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5,000 Blackbirds Fall Out Of The Sky


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Guest Jul yo. I saw a very small bird on the barbed wire flitting back an forth. Not sure because it reminded me of a finch Guest May I just saw a beautiful orange breasted with black head and back, wing tips were white. Could it have been a Baltimore Oriel? It was taking a bath in our birdbath so I did not see its tail clearly.

It was so striking with that bright orange breast, a beautiful bird. Guest Mar I live in La Grange and I saw 2 small yellow bellied birds that may have tuft on top of head that made it look pointed. Guest Sep Do you know name or picture of medium bird in Austin. Fast flying night bird, wings seems transparent.

Group flies in a circle at a speed making them almost invisible. Mike Jun We have a small two-toned grayish sparrow like bird we need help identifying. They have nested once on a disconnected motion light under the eave of our deck.

The nest is made of a combination of items including what looks like feathers, dirt, grass, etc. They had 2 or 3 young, and they seemed to fly off rather quickly in a couple weeks. Now these or the others are nesting again. The birds look like a sparrow in a way, but have a darker head with a "tuff" or "topknot" of sorts on them.

And one peculiar aspect of these critters is They can hover, and flap their wings very fast just above the ground and then dive to get bugs or whatever. They are a wonder to watch. They kinda look like a Titmouse, a Pewee, or the like. But I don't think that's what they are. If any of you can help, then thanks!!! Kaye May I'm with Pam. Yusuf Shaikh Apr I have recently come from India. I am avid birdwatchers.

Few days back I could see vultures, Ravens, egrets, gulls, owls around the Richmond. I have photographed both of them on my mobile. I liked their sound. I have made video of their crackling noise from a tree where there is big colony of grackles with their many nests.

Pam Apr I live in a townhouse int the city of Houston and there aren't many trees but I do have a small back yard mainly a patio with potted plants and a large rose bush. The other day a bright red cardinal first flew onto the fence top, stopping to look at me long and hard, and then perching himself on the rose bush, while continuing to look my way.

He then flew to the ground, foraging for food and then back to a rose branch. I'm surprised that of all these beautiful photos you have captured, there is not a Cardinal. Steven D Jan I live in the town of Highlands Tx just east of Houston,was bird watching out my window after placing food in my garden.

I noticed a new bird I've needed seen before! Solid black with a bright red stripe at bottom of the wing. It was not a red-winged black bird, those have the red at there shoulders. These have the red at the tips of flight feathers? Any one seen these before? When we moved, to our disappointment, none of my feeders made it on the moving van!!

So, for our first Christmas here, my husband bought me 3 big bird feeders and filled them full of seed and hung them under the eaves of our house by the patio. But we haven't seen even one bird on the feeders?!?!

Where are the birds? Tofa Dec I live in Corpus Christi and have bird feeders by bay window. A month ago i saw 2 monk parrots. As we speak i enjoy watching at least 20 now. Simply amazing Guest Nov I live in Corpus Christi Texas and have many bird feeders close to my bay window. A few days ago I saw a parrot eating from feeder. The next day, I saw 2.

It's been 3 days later and he brought the whole family! A total of 5. They're green, young. Very surprised they're here in my yard but enjoying them. Gentry Nov Don't forget to include the Night Hawk.

Emily Jul We have 2,very tiny birds that have made a nest with new hatchlings. Both adult birds are mostly grey. One has a pale yellow breast, the other is more grey and yellow mixed on the breast. They both make a very high pitched and very loud noise that sounds like "pip pip!

Any ideas? Susie May I am trying to find out what type of birds are on my patio. They are a small pair, the female is all gray but the male is half dark-red and half gray, with the red portion being on his head to the top of his wings. I would appreciate any suggestions! Nancy Alcorn May Today saw a bird in my back yard I didn't know. It was trying to bust up a peanut in the shell I put out for the blue jays.

It looked like your picture of a "Veery" but was about as big as a dove. In fact a dove was after the peanut and the bird I saw scared it away. Bobbie Allbright May Jef Scott, it sounds like you found either a whippoorwill or a chucks-will-widow.

ST Okchamali May I live on the Trinity River bottoms in S Liberty Co where I do see too many unknow birds in the spring especially - After locating a lot of them are really out of their area! Jef Scott May I saw a bird that I have never seen before, a very strange looking dark brownish bird!

