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I Need Jesus - The Banks Brothers - Wonderous Cross (Vinyl, LP, Album)


The film was expected to feature music by the band. Asked in the Mar interview about Yes making some music especially for the project, Dean replied: "all members of the band have spoken enthusiastically about doing that. He talks about both "Awaken" and "Soon". Back in JunDean had said that Yes are not currently involved with the project beyond authorising the use of their music.

A report from around had that the film was intended to contain classic tracks a re-recorded "Close to the Edge" was mentioned in one rumour and at least new recordings.

In JunDean confirmed there had previously been discussion of Yes writing new music for the film and that the band had been thinking of "re-recording everything" presumably meaning re-recording classic piecesbut that there hadn't been any discussion of new music recently with Yes then being dormant.

Further back, there were more reports from Yes about contributing. But I think the idea of animated film for a Yes musical project is a good one but there are various options on the table that we are looking at. Media, books, fandom etc. Originally due Mayit is now due 29 Oct through Wymer Publishing. Watkinson has also been considering an updated version of "Yes—Perpetual Change", among other projects.

An A4 book, weighing over 1. Sid Smith is working on a book compiling many of the liner notes he has written over the years, corrected and expanded. The book will largely cover music of the s and will probably include his notes for the Panegyric Yes re-releases.

The book aims to review as many shows as possible from this period, including details on equipment specifications and so on. No Billy Sherwood this time!

See Yescography for details. The album mixes new compositions by Sherwood and 4 covers Sherwood first described producing, writing and playing including bass a third Prog Collective album on Facebook in Maymentioning guests of Davison, Moraz, Hackett, Rundgren, Tate, Lucassen, Shankar, and Bumblefoot. In a Jul interviewSherwood said he was currently working on the project and was about to start mixing.

He described mixing "Worlds on Hold" in early Aug. He has also been working on a mystery second project with Jon Davison. Soon after on Facebook he said, "I have yet another original music project that's Yes-related but it's almost completely unannounced apart from me hinting about it. There is a band name and no one but the people involved know what it is. It also involves someone from King Crimson but that's all I can say about that!

He continued, "This other album I mentioned is very Proggy and a bit retro as well. Further Sonic Elements releases are expected, including a lot of work with Billy Sherwood on bass. The original idea for Sonic Elements was to do tribute albums using drum tracks available through Sonic Reality by various famous drummers: a Rush tribute using Peart's drum tracks, a Pink Floyd tribute using Mason's, etc.

Then, as Kerzner explained to ProgressiveEars. It could possibly expand to include myself and others singing original songs with these various "elements" too. In the Feb ProgressiveEars. Seemingly referring or related to the Trifecta album project, in JanKerzner said on Facebook: "Among the various music releases you can expect [ Then there's "Racing Through Time" sampleanother original piece by Sherwood, this time using a sample library from Alan Parsons.

On Facebook in AugKerzner referred to: "possibly an album of all original music released this year [] as well with Billy singing most of it and playing bass and some of the guitar. Me on keys and second vocals, acoustic guitar and producing it. Earlier that month, Kerzner explained on ProgressiveEars. Sonic Elements TBA fantasy progressive rock project featuring Details in Yescography.

In AprKerzner said that there:. Plus there's going to interactive versions of the songs similar to Jammit except they can work inside products like AmpliTube where you can play guitar through modeled amps and pedals or inside Garageband and play anything you want. That's coming along with Neil Peart's isolated drum tracks.

But these interactive versions are more for musicians to interact with. In an Oct post to ProgressiveEars. Mixing was going on in May At various times, Kerzner or others have described covers of further Rush songs:. Also due is are 2 Genesis tribute albums: as Kerzner explained on Facebook in Sep"A general one with a variety of songs from the first album up to at least the Mama album and then there's another one that's the full Lamb album.

The plan, after some evolution, had been for a tribute to The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway led by Kerzner keys and Dunnery lead vocalsboth of whom also worked on Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited 2 album. On Facebook in MarKerzner said the album would be released inbut it was further delayed. The album is described as "done in a "classic rock-meets-modern film score" style combining authentic vintage instruments from the 70s including sounds recorded at Genesis' studio with engineer Nick Davis along with a full orchestra.

Sherwood plays on at least "Lilywhite Lilith". He also sang lead vocals on versions of that song and "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway": those and "Chamber of 32 Doors" sang by Sylvan were expected as bonus material on the album.

