Trapdoor Man - David Holmes - Music From The Motion Picture Oceans Thirteen (CD)


Gerelateerde artikelen Curiosa : Spannende muziek 2 Juni is de maand van het spannende boek. Curiosa: Spannende muziek 1 Soms is er niets leuker dan een potje lekker griezelen. Van Eigen Bodem: Gruwelijk eng Boe! In deze algemene categorie vindt u muziek die speciaal is gecomponeerd voor films, televisieseries, musicals en theatervoorstellingen.

Bij een soundtrack wordt vaak gebruik gemaakt van reeds bestaande muziek. Op geluidsdrager verzamelde muziek uit een speelfilm. Het fenomeen komt op in de jaren vijftig maar neemt een hoge vlucht als de soundtracks van Grease en Saturday Night Fever miljoenenverkopen halen. Het gaat dan nog om muziek die speciaal voor de film is gecomponeerd.

Tegenwoordig wordt vaak van bestaande muziek gebruik gemaakt. Het komt ook voor dat de muziek op de soundtrack vaak nauwelijks te horen in de film, of slechts tijdens de aftiteling. Filmmaatschappijen brengen soundtracks uit met zoveel mogelijk bekende artiesten er op, in de hoop dat het nummer op de radio wordt gedraaid en dat de titel van de film er bij wordt genoemd, Omgekeerd krijgen artiesten vaak aanzienlijke bedragen en kan het succes van een filmsoundtrack helpen bij hun populariteit.

Luisteraars van dit album luisteren ook naar Gerelateerde albums. Ocean's twelve : Music from and inspired by the motion picture. David Holmes. The Italian job : Original motion picture soundtrack. John Powell. The Bourne supremacy : Original motion picture soundtrack. Favourite worst nightmare i. Arctic Monkeys. The mirror conspiracy. Thievery Trapdoor Man - David Holmes - Music From The Motion Picture Oceans Thirteen (CD).

Pictures i. Katie Melua. Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not i. The back room i. In between dreams i. Answer Song Record Doctor Popular Twenty Five Years DJ When I Was Seventeen I Threw It All Away Haunted Jukebox Disc Two Solid Gold Your Valentine Jan Leeming Racing Car Landscape Manhattan Trapdoor Man - David Holmes - Music From The Motion Picture Oceans Thirteen (CD) Friends Fairground Rock And Roll Lullaby Pocket Call Starlings I Wouldn't Want To Say 2.

Apples From A Tree 3. This Game Of Love 4. Ketamine 5. Bleed All Over 6. Churchbells, Ghosts 7. Internal Hourglass Discussion 8. Stockholm City Blues 9. Skeleton Key Daylight In The Nocturnal House Ballad Of A Dying Rover Burying Ground At Zero Below Eden Lost And Found. Unloved - Sigh 2. Anna Karina - Roller Girl 3. Unloved - After Dinner 4. Unloved - This Is The Time 6. Unloved - Devils Angels 7. The Troggs - Evil Woman 8. Unloved - Cry Baby Cry 9.

Cigarettes After Sex - K. Unloved - Bill Unloved - Danger Unloved - Xpectations Unloved - Sombre Killing Eve Brigitte Bardot - Contact Unloved - Crash Boom Bang Unloved - Unloved 7 Unloved - We Are Unloved Unloved - If. Unloved - Damned 4. Poppy Family - Where Evil Grows 5. Unloved - Remember 6. Fireflies - She's My Witch Edit 7.

Unloved - Tell Mama Killing Eve 8. Unloved - Her Killing Eve Unloved - Lee Jane Weaver - Modern Kosmology Dalida - Vai Tu Sei Libero The Delmonas - Dangerous Charms Ramases - Screw You Cigarettes After Sex - Opera House. Show Love 2. Back In Time 3. Joking Me 4. Why Haven't I?

Girl 6. Just Dreaming 7. Big Wows 8. Breathe 9. True Colours Choose Like You Her Cold Cold Heart 2. One Thing 3. Stand With Me 4. There She Goes 5. Eyes On Me 7. Let Me Guess 8. Footprints 9. I Wonder Too Young To Pray. Whites Of Their Eyes 2. Send It On Over 3. Baby Brother 4. Not Today 5. Cass Tech 6. Bye Bye 7.

