Shape Of Rage - Swamp Terrorists - Killer (CD, Album)


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There are many, many things you can do to help, so please feel free to jump into the Forum and ask what you can do to help! Pyramid mausoleums in North America. Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. Republic of Indian Stream.

An area of land in northern New Hampshire that was an independent country from to Republic of Molossia. A person micronation in Nevada which takes the meaning of the phrase " a man's home is his castle " to new extremes.

A city that was ceded by the United States to Mexico in due to an earlier diversion of the Rio Grande. Rough and Ready, California.

A currently populated, unincorporated mining town in the United States that seceded from the Union informing the " Great Republic of Rough and Ready ". Secession was rescinded less than three months later when its citizens noticed that they could not celebrate U. A municipality consisting solely of a Slovenian fraternity's recreation center, established in part to get around liquor laws. Scott County in northern Tennessee seceded and formed its own state in opposition to Tennessee joining the Confederacy.

It remained this way for over a century until it rejoined Tennessee in Tower of Wooden Pallets. Track 61 New York City. Presidents when they would visit the hotel. An island in the East River with a surprisingly in-depth history for only being 2, square feet m 2 in area.

War of the Roses. The historical rivalry between Lancaster and York. Not to be confused with Wars of the Rosesthe historical rivalry between Lancaster and York. It's harder than you think to construct the state of Delaware with a ruler and compass.

A city in Alaska where almost all of its residents live in one building: Begich Towers. Winchester Mystery House. A house believed to be haunted by the ghosts of individuals killed by Winchester rifles. World's littlest skyscraper. The result of a fraudulent investment scheme, it's a four-story brick building constructed in in downtown Wichita FallsTexas that has only one room on each of its four floors.

Zone of Death. The part of Yellowstone National Park in Idaho, where any crime can technically be committed without punishment — but don't tempt fate!

A short suburban road in DunedinNew Zealandreputedly the world's steepest street. Did a Japanese apocalypse cult test a nuke in the middle of rural Australia? Bayswater Bridge. Bridge in Perth that has been hit by trucks 50 times between and Concrete bus shelters in Canberra. These brutalist cylindrical bus shelters are an icon of Australia's capital city. Egmont National Park.

An island that was created in after a volcano erupted between two islands and connected them. Jervis Bay Territory. Kalawao County, Hawaii. The least populous county in the United States, with a population of 90 as of the United States Census.

Established as a leper colony init occupies a peninsula on Molokai and is not connected by road to the rest of the island. It's designated as its own US overseas territory despite having an area of only 0. Considered a mountain when only 43 metres ft above surrounding terrain and metres ft above sea level.

There are parts of Sydney which have a higher elevation and are not considered a mountain. Murray Valley Highway. A kilometre mi road that has a road route number of B for kilometres mi in the Victorian section and unmarked for 3 kilometres 1. Nelson—Blenheim notional railway. A road that was officially considered to be a railway by the New Zealand Government for 22 years.

New Zealand State Highway A road in TimaruNew Zealand, that is designated a highway despite being only metres 3, ft long. Pink Lake. Princes Freeway east. A freeway with houses, traffic lights and a kilometre-per-hour 37 mph limit in some areas. What are VicRoads thinking?

Sandy Island. A tree named after a hashtag on Instagram. With a full name consisting of 85 characters, this hill may be the longest place name in the world. A notorious penal colony off the coast of French Guiana. The man himself was not without his abject failures in Brazil. The luxurious estate of the deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar that may lead to an invasive hippopotamus population in Colombia. A series of towns in Argentina 's Chubut Province with a minority of Welsh speakers.

Architecture terrible. Burned house horizon. The horizon which consumed cultures in the Balkans and around the Black Sea. Count of St. The original Tommy Wiseauan eighteenth century polymath who made a number of contradictory claims about his origins, including that he was years old. People have also claimed he is an important theosophical figure who many have claimed to have met years after his supposed death in Crocker Land Expedition.

