Vampire Girl - Dead Vampires - The Day After Halloween (CD, Album)


Unlike Morticia, Lily really was royalty, but she behaved more like a s TV mom. Like Morticia, Lily was deeply devoted to her family. Elvira started out as a movie host like Vampira did. As a matter of fact, she was so close to Vampira that it sparked a court battle. When you looked at Elvira, you saw a wicked vampiric-looking temptress Then it was all quick-witted and usually cheesy barbs delivered with a Valley-girl cadence.

Elvira became so popular at one time that she had two PC games, two Elvira-themed pinball machines, and two movies. Buffy the Vampire Slayer may have been about slaying vampires, but it had some of the best vampire characters on TV. Darla was the sire of Angel, and not your typical-looking vamp. And Darla was also the first vampire to ever be seen on Buffy in the first episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth" she was even in the unaired pilot.

Her blond hair and blue eyes separated her from your standard "dark" vampiresses, and it was even mentioned in the series that Angel may have been drawn to Buffy because she resembled Darla—and in real life, Julie Benz auditioned for the role of Buffy but lost out to Sarah Michelle Gellar. Drusilla, probably my favorite "crazy vamp," was the child of Angelus and the girlfriend of Spike. Juliet Landau literally chewed up the scenery in ever scene she was in.

The blend of childlike innocent and homicidal maniac might have been lost on a lesser actress, but Juliet pulled it off with what appeared to be ease. Willow Vamp was the precursor to Dark Willow and a major cult character. I think everyone loved seeing shy, demure Willow turn into the sexy, man-eating Vampire Willow. Again, this role would have been lost on a lesser actress. Simple line, but it was all in the delivery.

Stacy has always had this kind of ethereal beauty that made the character. I really think she should've shown up as a vampire on True Blood Morticia, again? Even though Carolyn Jones made Morticia hers, Anjelica owned the role in a different way, bringing in some of the TV Morticia Album) some of the Charles Addams original Morticia feel I don't think she ever spoke in the New Yorker cartoons. Anyway, Anjelica's Morticia was familiar, but with her own unique twist.

Morticia: Last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me. This page is a list of such names. I can not verify whether these names have been taken yet or not. If your band happens to already use one of these names sorry.

If you want to use a name you see here, you'll need to verify it's not already in use. Entries starting with V are split into multiple pages: 1 2. New entries in this section are currently reviewed by Brian Kelly. Previous editors if any are listed on the editors page. Got something that should be added to Album) page? Check out the submission form. Making fun of music, one song at a time. Since the year Check out the two amIright misheard lyrics books including one book devoted to misheard lyrics of the s.

Submissions Got something that should be added to this page? It stands for Visible Panty Line. Either it's really cool to see Jesus ain't there no more. He's gone up to Heaven. The same as Barren Cross, a Chistian band. My brother came up with this while we were coming up with funny band name ideas and he saw a Chinese takeout menu. Vagrant means wandering, and I just thought wandering souls is kind of truthful and sounds cool. Just thought it would be fun.

Valhalla Norse Heaven by night in other words dead by night's end. Gothy yet cool. Me and my friends thought of this one evening, and we thought it sounded pretty vool despite the fact that we're from Cornwall, England! I got this off Max Payne and it's been my pseudonym ever since. It's good for a gothic band, I guess. The only problem is that it kinda underlines one person and not a band. If anyone can sort this problem out, then this should be a brilliant name.

I got it from reading a kids' Halloween book to a kid i was babysitting. I don't remember what the book was called since it was at his house, but I thought it would be a cool band name. I was watching the part where Jack ask the vampires to change the baby doll's voice and they say "No problem".

Sounded like some kind of mafia reply to me so thus Vampire Mafia. Inspired by the film "The Lost Boys". Goth music places a great emphasis on the lyric and matching the lyric with creating a mood.

Many early vocalists aimed for a Leonard Cohen-like dirge to focus on the words in the song. Learn the words to your favorite goth songs by copying out lyrics in a notebook. Knowing the words to your favorite songs can be a quick way to make friends with other goths, if you're into the same things.

Develop your music taste. Learning and listening to the most popular goth bands are good, and they will definitely earn you goth points on your goth card see "goth slang" but finding underground or local goth bands is something you should definitely do, too. Most people stop at the most popular goth bands, but the most recent and underground ones deserve some recognition, in order to keep the goth scene alive.