It had fairly long wings for the size bird it was but it's head was unlike any bird I can describe. At first I thought it was an immature bird that could barely fly but then it was apparently trying to draw me away from it's ground nest, which had really no nest about it but had two eggs in it. It really has me baffled.

The only bird that looks even close is a pygmy owl but I don't know if they nest on the ground Cherie Apr Yesterday, I spotted what looks almost like an eagle, but not. This bird was big, with a solid white head and bright white tips on flight feathers.

This bird was hunting birds. I live in Live Oak, Texas. Emilie Fernandez Apr We were watching the Indigo Bunting yesterday there were quite a few and another bird I believe was a Bunting also. We had our bird book out and were having a great time watching them Paul Blankenship Apr Here's a curious question. While watching the birds I feed in my yard, I noticed either a dove or pigeon circling an ant bead. He was there a good 5 minutes pecking away.

Have you ever heard of a dove or pigeon eating ants, or was he just getting the small rocks that are around an ant bed? Paul Blankenship in Stinnett. Guest Apr have two sets of birds in my yard, look similar to sparrow but have darker stripes on wings, red head female is more light tan with some red. Any Ideas?

Guest Mar i just moved to Mckinney and I put up a feeder a week ago but no birds yet. Jimmie k Mar To Isela muzquiz you may have seen a Grey cockatiel they come in different colors of mostly yellow and Grey's and are capable of many sounds and whistles also mimic other creatures they've been exposed to bye bye Jimmie San Antonio's bird enthusiast thanks. Guest Mar Just moved to Texas from England.

Several nights ago we saw a large owl with tufted ears in built up urban area of Fort Worth. Anyone know what this might be? Would this be a usual habitat for such a large bird? I want to learn about your native birds - all so very different from urban London. Isela Muzquiz Mar Live in Brownsville Tx and just as the early rain has started, I heard a sound like a frog's "ribbit" or something outside my bathroom windown on the second floor.

I thought it was a frog, but the sound is not a consistent long lasting "ribbit' but more like a cricket that chirps and then stops.

I've looked into frog sounds and cicadas, but they both have long lasting steady sounds. The "frog" sound I heard was like a croak every 2 minutes or so. Then i heard it again the next morning, on a cloudy day, and managed to see a bird in the backyard.

If i can identify the bird, I figure i can search the call to match what i heard. The bird i saw had a longish tail like the scissor tailed flycatcher but not as long and as it flew it was yellow. I'd say the body is similar to a parakeet and flycatcher in size that is I think it's body was grey, but there was color near the beak or eyes, can't remember much detail as i saw it briefly before it flew away.

Have heard the sound again only once since and haven't seen the bird since either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Most definitely it had a yellow feathers underneath or on tail as it flew that was clear, and definitely the tail seemed a bit long.

Beth Feb I live in East Texas and like Deloris, cant identify the now large flock of brown with creamy gold stripped birds with the goldish eyeliner. Started with a few and flock has grown greatly over last few days. Deloris Feb I've lived in in TX for 12 yrs and have always had feeders. This year I'm inundated with a bird I don't recognize. It is primarily a ground feeder. Very thick body, thicker than a cardinal. The breast is patterned, like speckled. The bird has a very short tail. The wing tips are a rust color different than the dark brown of the body.

The beak is long and pointed and there are two light colored stripes on its head starting at or directly above the eye. It is in a flock and they flock with my gold finches.

I've poured over my Sibley and Nat Geo Society books to no avail. Guest Nov Hello, We just had a very small parakeet Hello. We live in Austi Hello. It has little fear and would have flown in our front door if we let it. We think it is too small to fit in either of those categories and have brought it inside with a cage and parakeet food, We would like your opinion pet?

We want to do what's right for the little bird. Thank You we enjoyed your beautiful site. We were so intrgued as we had never seen this bird of prey before. We are so thrilled to be able to put a name to these beautiful birds. We also watched them defend their nesting tree when a vulture ventured too close.

What a aerial dogfight! Roger Venable Sep Hello. I was just curious about a couple of birds I have photographed out at Medi Park here in Amarillo. The first was what I believe to be a Bullocks Oriole. I had never seen one before and haven't seen one since. Are they native to the area? The second is actually a heron. I have photographed quite a few Black Crowned Night herons here, But this one was smaller and from what I can find on the internet, looks like a Green Heron.