John Holden John Holden Facebook has released 3 solo albums. His third album, Circles in Timecame out Mar without any Yes-related guests.

Before then, Holden organised a charity album, Together Apartreleased digitally 4 Mar on Bandcampraising money for low grade ovarian cancer research with Cure Our Ovarian Cancer. They are working on an album, Luminous Voyage. Alvarado said on 20 Mar on Facebook, "This is coming down the pipe but because of the Covid situation we aren't sure as to when it will be completed.

In MayAlvarado posted an update to Facebooksaying:. Update on new music. It has been a long time since I have put out any music at all. My circumstances went through a lot of changes with being put out for two years as we fixed our house from massive flood damaged and rebuilt the studio. Finalizing things just to get under the pandemic which delayed things even more. However, during that period I did managed to make some music from time to time but not all of it goes well with each other.

I just started to work on unfinished projects and even though there's enough material to fill up a regular album, it is very different sound-wise between one another so they will have to be subdivided into different releases. Billy and Johnny played on my last record release and this was the first time I worked with Jon but he's such a professional.

In the middle of that project I got distracted by another project I was working on prior to that one. The work I am doing with these other musicians sounds very different from that. The band wrote on Facebook in Feb"having so much fun making this the second part of Planetary Overload-Hope. The project dates back some years. Trueack and Stephen Layton worked with Jon Anderson made contact in and planned a project called The Hope to feature multiple guest musicians.

The Hope was then initially expected in The project evolved further, splitting into 2 albums. Trueack was also, at various times, in contact with Anderson, Billy Sherwood and Nikki Squire about possibly guesting, but none of them are now involved. There was talk of Igor Khoroshev contributing keys and arrangements, as described herebut he is not listed as being involved on the website and not on Loss.

Any news, additions or corrections, please e-mail Henry Potts. For ways to help the site, go to the site news page. There are certain songs we kind of have to play. I do think we're going to try not playing Owner of a Lonely Heart on this tour. But there again, with a casino show, you tend to not get a hardcore Yes audience, so you're tempted to want to play the big s hit because that's probably all some of these people know from Yes. So it is a difficult thing to do, but we always manage.

To the bass, chord sequence… so important. Because I adore Yes music. Get out of my life. The rigidity of the structures of Yes are what hold it together. In other words, the perfectionism that Yes were capable of creating has to be reproduced. I've been thinking recently that Yes could evolve into an entity like the London Symphony Orchestra, with different players.

There could still be a Yes in years' time. But presumably the band members will be different. YES to me now is evolving like a sports team or an orchestra. We haven't given up on it but there has been no progress in the last three months, it has been very intermittent.

When there's something to share we'll put it on the website. However the technology is moving forward so I might change my mind later. Q: Yes has endured many personnel changes, but you've always been there. I've been there, and other members have gone off to do other projects. A lot of them have come back and left again and come back again.

It's quite simple: A majority of people left in the band at a certain time own the name. It's not like I'm the guy who has the name under my own contract. YES and projects with several Yesmen. Jon Anderson. Chris Squire. Steve Howe. Alan White. Geoff Downes. Trevor Horn. Tony Kaye. Peter Banks. Patrick Moraz.

Bill Bruford. Rick Wakeman. Trevor Rabin. Billy Sherwood. Igor Khoroshev Oliver Wakeman. Yes ft. Anderson Rabin Wakeman. Others associated with the band. The Quest —a summary YesWorld announcement. The band have been looking at doing a new album for several years. Activity picked up in the latter half ofbut they really got going when COVID hit, with band members working remotely through file-sharing from March Recording appears to have been largely from Jun to the end of the year, but with some further work in the first quarter of Mixing was seemingly finished 15 Apr CD1 : 1.

Howe, Schwartz and possibly Davison began sessions together Nov The orchestra were recorded in Skopje, North Macedonia in Feb Asked if there are any more unreleased tracks from these sessions, Wakeman said, "There are the demos and a few bits and pieces but when Steve and I met to discuss the project we decided it should be a proper record of finished pieces and not a mixture of finished pieces and demos. It was originally due 3 Maybut delayed to 16 May and then to 30 Jul. The latest update on 23 Jul said orders would arrive "within the next couple of weeks".

Copies have arrived with most people now. Magid, who has been working with ARW more recently, was the tour promoter and owns the rights to recordings from the tour.

