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Slip Jigs and Reels has been requested before and is on the list. I find it absolutely enchanting. I hope to see the few songs left on that album if you can find the time.

A joy to play and sing! I think I already mentioned it. All the best. Oh thanks so much, Jerry! As you probably know, that was to have been the title track of an album that never got released. Best wishes. Thank you for your wonderful lessons. Hi Jim. Hey Hey is getting close. Thanks again and peace to you! Love the videos! Have bought a few recently.

Would be greatly appreciated :. Oh, yay! My song is on the list! Great to see my reqyest! Those are two of my favorites. Hi Nathan Brand New Companion is at on the to-do list.

Where does that stand in the list. Thanks for everything! Hi Jerry wonderful job on Up on the Roof. It made me wonder if Come Monday is on the list. Congratulation for your work and good continuation. Also, there is a Neil Sedaka tune called Betty Grable — of course it is with the piano but after your transcription on the guitar it would sound like it was from Ralph McTell kind regards Allan.

I love your lessons, especially your focus on finger-style pieces…please keep them coming! Yes, I meant the Bark album. Thanks for adding it! When you have a chance, can you tell me if any Ray LaMontagne is in the pipeline? Hannah and Jolene would be wonderful under your tutelage. Great work always. Jerry always love your lessons. Can you tell me where on the list is David Wilcox and Lyle Lovett?

Great guitar story tellers. I love all your Donovan lessons! Any plans for Entertaining of a Shy Girl? For sure. Based on the above list, it does not show. Did you make a mistake??? Love your lessons. Is Sweet Caroline on the list?

I had assumed Sweet Caroline had already been requested. I should have spoken up last year. Hi Jerry Is there any more Tim Buckley in the queue. Or any Tim Hardin? Any way of seeing the whole list to avoid pestering you if something is in the queue already. Looking forward to Thirsty Boots. Still plenty to keep me occupied. Sounds like Kind Hearted Woman Blues with different words :.

Love your videos! Also, when you get to Catch Another Butterfly John Denverthere is a youtube version live ideal without the flute. Thank you so much. Even so, They should be available before I get my telegram from the Queen. I am enjoying this site immensly. I really love that song I already bought some of your bread lesson. An old one but a real challenge to fingerpick. Maybe you have it on the list already — regards Allan.

Hi Jerry, Love the site! Cheers, — Tim. Churchill Says. What did you want from Chelsea Girl? Hey Jerry. Not sure if it would go well for guitar but its a favorite of mine! Any other McLean songs coming up soon? As someone who loves his music, your site has been a great help!

Yes quite a few. Hi Jerry Thanks for your reply. I have another 4 for you. Also John Williamson has a wonderful song called Cootamundra Wattle. Kind regards Allan. Hi Allan. You must be run off your feet!! I absolutely love the sight. Thanks for your support! Can you do some more by Harry Chapin like Mr. Can you please also do Elton John — Sacrifice.

If I may make a request; Could you include a Guy Clark song? I think La Freeway would appeal to a wider audience? Thanks for all your work on these great videos. Little Martha will be finished this month. I have been anxiously waiting for this one. I was learning it from another channel but when I saw you were going to do it I stopped.

I figured it was best to learn from the master. No problem Bob. The original is played by two acoustics Duane and Dickey playing different parts. Jerry the version you released is excellent.

I bought it as soon as it was released and trying to get up to speed. Thank you for all the amazing songs you put out. Great material. It is a great song though with an unusual tuning. Meant one thing to me when it was first released but something entirely different almost 50 years later.

Crazy, but it is affecting my purchasing behavior. I bet it is much easier for Jerry though. Any hint Jerry where Peace Like a River might be on your list? Ahhh that is really helpful Jerry! I will put in my big order before waiting for that to come up which looks like it might be the end of next year.

I hope both of us are still alive by then. You, Jerry, are going to be the best transcriptionist in the world by then; actually you probably are now!!

Thanks for the reply. Hello Jerry. It was a much easier way of going through an artist i. Even if you at least grouped them by year like you did before, and showed all the songs you plan on doing, it would help. Also, request wise, would you be interested in one or two Alice Cooper? I also miss the collection listings. Just like buying an album in my youth I would discover or rediscover forgotten songs.

