Space Invaders - Dire Peril - Queen Of The Galaxy (CD)


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TrustPilot 4. Sitejabber 4. Calculate the price. Type of paper. Academic level. Free Plagiarism Report. Complete Anonymity. Papers Written From Scratch. No Hidden Fees. Its almost comical in its inappropriateness. It would make crewmember alert to upcoming danger, instead of making them await a clown to enter and perform some manner of jumping, juggling trick. Insert circus music here: Do-do-doodle-do-do-doo-doo duh-duh…. The musical score. Scores are very much a product of their time and can age more quickly than sound effects, even special effects in some cases.

However, the music on Voyager was excellent, and brilliantly composed. Themes relating to certain races or action going on on screen started to become prevalent in Season 3. These are hard to explain in words, but there are four or five action motifs which kick in at certain moments when the crew is embroiled in an action scene of one kind or another.

These are not overused and consequently not employed in every episode, but you know them when you hear them.

The Borg have certain music attached to them, a menacing theme with heavy notes and lots of drums and brass. And of course, the magnificent Opening Title. The best piece of Star Trek music ever, and close to being the best piece of Science Fiction music ever composed. There is even some sense of isolation amongst the expanse of the universe, a ship alone despite all the life and motion that surrounds them. Incredible opening sequence. The front cover is a blue jumping to warp effect with yellow text for the album title.

I really recommend Space Invaders - Dire Peril - Queen Of The Galaxy (CD) version of the piece, as it actually manages to improve upon an already superb piece of music. Seven of Nine. This is not a criticism of Kes, I loved her character too, her innocence and child-like view of the galaxy was very refreshing, so all credit goes to her. Her gradual journey back to humanity from the cold and evil of the Borg was a brilliant facet of Voyager, and wonderfully realised.

The dynamic between them felt real and accurate. A mother-daughter, love-hate relationship, with the initial tension between them slowly, slowly dissolving into mutual respect and warmth as they solved differences, as each one started to understand the other. The fact that Seven came from the Borg emphasises why she is so different, a creature snatched from the grasp of the biggest threat ever to grace the Trek universe.

The Motley Crew. Ah, the motley crew. Janeway can be stubborn and unreasonable, Paris can be rebellious Space Invaders - Dire Peril - Queen Of The Galaxy (CD) disobedient, Seven can be confrontational and thoughtless, Tuvok can act arrogant and superior, The Doctor has projection issues not with his emitters, necessarily and can be pompous and self-important, Torres has a chip on her shoulder and is a serious self-doubter.

This, along with their admirable qualities, of which there are many more, makes them 3-dimensional characters. Now, I like Starfleet Officers, the organisation is one of the finest fictional militarys ever devised. But its nice to have some variety and spice in the crew. This is infinitely more interesting than having a ship full of people who are largely identical to each other, apart from physical appearance and gender. And life with Janeway is never boring. The pilot episode. The best opener in the history of Trek.

First episode of TOS, ouch, and Pike is a knobhead. Which is to say, not welcome at all. All in all, impressive. But it was nice to actually see the events I had heard referenced to, and I thought the pilot was great.

It broke the conventions I had come to associate with Star Trek over the years by actually being good. Finally, a nice short point. Not annoying like Anakin Fucking Skywalker, not immature and whiny. Bravo, young lady Space Invaders - Dire Peril - Queen Of The Galaxy (CD), Icheb and the Borg children when they arrive. Even the named crewmen who have few lines, but are present simply for a sense of continuity in the tight-knit crew.

Its a nice touch to the show. The Delta Flyer. Hooo Nelly, any crew that builds and sleek, tough-as-nails hot-rod to fly around in is cool with me. Its like having a Ferrari in your garage.

It was a shame when the first one got destroyed…but hey, its ok! Hee hee, awesome! It works and it looks funky. I like my sports. Its the best because it just is. I know, I said 1o not 11 points, but what the hey.

As I said, Voyager is the best because it just is. End of. Just a note: When referring to the show, Voyager will stay in normal font. When referring to the vessel, Voyager will be in Italics. Star Trek has an artistic and visual continuity that I find very pleasing as a viewer. This is true of all Trek, with the exception of The Original Series due to the elapsed time, both our time-line and theirs, between the two generations.

The vessels encountered are varied in design, singularly exceptional in terms of ingenuity and variety, from series regulars such as the bioships of Species to the hunter-craft of the Hirogen, to the one-offs such as the manta-ray like vessels of the Devore Imperium or the Think Tank vessel from the episode of the same name. Starships do not just have to be silver and grey.

I like the fact that Starfleet vessels are this colour as it is the best colour for ships in my opinion, but other civilisations have different colour vessels. Its a simple device for providing continuity, but boy does it work. It is seen only too briefly, but in such episodes where the threat is at first unseen and unknown, this is an intentional device.

This leads nicely into my next point about continuity. The explorers that we journey with sometimes get only glimpses of the alien presence or strange anomaly that threatens them, threatens them due to malicious intent or because of simple misunderstanding. These misunderstandings often come about because the aliens are so intrinsically different to the explorers that finding common ground and communication is initially difficult.

Examples for your consumption:. Sometimes these mysteries are solved, sometimes not. Things do not always end up with neat endings tied up in a little package in real life, so I like it when some mysteries remain unsolved.

When non-humanoid species are encountered, the design ethos is also one of staggering creativity. The variety on offer concerning the locations where all this exploring and action occurs surpasses what is on offer from practically every other tv show and movie ever produced.

Trek surpasses nearly all of them with ease. A minor quibble I do have, and this has been true of Trek since its inception, is that its environments can often be antiseptic, too clean and tidy for a large galaxy teeming with every conceivable kind of life. An extra level of detail would have been very welcome. The Starfleet vessels are clean cut and ordered, and that is entirely appropriate for military vessels, and its also a conscious design choice.

And it not as if the makers of the show could simply substitute a real world location for a set, unless the location required an outdoor area, fields or mountains with no evidence of technology or buildings. This is sci-fi. We want alien worlds, not badly dressed human cities pretending to be alien worlds. This means they need to construct sets from scratch or rely on CGI.

It is heavily redressed and looks totally different, and I did not notice on first viewing. These intentional design choices coupled with budget restraints both lend a Space Invaders - Dire Peril - Queen Of The Galaxy (CD) aesthetic quality, an uncluttered, raw visual appeal.

I suppose that the simplicity and even barren nature of certain sets and locations is not necessarily a bad thing, its less of a distraction from the action taking place on screen. Location scouts to a great job on Voyager, finding real world locations as substitute for alien worlds.

It would be nice to go there for real of course, but alas, until warp drives become reality, the blue marble will just have to suffice. Some great real world locations that Space Invaders - Dire Peril - Queen Of The Galaxy (CD) as alien worlds:. Planet Hell. Threat over, stand down Trivia Alert. Going to have to compare to Star Wars here, as I am also a massive fan of that saga. I usually see little point in comparing these two wildly different sagas, but this is one area where I feel I can stand the two up against each other.

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