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Shop All Designs. Cart Summary. Oh no, your cart is empty. Add something awesome to it! Shop Now. You have Javascript disabled. Javascript is required for this site to function properly. Please enable Javascript and return here. Back Print. Male Fit. Lightweight Crewneck Sweatshirt Crewneck Sweatshirt. My other big thing is the negative self talk. Thank you for the reminders of this that you have shared this week. Thanks for sharing that too :. Thank you so much Wendy!

My mouth does the exact same thing… why is eating so easy and enjoyable outside of running and then boom… you start running and it is so hard! Being wheat and dairy free can sometimes be challenging but there are a surprising amount of gluten free which is wheat free and dairy free choices available.

I met a functional movement correction specialist and she has me roll out my back, glutes, Theres Something About Her - Subster (2) - Theres Something About Subster (CDr), IT band, quads, calves and feet because the fascia runs Theres Something About Her - Subster (2) - Theres Something About Subster (CDr) our feet up to our shoulders. I do this before I run and I am much less tight. If I am sore after a run, I roll out again.

I try to keep weeknight meals fairly easy. Our schedules are a little crazy some days and I just want things that are healthy, delicious, and cook up fast. With the warmer weather approaching the grill is such a time saver! Hi Toby, another runner pointed me towards her. Thanks for the response Nina! I looked at the website. I would say it was more similar to PT in that you are rolling out and doing specific exercises that she gives you.

There are also a lot of balance moves involved. I am SO glad that they have so many amazing options for you now Nina and for others that are wheat and dairy free. I want to go to your functional movement specialist, that sounds amazing! I hope you have a wonderful day Nina. Race nutrition is so hard to figure out! I think the only way to find out what works for you is trial and error. Just keep experimenting with different fuel options until you find the right combo. Pre-race I just have water, one coffee and a plain bagel with honey.

You will definitely get your sub-3!! You have worked so hard over the years — it will happen!! You are right, it really is such a personal thing and a thing that I think can continue to change for an individual over time! I feel so drained after sweating for two or more hours. I could eat salad with steak or chicken every day. Awesome info today Janae!! Hey Elizabeth! I am so glad you are back and running after injury. I never get sick of those things either.

You are doing amazing Elizabeth and I hope you are having a great Wednesday. Meesh… IBD, that is so hard! Mediterranean crunch salad from Costco is my all time fave. That and a Costco chicken are my lunch almost everyday. I am all about simple. My last running dream was mostly a nightmare. It Theres Something About Her - Subster (2) - Theres Something About Subster (CDr) showed me that I need to work on my mental game Theres Something About Her - Subster (2) - Theres Something About Subster (CDr) positivity.

I tend to put way to much pressure on myself and just need to relax and enjoy. Best lunch combo ever. Oh that nightmare sounds awful! I totally get you on that pre-race anxiety. Hope you are having a great day Alyse! I definitely keep it simple when my husband travels for work which is not much at all! You and Andrew are troopers! ME TOO! I was just thinking that yesterday and feeling very lucky to have my biggest teammate now because it is hard.

I hope you have a beautiful day Marie and I love hearing from you! I guess there is a lot of choice in the supermarkets these days :. Hmm, I still have some specific goals for the roads — but my love of trails has meant road racing has taken a back seat.

Having said that I know that my marathon pbs and half pbs could easily be bettered by solid training — I would love to break for the marathon really to run a is what I want and to break for the half. Currently, my half pb sits at about and my marathon pb at I figure I just need to a want it and b put in the work. I think for me being realistic about my abilities but then also really mentally believing I could — everyone else seems to believe I have the ability and it comes down to how badly I want it, and also how much work I am willing to put in.

For me, I ran some of my best races when I put in consistent training and then just trusted my body enough that the races took care of itself. The more I enjoyed myself the better I ran. Definitely all about the simple meals — rotissierie chicken is one of my go — tos.

Definitely dreamed of races — mostly missing start lines haha. Also random — I binge watched pretty much the entire season of the Good Doctor over the weekend — I can see why you Theres Something About Her - Subster (2) - Theres Something About Subster (CDr) love that show.

Not too ashamed to admit that I cried! Nutrition and fueling has been my biggest issue for marathons! BUT I think I may have finally nailed it! My stomach is super sensitive and I have to be careful with my fueling. I felt great before, during, after. And my pace was really good throughout. My go-tos now: Huma gels and Tailwind. The 2nd half I use gels only. GL on your sub-3 this year! Sign In. TV Movie R R 1h 29min. Play trailer Action Crime Thriller. Director Robert Radler.

Top credits Director Robert Radler. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All. Photos Top cast Edit. David Jensen Macy as Macy. Brian Simpson Soldier 1 as Soldier 1. Jeff Jensen Soldier 2 as Soldier 2. Rebecca Staab Prof. Nicole Stewart as Prof. Nicole Stewart. Erin Chambers Terri as Terri. The website you've pulled this from simply skims logs from Theres Something About Her - Subster (2) - Theres Something About Subster (CDr) websites and posts all the numbers.

Their ratings also include wipe runs etc and is in no way indicative of what we'll play upon release. Pretty sure the guy who owns WoL called it out as being shit. But lets not forget none of the damage numbers have actually been finalized as of yet.

I wouldn't be stressing about DPS rankings yet. Biomega it is historically the least played rogue spec in PvE for sure. Originally Posted by mojusk. Originally Posted by DarkShawoman. In Current balancing scenario, Sub is crazy strong. Highly doubt that it will be like this at release.

There will be a boatload of Sheep who see Sub at the top and roll one, happens in every expansion. The sheep chase the Meta Classes, while the Lions make almost any class great. Stop being a Sheep and play what you like.

Make it your own. There are so many variables out there that make DPS ranking invalid, yet people still believe

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