Five And Tens 8. Silver Pillbox 9. Just A Name Count Your Blessings Salty Words Ready To Think. Breakfast Epiphany 2. Loner Boogie 3. Face Behind Her Cigarette 4. Walking Thompson's Park 5. Jerry 6. Breakfast Epiphany II 7.

Taxi To Your Head 8. Losers In The Tomb 9. Hangover Square Waitin' Wherever 2. Chanceuse 4. Surprise 5. Tu Sais Comme Je Suis 6. De Retour 7. Baptism 8. Fred 9. Proche Proche Proche Dans La Nuit Des Bras. Beginner's Luck 2. Greenhouse Heat Death 3. Barefoot Desert 4. Muddy Water 5. Superposition 6. Down The Sink 7. The Great Chain Of Being 8.

The Last Oasis 9. All Is Known I'm Sleepin' In The Wheel. Crumbling Castle 2. Polygondwanaland 3. The Castle In The Air 4. Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet 5. Inner Cell 6. Loyalty 7. Horology 8. Tetrachromacy 9. The Fourth Colour Mango 2. Old Stuff New Stuff 3. Sunflower Seeds 4. Let Your Dog Tooth Grow 5. Liminal Spaces 6. The Sound Of Liminal Spaces edit 7. Borrachero Tree Snaps Blue Suitcase Disco Wrist. Tea-Soaked Letter 3.

Asking 4 A Friend 4. Quit The Curse 5. Belle Isle 6. In Your Dreams 7. What I Want 8. Yeah You Know 9. Wish You Every Day. Miami 2. Porcelain 3. Mungo 4. Listen 5. Almond Milk 6. Letter Bomb 7. August 9. Wanna Prince Of Tears. Sketches Of Brunswick East I 2. Countdown Trapdoor Man - David Holmes - Music From The Motion Picture Oceans Thirteen (CD). D-Day 4. Tezeta 5. Cranes Planes Migraines 6. The Spider And Me 7. The Book A Journey To S Hell Rolling Stoned You Can Be Your Silhouette A New World 2.

Altered Beats I 3. Alter Me I 4. Altered Best II 5. Alter Me I 6. Altered Beast III 7. Alter Me III 8. Altered Beats IV 9. Balrog Some Context The Reticent Raconteur The Lord Of Lightening The Balrog The Floating Fire Welcome To An Altered Future Digital Black Han-Tyumi, The Confused Cyborg Soy-Protein Munt Machine Vomit Coffin Murder Of The Universe. Certainty 2. All Join In 3. I Wanna Be Your Mirror 4. Oh The Saviour 5. Born Into The Sunset 6. Open Air 8. In My Pocket 9. Celebration Mystery Of Pop Roman God-Like Man Strange Or Be Forgotten.

Blank Reflection 2. Rat King 3. Cold Line 4. New Structures 5. Cosmetic 6. No Novelty 7. Inherently Low 8. Flourescent Sunset 9. Entertain Me. Too High To Die 2. Let's Do It Again 3. No Me Gustas Te Quiero 4. A Thousand Ways 5. Jame Gumb 6. Casper 7. EA Presley 8. Windows 98 Robot Stop 2. Big Fig Wasp 3. Gamma Knife 4. People-Vultures 5. Beat 6. Evil Death Roll 7. Invisible Face 8. Wah Wah 9. Road Train. Andromeda Orchestra Don't Stop Inc. Ray Mang Mix.

Parris Soaked In Indigo Moonlight. Various Artists Heavenly Remixes 2. Various Artists Heavenly Remixes 1.

Autechre Chiastic Slide - Reissue. Autechre LP5 - Reissue. Connan Mockasin Jassbusters Two. Fionn Regan Acres Of Sycamore. David Bowie Brilliant Adventure Peakes Peripheral Figures.

Beachwood Sparks Sandbox Sessions. Elvis Presley Christmas Album. Various Artists Heavenly Remixes 1 Heavenly. Release date: Expected 10 Dec ' There may well be no rhyme, nor reason, to how these compilations have been put together, beyond the fact that they are assembled with love, an innate understanding of the power of great pop music, and a skilled marriage of song and remixer.