Again, I had never seen one of these around here. Anyway, thank you for your time. Pat Cortez Sep Hello. I'm trying to identify a new bird that I've seen in the last 2 days. It is big like a woodpecker but has no red on it. It's gray, a little like the ladder-back woodpecker and has a distinctive band on its back in layers with a button-like symbol in the center.

Any ideas what it could be? We live on the lake Livingston in a forest between Onalaska and Trinity. We see a lot of birds out here.

Thank you for your wonderful site. Greg Lavaty Sep Hi there, sorry for not having finches on this page. Guest Sep Hi, I have lived in the McKinney area and have been feeding birds to see what shows up?

I seems that there are some House Finches that are a little larger than sparrows and with a light red breast and head? I noticed you didn't put any Finches in your pic's? The past week these have stopped coming. Do you know if they migrate this time of year?

Guest Jul Hi- I live in the Anahuac area and have been watching a new bird for the last few weeks. It really looks like the crested caracara I found in your gallery. I am so excited to have found a clue about this beautiful bird! Can you tell me what part of Texas you have photographed them?

Guest Jun There are some birds living by my house that look a lot like limpkins but had shorter and thicker beaks. They had orange eyes and went from light cream with brown specks on the neck to solid dark brown at the end of the tail feathers. Guest Jun Hello-- I'm visiting Austin from out of town and in the past two days I've seen a bird that I was certain from the size, flight, and slender pointed wings was some sort of kite or kestrel however, I cannot find any such bird of prey in my bird book.

It appears to be mostly slate gray with large, distinctive white bars on the wings. Any thoughts? Guest May 10 years and seen different birds this year and don't live in Texas and only went to florida. Guest May Thank you My grandkids and I are getting quite an education. Guest May live in mcallen next to a 40 acre tract full of 30 - 40 year oak trees just a few blocks north of the medical center.

Norma May trying to identify small black bird in my back yard, red body chest all they way down the body is bright red, black wings and head, looks like a tuff of gray feathers on its upper back between the wing. Greg Lavaty May I have found that in my yard the woodpeckers seem to always go for suet. I usually made it from lard, peanut butter and cornmeal. Sometimes I put nuts and seed in it as well.

If you search on line there are a lot of different recipes available. Guest May Hi, i live near Austin i was wondering if anyone knew what the best attracting food for a woodpecker would be? They breed in this area and 5,000 Blackbirds Fall Out Of The Sky migrating through the area at this time. Those small flycatchers can be extremely tough to ID even if you have photos since they all pretty much look the same. Guest May I live in Rosenberg and there is a tiny, very small greenish bird with a yellow belly in my yard.

He's been here for 3 days. He seems to try to hop at the base of the fence. I tried to look in my field guide and the closest I can see is an Acadian Flycatcher. Your thought? Guest Apr You might have seen the summer tanager. A male was in the hackberry tree today in my backyard in south Texas. Guest Apr We just identified the little bird that flew into our closed window and fell to the ground. We immediately went outside to it and tried to see if there was anything we could do for it.

I kept it warm but to no avail. I am sure it broke it's neck. We identified it as the Blue Grosbeak. Such a beautiful bird. We had never seen one before. So sad that we had to be introduced to it in this manner. Guest Apr I am not familiar with Texas birds so I hope you can help ID this bird the beck is orange and it was gray with some orange feathers in it's wings.

Thanks Mick. Tiny Apr Lynette! I know it is a year later almost to the daybut I was out at Fayette County fairgrounds yesterday. There is an adjacent private propery, and I too saw a completely white scissor-tail. I also saw, what I believe may have been an eastern blue bird pair.

Only the throat was rusty orange, and did not extend to the chest nor under the wings. The blue as dark though, like an indigo. The scissor-tail did seem like it was protecting a nest since it was diving on other birds seeking bugs in the field.

The blue birds were catching large bugs by flapping their wings over the grass and causing the bug to fly. Then they would catch it in the air, and take it to a perch to eat it. Hank Langford Apr Have you ever seen a bird with a bill 5 or 6 inches long that curls down to its feet. They are about the size or a little smaller than a roadrunner. I lived on a acre ranch in bosque co. Thank You Hank. Guest Mar Nancy the bird is probably a barn swallow. Nancy Mar A bird I thought was a cliff swallow makes a mud and weed nest under the eaves.