Also, I thought it was a great benefit when I already owned a collection to purchase any new additions at a discounted price. Now I find myself holding back on purchases waiting to. Thank you for all the awesome work you put in for us! I just wish I had the time to learn them all, and unlimited funds!

I broke my Ovation this week :' Only have a nylon string Cordoba now. Should be next summer or thereabouts. Sorry to her about the Ovation. Not fixable? Working on it. I cant get a response from Ovation on a replacement, and the luthiers I have spoken to refer me to better luthiers.

So, I am hopeful, but it might be pricey. And thank you for the estimate — a timeline gives something to look forward to! Hi Ingo Do you get the newsletter? GDPR means we can no longer email existing collection owners with new lessons added to the collection not without getting their explicit consent first. Hello Jerry Any Christmas songs this year?

Al the best Eddie. Hi Eddie. What was the Prine one? Christmas in Prison? Is there any Suzanne Vega on the horizon. The Queen and the Soldier or Gypsy would be great. Love your work, Dan. But I may get back to it with fresh eyes and ears in the future. Persuasion turns out to be stupendously difficult so I need to take time transcribing it and then learning it.

Sweet Home Chicago suffers from a limitation of my technique. That muted thumping bass where the thumb plays the 6th and 5th strings while the fingers play independently is just night and day from my precise, James Taylor kind of fingerpicking style. Jerry, I am disappointed as well. I was really looking forward to Sweet Home Chicago. Hope you decide to tackle it soon. I felt that way when you also pulled Layla by Eric Clapton.

I understand you only want to put out a quality product. I will do Persuasion. I have it tabbed out now 7 Pages of tab! It is a brilliant guitar part.

And a lovely song. Oh dear God…. Thanks, Paul. Hi Jerry, I love your Joni tutorials. Me too :- Nice to see John Stewart making an appearance — someone who deserves more appreciation. Great song! Thanks again for your wonderful lessons.

Thank you for the great collection of Gordon Lightfoot songs! More John Prine please Jerry. All these lessons really got me excited about picking up my guitar everyday. I second this and of course more Jim Croce :- Always on the lookout for these two. You did mention some time ago, when you were doing collections, about the possibility of a second Dylan collection — are they still in the pipeline?

All the best Eddie. More Prine and Croce will be coming. He has the most songs on the site right now. Hi Jerry I read above someone was requesting shadows tunes,you said you were going to do apace,have you ever thought of doing Sacha by Hank Marvin. You need some kind of backing track to play over. I could have sworn it was coming up.

Hi jerry, I was wondering when you will be doing Rocky Raccoon by the Beatles. This is a great acoustic song and cant wait for this one.

Keep up the great work! Hi Jerry, Hope you are enjoying Scotland. I have been following you for years, ever since you joined up with Mike, you seem to cover everything so I very rarely make a request, but now I would ask you have you ever considered a series on the Shadows numbers, every one who plays a Stratocaster should know at least one of their tunes, or am I showing my age.

Love your work, Jim. Are there any Bruce Cockburn or David Wilcox on your long list? I would buy any of these up in an instant, but ANY help that keeps me from having to do the time and labor-intensive tabbing out for myself would be greatly appreciated. The lesson on Magdalene Lane uses the studio version but incorporates a couple of the small changes he makes on the Solo version. Could you do a lesson on this song as I would love to learn and play it?

Will you be doing his recorded version or a live version? He is brilliant! He is great! I have a request for a song. There are no tutorials online at all. A bit cynical perhaps. I really enjoy your videos lessons. They are absolutely the best.

Two great classic songs. You certainly make learning fun and enjoyable. Thanks a million for your videos! After using your video lesson I have had that dream of mine fulfilled! There are a lot of lessons and stuff on Youtube but your lessons are so spot on and perfect that I have no qualms whatsoever purchasing from your site.

You are an excellent teacher and you have my thanks. Have you considered posting your to do list? I have made requests, and have a wish list of my own. If we knew what the list looked like, we could avoid repeat requests. Hi Scott The list is over 1, songs right now and growing bigger every day. Hope you do more of their songs. Perhaps do a Seals And Crofts collection That would be good. See Ya Jerry. I might have a go at some other of his stuff in the meantime. Is there anything you recommend as a nice gentle introduction to his style?

Just got done with the Bruce Springsteen Nebraska lessons. Great stuff! Anything off the Ghost of Tom Joad album would be great too. They really are spot on! Simply awesome job. Would never have guessed the tuning was double dropped d — d modal as Neil Young likes to call it.