There is no sense of order to Volume 1. Seiliog remix and and Katy J. Various Artists Heavenly Remixes 2 Heavenly.

Release date: Expected 26 Nov ' To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of its original release we are pleased to announce today the vinyl reissue of ' Acres Of Sycamore', the acclaimed third album from Fionn Regan, out 26th November. Regan began writing Acres of Sycamore whilst living on the island of Majorca. In saying that, I think it's spliced with walking in the woods in Ireland.

I love the idea that there's a master tape. It's a very potent thing. I think sometimes that everyone has to remember that you don't get 'this' without 'that'. This album wouldn't have happened without the last record. The second one wouldn't have happened without the first one. I think sometimes after the first record there might have been a feeling that, because I was on to a good thing, to just repeat it but I wasn't interested in that.

It's very important for me to do what feels right at the time. Release date: Expected 12 Nov ' Be it the buzz of an overly exhausted tour van, or the green light and smell of sausage rolls in the near Beaconsfield distance As is often the way, such timely-abandon cannot be said for Pip Blom however, who immediately began to gather up all her soaked-up inspirations taken from the road, and manifest a re-energised sense of self, and ritualistic songwriting.

Sentimentalities, and pre-established friendships by way of Grammy award-winning engineer Caesar Edmunds took president, and the decision was made to pack up their gear and a variety of board games and exercise equipment, all in preparation of a fourteen-day quarantine faced upon arrival in the UK. Unhinging genre in our instant-access era of musical snoot, no-one does an enthused-chorus quite like Pip Blom yet much can be said for this gang being far from one-trick-ponies.

With Pip Blom, no mood is untouched nor sense of renewal left behind. The trick to it all? Release date: Expected 5 Nov ' This is the sound of your new favourite band hitting their stride.

A side project of Syd from the band and producer Ross Orton, the Minsky Rock remix channels the energy of the primetime Detroit electro of Aux 88 or Cybertron while Paranoid London, the duo made up of Quinn Whalley and Gerardo Delgardo, turn in a bubbling drenched acid workout. The Parrots Dos Heavenly. Clear vinyl with blue Release date: Expected 29 Oct ' Rolling in on an unbreakable motorik groove, The Parrots second album - Dos - starts very much on the front foot.

You Work All Day And Then You Die is a bold statement of intent, a signpost at the side of the road that tells you straight about the futility of our modern lives spent chained to the work station. Dos is still very much a garage rock record, only one now painted in brighter, bolder, more psychedelic colours. Bring it on. Because of lockdown, it ended up getting finished in Madrid with Harto Rodriguez. Recording at home was really nice because it meant we could call on some of our very talented friends to join us in the studio.

Most of the record was written before the lockdown but that unexpected pause in all of our lives made us rethink some of it and finish bits off in a different way. That made recording feel almost like a celebration. Everyone we knew was fine; even with the global pause we could still find the bright spots and stay together. We rediscovered a lot of artists that we listened back when we first fell in love with music - bands like LCD Soundsystem and Gang of Four, lots of mutant disco.

Tom really helped us there, he made sense out of the chaotic mashup of influences that we brought into the studio. Also the Spanish music scene has been changing a lot in the last years and listening to a lot of new Spanish artists has helped us break down some walls and made us create music in a more free way.

At The Disco, Templesthe Parrots find themselves experimenting with more modern production soundscapes and electronic grooves. Limited edition - Release date: Expected 15 Oct ' Limited edition 7" featuring two brand new exclusive tracks. Audiobooks Astro Tough Heavenly. Limited eco-mix colour As audiobooks were making the final adjustments to their new record, the world around them was Trapdoor Man - David Holmes - Music From The Motion Picture Oceans Thirteen (CD) grimmer by the day.

There are light moments of this record, but in general the lyrics are definitely darker. It's a heady and intoxicating combo, and all great fun. Clear vinyl. Printed inners. Download card included. Housed in hand stickered PVC sleeve. Can it be that it was all so simple then? Or has time rewritten every line? Marvin Hamlisch was not yet 30 when he wrote those words for the mouth of Barbra Streisand.

Even then, Hamlisch was acutely aware that as a narrator of our own stories, the human memory is at best unreliable and at worst mendacious. The album is made largely from samples and sounds drawn from the turn of the new century, a period that was topped and tailed by Labour's election victory and the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Specifically, it's about the late Nineties, and current nostalgia for the Nineties.

