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26 Years Of Nothing - Disfear - Misanthropic Generation (Vinyl, LP, Album)


Manic Depression Jimi Hendrix cover Professionally filmed 26 Years Of Nothing - Disfear - Misanthropic Generation (Vinyl video of the song "Creeping Death"taken from The Independent gig, can be seen below. The band's setlist was as follows: Whiplash Ride The Lightning The Memory Remains Now That The official music video for the disc's second single, the soulful blues-rock ballad "Angel Of Light"featuring the compelling Rising to No. The effort will be available in standard CD, deluxe 2LP vinyl in various limited-edition variants and a deluxe digital edition.

So the atmosphere was fun. It was sounding a bit like a myth to me: all these bands that I was really into who played there, the DIY scene, etc.

Which 20 years later sounds rather childish on both sides to me…. His only participation in the band has been to help us write some lyrics.

One of our lesser shows… It was very cool that we could play — we were very grateful to Michael for giving us the chance — but if I remember well the crusties were not that fond of us…. According to the V. Vincent Theeten photo courtsey of Karel Deweerdt. They did a few more shows at the V. They played again on According to Steve N. Another gig organised by Fred eric Driessens — with practical help from his bro, his girlfriend and Jan Claus….

Musically they range from straightforward hardcore to fast crossover. The band with the Portugese name and lyrics are actually from Finland. I also hung out with Otto and his mates some time in Ghent when they were staying over at the Genet HQ.

The band did numerous records and tapes. A few days later they also played the Hogepont squat in Ghent…. The band had ties with the local squatted social centre E. Not mentioned on the flyer but in the guestbook and the V.

We were only there brieflly because the moment we arrived, we were asked if we could play in Lille [ France ] too later that day. Good bands by the way…. On this rainy Sunday the public filled the small room. We made many friends and the balance was very positive. It was really, really funny!

It was WAY too small for him. I have 26 Years Of Nothing - Disfear - Misanthropic Generation (Vinyl photo. The morning after the show in Veldhoven we had a quick visit there aswell.

Still have it somewhere. Their last show was in Ieper. At first they played crust-core-punk. Karin R. In the V. Princess Di had had died [ ] and every UK band on tour in Europe had stories of American tourists coming up to them in the street and offering them their condolences… I think we got paid partially in out-of-date chocolate soy-milk at this show.

I would have liked to have seen that band, they were a weird droning hardcore band, quite unlike anything else at the time. We both left the band together in [??? Michiel left the band already after a few months. Then we took a break and somewhere around we started to make new songs, released a demo-CD uitgebracht and toured England After that tour we started searching for a drummer again and since Jens became our drummer.

Chapter 4 was recorded by the end of and released in It was the band of Nico Peeters bass — who ran Day One distribution with at that time his partner An Caers, and was in the Newland collective zine and gigs in the Herentals area. Their music was powerful emo-metal. First of a bunch of shows at the V. Bart Elen played bass at a later stage after Sven had quit.

Jimmy Even was the second vocalist and Sven did the bass again. Wendi was my girlfriend at that time so I hung out with them quite a bit…. Unfortunately he obliged himself to stay outside with his distro. A bigger contrast is hardly imaginable. They had done a demo called Belo-Fi. Expect more footage soon! Starofash recently produce the soundtrack for the Irish film "Ulterior.

Starofash also issued the following statement about the video:"Starofash would like to share the music video for Ulterior with you. This is no music video in the traditional sense, as director Jason Mehlhorn has used footage from the movie to illustrate the song.

Ihshan has posted a video clip of the performance of the song "Scarab" at a show in Oslo, Norway, which can be viewed below. Ihsahn is using a young and very talented band, Leprous, from our hometown as backing band.

This is footage taken with our own camera. It was placed on top of a box behind the sound area, a box that did not particularly like the sound waves of the bass drum, so that is why it is a bit 'shaky' at times. Apart from that it turned out okay. The album cover artwork can be viewed here. The track listing for "The Lustrate Process" will be as follows Descend into the pits of eternal possession 2.

