Uncanny (2) - The Path Of Flesh (Vinyl)


The versatility is incredible! Get these shorts on right now! A cutting-edge, long hair style straight from the mosh pits and the boiler rooms. This cap is inspired by urban street art. Ready to go for a round, guy? Strap up yer wrists and tie them laces tight! It's time to throw down! Setting up traps around the mine was easy. He'd watch rodents suffer, squirming while waiting for the inevitable. Suddenly, he had all the power in the world.

Nothing beats a technician who performs the most demanding skill checks during stressful repairs. He ventured outside for a new challenge. Each day he'd practice how to patrol areas in the woods to catch more challenging prey. A badge that signals a profound loyalty to the Entity. There is no greater thrill than to fuel what urges to kill. Nothing is more fulfilling than to hunt a pack of opponents. This he learned early on while hunting with his father.

Hunting bears was his next move. They offered a real challenge, being stronger and bolder. He designed a special set of steel-jaw traps for the occasion. Hallowed Catalyst. There are many hidden tunnels, caution signs, and blocked exits on the MacMillan Estate.

Everyone suspected the mine was used for something else No one can escape the clutches of a skilled, bloodthirsty hunter. No matter the chase, no matter the prey, death is the result. Her in-depth understanding of each species' uniqueness inspired her techniques that targeted their differences. The specimen in her care always grew faster, stronger and healthier. A rare flower secreting a thick, pungent nectar during the "Hallowed Blight", according to Vigo's journal. As an expert botanist, Claudette Morel was a brilliant science student with a prolific future - that is until she took a stroll that changed her life forever.

A shadow creeping up the wall, an eerie presence lurking. Few know what this sadistic plaything is up next. A glass vial filled with nectar, which can be distilled into a putrid serum that holds unknown properties.

This compound arrangement across the head provides both, a hard outer covering as well as an attractive cluster of plant-based material.

Uncanny (2) - The Path Of Flesh (Vinyl) seed core is the central component in converting light into the chemical energy required to perform the key functions of a plant creature. A tangled mess of intertwined stems and shoots that have formed into a sharp, rigid spike. Like a root, it can drain and absorb liquid from whatever it is lodged in for long enough.

This wax monument serves as a vigil to the final shred of humanity, as well as the hatred seething inside. Hunt with a bow, arrow, and ax in the dead of night. This archey formalwear comes with a sturdy lgote to steady your aim while on the run. It's hunting time! Punching a basketball referee and flunking classes weren't enough for Frank to get out of Ormond. Fury rushed through her blood as she attacked. Her jet-black hair flowed widly, the ribbon failing to keep it contained.

Training armor passed down for generations, it's said to have been worn by a samurai during his younger years before the carnage began. The Doctor's experiments started with simple questions. For example, what if someone was sleep deprived, eyes pried open, and injected with steady streams of adrenaline?

The results were fascinating. One of the Doctor's first torture devices, made before the CIA money came flooding in. Holds a sentimental place in his heart.

A silly elephant face that's sure to bring a smile to the next disemboweled victim. Their insides feel warm and slimy, yay! An old-timey flat cap on a stubborn sod who doesn't know when to give up. You might not agree with him but it's tough to not respect him. A tailored dress shirt and vest that's seen the worst of a grisly brawl. Personalized with a bloody touch. Once crisp and refined, they have since soaked in the violence that follows King through life.

A flowing, loose fitting top that plays with a medley of colors. Paired with an obsidian stone necklace to offset the multi-hues. Straight, no-nonsense hair, with the symbol of Feng's defeated rivals acting as a war trophy upon her head. Loud and eye-catching, the Shining Lion's jacket worked well with the charmingly demonic backpack slung upon her.

A cute haircut and even cuter glasses. Helps with researching, looking super intelligent, and being able to see clearly. Without a magic hat, the snowman is fortunate enough to not have a soul to be beaten, worn, and broken.

We'll leave you with Corral Harp and a cut off her new album. David enjoyed a good ol' fashioned dust-up, but when things got out of hand, the brass came out. A used burial shroud styled into priestesses' robes during the rebirthing ceremony. The former occupant is nothing but dust, stain, and an acrid smell upon the fabric, yet it's said they protect the wearer from harm. Filled with tree resin and animal excrement, it's used to purge sickness by causing a heaving, uncontrollable regurgitation.

