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Boss Basket - Simpleton - Boss Basket (Vinyl)


Thursday, May 20, Philly's Making Time club nights 10th anniversary playlist. This playlist has a sweet and pretty responsible: Nina Persson. I read the news today oh boy about the anniversary of Making Timea kind of clubnights-parties-liverock-djthing taking place on Philadelphia for exactly 10 years. There I found a section named with the magical word: playlists.

I was not sure of what doing with it I wanted to taste some of the Making Time sound, maybe even making a mixtape of it, but the playlists looked crazily caleidoscopic and not always straightly Boss Basket - Simpleton - Boss Basket (Vinyl) to the MT thing.

So I just started to check some of that music on Spotify and But it was a good blues. Suddenly I fell in love with it. I facebooked the song to my friends and I decided that if someone at RVNG had the divine inspiration to make me know that, well, they would have surely deserved something from me, too.

And the mixtape was born. So, here it comes the monster: a huge collection of songs taken from those playlists. I don't know if this is the real sound of Making Time party nights in Philly. Let's assume it is, at least partially. And if you like some of this music, say thanks to lady Persson Previously nightclubbin' with: Scotland's Optimo. Etichette: nightclubbin'. Wednesday, May 19, Billboard Alternative Songs 1 since to Alternative Songs is a Billboard chart created inbased solely on the airplay of Modern Rock U.

Here it's a playlist that features all the 1 - since to modern days - available on Spotify I found the list on Wikipedia. From R. A little big history of last years modern american-oriented rock and a good soundtrack for your next summer car rides Pity that Red Hot Chili Peppers 11 songs are not available I think I will keep it as an active playlist. That means I will update it periodically with new 1s. C, if U fight them, they do not always win!!!!!! She told me what my limit is if I practice enough, here, not there, limit is not a word in dictionaries out there, but here, it is just under knots.

She said not ever to do this, as if a tiny ripple let along a swell hits me wrong at this high rate of speed, my mother would not recognize me. Water is as hard as cement unless it is passed through at slow enough speeds with minimal angular and full-dimensional resistance. For example, U, me, all of us, big or little, R so many cubic centimeters in mass.

Out there in astrallity, I float with basically no body drop into the water, and it is astral water, lighter in its elemental composition due to faster atomic speeds of vibratory rate. Even here, the biofeedback principal allows me to stomach-float much higher above surface level, than another person. Just kicking or swishing my feet a few times and could beat the best Olympic sprinter.

Many times I simply do this; it is less obvious and raises less suspicion and attention. I can do this underwater as well. I do not like being a freak, so I do not often do these things, including reversing the directions of restaurant rotisseries. Aniwho, I all ready know my blogs R not believed, so anyone reading this is laughing and feeling sorry 4 poor deluded mental-case-Mountainpen. Some delusion, I know what I can do, and the joke is on a blind and ignorant world, that thinks it is so advanced, while proving to me daily how closed minded it truly is!!!

Creatures of habit they say we all R, these sociological experts that is. Well, in my case it is true, change the dern thing from Friday night 2 Wednesday night, and U got me royally sca-rued!!!!!

Hope I do not miss the whole freaking season, but if I do, the dynamite channel will carry the re-runs as they always have B4. The clever new twist in this is that instead of Mister Burger in PM being the number 2 guy in the show, the number one guy here is the prosecutor, seeking justice for the injustice done to so many, and then on top of that, it double-twists, by having the first part with the crime and the police solving and making a case, so that the second part of the show can then come on the scene and basically take the show from there, it really is at least in my humble whittle opinion, one Dogtown of a great show.

Now on point about the show: the episode where President Hopeful is discussing how the not so normal amongst us upstairs may think that our E-mail comes from an alien as opposed 2 what is really happening in the cyber world, it may B on the identity theft one with Mister Lonnie Jackson who got his entire life ripped off and was thrown out of his paid 4 home and out into the street.

Boss Basket - Simpleton - Boss Basket (Vinyl) should know that indeed, the real world is a real world and that e-mail is electronic mail, sent by other humans on this mighty Al Gore Boulevard information highway of interconnected networking computer systems, and this is all totally fine and good. But not everything is within the visible and scientifically known about realms in any given period and era in human civilization.

