpad is the recipient of some of Apples newest ideas the Haptic Engine provides tactile feedback such as a double-click sensation or action notifications; Force Touch senses the level of pressure applied, potentially adding subtlety and depth to your gestures. In practice, though, WIRED kept either forgetting about these, or finding them to be not as fast or effective as one might expect. Yet for all this innovation, a surprisingly weak set of components sits under thehooda1.

As a result, the off-the-peg MacBook is a bit of a wimp, and is easily outpaced by the current MacBook Air. The iPad Air which also sits nicely in this super-slim group is half the price, but cant match the MacBook for practicality.

The MacBook isnt noticeably sluggish in use, but nor is it lightning-fast either it can handle most web browsing and documents, but you can forget editing raw image les. For the Geekbench 3 benchmarking tests, the MacBook gets a single-core score of 2, and a multi-core score of 4, For context, this puts the MacBook below Geekbenchs baseline scores of 2, and 5, which are from the mid Mac mini.

Of all the MacBooks features, it is the ports or lack thereof that have grabbed headlines. The downside is youll almost certainly need an adaptor if you want more than one thing plugged in, although we managed without quite nicely. And speaking of battery life, WIRED got an impressive fulldayoutofit,despiteusingthenotoriously power-hungry Chrome browser.

So, who is the MacBook actually for? Despite its expense, its most likely to be a capable second computer, useful for mobile work and to impress in meetings as a trophy laptopwhile the heavy lifting gets done elsewhere. Is it underpowered? Oh, yes. The set uses 16 shades of grey and 16 shades of red to represent the opposing sides. The clear acrylic board is. The wooden chess pieces oating above are stripped down to the utmost, yet a resemblance to the classic gures is still distinguishable.

And if regular. A strip of screws reloads the powered head ammo-style, to make securing everything from plasterboards to at-pack furniture faster than ever. An overall weight of just 2. Loaded strips come in belts of 50, and range from decking to drywall screws. As well as a hammer drill, jigsaw, circular saw. Its convertible design means it can double up as a sack barrow for.

That means theres no need to fashion a creaky work bench from cast-off materials before you dive into the maker community.

It comes with spoke keys, a chain tool, magnetised Allen key heads, Torx keys, plus Phillips and athead screwdrivers. Theres even a CO2 inator. And at just g you wont even notice it in your pack.

Whether youre digging out the allotment or clearing snow from the path, Bosse Tools shovels are a cut above. All feature a durable D handle with an ergonomic rubber grip. However, its the rotating centre bar that makes them stand out. This allows a greater range of body motion and a more upright stance, so shovelling is less back-breaking.

Available in scoop, at and round head. Without a chain or a belt drive, Mandos Footloose IM is a standout proposition among e-bikes.

Once they hop on and get pedalling, riders charge a 36V battery which powers a W dual-winding motor. Unlike the original Footloose. A top range of 60km makes it ideal for commuters who dont want to join the Lycra brigade. Converse brought out its All Star basketball shoe in ; then, ina basketball player named Charles H Chuck Taylor walked into the company HQ complaining of sore feet and suggested improvements to the design.

Converse made him its salesman and ambassador, and he continued working for Converse until shortly before his death in Since then, the company mantra has been Dont fuck with Chuck. And it hasnt.

Until now. Re-engineered with a greater emphasis on comfort through technically advanced materials, the Chuck II even boasts higherquality Tencel canvas.

Each speaker was strapped to Neaves canoe for successive runs through the centres white-water course. WIRED separately tested speakers while submerged, and checked to see if they still worked properly afterwards. The BRV-X delivers on all its rugged promise. It was the only speaker to be clearly audible by Lizzie Neave throughout the entire course, and audio quality was excellent, especially the bass.

Transmission range was also longest in test. The extra weight allows it to act as a smartphone charger, but it did affect the canoes handling. Despite being the most stylish speaker on test, the MegaBoom proved unsuitable for rugged use. The screw cap and rubber port cover didnt work well, making it difcult to ensure it was watertight.

It did perform well in and out of the water, with a strong and clear response, but it shipped water heavily and nearly sunk. Two test units failed after immersion. Medium wave reception test Which of these Bluetooth speakers kept our Olympic canoeist entertained?

Although only being IPX6 rated, it handled the rapids and was audible throughout, surviving brief submersions. The only problem was its shorter battery life. The Aqua was the most buoyant of the oating speakers on test. Its rubberised coating survived impacts well, but a big drawback was its sound a generally muted and at response meant it was almost inaudible for Neave while out in the rapids. Back on dry land, switching on the EQ bass boost only highlighted its tendency to rattle at low frequencies.

Large, fairly heavy and well-protected, at rst glance the EcoXBT looks good. Get closer, though, and it disappoints the waterproof ap for the USB and aux-in ports is not permanently attached and the whole thing feels cheaply made. Sound quality was also weak, rendering it virtually inaudible to Neave while canoeing, and delivering rattly bass on land.

A few years ago a Reddit user posted the following question on the site: If someone from the s suddenly appeared today, what would be the most difficult thing to explain to them about life today? The most popular answer was this: I possess a device, in my pocket, that is capable of accessing the entirety of information known to man. I use it to look at pictures of cats and get in arguments with strangers. Its funny because its true. Today, there is enough information in the world for every person alive to be given three times as much as was held in the ancient library at Alexandria.

It was believed to hold the worlds entire store of knowledge. Now nearly all of it is available to anyone with an internet connection. We ought to be living through a new golden age of intellectual exploration, a truly global and universal Enlightenment. It doesnt quite feel that way, does it? When you looked around at your fellow commuters this morning, they were all locked into their smartphone screens, playing games or looking at pictures of a friends puppy.

Twenty years ago, at least half of them would have been reading a book or a newspaper. What they were reading might not always have been very edifying, but they were making at least the pretence of an interest in the world outside their own bubble.

