Heavy Metal


Gospel IV - I.A.O.* - 93-95 (Vinyl, LP)


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Make new friends! Here's what everyone has been up to lately. Crackje checked Mulan 3 minutes ago. Mulan For Your Eyes Only TheodorIDontKnow checked Mr. Bachmann and His Class 5 minutes ago. Bachmann and His Class TheodorIDontKnow favorited Mr. He is near, at the door. O tempora, o mores. Our thanks, once more, to the marvellous Babs Santini for her beautiful artwork on the cover, to Fiona Burr for the photographs, and to Mark Hirsig of L. Peters Keys All Bloody Dogs Blood Rising remaster by Current Released the same year as Nature Unveiled, Current 93's second full-length record is more uneven than its predecessor and less coherent.

Time has been kind to Current 93's debut, but LP) Blood Rising feels a LP) like Tibet's leftover thoughts and ideas forced onto record. It nonetheless boasts of several outstanding moments and marks Tibet's first obvious movement away from the trappings of the so-called industrial culture. Everything Nature Unveiled expressed with brevity and eloquence is unnecessarily confused and extended on Dogs Blood Rising.

All the familiar symbols and references to Christianity, Satan, redemption, fear, human impotency, apocalyptic trauma, and positive biblical fables are present, but without the strength of a unifying esthetic. It is an invocation of Christianity's dark side, a dimension characterized by death, burning, God's terrifying judgment who will be saved? Nature Unveiled was not without its structure, but at the beginning Dogs Blood Rising seems more thoughtful and coherent by virtue of its more conventional form.

Steven Ignorant's opening lines a few minutes into the song arrive unexpectedly, breaking the song's established vocabulary, and with his words Stapleton simultaneously increases the audio frenzy. The sequence of audio events presented in a short time is impressive.

Ignorant's Gospel IV - I.A.O.* - 93-95 (Vinyl is initially narrative-like and it maintains the structure suggested by the song's opening moments. However, his delivery is quickly made ferocious, his voice reaches a feverish pitch, and in no time at all the music becomes equally crazed. The song is then transformed and a child's voice becomes the focal point, and then again another change occurs as a deranged and slightly forced growl makes its way into the mix, and then yet another change.

This time a woman recites various cruelties to which humans are subjected while an organ slowly drones away beneath her voice. Over and over again the song mutates without warning, almost as though it were punishing the listener for expecting any kind of order. An unnecessary drum machine briefly makes an appearance before Tibet's dry and unnerving voice enters the fray, calling to mind his performance on I Have a Special Plan for this World. Unfortunately the song attacks the listener almost too literally, inspiring frustration more than fright, sympathy, remorse, or any other emotion.

What could've been a new direction for Tibet and Stapleton instead devolves into a less powerful version of everything presented on Nature Unveiled.

The former is a consistent song in both tone and structure, but it LP) becomes dull. For much of the song Tibet simply repeats "Antichrist" over and over again; his voice is amplified, distorted, and extended in various ways with little more than a martial and repetitive drum-beat to accompany him.

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