An expedition to a non-existent island created to swindle a businessman. Dancing Plague of In around people took to dancing for days without rest, and, over the period of about one month, some of those affected died of heart attack, stroke, or exhaustion. Daughter of Emperor Xiaoming of Northern Wei. A disputed first female monarch of Chinese history before Wu Zetianwhom the Empress Dowager Hu declared was a boy and was emperor for a day before being replaced by another infant.

Defenestrations of Prague. A Frenchman who was so successful in convincing 18th-century Britain he was a Taiwanese man, that he wrote an elaborate and blatantly fictitious history of the island.

Believing oneself to be made of glass was quite in vogue among Renaissance-era European nobility. Great Molasses Flood. A storage tank burst and flooded the streets of Boston with a foot 7. An infamous article by The Sun that claimed that animals such as unicorns and bat-winged humans were found living on the moon. Great Stink. A London summer so smelly it prompted government action. John Bentinck, 5th Duke of Portland. The world's first drinking game. Care to play?

All you need is a bronze "lamp stand" with a tiny statuette on top and some wine. London Beer Flood. The West German who landed on a bridge in Moscow in The superposed moose cavalries of Sweden and Russia. Mutiny on the Bounty. The true story starting with a stern captain and a lustful crew on a Royal Navy ship and ending with the British-Polynesian Seventh-day Adventist culture of the Pitcairn Islands.

Plenty of drama in-between. Norwegian butter crisis. A massive inflation of butter prices caused illegal smuggling and an "emergency appeal" from a Danish television show. Pepsi Fruit Juice Flood.

A PepsiCo warehouse collapse flooded the streets of Russia with an assortment of juices. He became the last Emperor Album) China at the age of two and died as an ordinary citizen, ending 2, years of dynastic rule in China. In his twilight years, he also did community theater. Sacred Band of Thebes. One of the most lethal wars in history centers around a Chinese man claiming to be the brother of Jesus Christ. An unidentified man who achieved widespread recognition after standing in front, and blocking the procession of a column of tanks, the morning after the bloody suppression of the Tiananmen Square protests.

When the people of Brussels protested against their rulers by building satirical and pornographic snowmen. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Weather Station Kurt. That time when the Nazis landed in North America. Zero has a negative flavor in the worlds of computingexperimental science and statistical mechanics. The real number of the beast? Bertrand's postulate. The Complexity of Songs. A treatise on the computational complexity of songs by venerable computer scientist Donald Knuth. Don't take it shopping.

Not very friendly with the frugal number either. A number so large that the observable universe is not big enough to write it in full in decimal notation. And that is a gross understatement. Hilbert's paradox of the Grand Hotel.

A fully occupied hotel cannot accommodate any more guests. Or can it? Or, once it can, can it not? Illumination Problem. Infinite monkey theorem. An infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of typewriters will almost surely produce all possible written texts.

Interesting number paradox. Legendre's constant. Look-and-say sequence. Mathematical fallacy. Complex numbers are all fun and games until someone loses an i. That's when things get real. Minkowski's question-mark function. A function with an unusual notation and possessing unusual fractal properties.

The counter-intuitive way to prevail when playing Let's Make a Deal. Nothing-up-my-sleeve number. One, four, seventeen, twenty-four Schizophrenic number.

A mathematical coincidencethe sequence "" appears a mere digits into the decimal expansion of pi. Never tell a Numberphile that a number is uninteresting. Sometimes found in conjunction with triskaidekaphobia see below in East Asian cultures. More prevalent in Japan, where 49 is associated with Shape Of Rage - Swamp Terrorists - Killer (CD until death".

Titanic prime. No, it's not related to the Code of Hammurabi. No, it's not always considered unlucky. Yes, space exploration has been touched by it. Will Rogers phenomenon.

When moving an element from one set to another set raises — counter-intuitively — the average values of both sets. Also known as the Will Rogers paradox. An ordinal number popular in computing and related cultures. She followed her parents in the business of selling people Greenwich Mean Time.

A fictional Christmas-Hanukkah hybrid, popularized by the television show The O. December Holiday celebrated by the Costanza family on the television show Seinfeldsince appropriated by many. International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Shiver my timbers a-harrr! List of non-standard dates. Including, among other things, January 0February 30and May The Avogadro constant is celebrated on October 23rd starting at exactly am.