A soft, fuzzy cap made of raccoon skins with a cute tail at the back. It's the inanimate pet you always dreamed of. A Benjamin Bell-type instrument designed to cut through thick bones during your arbitrary amputation rounds.

These spurs are hardened outgrowths protruding from the skull. They resemble the horns of the unfortunate wildlife that have found themselves trapped in the swamps. A macabre mask whos original purpose of design is unknown. It seemed a fitting visage for Anna as she massacred German cavalry units. Nightmares and Fairy Tales. Ouran High School Host Club.

The Palette of 12 Secret Colors. Patricia Briggs' Cry Uncanny (2) - The Path Of Flesh (Vinyl). Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Punisher: Frank Castle. Ralph Snart Adventures. Rann-Thanagar War. The Recipe for Gertrude. Red Hood and the Outlaws. Robert Jordan's New Spring. Roger Langridge's Snarked. Uncanny (2) - The Path Of Flesh (Vinyl), the Teenage Witch. Samurai Commando: Mission Samurai: Heaven and Earth. Scribblenauts Unmasked. The Secret History of D.

Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil. Sherlock Ninja. Sir Apropos of Nothing. Skyscrapers of the Midwest. Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. Spooks: Omega Team. Squadron Supreme. Star Trek: Alien Spotlight.

Star Trek: Assignment Earth. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Star Trek: Mirror Images. Star Trek: Mission's End. Star Trek: New Frontier. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The Strange Adventures of H. Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eight Grade. Vampires and Werewolves. Superman Family Adventures. Superman: World of New Krypton. The Tales of Alvin Maker. Tales of the Sinestro Corps.

The Time Guardian. Time Management for Anarchists. Transformers: Regeneration One. Trinity of Sin: Pandora. True Story, Swear To God. Vampirella Quarterly. After unfortunate hard drive crash at label headquarters, there was moment of stress whether only living person who has the material managed to lose it all. When files were salvaged, it seemed as if sign that album must be published now and not wait any further.

Future reissues happen according to wishes of now deceased artist. Freak is an ultra-rare cassette originally released in by Coquette in an edition of 36 copies in a special gold paper and now return for the first time in a flabbergasting vinyl format fully remastered! This mature work is very brash, earsplitting and mad. Sometimes pleading sobs are heard. And they are all, regularly, philologically broken, retouched, stiffened.

And they mingle in the vortex. Or at most they come back to Uncanny (2) - The Path Of Flesh (Vinyl) slaughtered a little more only to be thrown back again, finally in the centrifuge.

Everything is scraped, fast and beautiful and focuses an electrically overcharged universe, punctuating the thrilling and vocal sonorous power with some quite moments and brief interruptions, conferring a very particular dynamic to this work. Freak is an absolutely astounding piece of work by one of the great pioneers of extreme noise from Japan! High pitched aggressive Finnish power electronics ripper with some eerie and dark sounds as well.

More electronics, more modular patches, more room sounds than line-recordings. Some unreleased archive noise sources thrown in mix. Sharp, crystalline quality, yet noisy and harsh at the same time! Umpio always delivers noise that radiates energetic force. A gem of best Old-School Industrial-Noise from the origins!

The projects sound is based around atmospheric static studies, brutal drone matter, crackling textures and mood setting HNW. Initially influenced by the work of Chop Shop, theme wise the project often focus in on sci-fi, Giallo or old horror movies and Black Chapel takes inspiration from the last of these.

The two tracks here show Ramirez in a mixture of tense and dark HNW construction, jagged and dense static texturing. Black Chapel was first vinyl release by Urashima in February which defined the aesthetics of the label for more than a decade. Now CD digipack is released with the original artwork in just copies; this is bound to be a revelation for anyone that missed it the first time around!. New Arrivals for the Week of October 04 Colossloth - Plague Uncanny (2) - The Path Of Flesh (Vinyl) CD Cold Spring: CSRCD When these tracks were recorded in spring-summerwhen the prophetic album title was set in stone, who knew what turbulence the world would undergo, what social isolation we would endure.