You come to me through hell 3. See the filth become flames in this furnace 4. Our wrath will rain down from the sky 5. The locust principles 6. Arise to His world of infamy 7. The burial of gods-- Dutch death metallers Supreme Pain are currently streaming online the title track from their most recent album "Nemesis Enforcer. The track listing for "Nemesis Enforcer" is as follows Darkening Age Rise 2. Vengeful Wrath 3. Legacy Of Chaos 4. The Unholy Throne 5.

Threshold Of Immortality 6. To Serve In Slavery 7. Lobotomy Of The Soul 8. Goddess Of Divine Retribution 9. Their new album 'Process of a new decline' sets a landmark in the bands career and will turn many heads in the metal community, rest assured!

Orlando's No Friends has issued the following update on their MySpace page : "So we just got our masters back today for the first No Friends record and we're happy to announce that it sounds totally badass. We're also stoked to say that our friends at No Idea Records are just as happy with it as we are and are going to be releasing it for us.

We decided it was a good time to post a new song so you can come sing along when Tony gets back from tour and we can play some shows. It's called 'Never Ending Fight' and it shreds. We have grown up as musicians and as persons, we have elevated our personalities, spirits and minds to places beyond our body and planet, they have been elevated to different atmospheres, to a new constellation…" Dominik of course can also be heard on Edenbridge's new live album 'LiveEarthDream.

Simon is Edenbridge's youngest band member with only 22 years and is absolutely smashing on his instrument! Early reports suggested that the incredible lineup of Slayer and Megadeth on tour LP happen this fall. However, the bands have just announced a short string of tour dates dubbed "Canadian Carnage" starting in June. In addition to Slayer and Megadeth performing together for the first time in more than 15 years on this co-headlining event, "Canadian Carnage" will also feature Machine Head and Suicide Silence.

As co-headliners, Megadeth and Slayer will each close two of the four shows. Tickets will go on sale Saturday, May 2, and will be available at all Ticketmaster outlets and at Ticketmaster online. Attendees of "Canadian Carnage" will be treated to Slayer performing "Psychopathy Red" live on stage.

Slayer plans to release the new album in July, in tandem with the Mayhem Festival tour Slayer is co-headlining with Marilyn Manson. Megadeth is currently recording their 12th studio album in Los Angeles with Andy Sneap.

The disc is scheduled for release later this summer to coincide with a full scale world tour. Norwegian black metal band, Mayhem, has canceled their upcoming tour dates in Mexico. The band comments on the cancellation:"Mayhem are sorry to inform you that the shows we had scheduled for of 26 Years Of Nothing - Disfear - Misanthropic Generation (Vinyl in Mexico are unfortunately canceled.

Rest assured, we are already working on finding new dates so that we can get over there and spread OUR plague!! I have been writing with Joonas and Josey and they're ok. LA metal band, Flatline, has posted a new song on their MySpace page. This song was originally recorded in and is on the full-length album 'The Tomb of the Mutilated.

We basically started messing around with it at rehearsal and thought it would be fun to record with our buddy Josh. In anticipation of the new release, Hydrahead has made the first single, "The Drift," available to purchase through iTunes. The first of which is filled with new material and the second will be a covers album. No titles or songs have been revealed yet but stay tuned for further updates.

A suitcase owned by guitarist Ace Frehley of Kiss in the 's and signed by all the members of the band has been put up for auction on eBay. The auction can be found here. Ace Frehley is also planning on releasing a new solo album by the end of the year titled "Anomaly. Outer Space 2. Sister 4. Too Many Faces 5. Skels 7. A Little Below The Angels 8. Change The World Pain In the Neck Genghis Khan Fractured Quantum -- Bloodstream Parade has revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming album "The Apocalypse: In Retrospect," which can be viewed here.

The band also issued the following statement about the art:"Well, it's taken some time, but we finally have the CD cover for our upcoming Dark Star Records debut, 'The Apocalypse: In Retrospect. Swedish metallers This Ending have posted "making of" footage for their latest music video of the song "Dead Harvest.