Phantom time hypothesis. Therefore, it is now rather than Any date when the day and month are both the square root of the last two digits of the year the next being 5th May Swatch Internet Time. Don't forget to bring a towelterrible or otherwise. In Javathe thirteenth month of the year. A word created as an alternative name for all the holidays at the end of a calendar year. It came to prominence after Birmingham City Council the English city used it in A possible computing problem in the 's that was supposed to have occurred when the 21st century and 3rd millennium arrived.

Of course, that never happened. The computing problem that will arise due to the Unix time representation used in many computers. Was there a year between 1 BC and AD 1?

A Book from the Sky. A must-see for connoisseurs of gibberish. Antiqua—Fraktur dispute. A dispute over which typeface was more "German". At first, the Nazis were for Fraktur Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. A meaningful, grammatical construction that has inspired linguists to talk about bullying amongst Western New York's bison population.

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. A sentence contrived by Noam Chomsky to demonstrate that a sentence can be grammatical yet nonsensical. Comparative illusion. More people have researched these nonsensical sentences than I have. Controversies about the word niggardly. Chinese word for "crisis". More notable among Americans than among the Chinese, apparently. The secret language of identical twins, also called idioglossia. Disambiguation disambiguation.

A nonexistent English word, supposedly meaning " density ", which was listed in the second edition of Webster's New International Dictionary from to A usually good-natured African American ritual in which two competitors, usually male, exchange trash-talk until one has no comeback. Attempts by East Asian people — especially the Japanese — to construct English words and phrases. Cryptic echoes from the days of hot metal typesetting.

Faggin—Nazzi alphabet. That's its real name. What did you think it was about? Deliberately misleading, irrelevant or false information meant to suggest conspiracy. A popular word among Discordians. As good an argument as any for English-language spelling reform. A dash between communism and independence. Inherently funny word. Some influential comedians have long regarded certain words in the English language as humorous because of their sound or resemblance to other words.

Poodlewankelni Intentionally blank page. James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher. Repetition gone wrong. The delicious-sounding ethnolect prevalent in multi-ethnic Oslo. La plume de ma tante phrase. List of English words containing Q not followed by U. Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den.

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NPR's Book of the Day. Author Interviews. It's Lit! Turn About Is Foul Play. A man together with his girlfriend plots to kill his rich and sickly wife.

At the last moment he experiences a change of heart but someone carries out the job for him. As all evidence point towards him, he must prove his innocence to the police without even a shred of proof to support him. A man tries to aid an elderly Jew and his granddaughter evade the Nazis tailing them. The old man begins to resurrect a mythical being from old Hebrew legend to save them. A private detective tries to track two radioactive pearls that were used to murder two women. He travels to Hawaii disguised as a novelist and mixes with the inhabitants while thwarting the assassins sent to kill him.

A professional football player becomes disillusioned with the brutality of the game and leaves. But his wife and her mother accuse him of domestic violence and send him to prison. He comes back to avenge the injustice.

The Many Names of Death. A trust officer in a bank hires a sexy secretary. She charms him to take a few rash steps and walk the wilder side of things. The ride may turn out more bumpy for him than he expected. A doctor helps his friend dig up the corpse of his loved one who married a wicked man.

They find her to be alive, and now her evil husband wants her back! The Murders in the Rue Morgue. In order to solve the case of a vicious attack on a young girl in a locked room, an ambitious police investigator enlists the services of a newbie detective. The man makes a unique suggestion.

A man makes a voyage to the US from Europe and meets an old friend carrying a peculiar oblong box that apparently contains an obscure painting. The strange shape of the box influences the fellow passengers to think that the box contains something far from innocent.

A young man falls in love with his young sister-in-law while his wife lies on her deathbed. The last distressing smile of his wife taunts him day and night, and he goes crazy when he sees the same smile on his new beloved.

The Masque of the Red Death. This is a modern day adaptation of Poe's classic. Here, an environmental disaster occur which results in a massive plague. An old man isolates himself and his family in his manor to wait out the epidemic.

