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Theres A Great Camp Meeting - The Fisk Jubilee Singers - The Fisk Jubilee Singers (Vinyl, LP)


And the Rev. Linton and the Progressive Baptist Church of St. Inspirations Songs: God Specializes. Old Ship of Zion. The Day Is Past. Packing Up and Getting Ready to Go. At the Cross. The Lord Will Make a Way. Pass Me Not. God Will Take Care of You. Someone Who Cares. Jesus Kepp Me Near the Cross. Stand by Me. How Far Am I from Canaan. Dry Bones Stand by Me Claude Jeter Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross Someone Who Cares Jeter The Storm Is Passing Over Rock of Ages Pass Me Not Jeter Intro: Praising Him Previously released material.

The Church Is in Mourning. The Last Days. He Heard Me Cry. The Bride of Jesus. Tear Your Kingdom Down. It Is Well. Amazing Grace. Solid Rock. Walk Around Heaven All Day. Have Thine Own Way Lord. When the Saviour Reach [sic] Down for Me. Study War No More. The Prayer. People Get Ready. Nobody But You Lord. Teach Me Master. The Healer. Tony Heilbut: notes on cover.

The Invitation Songs: Dry Bones. The Praying Slave Lady. Jesus Is Waiting. The Invitation. Thank You Lord. You Brought Me from a Long Way. Running for Jesus. Millennial Reign Songs: Millennial Reign. So Glad Jesus Loves Me. Storm Is Passing Over. Run to the Mountain. Walk and Talk with Jesus. Love Opens Doors. Walk Togerher Children. Liquid 8 CD has the same title, but a different sequence: Millennial Reign Windstorm So Glad Jesus Loves Me Storm Is Passing Over Walk and Talk with Jesus Love Opens Doors Walk Together Children Packing Up and Getting Ready to Go The Last Days He Heard My Cry My Testimony Songs: My Testimony.

Power Lord. Take up Your Cross. God Is Not Dead. Give Me Strength, Oh Lord. Looking for a Home. Anthony Heilbut: descriptive notes on cover. Stand Still Songs: Stand Still. Leave Them in the Hands Theres A Great Camp Meeting - The Fisk Jubilee Singers - The Fisk Jubilee Singers (Vinyl the Lord. You Did It All. Faith Moves God. Just as I Am, Step Out. Lyrics and program notes on inner insert.

CR 1 : Darlene Clark. New York: Facts on File, The Diva Is a Preacher. Charisma May52, CCM Jan. Custom tape. Cafe Noire Leslie duPre: vocals. Michael Brown: all instruments. Songs - Repentance. Run to the Sea. Broken Arrows. The Clock Strikes Twelve. Different Drummer 10 p. Custom no j-card. Compassion and Tolerance. K-Mart Shoppers. Dancing with Your Memory. Side 2: Two Shots. Flesh into Plastic. More Than Clark? Real Live Boy. Momento, Momento.

Wilbury Cain: guitar, vocals. Sugar Cain: drums. Calculated Risk Washington, D. Pyschoacoustics Unlimited D Steve Hughes: keyboards, vocals. Brent Stone: bass, keyboards, vocals. Mike Eastham: drums. All words and music by Christine Kenyon, except as noted. Side 1: A New Day's Dawning Front Page News Side 2: Live in Love John Currie Forgive and Forget Produced and arranged by Calculated Risk.

Engineered by Ray Tilkens. Cover concepts and graphic design by Steve Hughes and Christine Kenyon. Rainbow R Sing MSP Rite Records H Caleb's Walk Kent Hamilton: vocals, guitar. Brannon Tharpe: drums. Gannon: bass. Began Morning Star. Aaron Richardson: electric and acoustic bass guitar, vocals. Chris Thomas: drums, vocals. Chad A. Serhal: bass. Band active: — Custom demo.

RMC Records. Songs: I'll Show the World. Get a Life. Little Gay Man. Fall Away. Danger Brigade. Tooth and Nail TND Standard Recording Co. Split release with Mercury Radio Theater. Srandard Recording Co. The first record by Harley Poe; performed by the members of Calibretto. Song: KGB electric version.

Song: Merry Freakin' Christmas. Boot to Head Records. Song: Get a Life. Enter the Danger Brigade Songs: High 5. Spoiled Brat. The Ballroom. Movie Star. Christian Hate Mail.

The LP) Song. Goodbye Cruel Soul Stalker. Aaron Richardson: electric bass, acoustic bass, backing vocals. Joseph Whiteford: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals.