Thought it was in open d, which Donovan uses on occasion. Hi Marc. I went backward and forward. In the end it fit under the fingers very naturally in double drop D so I went with that.

Dear Jerry, please ignore that last comment! I see you have cracked it. Have just purchased this Donovan classic and cannot wait to get started!! I was thrilled to bits to see Henry Martin at the top of your Coming Up list yesterday. Or was I hallucinating? I am struggling for a while with the Stranger Song from L. I do not find any helpful advise on the Internet thats why I am asking you for help.

Has it been relegated down much lower on the priority list or do you no longer plan on producing it? Hi Dave. I have always loved this piece. Jerry, I second this motion for more Nick Drake if you are taking the temperature of your internet pupils.

Jerry you are really a good teacher. That would be a nice challenge. Thank you very much. Hi Jerry, very helpful lessons. Quite an easy song but very odd way of picking etc.

Oh great, slightly confused by the post 65 collections though, would be very interested in buying a group of these songs, are they incomplete? I suppose guitar ceased to be so important in the music around this era! Would be very interested in the chords john used on the original demo of strawberry fields and of what guitar was left in the studio version, though im aware its a bit of a Frankenstein of different takes and tapespeeds.

Always preferred the original pitch the lower album vocal does not sound like john but like the speed with it slowed down, very odd track. Hi Jerry, Greetings from Canada. I find your courses the best on the web! Really enjoy your Neil Young lessons. Can you add some Bob Seger and the Kinks in the future? Cheers Andrew. I cannot seem to find anything online! Really enjoyed your David Crosby lessons. Never seen it tabbed or covered. Your songbooks and videos have become a precious treasure to me.

Great lessons. I recently discovered your site and have purchased quite a few songs and love them all. Hey Jerry, do you still sell gift certificates for the site? I was thinking maybe you could do some lessons on learning the styles of certain artists e. Just a thought :. I think that by playing an artist catalog of songs is the best way to understand their technique.

Same goes for Dylan. Thanks, John. Jerry, I have an idea: hold a contest to see which customer can produce the best cover of a song taught by you.

Just a thought as a promotion to show how much your students really learn. Perhaps a way to send them to your site? A place here where we could view this would be awesome also! We need a place where people can view all the videos. Thinking about where that could be.

I have been thinking of starting a youtube page. Maybe start with a place people could post links to start, and develop from there? Even if I am not great, constructive criticism should always benefit us. Very excited about the X-mas songs! My grand kids are going to be super impressed with me this X-mas. All strong, good stuff. Bitter Suite: This is where it always starts to fall apart for me.

Atmospheric noodling is not really what Marillion is good at, so it's inclusion is fine, if puzzling. Then we get the music kicking in, spoken word lyrics VERY much seeming to be written on acid, then shifting to a sung portion about, something? Then a reprise of the lavender melody with more wonderful imagery that just Look, the music and the instruments are all good, singing good, it's just like, all put together at random. Heart of Lothian: melody starts to pick up and kicks in for another upbeat rock song The Lamb Lies down is surreal and random but there was a narrative that held it together.

Waterhole: Side 2 kicks off with another minor key melody, sort of linking to Heart of Lothian, Fish doing his sort of "arch" vocal tic that brings a sinister edge. Lords of the Backstage: More upbeat rock with good musicianship and great imagery, serving nothing. It's great to listen to, but it also makes it all sort of feel like it runs together. Blind Curve: Another long piece made up of a couple disconnected pieces.

Good guitar solo from Rothery, strong work from all involved, but still seeming indistinct from the rest. Childhood's End? Pretty good. White Feather: Pretty much continues from the last song, uplifting ending. Perhaps this gets highly rated due to it's influence, but that shouldn't change the rating in my opinion. An influential album must also stand as excellent in it's own right, this one is good but not great.

In my opinion, Clutching at Straws is the true Marillion masterpiece, achieving what they tried to here on every level. Lifting aside, this is a very confident and self-assured debut album that shows serious talent and musicianship. The songs are all well composed and paced, with no one band member outshining any others.