When U get the awakening of them answering U back in vivid dreams waking U up with a jolt, U will not B in such a hurry 2 think that this entire EM spectrum thing is a bunch of sci-fi overdone nonsense, ripe 4 nut cases and certified SSDI collectors.

This is not a bunch of Morse-tap, that either. This thing with my partner and BH, it all plays right into my hands, as I still have the proof that I am not lost in the mix, and this is the way these lovely ingrates thank a dude who fronted up lots of doe, and now as a result, suffered a bankruptcy, a disgrace, and a come down in lifestyle into a rat6s glass trailer park full of miserable rotten sickies and bums!!!!!!!

But as I said, I will have so much proof up that indeed I do exist, and it will shame lots of people all over this evil world, for life, what has been freaking done 2 me!!!!!! As I shook off the cob webs as the boxing industry loves to put it, I knew I was back in the part of hyperspace where no longer did I have this great life. Within 36 hours, I was cut by glass in my own refrigerator, scalded with 2nd degree burns after spilling some hot tea all over myself, and from here it was one thing after another, it just never stopped, and is ongoing to this very blinkadeeblankadeefrackenfrookjengeekenblinkbllinkblank day!!!!!!!!!!

The point to all of this is this: The astral world interaction went from on a scale fromsay a 4 hundred million to a minus eleven trillion. Can U get this???????? Now what I am attempting 2 convey 2U is that if something this great on the heavenly, goes this far south, all in this one single interaction, obviously, when U come back Earthly, U can expect life here 2 turn on a dime, especially, if U have major total recall to the astral world dreaming experience.

Ya godda rent or buy the DVD, Ya just godda!!!!!!!!!. Then re-read this blog. Watch Boss Basket - Simpleton - Boss Basket (Vinyl) me, and I will feed U watermelons and lunchmeats, and make U all very happy, just stay near 2 me and protect me my great beautiful birds, and tell my SCYLLA, that I cannot face this world much longer, I need my giant teen queen to dangle her knee-length long bright brown hair, all over my face while I hold her so close 2 me forever and ever and ever.

How much more can I do, sure my life story is times huger than all that has thus far blogged, and with a huge and expanded super website, I could put up music, pix, sound bytes, AV streaming, and on and on, and it would never server real justice to my story and what has been done against me by very powerful filth, and what all of this is really totally about!!!!!!!!!!!

We all have life situations and baggage, and therefore, yes, issues, and agendas. Mine is not secret, it is out in the open like Ward Clever and the broken car window, pal!!!!!! I know what is real and going on. I know that there is power in numbers. I Boss Basket - Simpleton - Boss Basket (Vinyl) that if I could get a following and it leads to a successful foundation, even moderately sized, I could have lots of hell lessened considerably.

With others on my side of the fight, they would not dare do all of this, they do stuff covertly in case U ainta caughta onto this yet geniuses!!!!! The prophets of ancient days learned quite quickly not to mess with the great Jehovah. She is great beyond great; whatever anyone could say or try to sing about her would not do the smallest justice to my teen queen. Take whatever U want in your wildest mind and multiply how U think this would make U feel in bliss and happiness, by billions.

Do not get me started with her, her huge chocolate brown eyes, one look at them, if it happened on Earth to any guy or even any girl, and U would B out of your mind and think day and night of her until she tells U that your dream is over and that U may indeed B with her in Sahasra Dal Kanwal.

The animation of her on the beach with her kite showed her giant height, she stands 79 inches precisely in her lovely bare feet. But her eyes R shown more in the animated depiction of the promo spot where she dives into a pool, and if U have this on tape or DVD, just freeze frame slow forward until she opens her eyes to full, and you will get your mind blown, she has these type of huge brown eyes with natural thick lashes.

Yeah, I do go on and on with this, do not ever get someone on this topic who has actually met this being, they cannot shut up day or night about her, and the only thought in their mind is permanently escaping and leaving this silly dumb little dream world here behind forever!!!!!! Soon, added 2 my website, instead of having just the large maps of Dogtown, or the Olympian Province and so on, the document will B digitally photographed [lawtronic-counterpart-EMF-captured] 4 the old Native Americans of yester-year, and I will add them 2 my PIX section of this site, no more need 2 scroll around, C it all at a quick glance.