Chris Thomas: drums, cymbals, backing vocals. All songs written by Calibretto All instruments, vocals, etc. Executive produced by Brandon Ebel. This album was recorded and mixed January tracks, and July tracks 5,6, and 9, at Barry Poynter Studios, Little Rock, Arkansas. Calicoes Josh Yeats: bass. Eric Jackson: guitar. Dan MacIntosh. United Artists UAS Concert Ensembles. Alpha Side 2: Cantata No. Back : Verse 1: Christ lay by death enshrouded. Verse 2: O Death, none could thee subdue. Verse 4: It was a wonderful array.

Verse 5: The Easter Lamb for us was slain. Verse 6: So let us keep this holy feast. Verse 7: We celebrate this holy feast. Robert Zimmerman, director. Cover design: Warren Ostrus. Calvary STAV Manna MS Custom C Mercury SRM Mercury M Elektra Warner Resound Mercury MK Mercury PRO Elektra ED Harbor: guitar. Kyle: bass. Matt: guitar. Mike: drums. Unsinkable Songs: Hold Fast. You Broke Down.

Force of Chance. Thick as Blood. Stand and Fight. Pay the Price. Fight Til the End. Now and Forever. From Isolation Songs: Sinking Sun. So Low. Dear Galatia. From Isolation. Lincoln Street. Waiting for Dawn. First Light. Hope for the Fallen. No Value. Open Your Eyes. Corner Stone CRS Calm Northern Virginia Began late Custom ep. Down in the Valley Again. Into the Calm. The Choice. Bussey: guitar ex-Armageddon and Taker.

Ellyn Bussey: lead vocals ex-Sorrow of Seven. Dan Wilkinson: bass ex-Armageddon and Taker. Tim Shoemaker: drums. Bibletone BL Word W Custom Lightshine TCB CS number.

Pinnacle PR Maranatha MMA. Emmanuel CC Wren WRC Harvest HAR Savoy SL Abiding-Tone QR Mark 5 GB Tarheel TLP Gospel Recordings Side 1: What a Day. Sweeter Each Day. Way Down Deep in My Soul. Glad Reunion Day. Man on the Middle Cross. Love Is Why. Side 2: At the Crossing. Dear Jesus Abide with Me. Rainbow of Love. Without Him. Precious Is He to Me. Depth of Love. Word WST Calvary CR Sacred LP Impact R Gospel Gems GG Rite Crusade LP Reciprocal seasonal variation in vitamin D status and tuberculosis notifications in Cape Town, South Africa.

Berry, M. Nature Email: robert. Skip to main content. Honorary Professor Robert J. Kite is scrupulously honest in its portrayal of the brutality and corruption of both the Soviets and the Taliban. We see a burkha clad woman stoned to death in a Taliban public assembly. It is horrifying, but not exploitative. Director Forster handled these challenges well, crafting a very impressive film. At its core, Kite is a story about family, but it does not happen in a vacuum.

Its frighteningly realistic backdrop of a land scarred by Communist occupiers and Islamic Fascism heightens the drama and gives the film additional relevance. It opens today on 35 screens, including the Sunshine in New York. Thursday, December 13, Genius at Montreux. Charles was a total pro, but was not receptive to suggestions for deviations from his typical set, probably because that would imply other shows were less than special by comparison.

So that night at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Charles hit with his band, like usual. Despite performing the song hundreds of times a year, Charles still feels it, delivering the lyrics like nobody else could.

This was actually a pretty swinging Basie-like set, well suited to a jazz festival. Maybe Montreux was not the transcendent statement for the ages from Charles, but he did what he did.

The man was cool. Imagine thirty-thousand Estonians all singing in harmony. It may sound like a colossal Coca-Cola commercial, but for the Soviets it proved to be a nightmare. As well documented by principle producer-directors James Tusty and Maureen Castle Tusty, the Singing Revolution was so named for the role Estonian singing traditions played in their resistance to the Soviets.

Central to this story is the quinquennial Laulupidu Song Festival, which had repeatedly been the scene of mass defiance of the Soviet Rule. The festival was again the scene of national self-assertion, as tens of thousands of Estonians spontaneously broke into their forbidden anthem.

These song festivals proved to be the model for mass demonstrations against their Soviet oppressors during the waning days of Glasnost, defining the Estonian democracy movement. One of the many revelations of Singing is the extent of Estonian resistance to the Soviet occupiers, notably from the so-called Forest Brothers partisans, the last of who were finally captured in Indeed, the filmmakers make the history of Soviet oppression crystal clear.

It was the Soviets who first invaded Estonian in as part of the Molotov-Rippentrop so-called Hitler-Stalin Pact, which divided Eastern Europe between the two dictators, and resulted in mass executions and the deportations of hundreds of thousands of Estonians to Siberia.

Singing takes pains to be fair to every party involved in the Singing Revolution. Other Estonian Communists, particularly ethnic Russians, were not so civilized, but amazingly, the Singing Revolution would be entirely bloodless.