Album Trewavas does a good job of emulating classic prog bassists withOUT overt copying. Mark Kelly's keyboards are tasteful and well played. Lots of good guitar work from Steve Rothery. My personal favorite from the album is the Garden Party. Better things would be to come Although prog aficionados particularly those nostalgic of the Fish-era's Marillion may not find much to enthuse over this record, Anoraknophobia is an enjoyable album that flows away easily and pleasantly throughout its 64 minutes.

The songs contain plenty of melodic hooks, majestically delivered by an inspired Steve Hogarth, while the rest of the band build elaborate atmospheric soundscapes, where Mark Kelly's keyboards and Steve Rothery's ever so tasteful guitar licks are particularly noteworthy. In a few places, Marillion appear eager to experiment with modern sounds, like in the semi-rapped mid-section of "Quartz", in the sampled extravaganza of the rockier "Separated Out", or in "This Is the 21st Century", which is built around an insistent electronic drum loop that relegates drummer Ian Mosley to the background for most of the song.

But, for the most part, the band stick to the type of lush, expansive melodic pop-rock that has often characterized the Hogarth-era's Marillion. In a few places, the album reaches high quality levels. The other tracks are pleasant, but do not reach the level of these three songs.

And, in truth, there are a couple of songs that I tend to skip when I put on this album, like the poppy "Map of the World", which is plagued by a rather insipid chorus melody, or the long and repetitive "The Fruit of the Wild Rose", which builds and builds without ever reaching a satisfying climax.

Overall, Anoraknophobia does not reach the quality levels of other Marillion's masterpiece albums, like the follow-up releases Marbles, but it is certainly better than some of the band's weaker efforts, like the predecessor "Marillion.

The rest flows away somewhat inconspicuously, but pleasantly enough to keep the listener interested and entertained for the most part. Review by friso Prog Reviewer. This is a compilation that comprises tracks from three of their studio albums released in Marillion Fish's era. So, it only has no tracks from "Fugazi". But apart the tracks from those albums, it has also two non-album's tracks, "Lady Nina" and "Freaks" from the time of "Misplaced Childhood".

The lyrics are fantastic, very satiric, and represent one of the best Fish's lyrical performances. This song reminds me the style of Peter Gabriel in Genesis.

It's a wonderful track with a very stunning, well structured and a nice melody musical composition. Rothery takes over with one of his best guitar solos. The third track "Incommunicado" is from "Clutching At Straws".

It's an upbeat rocker of a tune led by fun synthesizers and good chorus led by Fish. It's a high paced rock and festive song. This song deals about the poor combination of love and life on the road. It's another catchy short song of that album. It was also a song released on their second single "Sugar Mice", released in It's a nice mellow track, very emotional but with very sad lyrics. I always loved it. It's one of the slower tracks on that album. It's another romantic ballad which shows how Fish has developed very good manners performing this kind of songs.

But, it still is a great prog rock song. The seventh track "Childhood's End" is from "Misplaced Childhood". It's a sweet song. Trewavas playing is superb, keyboards also make an important part for the song and the strumming playing of Rothery's guitar would become his trademark for years. This is a keyboard based song with an upbeat tempo and a high energy. The music and the vocal line flow nicely with the great keyboard interlude. The ninth track "Lady Nina" was released on their single "Kayleigh" and it was the B side of that Marillion's single.

It was released from their third studio album "Misplaced Childhood", but it doesn't appear on that original album. Wikimedia Commons. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. On y entend notamment Fish plaisanter en introduisant chaque titre par une vanne "this next song is from our 15th album", "Has anybody heard this song during our previous world tour?

On y entend notamment Fish annoncer la signature avec E. Mais alors que Charisma ne proposait au groupe qu'un contrat pour deux singles, E. I was there! S Tour '88 [ 38 ]. It has been mutually aggreed by all the five members that Fish leave the band. Ladies of the Canyon was an instant smash on FM radio and sold briskly, eventually becoming Mitchell's first gold album selling over a half million copies.

She made a decision to stop touring for a year and just write and paint, yet she was still voted "Top Female Performer" for by Melody Makera leading UK pop music magazine.

The songs she wrote during the months she took off for travel and life experience appeared on her next album, Bluereleased in June Comparing Joni Mitchell's talent to his own, David Crosby said, "By the time she did Blueshe was past me and rushing toward the horizon". Blue was an almost instant critical and commercial success, peaking in the top 20 of the Billboard albums chart in September and also hitting the British Top 3.