Do you have any ideas? They are sometimes referred to as "mud birds". I live in Houston. The bird is the size of a chicadee. All olive green, a tiny yellow line over the eye and a slight tinge of yellow on the edge of the wing. They flit off and on the feeder. Do you have an idea of what it is? Both species form flocks as you described and can be very impressive as they form various shapes in the air as they avoid predators. Today, in a field, I saw a massive amount of dark colored birds flush out from the ground.

There were hundreds of them, looking like a swarm of bees flying. This cloud of birds was so thick in places it looked solid dark in the sky. I have also seen these between Borger and Panhandle in the past. Would anyone have an idea of what type of bird this is?

Guest Oct Thank you for sharing your pictures. It enabled me to identify several birds in my yard that I had never seen before. You are a wonderful photographer. Janice Sep My husband and I live in North Dallas and saw a white crane walking down the driveway of one of our neighbors. It was walking very slowly and could have been injured, although we didn't see any sign of an injury. It was Sept. We live near two small tributaries of White Rock Creek, so it could have been feeding or swimming there, although they are usually pretty dry this time of year.

It was so graceful and a beautiful snow white, we didn't know if this was normal or not for this time of year and place. I was very excited as i have been watching a pair of white tailed hawks for several months they are magnificent!!

And to be able to watch from my back deck isawesomethey were doing the mateing flight they sored high flew at each other away from each other next to each other etc Guest Aug Found a young banded Blue Jay today. Does anyone know anything about banding in this area? David Rouse Aug I found a window struck dazed small slender all dark 4 inch long approximate black bird i rescued from a prowling cat outside a walgreens. I put in a handkerchief in my car door and took home when i got there i placed on a patio table a few minutes later it flew off.

I hasve been looking high and low for this hummingbird sized dark bird with a green and yellow surrounded V shaped bib. Looking high and low and still don't know hat it was? If anyone knows of a website that points me in that general direction, I'd be most appreciative. It is a shame I had to wait until I was 55 to lean what a wonderous, bountiful and beautifully diverse land we live here in Texas.

The first tweet was higher pitched, gradually becoming lower pitched. I have wondered about this for years. From pictures that I have seen it looks like it may be a young Warbler of some kind. I live in Trinity, Tx. Are they common in this area? Guest Jul I we just rescued what I believe from 5,000 Blackbirds Fall Out Of The Sky at these pictures could have been an easter wood pewee.

It got stuck inside a hampster food container, poor thing. I had to take box cutters and let it out. It made my day to rescue such a beautiful little creature. Just wanted to know what kind it was thanks! We got a very quick glimps of the mom as she flew in to feed them.

She was dark brown with a reddish breast. She was about ". Guest Jun I live in Colleyville and I saw a pair of similar red and brown birds. I am pretty sure they are Ruby Red House Finches. You can buy them at any feed store or pet store. Your best bet would be to call your local wildlife sanctuary and ask if they can pick them up or if you can drop them off. It is a BIG job raising little birds and without experience it makes it that much harder. If they were able to fly on their own you could supliment their food with seeds but bugs are going to be the best bet.

Ellie M. Martinezh Jun I have two fledgling my grandson found and for lack of knowing what to do I put them in a birdcage. I have a pix of them but I'm sure they are common birds to S, TX. Since there are many feral cats around I have them in thee garage at night and hang the birdcage outside from the eave of the garage.

I have been giving them just sugar water but do not know what else to feed them. I expect they will die unless I feed them something edible. I don't known how else too describe them without other than they are as big as fist when sleeping Would appreciate any suggestions. Guest Jun Liz: I live in Coppell, Tx and I'm seeing a lot of those birds you are describing around my feeder.

I too would like to know what they are. Liz Jun I live in Mansfield Tx and like Felix I have been seeing a red bird I thought was a baby cardinal but it has not developed the crest. Has a red chest and head and is brown on the rest of his body. It is a little larger than a sparrow. Its beak was also cardinal like but bigger and with bigger eyes.