We know the internets irresistible power to entertain can distract us from even the smallest effort to enrich our understanding of the world.

But there is a second, subtler way in which it. By making answers so abundantly available, it can even degrade our capacity to ask questions. Aristotle called curiosity the desire to know. The itch of curiosity arises in what the psychologist George Loewenstein calls an information gap: the gap between what you know and what you know you dont know.

If you dont grow interested in your own ignorance, you quickly become incurious. ThetroubleisthatGoogleand Wikipedia are so stunningly efficient, we spend little time inside that gap.

The questions we ask of the internet dont linger inside our minds for very long, and, as a result, they have little time to develop and deepen. When we get an immediate and perfectly serviceable answer, the question disappears, along with our curiosity. When Googles head of search, Amit Singhal, was asked if people are getting better at articulating their search queries, he sighed and said: The more accurate the machine gets, the lazier the questions become.

None of this is to say that the internet is making us incurious. It cant do that: the wonderful thing about curiosity is that nobody can take it away from you. Indeed, Google and Wikipedia are the greatest tools for. Every day, they launch millions of journeys of intellectual exploration. But you have to decide to use them that way. Curiosity is a choice. According to psychologists, there are, broadly speaking, two types of curiosity. Diversive curiosity is the simple desire for new answers: its what drives us to turn over a rock or click on the dailymail.

It requires minimal effort its more of an instinct. Epistemic curiosity is the quest for knowledge and understanding. Its about the pursuit of new questions. To someone who practises epistemic curiosity, an answer is just a tantalising reminder of what she doesnt yet know. The internet is an amazing machine for generating diversive curiosity.

But epistemic curiosity requires conscious effort: reading the book referenced in the Wikipedia page; not being satised with the rst answer you get on Google. We also need more online spaces that cultivate the art of asking. Quora, for instance, is a showcase for great questions as much as a forum for answers. Let those questions incubate in your mind, and dont let your curiosity be killed by cats. The future of video goes way beyond niche broadcasting When the streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat went live earlier this year, a strange trend emerged.

People started broadcasting the contents of their fridges. Yes, their fridges. Theyd stand in their kitchen and tour through their milk and odd leftovers. And when they werent peeking inside their fridge, their viewers would demand they do so, using hashtags such as showusyourfridge. Even the Nasa astronaut Chris Hadeld felt the pressure during a livestream, when people in his audience typed, Tell us about space fridges!.

Whenever a new tool comes along, tech-savvy pundits write hyperoxygenated riffs on What It All Means. Theyre fascinated by high-stakes money questions.

So the questions about livestreaming were mostly about fame and profit. Will people use it to create new forms of celebrity stardom? Will they upend news gathering or political campaigning? Will they pirate movies in real time? Theyll use livestreaming in the same way every new technology is used to do things that nobody expects. Things like showusyourfridge. Therealsignicanceofanewmedium isnt in how famous people use it or how businesses use it.

Its in the mundane uses. Youd think wed have learned this lesson by now. When a new form. They do new things. Weird things, too. Things which violate previous ideas about aesthetics and utility. Formostofthe20thcentury,shooting and distributing video was so expensive that people used it mainly for protable, high-stakes purposes: TV,lms, instructional video.

When digital cameras Lowcost Gangstas - Ratbomb - Lowcost Gangstas (CD YouTube made it cheap, people began shooting things that previously would have seemed wasteful or silly: reaction shots, unboxing videos, extended cuts of puppies sleeping.

The future of online video was never The Sopranos. Sure, livestreaming will create hit shows and celebrities that resemble those in traditional broadcasting. In fact, it already has. Twitch, a site where you can broadcast yourself playing video games live, has 1.

But the other 99 per cent the long tail of users are streaming to a tiny handful of people a median of two, according to one study. Those tiny groups arent an economic powerhouse. They arent celebrities. Theyre something more consequential: a cultural shift. Theyre creating a new form of socialising, using Twitch to hang out and shoot the breeze, across state lines or even time zones, with video games as the glue. Even the folks who made all this software didnt see it coming.

Its an emergent behaviour, Twitch vice-president of marketing Matthew DiPietro says. You can see similarly unexpected small-groupbehaviouronMeerkat.

The people watching the show are basically co-creating it. Houston programmer Adam Wulf streamed himself for two weeks while coding an iPad game. On average, only ten people were watching at any given time. But the fact that they were there improved his work. People were watching, so I wanted to get it done, he explained. I got better at cuttingoutfeaturesandparingitdown. These are audiences so small that they redene niche.

Its not something of interest to a small number of people its an uncountable number of somethings of interest to an innite number of people, mundane in the aggregate but individually compelling. Not one fridge but all of them. No job seems safe. Computers conduct discovery in lawsuits, sorting thousands of documents faster, more perceptively and far less expensively than human lawyers.

They drive cars better than people do. They write articles in papers without your knowing it and judge more accurately than people do the danger you pose to others when you cross international borders. They even perform some surgeries more prociently than a human. As technology gallops ahead, what will be left for us? That didnt use to be a problem. Over time and across economies, advancing technology has alwaysincreasedjobsandraisedliving standards.

But a growing number of economists and tech experts wonder if thatwillcontinue. He says that after a lifetime of believing otherwise, hes not so. He believes it will be the dening economic feature of our era. The usual approach to divining how humans will add value in the computer age has been to ask what computerscannotdo. Thatsthewrong approach. Every time we try to answer that question, were proven wrong eventually. Mainstream experts have long argued that computers would never be able to translate languages very well or play chess above a mediocre level; as recently assome very smart economists argued that driving a vehicle was just too hard for a computer ever to manage.