The lushly produced " Carey " was the single at the time, but musically, other parts of Blue departed further from the sounds of Ladies of the Canyon. Her most confessional album, Mitchell later said of Blue"I have, on occasion, sacrificed myself and my own emotional makeup, We all suffer for our loneliness, but at the time of Blueour pop stars never admitted these things.

Mitchell later remarked, "At that period of my life, I had no personal defenses. I felt like a cellophane wrapper on a pack of cigarettes. I felt like I had absolutely no secrets from the world and I couldn't pretend in my life to be strong. Mitchell decided to return to the live stage after the great success of Blueand she presented new songs on tour which appeared on her next album, her fifth, For the Roses. The album was released in October and immediately zoomed up the charts.

Court and Sparkreleased in Januarysaw Mitchell begin the flirtation with jazz and jazz fusion that marked her experimental period ahead. Court and Spark went to No. The LP made Mitchell a widely popular act for perhaps the only time in her career, on the strength of popular tracks such as the rocker " Raised on Robbery ", which was released right before Christmasand " Help Me ", which was released in March of the following year, and became Mitchell's only Top 10 single when it peaked at No.

Express as what she called her first real backing group. In Februaryher tour with the L. Express began, and they received rave notices as they traveled across the United States and Canada during the next two months.

A series of shows at L. In November, Mitchell released that album, Miles of Aislesa two-record set including all but two songs from the L. Music Center, on March 4, were also included in the set. The live album slowly moved up to No. Mitchell went into the studio in early to record acoustic demos of some songs that she had written since the Court and Spark tour.

A few months later she recorded versions of the tunes with her band. Her musical interests were now diverging from both the folk and the pop scene of the era, toward less structured, more jazz-inspired pieces, with a wider range of instruments.

On "The Jungle Line", she made an early effort at sampling a recording of African musicians, something that became more commonplace among Western rock acts in the s.

In earlyMitchell traveled with friends who were driving cross country to Maine. Afterwards, she drove back to California alone and composed several songs during her journey which featured on her next album, 's Hejira. She stated that "This album was written mostly while I was traveling in the car. That's why there were no piano songs The album climbed to No. Hejira "did not sell as briskly as Mitchell's earlier, more 'radio-friendly' albums, [but] its stature in her catalogue has grown over the years".

In she said, "I suppose a lot of people could have written a lot of my other songs, but I feel the songs on Hejira could only have come from me.

In mid, Mitchell began work on new recordings that became her first double studio album. Close to completing her contract with Asylum Records, Mitchell felt that this album could be looser in feel than any album she had done in the past. She invited Pastorius back, and he brought with him fellow members of jazz fusion pioneers Weather Reportincluding drummer Don Alias and saxophonist Wayne Shorter. Other songs continued the jazz-rock-folk collisions of Hejira.

Mitchell also revived "Jericho", written years earlier a version is found on her live album but never recorded in a studio setting. Don Juan's Reckless Daughter was released in December The album received mixed reviews but still sold relatively well, peaking at No.

The cover of the album created its own controversy: Mitchell was featured in several photographs, including one where she was in blackface, wearing a curly afro wig, a white suit and vest, and dark sunglasses. The character, whom she called Art Nouveau, was based on a pimp who, she says, once complimented her while walking down an LA street — and was a symbol of her turn toward jazz and streetwise lyrics.

A few months after the release of Don Juan's Reckless DaughterMitchell was contacted by the esteemed jazz composer, bandleader and bassist Charles Minguswho had heard the orchestrated song "Paprika Plains", and wanted her to work with him. She began a collaboration with Mingus, who died before the project was completed in She finished the tracks, and the resulting album, Minguswas released in Junethough it was poorly received in the press.

Fans were confused over such a major change in Mitchell's overall sound, and though the album topped out at No. Mitchell's tour to promote Mingus began in August in Oklahoma City and concluded six weeks later with five shows at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre and one at the Santa Barbara County Bowlwhere she recorded and filmed the concert.

It was her first tour in several years, and with Pastorius, jazz guitarist Pat Methenyand other members of her band, Mitchell also performed songs from her other jazz-inspired albums.

When the tour ended she began a year of work, turning the tapes from the Santa Barbara County Bowl show into a two-album set and a concert film, both to be called Shadows and Light.