Their earliest albums — debut Foxbase Alpha and its successor So Tough — tapped into the collective consciousness by using an accretion of disparate elements - Long Wave football commentary, a snatch of Four Tops vocals or a sample of Dusty Springfield strings, some dialogue from Billy Liar, a melody from a long-forgotten perfume ad — to create a richly evocative memory-world which was specifically British, even when the component parts themselves were not.

The resulting emotion, of course, is bittersweet. Saint Etienne's music has always captured the feeling that the Portuguese call saudade, the Welsh call hiraeth and the Germans call sehnsucht: a combination of homesickness and longing, a melancholy yearning for a time, a place, a person or a mood that can never be revisited.

It's what the Scottish comedian Brian Limond was driving at with the heartbreaking Limmy's Show sketch in which he visits a travel agent and shows them a blurred colour photograph of himself and his friends on a teenage holiday in the Ayrshire resort of Millport.

Let's get the feeling again There's a strand of pop which stretches from The Beach Boys' SMiLE through Saint Etienne to The Avalanches' Since I Left You and beyond which defies the reductive term 'dreampop', and instead evokes the genuine sensation of dreaming: blissful, yes, but also unsettling and disorienting.

The album ties together these two Saint Etienne threads — memory and dreams — and tells us directly something which has always been implicit in Bob, Pete and Sarah's work: that memory is a dream. That got me thinking about the last time there was a general optimism in the country and I thought about Maythe window between then and Septemberwhich it's easy to look back on as some kind of innocent golden age, even if it didn't feel like one at the time.

In reality, of course, there was good and there was bad Primary schools and art galleries and hospitals were built versus we bombed Belgrade and introduced PFI! Modern nostalgia culture Trapdoor Man - David Holmes - Music From The Motion Picture Oceans Thirteen (CD) draws on corporate American Nineties mall culture, but what about British BBC radio culture?

Could those sources be used to actually sound like the era, but through the fog of memory? I find this fascinating. What you choose to remember or choose to forget ASBOs and paediatricians getting death threats in Wales And, even at the time, an equal and opposite sense of disillusion had taken hold of Bob Stanley.

On this album, they take that theory to its logical conclusion. I've Been Trying To Tell You uses sounds and samples from toevoking the folk memory of the period by using and twisting recordings from the time, re- working them into new songs.

For the first time, Saint Etienne didn't record together in a studio. Communication was handled via Zoom meetings and emails. This helps sustain the dream-state. That hypnagogic sensation is enhanced here and there by the eerie sound of seagulls and garden birds. This, it turns out, is another turn-of-the-millennium reference. In my reverie, the mind will carry me They met a few times, pre-pandemic, in a cafe under Shipley clocktower.

Johnny 3. Gracie's Revelation 4. Shit Sandwich 5. I Am Tough Enough 6. Granddad 7. Let Me Help You 8. Asphalt Soccer 9. You Were Like A Star Appealing The Board Lindsay's Speech First Two Cuts Third Cut JV Practice Letting Go Body Parts 4. The Morgue 5. Killing Field 6. Photos 7. A Family's Grief 8. Emily Provokes 9. Viewing You're a Good Father Bobby Ortiz Bonner's Dead A Murder Torture New Evidence Apology We Killed a Dog Dawn Patrol 2.

Mister Hertz 3. TitTat 4. Goodbye Oliver 5. Copping a Feel 6. Stealing a Beamer 7. Rat Bastard 8. Lab Discoveries 9. Fortress of Solitude Privacy Love Theme Spanking Mom True Confessions Pussy with a Gun Put U2 Sleep Warehouse Shootout Mutual Interests Killing Rutledge Smith Captured Interrogation Final Showdown Destination Nowhere What Took You So Long? Gears of War 2. Jacinto Prison 4. Attack of the Drones 5. Embry Square 6. Fish In a Barrel 7. House of Sovereigns 8.