Well we did this B4 but time has taught me that we all need rote and repeated teachings, I know I sure do when it comes 2 these wovewee computers. U pick one that will last ten years, it is set as a world where UR superman in Metropolis City, the menu is wider than presently imaginable by any programmer alive. U jack in to it as the Lawn Mower Man Movie kids did. This program has the option of memory save or memory cut out, U choose the cut out.

U go in, U seem 2B a little tike along a road found by a middle aged couple named Clark and Sarah Kent. The rest is history. Now U will live as Superman for ten years with absolutely no memory of the U back on the other side of the cosmiputer screen. Then one day the kryptonite gets U, boom, U fell into the trap, bye-bye soup. Then U wake up out of this 5 minutes later lying right on your bed hooked up to all this jack-in equipment. No one ever can know whether our livers right here and now R not this, just up it by one step in your mind, dig???????

It is all a dream no matter how U cut it, even in the great high astral heavens. There was lots of hacking in the prior blog. I am sure they hacked into this blog as well, they always do. In closing 4 the weekend, as neither this blog nor the prior supplemental one R as of yet posted up 2 any blogging sites, let me tell U what must B done.

Orticpep is simply this. I will have regular blogs and short insert blogs once I get my own machine and internet connection, a must 4 this plan, there just is no other Miss Chillie way 2 run this candy store. Sites like Blogger, I know all ready, as I currently have 5 and this current one is 5, but in case another will not allow more than one running at a time, in the case of that site, there will B lots of blog numbers, and it all will B forced 2B on the one blog.

For the ones that permit me to run the two simultaneous blogs, the normal blog will run and remain basically unchanged. Next a plane swoops down low over my residence and a minute later, a helicopter as well. Now it is PM and the Dow went up over points.

Harassment an hour ago, as always was for my benefit, SOSO. That night the Philadelphia Flyers R playing and it is 9 of the clock and the third period is starting, the score is tied at a 3-all. A nasty diarrhea attack hits me hard followed by a light bulb blowout and a loud plane. I come up first 2 report the siege. Now I check the score or get it on the regular local news broadcast. Another short-blog now gets shot up.

Short and sweet, just the short-blog number, day and date and time, the situation being reported, no heavy added adjectives or major commentary, just the facts mam Dragnet Joe, just the facts.

This is all out freaking war!!!!!!!!! All my life since this hell got a foothold on my life, I needed a way or a plan to do just this, it is simply that I do no have sufficient funds, and they R not stupid, they make these screw up and go wrong and cost me out of pocket money, and they know precisely what they R doing, with or without MOGOSP!!!!!!

Get caught with enough evidence in my locker, messing up my life in a precise pattern over decades of time, and kiss your dern fortunes good-bye, as I will own every one of your diamonds and homes and U name it br!!!! I am not just a jerk that enjoys trash talking on line. These horrendous people have killed my best friend and my mother, and have put me through decades of covert torture, wrecking every possible facet of my life, emotional, relational, physical, mental, and even ritual.

And really, come on, should this leave me liking this world or wanting anything to do with it? I have been ripped off in money, in intellectual property, and I have been beaten up and physically abused, sexually abused by 3 male queers, several student teachers at school tried to mess with me, young slutswhen I wasraped by a giant in an elevator, had my arms broken by 2 powerful people on 2 several occasions, abused, ignored, mistreated, and B4 some dirt hole kit swallower goes, AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

He thought I was totally Bonkers-Ville 4 staying with her and helping her as she treated me poorly much of the time. Aniwho, a coworker of hers was getting real bad; she had a magic angel on her shoulder and managed to go decades in an office never experiencing a bad coworker or any real problem. But no this Emily character was literally driving my powerful all mighty mom right up the freaking wall. Worse it got and then worse still. I looked around, dinner was never prepared, and mother was seemingly nowhere.

Well, groovy, dig, jive, and all of that not withstanding, I walk in and puke is everywhere. She spit up all over the godsdamn bathroom. It made revolting seem like fried potatoes and salmon casserole. It was absolutely horrific.

I was able to wake her up; she had just downed a full fifth of whiskey, and had been 4 about a year now, somewhat of a more than social drinker. Getting her whiskey bottles was starting 2 become like a brush your teeth thing, and I did not like it, but she was over 21, and was the parent, what could I do?