Her final release on Asylum Records and her second live double album, it was released in Septemberand made it up to No. While the album was being readied for release, her friend David Geffen, founder of Asylum Recordsdecided to start a new label, Geffen Records.

Still distributed by Warner Bros. The album peaked on the Billboard charts in its fifth week at No. During this period she recorded with bassist and sound engineer Larry Kleinwhom she married in The marriage lasted 12 years. A performance from the tour was videotaped and later released on home video and later DVD as Refuge of the Roads.

As ended, Mitchell was writing new songs when she received a suggestion from Geffen that perhaps Album outside producer with experience in the modern technical arenas that Album wanted to explore might be a worthy addition. British synthpop performer and producer Thomas Dolby was brought on board. Of Dolby's role, Mitchell later commented: "I was reluctant when Thomas was suggested because he had been asked to produce the record [by Geffen], and would he consider coming in as just a programmer and a player?

So on that level we did have some problems He may be able to do it faster. He may be able to do it better, but the fact is that it then wouldn't really be my music.

The album that resulted, Dog Eat Dogreleased in Octoberturned out to be only a moderate seller, peaking at No. One of the songs on the album, "Tax Free", created controversy by lambasting " televangelists " and what she saw as a drift to the religious right in American politics.

Mitchell continued experimenting with synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers for the recordings of her next album, 's Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm. The album's first official single, "My Secret Place", was in fact a duet with Gabriel, and just missed the Billboard Hot chart.

The song "Lakota" was one of many songs on the album to take on larger political themes, in this case the Wounded Knee incidentthe deadly battle between Native American activists and the FBI on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in the previous decade. Musically, several songs fit into the trend of world music popularized by Gabriel during the era.

Reviews were mostly favorable towards the album, and the cameos by well-known musicians brought it considerable attention. Throughout the first half ofMitchell recorded songs that appeared on her next album.

She delivered the final mixes for the new album to Geffen just before Christmas, after trying nearly a hundred different sequences for the songs. The album Night Ride Home was released in March In the United Kingdom, the album premiered at No.

Critically, it was better received than her s work [ citation needed ] and seemed to signal a move closer to her acoustic beginnings, along with some references to the style of Hejira.

To wider audiences, the real return to form for Mitchell came with 's Grammy -winning Turbulent Indigo. While the recording period also saw the divorce of Mitchell and bassist Larry Kleintheir marriage having lasted almost 12 years, Indigo was seen as Mitchell's most accessible set of songs in years.

Songs such as "Sex Kills", "Sunny Sunday", "Borderline" and "The Magdalene Laundries" mixed White Feather - Marillion - 5 Album Set (CD commentary and guitar-focused melodies for "a startling comeback". InMitchell had just agreed to release a greatest Hits collection when label Reprise also allowed her a second album, called Missesto include some of the lesser-known songs from her career. Hits charted at No. Mitchell also included on Hitsfor the first time on an album, her first recording, a version of "Urge for Going" which preceded Song to a Seagull but was previously released only as a B-side.

Two years later, Mitchell released her final set of "original" new work before nearly a decade of other pursuits, 's Taming the Tiger. She promoted Tiger with a return to regular concert appearances, including a co-headlining tour with Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. On the album, Mitchell had played a custom guitar equipped with a Roland hexaphonic pickup that connected to a Roland VG-8 modeling processor.

The device allowed Album to play any of her many alternate tunings without having to re-tune the guitar. The guitar's output, through the VG-8, was transposed to any of her tunings in real-time. It was around this time that critics also began to notice a real change in Mitchell's voice, particularly on her older songs; the singer later confirmed the change, explaining that "I'd go to hit a note and there was nothing there".

In addition, she contended that in her opinion her voice became a more interesting and expressive alto range when she could no longer hit the high notes, let alone hold them as she had in her youth. The singer's next two albums featured no new songs and, Mitchell has said, were recorded to "fulfill contractual obligations", [59] but on both she attempted to make use of her new vocal range in interpreting familiar material. Both Sides Now was an album composed mostly of covers of jazz standards, performed with an orchestra, featuring orchestral arrangements by Vince Mendoza.

The album also contained remakes of "A Case of You" and the title track "Both Sides, Now", two early hits transposed down to Mitchell's now dusky, soulful alto range. It received mostly strong reviews and spawned a short national tour, with Mitchell accompanied by a core band featuring Larry Klein on bass plus a local orchestra on each tour stop. Its success led to 's Traveloguea collection of re-workings of her previous songs with lush orchestral accompaniments.