An unlucky family is forced to live with their perverted uncle, where they are forced to face endless chores, hunger, and even sexual harassment.

The Cask of Amontillado. A young lady is forced to sleep with her husband's greedy and lecherous backer to avert a fiancial disaster. In order to avenge this dishonor, the man extends an irresistible invitation to him. A young man witnesses an assassination by a gang and is fatally wounded in the process. Though he survives, he is now too scared to testify. The police need information but can't get anything out of him.

They finally resort to an inventive method with the help of a hospital to get him to speak. A converted swindler turned faith healer learns that he Album) heal anyone in his island except his lame wife. He soon realizes that only one thing stands between him and the ability he desperately seeks to acquire. A genius but modest scientist takes in a student.

He ends up losing his wife to him, his skills and aptitudes too. A man dies and his wife is devastated by it. He finds out that he can communicate with her and she promises to never forget him.

But later he finds out from an angel that if he persists in keeping his memory alive, she will be stuck in eternal limbo. So he must achieve the nearly impossible task of making her forget about him.

A prominent figure in a European faction is charged with sedition and soon comes to realize that the cause he championed only brought about oppression. His desire to step aside to make way for change is thwarted by all around treachery. A celebrated conductor is devastated when his son dies.

He can't accept the fact at all and slowly goes mad, much to the embarrassment of his family. A college professor and his wife retire to Sleepy Village to find some peace and quiet so he can finish his book.

But before they can settle down, the village inhabitants will test if they are in the 'right state of mind'. Dionysus, a god in Greek mythology appears in modern times and charms a young lady living in a suburb.

Her husband brings his boss home so he can evaluate them for a promotion. Apart from this, the neighborhood is buzzing about her special talent with flowers. A talent scout in New York is tortured by an invisible being following him everywhere to the extent of keeping up with his every footstep, especially when he is alone. Is there something mysterious in his past? A man gathers a group of specialists along with the famous E.

Marshall and reads them a very old letter written by one of his ancestors. The letter narrates the events regarding a young mortician's assistant and a peculiar man ordering a special coffin for himself.

After accidentally shooting a prize bull, an inexperienced and bungling soldier is sent home. Soon after he arrives, his home is taken over by General Burgoyne and he is able to aid his country in the end by invoking the spirit of Indian justice. A very old Indian garment stirs great violence among the patrons of a museum. An investigator delves deeper into the situation, making himself a vulnerable target to the curse. A female psychiatrist begins to get phone calls from a man who claims to be a rapist and a killer.

A police investigator tries to help. Every year, at similar time periods and during a full moon, blonde women are brutally murdered at a famous ski resort. When a renowned author takes his blonde wife to that dangerous slope to complete his book, she starts to suspect him. A newspaper editor is maddened when the paper's horoscope informs her that she is going to die that very day! The Sire De Maletroit's Door.

This is a retelling of a Robert Louis Stevenson tale set in 16th century France. Two friends flee for their lives. One gets fatally wounded, and the other finds shelter at the residence of a crazy aristocrat who tries to force him to marry his unruly niece.

An archaeologist discovers an antique which leads him into a confrontation with the goddess of revenge. A Small Question of Terror. In a state run by a mysterious being called 'The Protector', a lady, her boyfriend and her mother are tortured over a joke they made.

The lady must utilize her brains and talent to get them all out safely. A doctor and his wife escape the clutches of the Nazi death camps and illegitimately migrate to the US. Later, the doctor recognizes one of the camp guards among his patients and kills him to exact his revenge. But he must cover up the act as an intelligent Album) probes the case.

A young man asks his friend's son over to visit with him and his family. But the boy turns out to possess wicked powers. A young woman has recently married, but is plagued by her ex-husband's ghost.

He died in an accident while rock climbing and he is determined to pass on a message to her present husband. A senator who is running for president believes that the country's leading dissident is trying to get his point across through poetry despite never having been formally introduced. An investigator looks into the death of an old flame during a robbery at a mini-mart.