Ask other goths for their Last. Start listening to modern goth bands. Believe it or not, goth isn't just "an 80s genre" like some people believe.

But it hasn't just stayed stagnant, either. The deathrock revival of the 00s showed bands dressing more colourfully and adding into their sound, but not in a way that changed it into something completely different. All Gone Dead are a good example of this. Check out some of these modern bands on Bandcamp and YouTube.

Part 2. Wear black. Learn the basics of traditional goth fashion. During the days of when the scene was new, the goths did not know or have a set image as to what goth looked like. They just made it up as they went along, but as goth is a certain style, similarities showed among the members. Dye and style your hair. Hair has always been an important part of shock tactic method of goth, and it usually takes longer than preparing your outfit or make up.

If you prefer to have it long and black, perhaps choppy, you can. There aren't any rules on hair, but goth does have its style. If you're interested in having a certain style you can look up tutorials on YouTube. Wear makeup. Like goth fashion, goth makeup looks a certain way too. Makeup is based off how the Album) goth artists used to wear their makeup. Deathbrows, popularised by Daniel Ash. They were drawn on in black and then flared upwards, don't be afraid to experiment with eyeliner and eyeshadow while drawing "deathbrows".

Female eyebrows were either thin and high arched Vampire Girl - Dead Vampires - The Day After Halloween (CD Morticia Addams or pointed, triangular and thick like Siouxsie Sioux. If you don't necessarily like the style you don't have to wear it; create your own version, but a lot of fans of the music dressed like this because they were influenced by their idols. The more accessories you tend to add, the better your outfit looks. There are tons of accessories that go together with different themed outfits, for example you have fake fangs for a vampire outfit, a corset for a romantic outfit and sunglasses for a traditional outfit.

Piercings and colorful contact lenses and fake fangs are also popular. Black, purple and blood red were incredibly popular colours with goths. Go thrifting and prepare some DIY. In the original scene, goths did not have complete stores to shop at. They had their creativity and what they found in local thrift stores to work with, meaning there was no "set" goth style although it ended up looking similar in the end.

As punk is DIY, that means goth is too, and will always be a big part of it. Start experimenting with clothes yourself, and make sure they are cheap enough so that if you mess up, Album) aren't too bothered about it.

Learn how to make jewellery, you can even sell it and begin your own business. Cut up old clothes with patterns on and stitch patches onto clothes. Tartan or leopard print patches look great against black jackets.

Buy some safety pins and get creative with them, use them to pin jackets together or simply make patterns on your clothes. Bleach clothes to create permanent patterns in them. Clothes that have creative distressing, whether that's rips, tears, or just unique necklines, can contribute to your goth look. Part 3. Create a comfortable space for yourself. Fill your room or your basement with sensuous surroundings: think gothic in terms of light, color, and sound. Put posters on the walls of your favorite bands and hand dark draperies on the walls to soundproof your space, so you can play your music as loud as you want without disturbing the rest of your family.

Since many goths are artists, writers, or musicians, it will also help you tap into the creativity and individuality that is such a big part of the subculture. Read gothic novels. Plenty of goths enjoy reading gothic literature.

However, it influenced the goth subculture and isn't actually part of it, so reading gothic fiction alone won't make you goth.

People were only starting to be called goth because they were into the music. Regardless, you can still enjoy it and indulge in the dark atmospherics that the genre has to offer. Enjoy the creativity of the subculture. Express yourself. Write poetry, paint, or take photographs, especially black and white photographs.

Start a band and play goth music. The goth subculture is full of creative people who like to participate in that culture. Oftentimes, people don't understand or respect the goth subculture. If someone is giving you trouble, just walk away.

Being friendly and kind to everyone and you might change their perception of goths for the better. Most of the rest of was spent touring the east coast. Chud's X-Ward. By September a new ablum titled Vampire Girl - Dead Vampires - The Day After Halloween (CD 89" was recorded in Ambridge, PA featuring 23 songs and most of the bands most popular songs to date.

The Rest of and most of held very heavy touring of the east coast spot to spot as possible. Currently inUnder A Nightmare are planning a tour of the entire U. Future plans are to get out to as many places in as many states and countries as possible! Publicado por Espectro en 1 comentario:. Etiquetas: Bad Whoremoans. From New Jersey U. Etiquetas: Dead Vampires. From Seattle U. Etiquetas: The Everdead. From Michigan U.

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