This is a very well put together film. The music is well chosen for both illustrative and dramatic effect. The filmmakers have collected some amazing archival footage and conducted many insightful interviews. Wisely, they completely eschewed the usual talking head academics, in favor of the people who really lived the story. More than just a lesson in history and politics, Singing is about courage, both on the individual and collective level.

It is also about hundreds of thousands of Estonians who took to the streets to protest the Soviets and to protect the Estonian government from rioting Communists affiliated with the Interfront faction. The stories of Singing are truly moving, especially when accompanied by the stirring large scale chorale music of Laulupidu.

These events should be common knowledge, yet the recent history of the Estonian Singing Revolution, the Czech Velvet Revolution, and other such courageous movements seeking freedom from Communist rule, are being ignored, forgotten or otherwise discounted these days.

Singing Revolution is an excellent antidote. It should be seen by every student in America, as it speaks directly about what it means to be a citizen and to live in a free society. In fact, this film is increasingly timely, as Putin continues to chart an alarmingly neo-Soviet course for Russia.

Kite Runner opens the same day, which is also a great film, but Singing will have a more limited window to reach an audience, so interested viewers should make it their priority. Seeking it out is highly recommended. Whenever PBS broadcasts jazz programming, I have to give it breaking news treatment.

The first half of the program was a well conceived set consisting largely of swinging versions of holiday favorites. Literally everyone loves jazz Christmas music, but a lot of folks just do not realize it. After all, jazz musician Vince Guaraldi was responsible the beloved music of the ever-popular A Charlie Brown Christmas. Though impressive, the energy of Jared Grimes accompanying tap dancing is probably best experienced live, and was not well served by the camera work last night.

Again, the band acquitted itself well. If you can forget that, which should not be hard to do, it was entertaining showcase of what J LC does best. Look for it if your local affiliate did not carry it live last night. Even if you are not down with Marsalis and his conceptions of jazz, this is great band.

Monday, December 10, Finding Jackie Paris. Which is more overdone in music documentaries, jazz experts constantly extolling the virtues of unsung artists you have never heard of, or directors who insert themselves into their stories?

Jackie Paris was indeed a neglected figure in jazz. Even now, most of his CDs are available only as Japanese imports, although several are up on i-tunes. The interview subjects testifying to his Theres A Great Camp Meeting - The Fisk Jubilee Singers - The Fisk Jubilee Singers (Vinyl talents include major jazz figures, like Dr.

Paris did not lack for famous cheerleaders either. Taylor played his records on his radio programs. Peggy Lee arranged an ultimately unsuccessful audition with Capitol Records. Lenny Bruce drafted a long passionate letter on behalf of Paris to a showbiz power broker, but never mailed it. Autumn sees this as mysterious, but from what we know about Bruce, we can probably speculate the drugs had something to do with it. Somehow the breaks always went against Paris, which is one of the mysteries Autumn explores.

Reportedly, he spurned offers of mafia management, which is offered as a potential explanation for his career woes. Autumn starts with what seems to be another comeback attempt for Paris, booked for a stand at the Jazz Standard.

Film director and jazz pianist de Felitta came to hear the voice he only knew from import CDs and meets the man himself. As a result, he befriends Paris, and begins making the film, which culminates with the answer to its central mystery—did Jackie Paris have a child whom he never knew? As de Felitta pursues leads, his presence in the film makes sense. Autumn is notable precisely because it does not simply engage in hagiography, rather giving a surprisingly balanced portrait of Paris.

Paris did deserve better. Autumn makes an effective case on his behalf, wisely selecting some fantastic music to make its points. It is currently playing in New York at the Cinema Village. Labels: DocumentaryJackie ParisJazz vocalists. Sunday, December 09, Mingering Mike, Superstar. Known as vinyl hunters, crate diggers, or more prosaically record collectors, lovers of analog platters are true music aficionados, but some of us are a wee bit prone to obsessive behavior.

He kept his art and much of his LP collection in a storage locker, but one month when his payment came a few days late, he found his contents had been auctioned out from under him.

When immersed into the art of Mingering Mike, one gets a sense of the depth of his love of soul music. You want the needle or the kind you sniff or smoke? The artist behind Mingering Mike is now enjoying his unlikely recognition, but is maintaining his anonymity behind the Mingering moniker.

From the biography Hadar reveals, it is clear he spent a good period of time largely cut-off from society, relying on his art for solace. Family who talked to Hadar described Mingering as shy, and the implication of the frequent spelling and Theres A Great Camp Meeting - The Fisk Jubilee Singers - The Fisk Jubilee Singers (Vinyl errors on the Mingering records is difficult to ignore.