It seems that Emily and her had a tiff that day, a Saturday. Mom enjoyed walking to the train and going into the Philadelphia office every few Saturdays, perhaps once monthly on average. Well, Emily went in about twice a year on Saturdays, and this was the wrong Saturday, no one else there from Mr. Speers the boss, or another single lawtronic counterpart, [soul]. That was about as low as it goes, you know minus 1X10 to the 5th power hertz at 12 bells of sound pressure level. A real low blow, do they have one to watch in the water, is it just me to stare at through their binoculars 4 Chrissake?????

Aniwho back on point with Mom and Emily, they had a bute of a fight, a real freaking bute!!!! My mom came home but first stopped off at a liquor store near the train station, and got her whiskey.

I on the other hand, and by the way I am very sympathetic towards her woes at the office, all though it is doubtful she would have reciprocated should the roles have been reversed, I should know, I lived with her off and on until her death in since my birth inbut I would call this day average to slightly bad, if this had happened to me, and I have bad days out of a The other I try my very best just to mind my own business.

I do not bother a single lawtron counterpart. Whatever turns U on baby cakes, go 4 it!!!! What is not fair is the brutal and unforgivably ferocious treatment that I have gotten from this demonic evil world practically from the day I came into it as Mountainpen!!!!!!! Well boo-hoo 4 me, I have done my weekend chest banging and tear squeezing.

Now my ribs R cracked and my eyes R dry, oh well, go 2 Dogtown. Brown eyes, U took me out of that horrific Dogtown, how can I ever thank my lovely special teen-queen????? U belong 2 me, I am jealous of the whole entire world!!!!

I know that is totally silly, but I AM, no that is 4U2 say, sahwee!!!!!!!! Labels: aliens and the Millionth Councilgovernment persecution and cover ups. This is what these lovely entities get when they persecute me night and day and get things accordingly magnetized onto a channel in this mode and direction.

If U were going through this nightmare, then, only then, would U understand, but then, no on would understand nor believe U. When Eddie would read back what I would write, he would poke fun at me, and it was not me doing anything, this is the way of my same old same old SSO life, I am totally used 2 it by now mister Joel!!!!!!! Also, they love 2 tease me, not only with music but with hundreds of varying entertainment world based systems.

The wheel would not move, it moaned and that was it. U know about the problem with the power steering, the fluid was not low and the bottle of bought new fluid, as I started 2 add it, came to the top B4I say Jack Robinsweat. This made sure that the following week would go their way, it always does, and they have been messing with me and my property for 22 plus years with this, I should know by Billy Joel heart attack-ack-ack-ack now how it works, it is more than a life sentence 4 second degree murder.

Order Sample. Marine Flooring Natural 74" Wide. Marine Flooring Shark Gray 74" Wide. Marine Flooring Storm Gray 74" Wide. Marine Flooring Dark Blue 74" Wide. Marine Flooring Black 74" Wide. Marine Flooring Interwoven Cool 74" Wide. Marine Flooring Interwoven Warm 74" Wide. Marine Flooring Sisal Cool 74" Wide. Marine Flooring Sisal Warm 74" Wide. Marine Flooring Granite " Wide 34 Mil. Marine Flooring Granite " Wide 80 Mil. Marine Flooring Sand " Wide 34 Mil. Marine Flooring Sand " Wide 80 Mil.

Marine Flooring Willow Brown " 34 Mil. Marine Flooring Colonial " Wide 80 Mil. Seeing them only as what we've made them into, the particular box that we've constructed then put them in. There are beings which see what we call water as a string of pearls, but that does not mean that they see a string of pearls as water. They probably see as their water a form that we see as something else.

We see their string of pearls as water. Can we imagine ourselves being more like water? Adopting the shape of other peoples opinions and ways of being, To understand anyone requires imagination, empathy and being able to listen, often without comment, as we soften our world view in order to accommodate someone else's. To see the world as if through another persons eyes, broadens who we are or can be.

Someone being different to us doesn't make them unknowable. We can befriend people entirely unlike us, it can be quite invigorating.

We already do this in a smaller way with friends, partners and family, all the time. Unconsciously adapting our shape and way of being in order to sit easier with another person's shape and way of being. We find ourselves behaving differently with friends from schooldays than we do with those from our work or the buddhist centre. People from these different contexts don't necessarily get on, even though they all have you in common.