He soon uncovers a more sinister plot. An actor conspires to kill his rich wife, but her sister, being a modern witch, is keeping abreast and schemes against him. The Strange Case of Lucas Lauder. A man sentenced to death informs a prison guard that he was Jack the Ripper in a previous life and that after his death, Ripper's soul will possess him and he will murder his wife. A vigilante lawyer takes the matters into his own hands and locks up murder suspects in his mansion. But he goes too far when he imprisons an innocent man.

Two identical twin brothers are in love with the same woman, but she cares for just one. One brother dies in an accident, and she is doubtful as to which one of the brothers it was.

A young man visiting his family in Ireland seeks the help of a ghost and a leprechaun to get hold of the woman he loves. The Pit and the Pendulum. A young man invents a formula that could destroy the world if it fell into the wrong hands.

He and his wife are tormented and threatened to get him to reveal the secret. When the Death Bell Tolls. A man meets a life threatening accident and is sent to the operating room. But his family doesn't want the life-saving operation to happen as he was completely wicked and evil.

A young photographer is convinced that her stepfather killed her mother and tries to prove it. She becomes frantic and begins to stalk him when he gets ready to marry again. A strange reclusive woman hires a young lady to tell her the tales about her daily life, but things start to go south when the girl's boyfriend comes to visit.

A young girl who is a severely claustrophobic insomniac is locked up as the primary suspect in a robbery. When her father disinherits her, a government psychologist grows interested in her case.

A group of failed Wall Street financiers try to arrange their own deaths at the hands of a professional assassin so their families can collect on their life insurances. But an unexpected stroke of good fortune comes to them, though their appointment with death is still on! A man visits a Spanish aristocratic family and falls in love with a woman whose picture hangs on the wall. The woman was wicked in life but it bothers him little as he falls for her daughter who bears an evil curse.

A young lady is murdered and the investigator leading the case becomes the main suspect. His boss is unwilling to believe the facts and his wife dismisses the evidence against him, one of them being a note from the victim herself.

It's Murder, Mr. A tale set in Abraham Lincoln's early years getting a case where the man is charged of murder and no one else dares to defend him. Lincoln is advised to move slowly, but he charges head on. A young lady chooses a gangster boyfriend over her fiance even though her beloved forces her to abort her child. Along comes a perfect chance at revenge for the rejected man. The son of a court judge is tremendously angered when his father sentences a convicted killer to two decades of life imprisonment instead of death.

He then plans to meet the convict to clear things out. An evil twin escapes from mental asylum to hijack her sane sister's life and switch places with her. But can she carry out her role even with her sister's boyfriend as her sister tries to claw her way out of the asylum? A girl has a dream about her brother being murdered. She starts to wreak revenge on the murderer even though it's unclear whether the murder actually took place. A man talks to his counsellor and recounts the tale of his escape from a mysterious town full of people obsessed with cats.

A double bill of the classic Poe plot. An investigator probes the case of two murders that took place in rooms sealed from the inside with no other visible entrances or exits. A promising CEO meets the new town librarian. He knows her to be a former murder convict he had previously had a crush on. But that can't stop him from falling for her again. The mundane life of a regular citizen is stirred up after she transports a package to Europe at the special request of her beloved.

She finds herself caught up in an international mystery. The Garrison of the Dead. A hustler is hanged for killing a reporter who wrote about him. After death, he is offered a second chance at life where his cherished dream of being a writer might be granted. But does he want it anymore? A fake leopard skin coat becomes the key to a case of assassination and mystery as a British man travels to the home of his American beloved. The Benjamin Franklin Murder Case. A superannuated professor is obsessed with the mysteries of the Aztec civilisation.

He decides to relocate to a new residence with his daughter whose mother was Aztec. But their new home hides a pyramid and they are accidentally sucked back in time through it. Now the father must Album) his daughter sacrificed in an ancient Aztec ritual.

The Death of Halpin Fraser. A nightmare journey through purgatory is in order for a man who is beset by the voices of his mother, father-in-law and the former wife whom he had murdered. Alvin Frieburger is taking a trip in an express subway and wants to get down at a stop that does not exist. Childhood cruelty unhinges a man named Frank Ellington as he gets possession of the house where his stepmother tortured him.