Mitchell stated at the Album that Travelogue would be her final album. In a interview with Rolling Stoneshe voiced discontent with the current state of the music industry, describing it as a "cesspool". During the next few years, the only albums Mitchell released were compilations of her earlier work. Inher Geffen recordings were collected in a remastered four-disc box set, The Complete Geffen Recordingsincluding notes by Mitchell and three previously unreleased tracks.

A series of themed compilations of songs from earlier albums were also released: The Beginning of SurvivalDreamlandand Songs of a Prairie Girlthe last of which collected the threads of her Canadian upbringing and which she released after accepting an invitation to the Saskatchewan Centennial concert in Saskatoon.

In the Prairie Girl liner notes, she writes that the collection is "my contribution to Saskatchewan's Centennial celebrations". In the early s, Mitchell signed a deal with Random House to publish an autobiography. Although Mitchell stated that she would no longer tour or give concerts, she has made occasional public appearances to speak on environmental issues. In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen in OctoberMitchell "revealed that she was recording her first collection of new songs in nearly a decade", but gave few other details.

Of the flurry of recent activity she quipped, "I've never worked so hard in my life. In mid, Mitchell's official fan-run site confirmed speculation that she had signed a two-record deal with Starbucks ' Hear Music label. Shine was released by the label on September 25,debuting at number 14 on the Billboard album chart, her highest chart position in the United States since the release of Hejira inover thirty years previously, and at number 36 on the United Kingdom albums chart.

On the same day, Herbie Hancocka longtime associate and friend of Mitchell, released River: The Joni Lettersan album paying tribute to Mitchell's work. It was the first time in 43 years that a jazz artist took the top prize at the annual award ceremony.

In a interview with the Los Angeles TimesMitchell was quoted as saying that singer-songwriter Bob Dylanwith whom she had worked closely in the past, was a fake and a plagiarist. The controversial remark was widely reported by other media. Mitchell has said that she has the Morgellons skin condition, [77] and in said she planned to leave the music industry to work toward giving more credibility to people who suffer from Morgellons.

InMitchell suffered a brain aneurysm rupture, [79] which required her to undergo physical therapy [80] and take part in daily rehabilitation. SinceMitchell has approved a number of archival projects.

In SeptemberEagle Rock Entertainment released the Murray Lerner-directed documentary Both Sides Now: Live at the Isle of Wight Festivalwhich included restored video footage and previously unseen interviews with Mitchell, plus a separate program featuring the complete concert uninterrupted.

To celebrate her 75th birthday a select group of artists, among them James TaylorGraham NashSeal and Kris Kristoffersoninterpreted songs written by Mitchell. Mitchell was among hundreds of artists whose master tape recordings were destroyed in the Universal fire. In Septemberit was announced that Mitchell and Rhino Records had created the Joni Mitchell Archivesa series of catalog releases containing material from the singer's personal vaults.

The project's first release, a five-disc collection titled Joni Mitchell Archives — Vol. Commenting on the original mix of Song to a SeagullMitchell called it "atrocious" and said it sounded like it "had been recorded under a bowl of Jello.

While some of Mitchell's most popular songs were written on the piano, almost every song she composed on the guitar uses an openor non-standard, tuning; she has written songs in some 50 tunings, playing what she has called "Joni's weird chords". The use of alternative tunings allows guitarists to produce accompaniment with more varied and wide-ranging textures.

InMitchell's friend Fred Walecki, proprietor of Westwood Music in Los Angeles, developed a solution to alleviate her continuing frustration with using multiple alternative tunings in live settings. Walecki designed a Stratocaster-style guitar to function with the Roland VG-8 virtual guitara system capable of configuring her numerous tunings electronically.

While the guitar itself remained in standard tuning, the VG-8 encoded the pickup signals into digital signals which were then translated into the altered tunings. This allowed Mitchell to use one guitar on stage, while an off-stage tech entered the preprogrammed tuning for each song in her set. Mitchell was highly innovative harmonically in her early work —72incorporating modalitychromaticismand pedal points. InRolling Stone named her the 72nd-greatest guitarist of all time; she was the highest-ranked woman on the list.

Mitchell's approach to music struck a chord with many female listeners.

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