They appreciate a different side of you. There are people you clash with all the time, something about their shape you cannot adapt to or accommodate. It's worth investigating why. There is a traditional Buddhist story of the five blindfolded people each describes what an elephant is like for them. One knows an elephant only by its trunk, another by its ears, another by its legs, another by its tail, another by its belly. Each is correct according to the experience it has of it, but incorrect in describing the whole animal.

The same goes for us and our family, partners and friends, each has their own partial view. No one can fully describe the shape of you, not even you.

Is it that there are various ways of seeing one object? Or is it that we have mistakenly assumed the various images to be one object? If the above is so, then practice-and-experience and pursuit of the truth also may not be only of one kind or two kinds; and the ultimate state also may be of thousands of kinds and myriad varieties.

Lets integrate the diversity and inconsistencies that we hold within ourselves, be with them, rather than fighting against them. Resist making ourselves conform to a consistent shape, particularly if that shape is not of our choosing. The shape of ourselves can be far more flexible and fluid than we allow it to be. The same is true of other people, of our way of seeing the world, of our conception of how reality is.

There maybe an infinite number of tracks up to the top of a mountain, numerous routes to cross an ocean by, many a circuitous, winding path toward Buddha Nature. Reality functions like water, it has no permanent shape. The silence tonight has the quality of thickening cream liberated, openly receptive as well as this giving gesture done in mime, suggestive aloof though not lacking a sense for human history and wonder in a deepening amour, yes, the type of amoroso that is learnt from leaning into it, keen listening to the listening itself as it listens conjuring nothing out of nothing with an open handed palm, generous to a fault, flawless even like a deep blue sapphire, softly ringing, a bell with no clapper swings, soundlessly stirring not a thing that might reawaken sound into calling an echo into the air though I do not hear emptiness in this no-thing-ness I hear everything.

Eaten in The Moorings, Blackney, Norfolk At first glance, the cake itself had a good tan colour, with shards of walnut distributed through it fairly evenly. The butter cream, if indeed it was such a thing, was a little stingy, with an appearance of being thin in consistency, and hence no stiffness. On taking my first bite, wait, what's this taste, its not remotely carroty, no, its bananary.

The first taste to assail my buds, was of ripe banana. Quite a lot of banana, so much I handed it to Hubby for his first impression, 'its as if they've served you a banana cake by mistake' said he. So, mucho mucho banana! You can tell from its visual texture that it does have carrot in it, but the banana completely overpowers it, and any flavour from the walnuts is swamped and reduced to a textural highlight.

In a lot of Carrot Cakes the addition of mixed spice or something similar, can be a mixed blessing. Very similar to banana, its very easy to put in a dollop too much. In this Carrot Cake there appeared to be little or no discernible spice flavourings at all. The cake had a moist texture, but with a peculiar after taste that left a dry powdery sensation lingering on the palate, as if you've accidentally swallowed medicinal chalk.

Hubby thinks this after effect and the banana, could be a sign the cake had no egg in it. The dry powdery sensation probably arising out of an excess of bicarb. If it was, apparently, a Vegan Carrot Cake, it was trying to keep very quiet about it. If you don't inform people, you are effectively saying there will be no discernible difference in experience between a traditional and your vegan carrot cake.

If there is a discernible difference in experience then the consumer has every right to feel disappointed or short changed. A well made, tasty Vegan Carrot Cake is more than a theoretical possibility, but 'Hey! The frosting, that all too suspicious butter cream, that most likely wasn't butter cream? Well, it tasted overpoweringly sweet, and not a natural sucra either. After the Boss Basket - Simpleton - Boss Basket (Vinyl), this cream successfully stamps on any natural carroty sweetness there might have been, Though perhaps there was a not enough carrot in this Carrot Cake right from the start, which in my book is close to being an original sin.

So I've decided to publish them. Here they all are then,the twelve guidelines. Those things to look out for and be avoided by those who make carrot cakes and, more importantly, those who eat them. Never have to consume a maladroit, unpleasant tasting carrot cake ever again. You can no longer make the excuse that you did not know! Learn them or have your taste buds abused.