To face a plague alone Landscapes sheathed in cacophony, a new sound being forged, emerging from the fractured sonics and sepulchral bass rumblings. A bold move forward towards the cinematic Esoteric music for transportation and immersion, taming the wilderness of the ravaged psyche. Recommended for fans of deep ambient, micro sounds and field recording. But last year when I became sick again, and had death sitting on my shoulders, something changed in me. Maybe it was all a bitter reminder of the hospitals, or the pain of watching my body fail.

But I had to face the real possibility of my end, and then somehow find a way to make peace with that. I no longer need to hide from pain. By following the river that flows between two worlds, all the memories, the fragments of life melts away. The styx is an open door for those ready to gamble with their soul and touch the mysterious waters within the self. Float downstreams with the ancient ferryman towards the underworld in all its gloom.

Recommended for fans of acoustic ambience, atonal and layered atmospherics. The derelict mothership is massive, its silent shadow swallowing your cutter-ship as you connect with the airlock. Inside, rusted bulkheads sing like whales from deep within as they reverberate with lumbering creaks.

Your flashlight flickers in the dark as you wipe the smudge off a wall-mounted map. Better get the power online or you'll never be able to access the backup logs.

NG-section is two floors down. Time for another spacewalk. Your MD exosuit gets you climbing the ship's exterior with little effort. Parts of the ship have been blown off, scattered across space from the impact all those years ago, revealing the skeletal remains of the eco-hub and launch pad.

Makes you wonder what happened to those left behind without food. The distressed messages coming out of there were censored, but it must have been bad for them to have brought in a black market contracter to wipe them from the mainframe before the repair crew arrives.

Recommended for fans of space journeys, supernovas and arpeggiated swells. View Cart. The item has been added to your wishlist. You can always check your wishlist under Your Account. The item could not be added to your wishlist. Please log in. Only a year after the "Nihil Total" album Folkstorm returns stronger than ever with an album of suffocating and death-infused orthodox industrial.

Merzbow re-edition of 2 historical tapes of the first Japanoise era. Second full length album from one of Sweden's most singular sonic entity. Known for his collaborative work with Svartsinn as well as his work with Wordclock Cryo Chambercellist and composer Amund Ulvestad presents some of his more obscure ambient and textural works in this debut album. Two giants of the Japanese Noise scene present exclusive material on a special limited vinyl release. Primitive, old school industrial, with an obsessive, post-mortem feel.

Kohei Gomi began experimenting with home recording in the s and got so lost in extreme sonics under the Pain Jerk moniker that his output inevitably spilled out into the wider world. Controlled Death is the dark-side project by the Japanese noise legend Masonna that started with Symphony For The Black Murder as first official work released in April in a vinyl edition of copies. It was in the fall of that trepaneringsritualen in the shape of th. Rubbau proudly features one of the most respected artists in the ambient genre - for over two decades German duo Troum have taken the clues from their dreams and translated them into a transcending sound of majestic beauty.

Excellent Linekraft release from Summerthematically centered around those who live and struggle to survive north of the Black Sea. Fragmentation was the third full-length album from Orphx, originally released in on the legendary Malignant Records label their words, not mine.

Originally K7 released Uncanny (2) - The Path Of Flesh (Vinyl) SSS Productions SSS45 Included inside this deluded heavy red paper wide spine jacket is a bonus cd of unreleased master class perfection from the era that was unknown until now.

Demanded repress of modern day harsh noise classic! Kazuma Kubota The flag-bearer of the Post Harsh Noise, His famous works up to now that lay the foundation of his present, have been turned into CDs and two titles will be released at the same time! Originally finished and put into release cue one week before death of artist. New album Finnish supreme harsh noise.

Feature 9 of 10 rating : Digging into the blistering heat of Inferno 1, the first issue of Jonathan Hickman's X-Men swan song. Feature How a superhero with a super ego found a way into our hearts: the Booster Gold story. News A "crescendo" of not just the previous 49 Avengers issues but also Jason Aaron's entire Marvel career so far.

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