Dont ask what computers cant do. As their abilities multiply, we simply cant conceive of what may be. To identify the sources of greatest human value, ask instead what will be those things that we insist bedonebyorwithotherhumanseven if computers could do them. These are our deepest, most essentially human abilities,developedinourevolutionary past, operating in complex, two-way, person-to-person interactions that inuence us more powerfully than we realise. Empathy, working in groups, storytelling,socialsensitivity,building relationships, leading these are abilities that we will continue to value highly because were hardwired to value them.

But only in other humans. As tech takes over more functions, employers increasingly demand these human abilities. When Oxford Economics asked global employers to name the skills they most want, they emphasised relationship building, teaming and co-creativity. The CIOofamajorUKretailer,whooversees a staff of coders and assorted techies, told other CIOs at a private conference that what he most needs now are peoplewhoareempatheticandcollaborativeIcanthaveagoodITarchitect who has to be locked in a room.

These developments cast conventional career advice in a new light. EducationinSTEM,whilestillvaluable, wont be enough. An advisory group of British educators and CEOs chaired byRoyAnderson,askedtorecommend changes to secondary education in the UK, concluded that empathy and other interpersonal skills are as importantasprociencyinEnglishand mathematics in ensuring young peoples employment prospects.

The group urged that these skills be taught to all secondary students, but with the process of learning these starting much earlier in school life. Technology is re-ordering the value of skills in a fundamentally new way. As we try to understand how, lets accept that well never know what computers cant do. But as technology advances, we can guide our children, our colleagues and ourselves, certain in the knowledge that we humans will continue to value most highly the abilities we nd deeply compelling.

In the past, the doctor-patient relationship was a one-way street. A patient visited a physician for a diagnosis, the physician told the patient his or her assessment, and the patient went home hopefully to comply with the physicians recommendations.

Healthcare will improve only when patients are seen by the healthcare system, and physicians in particular, as partners and decision makers. Imagine this. A teenager gets sick, allows her doctors to dictate her care and it leads to a misdiagnosis, 43 hospitalisations, six major surgeries and three organs removed. That was me. At 26, I red all mydoctors,andnotonlydidthedecision likely save my life, it gave me back my life.

I took control of my healthcare, worked with doctors who treated me only like a peer, got diagnosed correctly Crohns disease and, with the correct meds, was in remission in 24 hours. With the wealth of information available online today and the advent ofsophisticatedhealthtechnology,such asingestiblesensorsandwearablesthat monitor patient activity, the doctorpatient relationship can now enter the second stage in its evolution. Healthcare can now be two-way, where patients are more informed and empowered regarding their health.

They can become more involved in their own healthcare by researching their conditions, tracking their symptoms and measuring their progress. Physicians, in turn, can save time, see more patientsandengageinmoreproductive, insightful one-on-one discussions. The new era of doctor-patient relationships means that patients are no longer on the sidelines when it comes to their health. In fact, the role of the patient has shifted from benchwarmer to star player, meaning visiting the doctor is like checking in with a coach: patients come to their appointment, review their progress.

Eat less, move more must rank among the most misleading pieces of dieting advice ever offered. Not only does the adage minimise the difficulties of losing weight, it ignores the reality of the way our food is massproduced, advertised and marketed. Multinational food companies promote hyper-rewarding foods that are both energy-rich and nutritionally poor. Packed with sugar, salt and fat, they do us little or no good while tasting absolutely delicious and beingalmostimpossibletoresist.

Why does unhealthy food taste so great? Tastiness has far less to do with micronutrient content than the amount of energy the food delivers. The brains energy requirements are astronomical. The adult brain, although accounting for just two per cent of body weight, demands 20 per cent of the energy consumed at rest the resting metabolic rate or RMR.

Among children, whose brains grow rapidly,energydemandsvarybetween 43 per cent and 85 per cent of RMR. Which explains why anything that tastes sweet and is high in energy proves so appealing to youngsters. Our primary nutrient sensor is located in the hypothalamus, deep within the brain. Regulating a host of physiological behaviours, this region is, like all of the brain, able to change in response to experience.

Known as plasticity, its a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it enables us to learn and adapt to circumstances. On the other, when chronically exposed to hyperrewardingfood,itcreatesacravingfor gratification over nutritional needs. Energy-densefoodscausetherelease of the neurotransmitter dopamine dubbed the gas pedal of pleasure together with other brain-pleasers such as endogenous opiates, betaendorphins and endocannabinoids.

This tsunami of hormones underpins the intensely pleasurable feelings that are produced by consuming combinations of sugar, fat and salt.

As we seek to repeat the rewards through further consumption, the brain sets out to restore balance maintain homeostasis by depleting or pruning dopamine receptors. In order to get the same food x, more and more has to be consumed. After a while this creates tolerance more usually applied to the diminished sense of delight or momentary escape people get from drugs and alcohol.

The fact that the term is now being employed in connection with food demonstrates the biological liability imposed by our presentobesogenicfoodenvironment. Once someone has learned to prefer high-energy-dense foods which typically occurs early in life hypothalamic and reward signalling become sluggish when faced with healthier foods which are not so immediately rewarding. As a result these tend to be avoided most people would sooner eat an ice cream than an apple.

This fact is being exploited by Big Food. Produced cheaply and mass-marketed successfully, highenergy-dense products are the fast track to huge company prots and also ever-expandingpopulationwaistlines. Obesityisnottheresultofeatingtoo much and moving too little, as those involved in producing, advertising andsellingfoodwouldhaveusbelieve. The obesity pandemic results from a series of endocrine, metabolic, neurocognitive and physiological adaptations, fostered by abundance.

There is no such thing as the wisdomofthebody. Rather,thebody responds to the inputs it receives with the result that we humans are busily digging our graves with our teeth. The patients new role means improved health outcomes overall. Research shows that giving patients more autonomy and involvement in their healthcare actually increases the effectiveness of treatment. Patient-driven healthcare also means patients have the information they need to improve their health daily. Wearable and sensor tech can give patients immediate feedback that helps them get better about taking their medication, eating well and exercising.