Golden Rule of Carrot Cake No 1. A spice cake is not a carrot cake. Blindingly obvious though this is, I have stomached this sort of fart inducing cake far far too many times.

Grating a solitary carrot into a basic sponge mix, then trying to disguise the paltry amount of an essential carrot cake ingredient, by throwing in a whole sack load of mixed spice. This should fool no one of anyone discernment.

It's not as if carrots are a rare and expensive root vegetable, they are not bleeding saffron! A bald man wearing a mismatched toupee only attracts more attention to the clear lack of hair, so why bother?

This is the completely embarrassing charade of the rank amateur. Golden Rule of Carrot Cake No 2. When ones eyes are bigger than your instinct or judgement, desire combines with gluttony and the outcome is rarely a good one.

Why do we assume a larger slice of cake will mean a bigger piece of bliss will come with it? This should be a salutatory lesson to us all in the deficits of consumerism. Frequently as you sink your teeth into a huge slice of carrot cake, you experience the bursting of overinflated expectations.

The moment it hits the palete it painfully informs you that your entire life experience has had all taste, satisfaction and meaning sucked from within it Golden Rule of Carrot Cake No 3. Marzipan carrots are spawned from the devil's a-hole. To paraphrase Captain Beefheart - ' A carrot cake doesn't have to hit me to let me know it's there'. Similarly a carrot cake does not require those little orange almond paste turds arranged around it in a clock dial formation.

Its a patronising insult, catering for some cliche of the confectionery simpleton. I prefer in a carrot cake Boss Basket - Simpleton - Boss Basket (Vinyl) 'show not tell' approach. Fortunately these 'little bits of macerated shit' usually indicate a factory produced carrot cake.

These are so often dreck anyway, the marzipan carrots just scream at you - avoid! Please pay attention and respond according to whatever your level of personal integrity is.

Golden Rule of Carrot Cake No 4. A gluten free carrot cake is a fake carrot cake In these days where relativity and sensitivity rule, how do we ascertain the true from the false? The pure carrot cake from the adulterated imitative facsimile? Sometimes a cafe doesn't even have the courtesy to tell you its gluten free, they perpetuate the illusion that whatever they substitute for the sake of those delicate of stomach, produces a carrot cake indistinguishable from the real thing.

This is an arrant lie, the most greasy of egregious falsehoods. Let us call a spade a spade. I'm fine with gluten free cakes etc etc, etc I'm grovelling quite low right now but if I want a carrot cake that is free of being gluten free where can I now go? Increasing the range of choice is fine if it works for everyone's benefit.

But there is a point where its held like a sword of Damocles over you, and one persons expanded choice becomes another persons diminished choice and loss of quality. Golden Rule of Carrot Cake No 5. A carrot cake recipe cannot be strained.

This is pretty much a repetition of No 4 but extended to include dairy, egg, wheat, nut free etc etc. Once you start messing with a recipe that's taken generations to refine, you start having to throw all sorts of unmentionable things into the recipe mix simply in order to cement the dam thing together.

The result is either the nearest thing you can find to an orange brick, or an over-puffed cake that disappears into dust or a Burnt Sienna slurry once in the mouth. Golden Rule of Carrot Cake No 6. This sleek tap system will let your giftee turn any beer from a can, bottle, or growler into a draft-style brew. A high-end sweater that requires low-maintenance care is the perfect luxury item to gift any man in your life. Why just give one present when you can give 12?

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Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Save FB Tweet More. Credit: Getty Images.

Thats Your Secret - Various - The Souths Greatest Hits Volume II (Vinyl, LP), Allegretto, In A Flat - No.2 - Alfred Brendel, Schubert* - Impromptus (Vinyl, LP), V - Absolute Of Malignity - Absolute Of Malignity (CD, Album), Goodbye Girl, Dawn In Malaysia, Audio Bio, Die Perverse Truppe - Brigade S - Menschenverachtende Untergrundmusik (CD, Album), UNO* - Wa Ka Ga Ki No E (File, MP3), Hello There (MJ Cole Remix) - Nazco* - UK Garage Set Summer 2009 (CD), Sunshine (Instrumental), New World Of Music - The Mike Kenny Orchestra - The Mike Kenny Orchestra (Vinyl, LP), A New Day - Various - Ibiza Opening Party 2008 (File, MP3)