Minh's Death 9. Entering The Tombs Tomb of the Unknowns Ephyra Streets I Ephyra Streets II Miserable Wretches Stay in the Light Chap's Gas Station Fill 'er Up at Chap's I Will Kryll You Imulsion Mines East Barracade Academy The Fenix Estate Locust Infestation Hidden Lab Running With Boomers Oh the Horror Train Wreck - Locust Theme Train Ride To Hell Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea 3. Mario Lanza - Danny Boy 5.

Patti Page - Doggie in the Window 6. Fats Waller - Jitterbug Waltz Django Reinhardt - La Mer Billie Holiday - Night and Day Perry Como - Papa loves Mambo Frank Sinatra - Please Be Kind Al Bowlly - Twentieth Century Blues Noel Coward - World Weary Brigada Orchestra - Intro NewTone - Run!!!! NewTone - Roadway NewTone - Contabele Psychotica - Ocean Of Hunger NewTone - Marrakesh Brigada Orchestra - Outro Isaac Hayes - Two Cool Guys 2.

Ozzy Osbourne - Walk On Water 7. No Doubt - Snakes 8. Madd Head - Pimp'n Ain't Ez 9. John Alagia - Honey Come Home David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes The Weepies - Painting By Chagall Brian Hyland - Gypsy Woman Julieta Venegas - Canciones De Amor Ozomatli - After Party Beowulf Main Title First Grendel Attack Gently As She Goes A Hero Comes Home Second Grendel Attack I Am Beowulf The Seduction King Beowulf Full Of Fine Promises Beowulf Slays The Beast The Final Seduction Ave Maria I Take Out The Trash The Belicoff Assassination Roses For Nika Random Complication New Suit Train Station Bite Your Tongue Istanbul Table 26 Best Laid Plans Undress Me I Need You To Die My Number Is 47 Trust Unto God Udre's Funeral Rubber Duckie Righteous Buttkicking Denouement Abdeli - Adarghal 2.

Jose Alberto - Mi gran amor le di 7. Loona too 8. Marcus Viana - El mirage 9. Mi grand amore A Miragem 2. Love In The Afternoon 4. No Balan. Tazarine 2. Tu Me Acostumbraste 3. Cumbia Sobre el Rio 7. Hiding It 8. Masterpiece 9. Desert Bus Ride Tribal Para Que Regreses Babel Amelia Desert Morning Jugo a la Vida Breathing Soul The Blinding Sun CD 2 1.

Only Love Can Conquer Hate 2. El Panchangon 3. Two Worlds, One Heart 4. The Phone Call 5. Gekkoh 6. The Catch 7. Mujer Hermosa 8. Into the Wild 9.

Look Inside The Master Oh My Juliet! Prayer El Besito Cachicurris Walking in Tokyo The Visitors Morning Pray Mi Adoracion The Skin of the Earth Aurora's Theme 2. Babylon Requiem 3. Aurora Borealis 4. Leaving the Monastery 5. The Cold Walk 6. Too Many Refugees 7. Aurora and Toorop 8. Snow Travel 9. Rover Chase Entering New York City Mystery Package Skyscraper The Marketplace Toorop Is Home The Monastery Is Trapdoor Man - David Holmes - Music From The Motion Picture Oceans Thirteen (CD) Train Travel Are You Afraid to Die?

Are You a Killer, Mr. Sister Rebecca Future Vision Save the Planet Leaving the Monastery [Fox Version] One Chilp at a Time Achozen - Deuces 2. Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells 3.

Audio Warfare - Blow Your Mind (File, MP3), Balance Of Terror - D.R.J.* - Dirty Rotten LP (Cassette, Album), House Of God (DHS Remix) - Various - Techno Truth Volume 1 (CD), Son Of Man - Jimmy Cliff - Give The People What They Want (Cassette, Album), Mortis Mutilati - Sombre Neurasthénie (Cassette, Album), We Dress Up Like Snowmen - Various - Moshi Moshi Singles Club (CD), Compliments - Band Of Horses - Infinite Arms (CD, Album), She Hit My Head - Various - Mega Dancefloor #6 (CD), Janet Reno (Instrumental), Saint Bernard - Ron Sexsmith - Carousel One (CD, Album), Meet Me In The Middle - Sportsday Megaphone - Meet Me In The Middle (Vinyl), Michael - Trini Lopez - Michael / Adalita (Vinyl), Back Stabbing - James Hall - Pleasure Club (CD, Album)