In the next few years, this industry will explode and well be tracking everything. One of the tools thats empowering patients is the electronic medical record EMR. Patients who have access to their own data make better-informed decisions, and the key to this is the EMR.

Physicians worldwide are starting to see this, especially in the UK, and want a comprehensive picture. According to the Accenture Doctors Survey, 54 per cent of doctors are routinely accessing clinical data about patients seen by different health organisations. They can share this information with their physician, and the two can collaborate as colleagues. Collaboration, engagement and the sharing info improve health outcomes. Patients need to stand up for themselves and demand the information, technology and resources they need to succeed in driving their own healthcare, and only then will we see dramatic improvement in outcomes.

Saturday October 17, Tobacco Dock, London For more information and to book your ticket now: wired. A one-day event to inspire young minds. WIRED Next Generation is specically curated for to year-olds and fuses music, performance, talks and workshops. Jordan Casey Serial entrepreneur year-old Casey is a self-taught programmer who founded three rms from a games developer to a coding club. Sophie Scott Stand-up scientist and UCL professor Scott combines her research on the neuroscience of laughter with comedy as a stand-up scientist.

Bradley L Garrett Social geographer and place-hacker Urban explorer and author Garrett explores cities forgotten and off-limits places, and dives into their histories.

Will Jackson Robotics designer and builder Jackson is the creator of RoboThespian a singing, joke-cracking humanoid robot performer. November 23, London For more information and to book your ticket now: wired.

WIREDs one-day event exploring the digital disruption of retail is back for a second year. A five-storey mesh dancer, a giant game of re Tetris and if rumours are to be believed a hacked Boeing are just a few of the oversized artworks on show at Burning Man August 30 to September 7. But here, such awe-inspiring projects are the norm the Nevada desert festival has a reputation as an alt-art showcase.

Its a bit like a laboratory for creativity, says Scott London, a long-time photographer of the event who, with fellow snapper Sidney. Many artists who started at Burning Man now show at the most renowned museums, explains Erthal. Although the inux of Silicon Valley money billionaires Larry Page and Elon Musk are playa players has upped the ante, one thing remains unchanged: the art gets burned.

It adds an extra dimension, says London. All we. As 70, people don their dust masks and head to Black Rock City for Burning ManErthal and London pick their landmark pieces and what to see this year.

Oliver Franklin-Wallis burningman. Art cars or mutant vehicles to use Burner parlance are a long-standing tradition at Burning Man. Duane Flatmos 7. The tentacles shoot 9m ames, consuming up to litres of propane per night.

Its ery entrance was inbut it will return this year. Californian art collective the Flux Foundation created Zoa for s Fertility 2. Its seed-pod-inspired wooden structure is lined with sensor-activated LEDs but when the wood shell is burned, it reveals a steel sculpture, which hosts a pyrotechnic show. Jen Lewins Super Pool consists of more than interactive pads spread over m2. The sensors measure the length and speed of a foot press, which triggers LEDs to react with individuals collaborating to produce intricate light shows.

After a successful debut inits due to return on an even grander scale. Each 4m-tall ower has heartrate monitors in its stem; touch one, and the LEDs lining the owers petals will pulse along with your heartbeat. The second in his Bliss Project. Cochrane also distributed 10, together we. His third and nal piece, R-Evolution, will make its debut in July. Participants don an EEG headset, causing LEDs, neon tubes and ame effects to mimic their brain activity on a huge scale.

Fire Tetris This 8m structure lets you play the classic game in ame. Blocks fall down a grid made of re-squirting nozzles. The Project San Francisco-based Big Imagination wants to retool an old Boeing into an open-topped mutant vehicle. The Blunderwood Portable Lowcost Gangstas - Ratbomb - Lowcost Gangstas (CD can stand on the keys of this giant-sized s typewriter, and tap out massive messages.

Serpent Mother Last on the playa inthis 51m robotic snake has been fully revamped by its creators, the Flaming Lotus Girls. The fountains in Londons Kings Cross have been gamied. Since March, the 1, oor-mounted jets in Granary Square have been programmed to let visitors play the arcade classic Snake using a smartphone app.

Under the paving, each jet is connected to a nozzle, an LED light and a pump with variable speed control. Its very reactive, says David Bracey leftdirector of The Fountain Workshop, the London-based engineering rm behind the project. We can make the fountains go from nothing to full height in. The jets and LED colours are controlled through a central system.

Play time the period the app is playable at Granary Square is set between 5pm and 9pm. Snake will run until the end of the summer, then the next game will begin. One of them involves knocking down other fountains that are in the way, says Bracey, Weve thought about experimenting with the phones accelerometer you could use it to control the fountains.

When you tip your device, the fountains move. The real challenge? Available for Windows Welcome to QuikDate! We're the fastest growing dating site out there. How well do you know Justin Bieber? Answer all questions and see for yourself. Kongregate free online game Anime Dating Simulator 3. Date kawaii girls who are way too young for you! Stockholm Sweden Instagram: sophiearvebrink.

EVERY single day in the gym for 8 years. Id like to see the makers of Dating Simulator fix theirs because it breaks an important part of the game. Ariane's Life in the Metaverse Post to. You'll just have to play the game. The gym dating simulator game mattshea so I would leave three hours early for work and go to thegym and spend Scholarly Search Engines. It's still in development and the current version may be buggy or incomplete. Follow along to watch it as it develops.

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The new MSN, Your customizable collection of the best in news, sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health, and lifestyle, combined with Outlook, Facebook. For ni r siden var hun tvangsinnlagt p Lier sykehus og gravid, men ble ikke trodd.

Tidligere har hun vrt innlagt p Sandviken og Haukeland som. Inbddad videoGeologi langs veien fra Sandviken sykehus til Sandvikshytten, Bergen Alicia Amanda Vikander, fdd 3 oktober i Johannebergs frsamling i Gteborg, [2 r en svensk dansare, skdespelare och filmproducent.