We got so many complaints because we didn't play it, we've been playing it ever since. Asked about the possibility of performing " The Gates of Delirium ", he began by remarking on the challenge of doing so, but continued, "everything's possible […] Whether or not we do it next year [], I don't know.

We might do it the year after []. We might even at some point attempt the whole of Relayer. I think in terms of it being the fiftieth anniversary of Yes that the focus is going to be more on a historical view of Yes's music rather than any specific albums". We actually thought about playing the whole "Relayer" albumbut I think that would be too much for the kind of show it should be next year [] for our 50th anniversary.

In the mid-Mar interview, asked about whether Relayer is a possibility for summer US dates, Sherwood replied, "You never know. I've been lobbying for that for years now as it's one of my favourites. Asked in his matching interview what songs he would like to include, White mentioned " America", "Awaken" and "Mind Drive "; Album) implied that, with Kaye present, they would do " Yours is No Disgrace ".

In an Aug interviewasked what songs he would like to do, Davison picked Relayer first, then saying, "I'd like to bring to the stage all of Tormato and Relayer and make the '70s Album Series a complete thing. Beyond that, some of the '80s and '90s material. In a Jul interviewSherwood supported the idea of playing " Sound Chaser ". Asked how set list decisions come about, he replied:. Steve [Howe] usually does it, and we have suggestions along the way, but Steve's got a really good sense of ebb and flow in the set.

We sort of just wait for Steve to give us the set list. In an interview for the Feb issue of ProgDownes was asked about doing other albums and replied, "We've never discussed this at all, but it's not been ruled out.

He then talked of the possibility of varying tour set lists so that they "do a lot of more contemporary material on one tour and the next time we do something a lot more nostalgic. In the interview with Vintage Rock conducted around AprWhite put forth Drama and Relayer as two albums he would like to perform. In a Jul interviewDavison said: "There's been talk about any of the earlier albums up to ' '".

In a May interviewSquire said he hoped that they will do a tour one day playing material from the s. He describes as interesting the idea put forth by the interviewer for a tour featuring Dramaand Big Generator. One report from backstage on the summer tour has that Howe and White would like to do all of Time and a Wordbut promoters prefer Relayerwhich might produce a 3-album set of Time and a WordRelayer and Drama.

He also mentioned "Gates of Delirium" in answer to another question, but added: "but I don't know how far my vote goes just yet… give me some time! Away from the while album format, several comments point to individual tracks under consideration of some sort. Relationships with past members The question of a reunion between Yes and Yes featuring Anderson Rabin Wakeman which had disbanded by earlyor between key past members and Yes, has always refused to go away. It appears unlikely. In a Dec interviewTodd Rundgren, who had recently toured with Yes, said, "There are actually two versions of Yes.

There are conflicts between members of the band. There's no arguments. All of the band, all the people who have ever been in Yes are now talking to each other and on good terms. He replied, "Oh, yeah. I'm sure, I'm sure it will happen one day. The interviewer said that Squire would want a re-union to happen, saying, "You gotta do this.

You've gotta speak to Steve. I think the main reason I can come up with is that this [line-up of the] band actually likes each other. Everybody gets along.

Jay and Alan are close. As a band, it works. But it just works together. Jon Davison is such a cool guy. Anderson can be a weird guy. The band just loves each other and has a great time together. He also said, "if the band [Yes] asks me to do something in the future, I think it'll probably happen.

Steve Howe on one side and Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin on the other have voiced the strongest words against the idea. In a Jul articlecommenting on the idea of a reunion, Howe said, "I don't think [fans] should stay up late nights worrying about that[.

To be in a band together or even to do another tour like Union is completely unthinkable. That word 'can' carries the whole story. That means compatibility and the same awarenesses about what we want to do.

We have the history and the friendship. But it's probably better that we don't attempt to work all the time together — because of this and I Need Jesus - The Banks Brothers - Wonderous Cross (Vinyl. But nobody knows what the future holds. It went on to quote him: "Anybody can play Yes music; [w]e'd never stop anybody doing what they want to do[. In an Oct interviewWakeman said ARW should not have used the 'Yes' name and that their next tour to have been inbut which never happened wouldn't.