There was a cardinal right below it drinking water by the birdbath. I was able to compared the two and it was no cardinal. Martin Burniston Jun Just like Cheryl Brinkman on May 1st, I have just seen a lemon-yellow scissor-tailed flycatcher close to my house in Kerrville, Texas.

Can 5,000 Blackbirds Fall Out Of The Sky identify this bird for me? I have had suggestions from Western Kingbirds to Yellow Warblers to Orioles, but none of the pictures I have seen are close to the bird I saw.

Any help would be appreciated. Guest Jun We have three baby owls and two adult owls living in our tree. Even the adults are not very large. The babies are very fluffy and grey. I believe we saw the same ones last year at this time, so I am assuming we are just in there migratory pattern. Any idea what kind of owls these are?

We live just outside of Dallas. I have a picture of the baby, but I don't see a place to upload a photo. Guest May I found a baby bird outside my apt in Dallas I dnt know what kind it is its wings are white and greyish I think there is a little blue I think it may have fell out of a nest and I have no idea how to take care of it but I didnt have the heart to leave it im thinking of buying worms from a bait shop 5,000 Blackbirds Fall Out Of The Sky trying to feed it the bird looks healthy anyone have any suggestions?

Kyle May rlopes all you can do is buy an incubator and some night crawlers and chop them up and feed them to the birds. Incubator is so they will hatch and the worms are food. Legs are dark. They are inches tall.

What is this bird? Guest May found 3 eggs on the grass and driveway. They are a very light gray and they are round at the bottom and come up with a point and most of the spots ar at the bottom of the egg are black, gray and dark brown. My 12 year old granddaughter thinks they are scissor tail eggs. Comments please. Guest May I have some birds outside my window that looks like a mocking bird ,but they are a rust color.

Does any one know what they are? We live in Greenville, Tx. A bird just built a nest in our fern that is right in front of our kitchen window.

The bird is brown with a bright orange beak so I thought it was a northern cardinal. It however has no crest so I am not sure Chris Dunn May I also saw a slim all bright yellow with a very long scissored tail with only the tips of the tail black.

Randy May a pair building a nest in an oak tree in my neighbors' front yard a few hundred yards from Lake Houston. Looks very similar to a King Rail or American Bittern.

Moves about the tree very cautiously. Haven't heard it make any sounds. Anyone have any idea what it might be? Wren May In reference to the green parrot They build huge ball shaped stick structures on top of transformers on utility poles.

There are many openings into the ball and multiple pairs nest inside. I sometimes glimpse lavendar or apricot on their flanks and under the wings when they take off. They stay here year round. Cheryl Brinkman May I see a yellow bird that looks like a canary, with long "scissor-tail" that can hover like a helicopter above the meadows.

It is beautiful This page allowed us to identify 5,000 Blackbirds Fall Out Of The Sky. Guest Apr I have a rust colored bird that resembles a mocking bird but I can't seem to find a picture of it anywhere. Does this bird have a name? I'm in Cleburne, Tx and I do have mocking birds but I didn't know if they come in rust color.

Does it sound familiar to anyone? They are about the size of mocking birds and they go chia chia ,chia chia hui hui hui hui. Guest Apr The red chested bird eating at the hummingbird feeder is a red house finch. I have a ton of them that eat at my seed feeders. They also like the hummingbird feeder! I'm surprised too that a wild green parrot would be this far inland. Have you seen others or seen the nests? Charyn'Joy Apr Paula Kenmier, This doesn't answer your question, but there's a history of green parrots that have been imported breaking out and going wild.

I saw hundreds in a coastal Connecticut town, with their clay nest, which are colonies, like 6-feet long in the trees. There's a heart breaker indie movie about such a colony in San Francisco. So great that you spotted that! AShu Apr Hi, wonderful pics.!! Now a days 'm seeing a bird which is nestling in my patio. It is dark black with light yellow to orange breast Its almost the size of a sparrow.

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PM vows truckers shortage will not see return to 'low-wage immigration'. It's clear dull Keir Starmer has trump card in vibrant wife Victoria. Babes in the Wood killer has 'weeks to live' as he battles cancer in jail. Woman 'raped by 4 men in strip club' was 'attacked in staff area by manager'. Horrifying moment Brit loses leg after swimming towards 11ft Great White shark.

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