Dutch female fronted gothic metal band, Stream of Passion, has posted three new songs on their MySpace page. The album will be available both in CD and LP format. Portugal gothic metal band, Moonspell, has canceled their upcoming shows in Belarus. The band comments on the cancellation:"We are extremely disappointed by the fact we had to cancel the shows.

The reasons on both Neopolis and COF site is accurate but Moonspell might add that the bands' buses entered Belarus territory and were meeting for possible solutions for the day. On the event that the truck with ALL of our tour equipment was held due to a bureaucratic detail in the border made all our efforts worthless.

Upstate NY death metal band, Blood Obsession, has issued the following update regarding the departure of their lead guitarist:"We're releasing our 2nd full-length CD this summer and heading out on tour.

Our Lead Guitarist decided Death Metal wasn't for him. We need a replacement shredder to join the band full-time, or to fill in for our tour in August. Rev was formerly known as Bloodshed. Wisconsin death metal band, Jungle Rot, has announced the tracklisting for their upcoming album, "What Horrors Await," cover art which is as follows Worst Case Scenerio The Unstopable Straitjacket Life State of War Two Faced Disgrace End of an Age Speak the Truth What Horrors Await Nerve Gas Catastrophe Braindead Atrocity Exit Wounds Invincible Force Destruction cover Black Candle Mass The band says the song, "lyrics deal with mind transcendence and 26 Years Of Nothing - Disfear - Misanthropic Generation (Vinyl a straight line.

In the meantime Sargent House has re-issued the band's selftitled EP fromwhich has been out of print since The EP is now available on Itunes and most digital retailers to all digital retailers with old songs and new art. Here's the tracklisting to the "Daughters" EP Hello Assholes 2. The band has also provided the following information about the show:"This special event will feature the new singer of Anthrax Dan Nelson as a metal DJ, sets by Ravage, Hull and Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, a giveaway of a guitar signed by Toxic Holocaust and more!

Spending the better part of two years away from the scene they helped grow in the late s and early s, fusion metal band Alarum has announced that they have an album on the way and will once again return to the stage in their home state of Victoria. Their upcoming third album, "Natural Causes," is currently in the pre-production stage and will be recorded for a hopeful release.

Celebrity Rehab stars Dr. Drew host of the syndicated radio show Loveline and different celebrities each season. The show tracks the stars through 21 days of detoxification, treatment and group therapy at a residence in the Los Angeles area.

Against the wall is an impressive row of vintage electric and acoustic guitars. Incense is burning and a U. But for the moment, the rock will have to wait. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell looks up from his pile of cash and smiles.

The day's winner is producer Nick Raskulinecz, laughing now as drummer Sean Kinney grumbles something about the man's take of "two hundred bucks in the last two games. Chaos Engine By Foul Design Confidence Diggin' Deep Kid Suicide First Life Metamorphine Prisoner Erase Return To Zero For more information, visit www. Kamelot's final concerts of will take place this Summer, including an appearance at the Sonisphere Festival with Metallica in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

The tour kicks off right here in our neighborhood in Chicago and will take us to the West Coast and then down to Texas for six exclusive performances with this very influential band that's been around for nearly four decades in one form or another! Ozzy talks about his new album, Slash, Ozzfest, and heavy music in under three minutes.

You can watch the video here. The album's track listing will be as follows Dirge Forsaken 2. Maze of Oppression 3. Achieve Emptiness Part II 4. Masquerade of Incisions 5.

Damage Your Soul 6. Inner Sanctum Surveillance 7. Obfuscated in Oblivion 8. All Reflections Drained The CDEP includes four new Herod tracks that will be exclusive to the release as well as a cover track. Expect a June release, as well as upcoming tour dates. We have been fans of the band ourselves for years and to have them now as one of our artists just gives us the drive to take it to another level in the industry!