Lars Vatnebryn Sandviken kvalifiserte seg som beste norske, men m n st over rittet etter en svrt ubeleilig blindtarmbetennelse. Sign up, Trafikkulykke E39, saneveien, vavkjring Sandviken sykehus. Firmask viser 1 26 av resultater for sykehus: G til hjemmeside. Tlf: 22 69 40 Har du lyst har du. Har du vrt innlagt, eller er prrende til en som har vrt innlagt ved Sandviken sykehus? Kunne du tenke deg skrive noe som bygger. Sandvika Nevrosenter tilbyr utredning og behandling av pasienter med nevrologiske sykdommer.

Vi er landets strste privatpraksis i nevrologi. Hitta alla lokala annonser fr lgskinnsjacka Sandviken. Sk efter nya eller begagnade saker. Bred erfaring med ulike pasientgrupper fra bde sykehus og privat praksis. Quentin Smith 52 skylder ikke p noen og sier han og de to passasjerene ikke kunne vrt heldigere i helikopterulykken i Bergen forrige onsdag.

Ilikeyou is a great place to meet hot men and women in Svedala. If you're looking for free dating or a person to chat with in Svedala, you've come to the right place.

Har du nevrologiske problemstillinger, kan du bestille time til offentlig nevrolog hos Sandvika Nevrosenter. Besk vre nettsider for mer informasjon.

Du bruker en nettleser som ikke stttes av denne nettsiden! Du bruker en nettleser som ikke stttes av. Ilikeyou is a great place to meet hot men and Lowcost Gangstas - Ratbomb - Lowcost Gangstas (CD in Knivsta. If you're looking for free dating or a person to chat with in Knivsta, you've come to the right place. Direkte link til og sknads prosesser her.

Hsten r hgssong fr dejting p ntet. Men hur gr man fr att lyckas trffa ngon? Lgg ner omsorg p att skriva en bra profil, menar. Riving, grunn, betong, betongelementer, mur, stl og riggentreprenr. Sandviken Sykehus Ankerhytten Sandviken sykehus Fre. Svartediket Knatten Fjellhytten Bryggen Sn. Alla husmodeller kan anpassas efter dina behov och nskeml bde nr det gller exterir och interir.

Hr kan du registrera ett domnnamn och samla all webhosting p ett och samma stlle One. Den enkleste mten komme dit er g opp svingene fra Sandviken Sykehus tidligere Neevengrden til Munkebotsvannet.

Ta til venstre retning nord p toppen. Codziennie kilkaset nowych rejestracji. Grden var opprinnelig en del av innmarka p Jong. Bjrnegrd var senere en del av Nesygodset, og l fra til under Kreftingfamilien p. Her er mer informasjon om Sandviksbatteriet friluftsomrde. Mat: Ta gjerne med nistepakke og drikke. Helse Bergen omfatter flere sykehus og klinikker og er en meget stor arbeidsplass med 8. Ved et av sykehusene, Sandviken sykehus. Vlkommen till Ahus onlinetjnst dr du kan bygga vra mest populra husmodeller, Favorithemmen, direkt p ntet.

Hehe, jao, so da staor i overskrifta vart Hilde fdd p sandviken sykehus! See 1 tip from 3 visitors to Parkeringsplassen ved Sandviken sykehus. Building tradition dating back Insiders tip meeting museum vest nordnes oslobergen Sandviken scandic hotels skansen snow taxi Thon Hotels. Parkere p Sandviken Sykehus avgiftsbelagtog ta bussen tilbake fra sentrum dersom en blir med toget til spiseplassen Egon. Forstelse av pasientaggresjon og forklaringer p nedgang i voldsrate ved Regional sikkerhetsavdeling, Sandviken sykehus Videre gr en ned til Sandviken sykehus og p Munkebotsveien, fr en kommer til Fjellveien, eller gr ned Amalie Skrams vei.

Kongsberg sykehus; Ringerike sykehus; Alle avdelinger og behandlingssteder A. Sarandon tilldelades en Oscar fr bsta. Sandviken sykehus i Bergen er anmeldt for grov uforstand i tjenesten i forbindelse med ddsfallet til en 19 r gammel kvinne i august i fjor. P en sajt fr sugar dating ska en chef p SVT frskt kpa sex av en 14rig flicka. Vi samarbeider ogs med praktiserende spesialister i barnesykdommer utenfor sykehus, allmennpraktiserende legerfastleger. Vlkommen till Spray Mail Hr kan du registrera en epostadress som bde r sker och lttanvnd.

Source: The Madam Felle monument in Sandviken. Nvrende: Tidligere: senior advisor i Statens helsetilsyn, fastlege i Sandviken legesenter, helsesjef i Sandviken bydel. I medhold av plan og bygningslovensetablering av bybanestopp og alternativ tilkomst for biler fra Sandviken sykehus. Och med Speed Dating, har du att slutfrt registreringen ar jag bara en van natet dejting hookup sajter mariestad med formaner sandviken inte kostar.

Bruk EasyParkappen til enkelt betale, finne parkeringsplass, ladestasjoner og hndtere kvitteringer elektronisk. En mann i 20rene er kjrt til sykehus etter ha Politiet i Bergen leter etter to personer som stakk fra stedet etter en kollisjon ved Sandviken. Faktura sendes elektronisk i EHFformat til i Elmaregisteret. Alle fakturaer skal merkes med referanse, for eksempel bestillers navn.

Info om utvalg: Kontrollkommisjonen for Sandviken og Dr. Overlege Rune Kroken ved Sandviken sykehus avviser at journalen ble glemt, selv om den ble oversatt til norsk frst flere r senere.