You've got more chance of Donald Trump getting divorced and marrying Hillary Clinton. It's a total and utter mess for the fans and the people because nobody knows what the hell is going on. Nobody knows who is in what, who is doing what. It's just one hilarious mess. Not the end of Yes music! But the end of the name Yes. Because Chris was the only founding member who remained throughout [ No reason why we can't all go off and play Yes music [ But the name Yes, out of reverence and respect for Chris and the music, the name, I think, should've been retired.

I don't even think there should be a band with the name Yes without Chris Squire in it. White has had a different tone when answering questions on this topic. In a Feb interview from the Cruise to the Edgeasked what he would still like to accomplish with Yes, White said, "Well, it will be good to, maybein the future, see some kind of union tour.

He's always wanting that to happen. I'll say there is a possibility, but everybody is getting up there in age now. I don't see it as out of the question in the next few years [ Maybe one day everybody will just come together and be able to do a big show of everything again, which might be in the future. But as of now, we're just getting on with this Yes. I think it's kind of a long shot, to be honest with you.

It is Anderson who has been most supportive of the idea. A Jul article reports Anderson as being "keen on a reunion". It quoted him:. It was talked about three years ago, why don't we get Yes back together, it's the 50th anniversary of the band and I said, 'I don't see it, there would be about 15 people onstage, it's too much'[. But I had a dream the other week.

I was backstage and I realised that's what happens: I'll start the show with my guitar and I'll sing a couple of songs and then Steve[ Howe]'s band will play, then I'll sing a couple more songs and Rick [Wakeman] and Trevor [Rabin] and myself will come on and do something and then all of a sudden we'll all get together and do 'Close To The Edge' and 'Awaken' and Bob's your uncle.

My mantra has always been it'll happen when it happens. In another Jul articleAnderson was asked about the possibility of a reunion, producing this exchange:. In an Aug interviewAnderson responded to Howe's comment that a reunion is "unthinkable" by saying, "But he knows that I'm very open, but he has his own pocket decision to take". He continued, "I wouldn't go back into that band because I don't think they're that good [ But they're not that good.

I'd sing with the band, y'know. I had this dream that I had a guitar and I was going to open the show by singing a couple of songs [ And they'd come off stage, and then Trevor and Rick, are you ready yet?

And I always say, 'Managers [ They'll put Mickey Mouse up. I don't mind, they go out and sing songs that I wrote, and me and Steve wrote - which is fantastic — and keep the flag flying [ It's very hard without me.

It's never left me. He again talked of his dream for a tour: "I'd love to do it as a final hurrah for the fans and go on a very special tour. In a Nov interviewAnderson was asked, "Do you think that it's possible for everyone [from Yes] to get together to make more music and tour? Howe guested on Anderson's Hands albeit remotely. After discussing this, a Mar interview with Anderson has this exchange:.

Interviewer : Of course, you'll never get the band back together [ Anderson : No. No, it's just one of those things. Life isn't That's OK. I've got things to do. Interviewer : Yeah. Well, you've certainly got good relationships with everyone and you've kept in touch. Anderson : Yeah, yeah, you keep in touch and, y'know, like anything, you have highs and lows. Like any family.

Because we're family people. We're brothers, all musical brothers. Sometimes you love each other, sometimes you don't. Later in the interview, Anderson was asked about his "next dream" after Handshe replied:. In another interview later that same month, talking about Howe's appearance on the album, Anderson said, "I just called him up and he said he'd love to play on it[.

It felt really comfortable and cathartic to do that. We're brothers. Sometimes you don't understand or misunderstand your brother and want to do different things. I think that is called a family. You think something has got to happen. To me, a great album has to be made. I really want to do this. A Jul interview with Anderson had this exchange:. In yet another Mar interviewAnderson said, immediately after talking about ARW, "I've always said it would be nice to do a Yestival and get everybody together on stage, that's like a magic wand to make that happen, but you never know in this life.

When Howe was asked by Prog magazine Apr issue about prospects of a re-union with Anderson and Wakeman, he replied, "We're happy doing our own parallel things. It's always a challenge to build the time to work with the people you are working with, let alone the people you did work with [ Asked about tensions between the two bands, Downes said in the Nov issue of Prog"Any real direct confrontations have hopefully been nipped in the bud.

As time has progressed it's become less critical. When they first came out they were pretty gung-ho—they were making a lot of comments in the press which were not very pleasant, calling us The Steve Howe Tribute Band. They're not getting in my face. That's all I'm particularly bothered about. In an early Jun interviewHowe said this on the two bands situation:.

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