We are all musicians here and work with our artists as partners, friends, and brothers, we are excited to be the choice for Herod on this release and look forward to working with them. Hailing from Cesena, Italy, the band just recorded their brand new album, "The Mirror," which is due out this summer on Trustkill. Speaking on the signing, bassist Nicola Lelli said, "We've always been huge Trustkill fans, since the late 90s.

Trustkill was a dream for us and when Josh contacted us, we couldn't believe it. Being the first Italian band on the roster is definitely a huge step for us. Thanks a lot to Josh and the Trustkill crew, we are honored be part of this family. More shows to be announced soon. German metallers Autumnblaze have issued the following update about the release date for their new album:"Our new album "Perdition Diaries" will see the light of the world on the 12th of June ! Also the page has a slightly new design.

More features will follow! The man behind the music spoke with Metalunderground about the lyrical themes of his demo and the metal scene in Spain. Opeth front man Mikael Akerfeldt has issued the following road report about their recent tour dates:"Unbelievably enough I'm home again Actually leaving again tomorrow for the UK and Hammerfest which we're headlining.

I have a good vibe about that one actually I love festivals too. Hanging out with other bands, talking metal Whenever I'm home I should really relax, but it's impossible. Obviously I want to hang out with my family, but I also have lots of "maintenance" stuff to take care of. Sort receipts, fix my declaration, change tires on the car, fix the car broken generator, I don't know shit about this fucking stuff but yeah, I'll "fix" it somehow Car broke down on me as we're driving back from a Bloodbath video shoot Well might need some help for that.

We have a meeting with the US embassy as well today Hate it! I need to assemble my new bike I bought. Haven't had one since I was a kid. I have to go to the local landfill with garbage. Reports claim that the DVD has already gone platinum. Regardless of what mainstream media pushes, there are enough diehard fans out there to make something like this happen.

The band will be hitting the studio on May 15th. Speaking on label situations, Vinnie Paul states; "We don't know. We're free agents right now. We had a one-disc deal with Epic, and they're practically begging us to come back. We sold nearlyrecords for them, which is practically unheard of these days. That's like going platinum 10 years ago. The band is currently streaming the song "Asteroid" on their MySpace page.

Check out a new song on the bands myspace. A mixture of fast-paced tech metal and melodic worship, their music can be compared to such contemporaries as The Faceless, Meshuggah and Veil of Maya, with the addition of the fact that ITMOL packs a serious spiritual punch. Our generation is in dire need of a savior. It has become trendy to cast out our Lord, we are here to bring the truth. ITMOL's truth comes under the guise of death metal laced with explosive breakdowns and inspirational live shows.

Montreal based avant-garde metallers Unexpect have issued the following update about finishing the drum tracks for their upcoming album:"As Alexander the Great once declared : "We're done recording the drums! Can't say I was really listening at the time The band will record at several locations throughout June and July. Stay tuned for tour news and further updates TBA. Band members with an endorsement from Jackson Guitars!

And what's more metal than a killer Jackson flying V or limited edition Kelly? Just amazing. I then waited for the track to begin and in all honesty most bands use theatrics to cover up lack of talent. This is NOT the case here. I would love to work with you. Cretos and Hulg will remain brutal representatives of the best guitars in metal. It's going to be a jaw dropper. The track listing for "Tin Soldiers" will be as follows A Night in the Toyshop 2.

Paper Dragon 3. Take Your Chance 4. Freedom 5. Hello Moon 6. Elevator to the Sky 7. Loser Song 8. Tears Against Your Smile 9. Final Destination Tin Soldiers Part I According to the label, "These guys play technical brutal death metal with some slam rhythms and classic solo parts.

Pennsylvanian metallers Argus have announced that their debut album will be self-titled and will be released in May through Shadow Kingdom Records. For those of you that loved the Demo like I did, this is what you would expect their full length to sound and then some! There are a lot of catchy, layered riffs on top of many hooks and sing a long choruses.

Lord Mantis features a former member of Nachtmystium and a current member of Indian. Ensiferum have issued the following update about their upcoming album and tour schedule:"Ensiferum can now reveal their European tour in support of the new album! More shows will be added shortly, accompanied with tour name and detailed information.