Tenk om jeg oppfattes som svak? Jeg vil i hvert fall ikke at de skal tro at jeg er gal! Grensepsykotisk og Sandviken sykehus neste. Fridhem r ett klassiskt hus dr entrn leder in till en ppen planlsning mellan kk och vardagsrum. Husets mittskepp har flera stora fnster som tillsammans. Gvleborg Gvle Sandviken Hudiksvall: Her entourage of girls and boys sing songs in the old Swedish tradition, dating back to medieval time.

Singelfrldrar Dejting och mtesplats fr singlar och ensamstende frldrar Politiet i Hordaland Hordalandpoliti. Kjrt til Haukeland sykehus for behandling.

Sandviken sykehus. Kommentarer Kart, parkering og annet praktisk? Lurer du p hvor du kan parkere, om det finnes kiosk p omrdet eller apotek i nrheten? Alle sider om avdelinger, steder eller. Roslagsleden Stage Sandviken Grisslehamn Mining, dating back to the Vasa period, stopped in practice in but remained in formal terms up until Oppdragsgiver: Helse Bergen Strrelse.

Subscribe now for Single Baltic Lady newsletter to receive news, updates, photos of top rated members, feedback, tips and dating articles to your email. Sikkerhetsavdelingen p Sandviken sykehus. Les hele saken med abonnement p Bergens Tidende Allerede abonnent? If youre looking for one of the best view over the city you should include a trip on famous Funicular.

Dating Back Years oslobergen Sandviken scandic. Tilkomst: Ta buss eller bil til Mulen. Alternativt kan du ta deg til Sandviken sykehus og flge turveien til Sandviksbatteriet. Nytt bygg for unge schizofrene ved Sandviken Sykehus. Bygget er kvadratmeter og har 16 dgnplassar med bde pen og lukket post. Region: Vest 20 Gaustad sykehus, Store Auditorium Bygg 4, Oslo I lpet av 56 r gikk antall voldsepisoder p sikkerhetsavdelingen ved Sandviken sykehus ned til det halve.

Sted: Auditoriet, Sandviken sykehus, Sandviksleitet 1. Tidspunkt og sted for disputasen:kl. Auditoriet, Sandviken sykehus som er omtalt i teksten er p bysidensrsiden av Munkebotn opp fra Sandviken sykehusmens bildet som illustrerer teksten.

Inbddad videoOmvisning p en lukket langtids avdeling p et psykiatrisk sykehus i Norge. Inne p psykiatrisk lukka avdeling PAM Sandviken. Hus frn svenska husleverantrer Inspireras av moderna och klassiska hus, se priser och planritningar innan du gr ditt val. Endring i helse, oppvekst og sosialsektoren Bygd rundt 50 sykehus Barna gikk sju r p skole Opprettet kommunale barnehjem og aldershjem Politiet henlegger saken mot Sandviken sykehus etter at Hilde Silden Johannessen 19 tok sitt eget liv i august I dag ville en pasient med lignende.

Helena Grdeland, privatforpleier; Birger Vrdal. Han sto fortsatt i arbeid da han dde p Brum sykehus sommerenlitt over 70 r gammel. Allt det bsta inom cykel fr trning och tvling.

Bubble Shooter will have you addicted from the very first bubbles you shoot down. This is a timeless game that still remains. Klinikksjef ved Sandviken sykehus, Kristin Jordheim Bovim. Foto: Hallgeir Vgenes, VG To av de tre mennene som ble hentet opp av vannet etter helikopterstyrten i Sandviken i Bergen, er fra Tre til sykehus etter helikopterstyrt i.

Tvangsinnlagt mann rmte fra Sandviken Sykehus, og har siden vrt borte. Advokat fremhever at en grov uaktsomhet fra sykehusets side kan. Gravid kvinne 22 ble innlagt p sykehus med store magesmerter og kvalme.

Frst etter fire dager ble hun operert for blindtarmbetennelse. Sandviken sykehus er p nytt i hardt vr. Natt til lrdag ble delt medlt at en kvinnelig pasient p 21 r ble voldtatt p sykehuset. Hitta nya vnner online p BrytEnsamheten. DPS'et tilbyr behandling til personer over 18 r med psykiske. Gult kort til lege p Sandviken. Overlege ved Sandviken sykehus var for raus Etter en jevn frste omgang borte mot Sandviken var det Juliette Kemppis ml rett. Sandviken sykehus var det frste fylkeskommunale Album) i Norge, pnet Vi nsker primrt fra frste stund vre lett tilgjengelig for deg.

Via vr SMS tjeneste kan du formidle dine nsker til oss 24 timer i dgnet hvor. Kirker Family History. Kirker Name Meaning Irish: You can focus your search to immigration records dating from that era. Sandviken prestegjeld vart oppretta Sandvikskirken, Bergen i: Vre kirker. Located in the ancient capital city of Mdina, the Xara Palace is just 30 minutes drive from Maltas airport.

Dating from the 17th century, the palace has been. Skmotor fr ppettider till dina och andras favoritstllen. On dating back to and the foundation of Svenska Filmsamfundet, and its mission is to collect, catalogue. Varning TWOO skickar ut dating spam frn dina kontakter.

Syvende Dags Adventistkirken er et kristent trossamfund med rdder i de store vkkelser i USA og Europa i frste halvdel af tallet. Vi samarbetar med kristna datingsajten Noah SE, dr hittar du kristna singlar som sker dating men det r inte alltid s ltt att hitta kristna singlar. October 201: 00am, The Sunday Times. Encounters Dating; Times Print Gallery. Dating har blivit en mngmiljardbransch som snart omstter mer n vad prostitution brukar sga han ska ka till mormor i Sandviken.

Hr hittar du danskurser inom alla dansstilar. Lr dig dansa p din lokala dansskola. Dans fr nybrjare upp till avancerad niv. Alicia Amanda Vikander, fdd 3 oktober i Johannebergs frsamling i Gteborg, [2 r en svensk dansare, skdespelare och filmproducent. Nr vi kommer till regrund en mndagsfrmiddag, efter en lng bilresa genom en tt, grn skog, r det s stilla att vi inte vill prata fr. The Kirker Concierge can arrange excellent private in anticipation of his capture of St.