But he is convinced to relocate there by his wife whom he soon suspects to be an agent of his dead stepmother. Joe Vinacelli is obsessed with murdering Joe Vincent.

The latter goes into therapy to seek help as we slowly understand that the pursuer and the pursued are the same individual. But things get creepy when Vincent gives both his therapist and himself - the slip.

Through the Looking Glass. A mysterious couple move into a flat next door to Kathy and Doug Sellars. Problems start when the husband, who turns out to be a scientist and inventor offers Doug a solar energy machine that can revolutionize the entire planet.

A Challenge for the Dead. Police officer Johnny Gordon pursues his namesake criminal for the young priest. But his wife starts cheating on him with the criminal and he is resolved with a vengeance to track him down. Strong-willed explorer Trevor Constaine is used to getting his way in things Album) he wants to see his daughter marry his assistant - although both are married. But Trevor can't be put down with a trivial thing like that and uses some shrunken heads and a killer clock to achieve his ends.

Afraid to Live, Afraid to Die. Not a supernatural, but a psychological horror story is revealed as Ellen Muir recounts her trip to Malvern Grange to take care of its aged matron. Rocky Stark is put in prison for the murder of hoodlum Johnny Mallory. But he is innocent and his gun was kept with him at all times. But the real murderer is soon found dead with Rocky's gun doing him in and he must now find a way to escape execution.

His faithful wife sets out to probe the case herself. Set in old Prussia, this is a truly Gothic tale of romance between an art student and his professor's niece. Fate intervenes when her hand is sold off in marriage with a local wealthy man. But one life isn't enough for eternal lovers, is it? The Phantom of the Opera. But he must pursue her through its backdoors and stage rooms while he his heart becomes heavy with the presence of a disfigured spirit.

The spirit wields unimaginable power over the singer and Raoul must compete with him to win her heart and overcome her fears. The widow of a union worker enlists the help of a witch to get rid of the man who murdered her husband.

The witch deploys poisonous black widow spiders to achieve her end. A Gothic family tradition of insanity can be ended by the last heir Stephen Monkton - if he can just find his unce's corpse in Naples and bury it in their family vault. An average Joe becomes the accidental witness to the murder of a friend. But his nerves fail him in the witness stand and the murderer is acquitted.

Soon after his friend starts paying visits much to his horror and only extreme steps will appease his spirit. The Paradise of the Devil. A night guard is killed and his daughter promises her small inheritance to the person who finds the killer. But the inheritance isn't as meagre an amount as she imagined. A young man wastes both his inherited fortune and the love of a beautiful woman.

He finally makes a deal for three days inside his beautiful body with a demon from underground. But the demon does not keep his deal and he must search for his body.

He ends up finding way more. A deranged artist works as a caretaker of a garden filled with statues. Except that he uses live models for his art and encases them in granite. A radio equipment production unit executive finds an ancient crystal set designed by him at a yard sale.

But when he operates it, it broadcasts the conversation of a man and a woman debating over the destiny of mankind. The woman begs for a single extra day granted to people and the executive resolves to go out and persuade people to see the error in their ways.

Harry Taylor gets out after three decades in prison for murdering his wife and goes to find an old flame Jesse Craig. Her son-in-law tries to find out whether his love is sincere, or motivated by revenge for Jesse deserting him years ago. Where Angels Fear to Tread. A professor of paranormal psychology, Dr.

Ken Anderson, experiments with the astral projection of his self. But the experiment rolls out of control. A thriller up in the air.

The Rise and Fall of the Fourth Reich. A Nazi fantasy? In this weird tale, two scientists discover an aged and sickly Adolf Hitler in 's Mexico City. They begin to try and restore his health and youth through their experiments. Ostentation has tragic consequences for a couple with modest means as they borrow a diamond necklace to show off at a party. They end up losing it and the husband is forced to take a huge loan from an evil financier.

But a mere debt is not their salvation as murder, death by accident and suicide soon follow in its wake. An aged and widowed antique trader is forced to adopt a teenage girl.

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