Undone - Before The Dawn - My Darkness (CD, Album)


I hope Congress gets back to fixing the country soon. Until next time. Slowly are the mirrored clouds unfolding My empyrean a solid shell Heaven do I search for in beholding Images wrought only of myself. Fear of darkness is the inspiration On the prowl within my sanity Equally I fear illumination Blinded by deciding not to see Solving and dissolving is my fashion Stabbing at elusive synthesis Howling from the gallery in passion Selfish in pursuit of selflessness.

I direct my prayer to nameless specters Hoping not that they will answer me Silence is my life-sustaining nectar Solace rests in my uncertainty. I want not to know what governs essence Mystery to me is purity Earth wants only earthly acquiescence I am not divine nor want to be. Pray I, then, Undone - Before The Dawn - My Darkness (CD the shapeless moonlight, Nought but sunlight from another day, Anxious, as a player asks a playwright For his motivation, this I pray: May my mind be solely my dominion Hard, impervious to gilded prose.

Suffer not the murder, rather pinion To the floor the galvanizing crows. May my body thrive in the evading Of the war my spirit will not wage With the voices of the rhetors fading Leaving lecterns barren on the stage May my soul in darkness Undone - Before The Dawn - My Darkness (CD resilient Asking nothing but for unity Settle me upon a plane so brilliant That my spirit needs not eyes to see. Friday, February 8, So it's McCain.

The next few weeks are going to be very important in McCain's rhetoric. If he plans to win the right-leaning Democrats and the center, he is going to have to Undone - Before The Dawn - My Darkness (CD a social and domestic agenda strong enough to counteract his position on Iraq. It's amazing to me that we are even still talking about Iraq as a sustainable war, but it is also clear that the right is not going to change that position.

I am concerned that if any other parts of the Middle East become unstable to the point where we feel threatened it will spread our troops so thin that the draft will be Undone - Before The Dawn - My Darkness (CD on the table as a solution.

I don't think it's beyond any of the candidates on either side to take that action, but I think McCain would do so with the least provocation. As for the other issues, the ones that the Iraq war have continuously distracted us from, I don't even know what McCain has to say on them.

It seems to me that if he is going to support the continuation of war and deem himself a conservative at the same time, he is going to have to engage in major budget changes that will destroy some of the social programs that liberals hold dear. All I know is that the spending has to stop or we are going to be undone before my generation even fully takes over.

We will have no money left to throw at our domestic needs and will be quick to resort to patchwork solutions while borrowing from the world with no intention of paying up. Wednesday, February 6, Another day in Democracy. Super Tuesday has come and gone. I will be voting for Obama if he wins the Democratic nomination. I need to see how Hillary Clinton plans to unify the nation if I am going to put any support her way. I feel that it has been cliche among the right-wing populous to hate Hillary, and I need to know how she plans on overcoming that and jolting this nation out of its governmental paralysis.

Seeing Obama achieve such success in the Democratic party shows that he can speak the language of the liberals, but in order for him to win the general election he has to speak the languages of both sides of the aisle. I don't think Clinton is qualified to bring people together. Also, I find his lack of executive experience endearing. I would rather vote for a candidate that gives me hope for the nation at large than for a candidate that gives me security that the donkey will prevail.

I don't think that's the case any longer. I like his moderate nature, but the conservative side of him is just too strong for me. Then again, he's been trying to win Republican votes in recent speeches. Maybe he'll change his tune once he wins the primary. Ron Paul, despite being on the opposite end of the spectrum from me by party affiliation, has given me a reason to believe that fiscal conservatism in its pure form, uncorrupted by corporate interests, can be powerful. If there's anything I know it is that we have to stop spending so much money if we are going to see such lackluster results.

I hope Obama is listening to Ron Paul like I am. They can learn from each other. The best part is, no one knows that better than Barack Obama. Class time. Saturday, January 12, The Dying Album. Welcome back, blog. I hope my poetry didn't make you feel used. Cracks they show In the mirrors of my soul When I break Why do they all forsake? Is life but a mistake? Why do they smile when I fall apart? Pick your self up, You are the Album), now the chapter is done Cry as you might to the gods you adore They hear you not, as they never before 3.

Bereft In The Abyss As I cradle thy broken and weakened form Lay my hands upon thy cold brow You can not let it go You shall not slip away Please take my hand So breathe once more, rise and wake up my son. Open thy eyes and be as one 4. The Path Part 1 — Treading Through Darkness Darkness, I believe thee not Thy empty words shall avail thee naught A fire in this heart of mine To gaze again upon these walls of thine Desire to soar once more Upon these broken wings on which I have flown before Tongues of flame shall paint the canvas red As once told, I shall part the rising sea Seeds from the blood that I shed Feet sink deeper into grains of golden sand knee deep Every step I take is a drop in this sea of sleep In which I have swam and drowned The wind whispers death, as temptation drips from her song Tears run dry - will I survive?

Hear my cry - will I arrive? Heading home forever more All past grief is now gone The gift of life to me They bequest mine is the sight in the blindness As I'm treading through the path, in darkness 5.

The Path Part 2 — The Pilgrimage To Or Shalem Across the golden dunes, the desert stretches so long Scorching heat burns, the wind sings its barren song And so you live your life, you rise and fall [Hebrew intro] You weep, you slip, and you dive into the deep But will you become the compass who navigates this ship? Across the land and into the dawn Ride! My gaze is fixed on the goal, the throne Ride! Companion by Skepticism. Guardians by Saor. These are some pretty experienced musicians and it shows.

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