Rumors circulated on the now defunct Blue Note Records bulletin boards that the original tapes had been lost or some other technical problems were preventing its release. Happily, these rumors were either unfounded internet disinformation, or the tapes were found and the problems were fixed, as Struggle is now on available on CD shelves from ECM.

While their solos may venture into free territory, they never stray far from the underlying blues. Frenetically paced at just over five minutes, it provides Redman and Eubanks latitude for some pretty free, if brief, explorations, as well as a nicely constructed drum solo from Ed Blackwell. It is great to have Struggle readily available now, as it is very accessible introduction to Redman for new listeners.

Thursday, December 06, Coming Soon: Persepolis. Take heart, there are some very good movies set to release soon, and believe it or not, one of them is actually Theres A Great Camp Meeting - The Fisk Jubilee Singers - The Fisk Jubilee Singers (Vinyl on a graphic novel. While many live-action adaptations, like V for Vendetta with its immature nihilism, come across as juvenile, the animated Persepolis trailer herehas some serious and very grown-up insights to offer.

Like Kite Runnera good portion of Persepolis is told through an extended flashback, as Satrapi waits for the flight that will return her to Iran after years away. Through her eyes, we see the Islamic Revolution unfold, soon followed by the horrors of the Iran-Iraq War, and then her often chaotic European sojourn.

Though her family despised the Shah, they quickly recognize the new regime will be worse. Satrapi and her mother voiced by Catherine Deneuve suddenly find themselves forced to wear the veil. Sometimes the Islamist policies seem absurd, as when the older Satrapi, now in art school, finds herself sketching a model in a shapeless Burkha.

However, there is nothing amusing for the young protagonist when she visits her beloved uncle in prison, understanding full well it is to be the last time she will see him alive. The animated Satrapi is a natural rebel. She is not afraid to argue a point when fed a line of propaganda by her teachers which is contradicted by her own experiences. Animated in the style of its source material, almost entirely in black and white, Persepolis presents a compelling vision.

Labels: Bruce Cockburn. August 10, in Washington, D. Music was essential to the African-American struggle for civil rights and equality. The singers here remind us that the days of open discrimination and bigotry are not far behind us, and that "it's people's hearts we're trying to change now.

For more songs and videos from the Folkways Voices of Struggle. Labels: Freedom Singers. Ever since this discovery I've been trying to find myself, using the first music I've ever known as a basic foundation for Theres A Great Camp Meeting - The Fisk Jubilee Singers - The Fisk Jubilee Singers (Vinyl search for truth. Labels: Bernice Johnson Reagon. These LP's introduced the world to Doc Watson and played an important role in the folk revival of the '60s.

Annotated by Ralph Rinzler. Running Time: 1 hour and 16 minutes. Multi-instrumentalist, band-leader and composer Sid Hemphill was for decades the musical patriarch of the Mississippi Hill Country.

Alan Lomax recorded Blind Sid in Augustnear Sledge, Mississippi, where his band was appearing at a country picnic and banging out their breakdowns, marches, and square-dance tunes, as well as several blues ballads composed by Hemphill himself. By that date hundreds of commercial records had been made of the music of the Delta, and the preponderance of those were of or relating to the blues form, with guitar or piano accompaniment.

Lomax's were the first made of the Hill Country's local music, and contributed to a broader perspective of black vernacular instrumentation, with their inclusion of the fiddle and banjo of the string band, the fife and drum ensemble, and the cane panpipes or "quills. Search our channel for some of their performances. Originally issued primarily on LP, most of these tracks have never been released on CD.

Thirty of the tracks are previously unreleased and heard for their very first time in this edition.

中島製作所 - Various - SaGa Series 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack −Premium Box− (CD, Album), Dampfer - T.Raumschmiere - T.Raumschmiere (Vinyl, LP, Album), Charlie The Hamster with Floyd Robinson - Charlie the Hamster Sings The Ten Commandments (Vinyl, LP,, The Spirit-feel - Milt Jackson - Plenty, Plenty Soul (CD, Album), Back Up - RatBag (2) - Demo (CDr), Experience - Jimmy Cliff - Give The People What They Want (Cassette, Album), Playa Haterz - JT The Bigga Figga - Puttin It On The Map (CD, Album), Brain Dead Concision - Alcootest (2) - Hateman (CD), Your Heat Keeps Burning - Various - Pop-Rock Music Hall 1985 (DVDr), Six Hours - Alice Cooper (2) - Dirty Diamonds (CD, Album), 1. Allegro - А. Вивальди* - I Musici, Феликс Айо* - Двенадцать Концертов, Соч.12 «Il Cimento DellAr, No, No, Mister!! - Radio Moscow (2) - 3 & 3 Quarters (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dont Get Me Wrong - Various - Ljuva 80-tal 1980 - 1989 - The Only Way Is Up (CD), Unknown Title