Release date for the coming album is 9th of September in most countries. The shows have been good and everything is under control. We look forward to all the dates and completing the touring cycle for 'Prevail' in We need get things ready with 26 Years Of Nothing - Disfear - Misanthropic Generation (Vinyl live aspect of things and to rehearse and be prepared for Paganfest Europe.

We might also bring this epic band to the States but were not sure yet, since it has to be the right tour. So if you want to watch KATAKLYSM in the states one last time before the next album drops not beforethis would be the tour to come visit us and party like we usually do.

Now I must gather my legions and take back the throne of metal! The scene needs a kick in the ass back to rebellion and Rome is coming! From now on all bookings worldwide, except Norway, will be handled by Redback Promotion exclusively. Swedish metallers Mustasch have issued the following updates about recording a new album and replacing their drummer:"We are currently recording the new album at the famous Bohus Sound Studios, Sweden.

Tobias Lindell is once again producing, and the album is set for release in late The pain has made it impossible for him to keep playing drums in such an actively touring band. We are of course all sorry to have him leave, and we thank him for his ten years in the band.

At the same time we sincerely welcome his replacer Danne McKenzie, who has substituted for "Dojan" several times before. Danne McKenzie is now the permanent drummer of Mustasch. A couple of other bands you may be familiar with are Underneath The Gun and Blackened. Impending Doom announced an upcoming co-headlining tour with Carnifex. Pirate themed thrashers Swashbuckle have revealed the cover art for their upcoming album "Back to the Noose.

Swashbuckle also issued the following statement about the artwork:"Aye, we pirates three commissioned the likes of the finest artisan we could scour amoungst the blackhearts of digital designers for the artwork for "Back to the Noose". Adam Vehige is his name, and kicking conceptual ass is his game.

We brought this legend of graphical creation our "Back to the Noose" concept of Captain Crotchrot our recurring decaying mascot miscreant breaking free of the gallows to join an intense cannon warfare battle upon the ocean's blue. Adam accepted our payment of stolen gold shillings and doubloons aye, blood money, and cursed it be and rendered us some brutal cover art.

If ye be seekin' nautical nonsense and high-seas hijinx, vicious splash-n-thrash attack and malicious moshing madness, ye will certainly be needin' no more persuasion than gazin' yar weary eyes upon our album art!

Amoral released their debut album, "Wound Creations" inafter which they quickly changed record labels, moving to Spinefarm Records. In NovemberAmoral released a press-release, revealing that their new singer is bronze-medalist at the Karaoke World Championships as well as Finnish Idol winner, Ari Koivunen. Ari Koivunen is known for his amazing voice, which suites metal the best.

An exact date is still in the works. The album will be released via Regain Records. You can listen to the entire album on the band's Myspace. Ukrainian metal act Psilocybe Larvae has just signed to Dark Harvest Records to record and release their fourth full-length album "Non-existence". The band is scheduled to release their new record worldwide once completed, and they plan to begin the Polish leg of their support tour sometime in May.

An exact release date for the record is to be announced. As to touring - the end of the year, or definitely We may actually go out at the end of You can read the blog below:"Last Friday April 17th, at about - PM, Jeff Wilson left his apartment building here in Chicago that Blake also has an apartment in to head two blocks away to our neighborhood grocery store. On his way out, walking back down the small side street right near our building…. Although the Diet Coke was tempting to Jeff, as he was out of breath and parched with thirst after running his ass off from the onslaught of violence, Jeff opted for a can or twelve of High Life that he found in the fridge….

Day Of Decision B6. Climate Of Fear B7. Go To Hell In Hollywood. Go Insane 2. New Seditionaries 3. I'm A Mess 5. Don't Care About Me 6. The Worst 7. Lip Music 8. See You Go 9. Fools Cat's Clause Beware Two In The Heart Walking Into The Fire. Where I Stand 2. Clock Out 3. Bad Dreamin' 4. Old Friend 5. Quarantine Forever 6. Devil's Tunnel 7. Vacancy 8.

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