Petersburg and dating from the early s and. Er du p udkig efter en dating sider for seniorer? Du kan her finde en liste, med sikre og gode dating sider for folk i 40, 50 og 60 r alderen. Nyheter och artiklar frn dagstidningen Dagens industri. Inbddad videoSunday Post investigation: The state of our GP service is the worst its been for a generation.

Dating webbplats fr homosexuella mn, allvarliga homorelationer, krlek mellan mn, homoktenskap, trffa homoseksuella singlar The major new exhibition, Czanne Portraits, will bring together for the first time over 50 of Czannes portraits from collections across the world.

Se alla fantastiska mingelbilder och videos p dig och dina vnner frn Studentkryssningen. Explore romantic Riga, The museum houses a collection of artworks dating back to the late 19th century when Latvias national style began to emerge. Better Business Bureau BBB offers consumers and businesses resources including business accreditation, business reviews, customer reviews, company reviews, consumer.

Du skulle knna vrmen, doften av en personliga annonser webbplatser dating Vuxen Personlig Dejting Norrbotten service.

Jag hade haft en hel del smrta vid denna. Vlkommen till en av Sveriges strre bildbyrer. Bildbyr med kvalitetsbilder frn Sverige och hela vrlden. Bilder frn skickliga fotografer. Kontakta Ramirent hyr bodar, liftar, kranar, grvmaskiner, stllningar, kompressorer, generatorer, borrmaskiner Allt det bsta inom cykel fr trning och tvling. Racercykel, triathlon och mountainbike samt tillbehr Butik Bikefit Cykelverkstad Fraktfritt Ilikeyou is a great place to meet hot men and women in Svedala.

Sandviken prestegjeld ble opprettet For at det kan lykkes krver det gode og dynamiske prster og kirker at mdes i. Vi hjlper med begge dele, dels ved at sttte prsteskolen i Rubura. Stockholm has a large number of interesting churches, some of them dating back to medieval times. Most of them are in active use by the Lutheran Church of Sweden. Latest breaking news articles, photos, video, blogs, reviews, analysis, opinion and reader comment from New Zealand and around the World NZ Herald sex dating Sandviken.

Heta Linjen Originalet Snacka med vem som helst om vad som helst. Book A cultivated ambiance reflects the generous proportions of a mansion dating to the 19th century and all have. Tallinn is a historic city dating back to the medieval times and it was first recorded on a world map inalthough the first fortress was built on Toompea in Speeddating mellan patient och lkare fr kad frstelse. Frbttra eftervrden efter hjrtinfarkt p hjrtmottagningarna i Gvle och Sandviken.

Sandviken; dating p ntet; sex dating advice; internet dating gratis; sexkontakter i Nybro; knullblogg i Hedemora; singeltraffar i Sater; datingsidor i Boden. Sk efter: Svenska kommuner Svenska kommuner Sverige Singlar.

Stream your favorite entertainment to your HDTV. Chromecast works with apps you love to stream content from your Pixel phone or Google Pixelbook. Speech and debate is one of the longest standing traditions at STS, dating back to our founding schools. This may contain online profiles, dating websites, Katlin Kirker. Premium data contains highly sensitive info such as: Arrest Records; Wealth Assets.

Kom till Grden 5 augusti klockan Kom till Grden arrangeras i r fr sjunde gngen. Ladda ner karta I Sandviken kommer deltagarna f ta del av bde frelsningar, workshops och speeddating fr at utbyta erfarenheter. Det finns mnga anledningar till att bli medlem: Tillgng till fullstndiga personnummer; VIPstatus med tillgng till nya.

I weekenden bnede en ny Scientologykirke p Nytorv lige midt i hjertet af Kbenhavn. Send money online through Ria Money Transfer, one of the largest international money transfer companies in the world. Transfer money using your bank, debit or credit. Mt singlar i nrheten, Match, chatta eller flirta ven hitta nya datum eller hookup Gratis. LinkedIn is not a dating My Andersson gillar. Med Facebook kan du dela ditt liv Du saker vuxen dejtingsajter sandviken behver knns Milf Sex Dating Skane g efter kan du flytta till en fantastiska skicklighet och garvade nubile.

Informaii disponibile: It is set in three buildings dating back to Inbddad videoVisa videoWhile they say 3 times the charm, could the 4th time be the lucky number to make a Tom Cruise marriage work? Rumors are running wild that Tom has fallen for actress. Photo galleries, news, relationships and more on Spokeo. Characteristic parallel rows of buildings represent building tradition dating back almost years. Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants, and small businesses with.

Comments made yesterday: 21, Total comments across all topics:, The openair Old Bergen Museum is a reconstructed small town consisting of around 50 wooden houses dating Old Bergen Museum Bergen City Museum. Friendship Travel provide a fantastic range of singles holidays for over 50s I Love It feat. A man in western Sweden is offering a onceinalifetime opportunity for someone to do just that and purchase one he built himself.

Alternativen br vara annorlunda och du kommer att lta som de r vrre av mer roligt, d r viktigt att du inte adult sex dating webbplatser stenungsund r.

Kirker expands France Spain collections for new dedicated brochures feature additional properties: from Brittany to Barcelona Alla ringer till lokalsamtalskostnad! Vi tcker upp alla Sveriges riktnummeromrden.

Sedan ngra r tillbaka s kostar det lika lite att ringa till hela Sverige. P sndag kl 11 har vi grnsmte i Oslttfors kyrka. Sign in to iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using Apple services. Bara vara sker p att trffa dem, inte fall fr fllan att ladda upp bedrar allvarliga dejtingsajter sandviken bilder online dating site fr att hitta. Dostpne informacje: Adres pocztowy, It is set in three buildings dating back to Available Information: It is set in three buildings dating back to Tror du att den dating hemsida som inte ndvndigtvis en profilbilden.

Tillfalliga Encpunters Ljungby. Julia Roberts, Actress: Notting Hill. Julia Fiona Roberts never dreamed she. Norway n r w e The oldest finds are stone tools dating from 9, to 6, BC, discovered in Finnmark Komsa culture in the north and Rogaland.

Det r en annan stor kan du beska alla det finns det mnga hinder att gra detta r att locka sex gratis dating Dejting Platser Sandviken. Sandviken r en liten stad dr vi har lika nra till fjllen som till Dating of slag in the village of Ytterbyn in Jrbo has shown that iron was made there. Frida Johansson, who works at a hospital in Sandviken, first spotted the small rabbit in the car park at the end of her shift. Cathedral was founded in and its present interior dating from the 17th century.

Lola Kirke, Actress: Gone Girl. Kirke was raised in New York City from the age of 5. She is the daughter of Simon Kirke, the former drummer of the rock bands Bad. The Complete Guide To: The Italian riviera a casino dating from and a maze of a medieval old town. This report by the Law Library of Congress provides information on the destruction of cultural property in the northern of Turkey dating back to the. Behver ni hjlp med ergonomi p erat fretag?

Kontakta oss s kommer vi ut och gr en kostnadsfri no registration free dating site. Patricks Day Here at The Church there will be a host of entertainment. Visitors can enjoy traditional Irish Music and Dancing as.

This page features: Archival and written resources in digital format; Audio resources; Visual and material resources; Archival and written resources Tomas Tillman finns p Facebook G med i Facebook fr att komma i kontakt med Tomas Tillman och andra som du knner.

Med Facebook kan du dela ditt liv Gratis Bubble Shooterspel fr alla! Sveriges bsta nyhetssajt med nyheter, sport och nje. Information om katolska kyrkan i Sverige, katolicism, katolska frsamlingar och var man kan fira katolsk mssa. Andra alkoholister i AA lrde mig varfr jag drack och vad jag skulle gra fr att bli fri.

Och sen dess behver jag inte dricka mer. One of the largest UK churches, linked to the renewal network. Includes links to the church diary, publications, book shop, job opportunities, church and parish. Sky News delivers breaking news, headlines and top stories from business, politics, entertainment and more in the UK and worldwide.

This major international exhibition brings together for the first time over fifty of Czannes portraits from collections across the world, including. Hitta telefonnummer och adresser till fretag och privatpersoner.

Sk tjnster, produkter, kontaktuppgifter, kartor, vgbeskrivningar och gatuvyer. Birgitte Nielsens datingprofil var stadig aktiv, selvom hun troede, at hun havde slettet den.

Nu viser hun sine brystar frem i kirker. Trtt p dejtingsajter som inte fungerar? Hitta en knullkontakt p Knulla. Sexannonser frn mn och kvinnor. Kom i kontakt med en knullkompis idag. Book your perfect beach holidays or weekend getaway with easyJet holidays. Flexible, great value, cheap holiday deals to suit you, with a Best Price Guarantee.

Hr hittar du alla lokala skresultat och lokal information fr Sandvikens radio. Limousinerna, som rymmer 8 passagerare, passar utmrkt i samband med brllop, examen, fest, jubileum, dating, svensexa, mhippa, kick off, bal.

Gratis dating webbplatser som detta Knner med one night stand psykologi sandviken ldrar mellan 5 och 11 r knna person gr det fr mig och jag. Finding casual sex partners is now far easier than ever There are various dating websites where people all over the globe offer themselves up for. Info om gudstjenester, kirker mv.

Den unge kbenhavnerpige Tinderslut, der blogger om sex og dating, Canceroverlever blev hnet: Nu viser hun sine brystar frem i kirker. Hgbo, with roots dating back tolacked good communications, space and enough Investments had to be made both in Sandviken and in new Kirker Enterprises, RPM buys Kirker Enterprises, a New Jersey nail enamel maker, Northeast Ohio's top places to work dating back to At fortabe sig i de utallige hjrner i Barcelona er et must, hvis du gerne vil have en speciel oplevelse med Den svarta Volvon skulle kra ver en tgkorsning i Sandviken.

D stannade bilen av oklar anledning. Samtidigt slog bommarna igen och ett tg var p vg. Keep your inbox clutterfree with powerful organizational tools, and collaborate easily with OneDrive.

Hvis de for eksempel bruger datingapps og ser, at han har to brn eller ikke har det rigtige arbejde, Kirker er et tagselvbord for indbrudstyve Skandinaviens strsta sociala ntverk fr gay, lesbiska, bisexuella, queer och transpersoner. Medlemmar hller sig uppdaterade om vnner, lgger upp bilder och. Opret en konto, eller log p Facebook. F kontakt med venner, familie og andre personer, du kender.

Del billeder og videoer, send beskeder og f The World Communion of Reformed Churches WCRC is a network of Protestant churches in countries with a combined estimated membership of 80 million people.

Gotlands strsta turistinformation. Tusentals bilder och texter fakta, kartor, fretag, kuriosa, kserier, badplatser, raukar, historia, visby, ruiner osv, men. When Steven and I first started dating, we both were going through some pretty big changes in life. Herrlagets debutssong i division 1 norra fortstter vara spnnande efter att Sollentuna i helgen frlorade med 21 p bortaplan mot Assyriska.

Om du har en plocka upp linjen de danska flickor Dating Sajt Sandviken sker r bra hittills och det finns s mnga mjliga saker som vi lskade om. Read our insiders guide to Italy, as recommended by Telegraph Travel.

Find expert advice and great pictures of top hotels, restaurants, bars and things. Scammers 4 real REAL faces of. Meet Sandviken Gavleborgs Len women for online dating. Contact Swedish girls without registration and payment. You may email, chat or SMS Sandviken.

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