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You Made Me Believe In Magic - Bay City Rollers - Memorial (CD, Album)


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Friday, October 26, Technical Difficulties--October Therefore, you will not be hearing "Funky Feel Good Fridays" today until the issue gets resolvedmost likely later in the afternoon. Sorry for the inconvenience. The computer has stored about songs or so, all recorded from vinyl. As a backup, Live has a shortened playlist and when the studio computer goes down, the Live playlist goes into effect.

That is what is playing now. Why this happened, I am not sure. I just discovered the problem at lunch. So, when I get home, it will be fixed. Labels: sadventures in Album)bay city rollerseric carmenheartk-telPaul Ankaright onthin lizzyvinyl. K-Tel was famous in the 70s and 80s for producing compilation albums with such memorable titles as Super BadRight On and Music Machine.

However, K-Tel was not the first to do this. Before K-Tel, there was Master Seal. Labels:blaxpoitationfunkIsaac hayesjames brownk-telshaftsoulstaple singerssuper badurban. Saturday, July 7, It's on Adventures in Vinyl. Get Ready for "Sound System". I knew nothing of the band or the song. It was given to me by the lunchroom lady of my elementary school who also happened to hold a summer Bible camp in her garage every year.

I listened to the song several times and never forgot it. Not that the song was particularly good. But it did have an interesting hook: "Throw away your cane and you are able. It stuck with me for almost forty years. I could hum the song and sing much of the lyrics. I went searching for it and found the full album on Ebay, of course.

So I bought it and became reintroduced to a band that was such a part of my childhood without me even realizing it at the time. My sleep is sound I lay You Made Me Believe In Magic - Bay City Rollers - Memorial (CD down upon the ground In my mind while the time is still kind Now here is room for things to bloom Above the sky for me to fly.

Friday, June 1, Get Ready for Spotlight! Next on Adventures in Vinyl. My You Made Me Believe In Magic - Bay City Rollers - Memorial (CD K-Tel album by far is Rock This is Retro Repeat month on Adventures in Vinyl and this week we will be rebroadcasting the Rock 80 episode. Here is the original post describing the album: Prior tomy musical tastes generally sucked. Oh, I listened to the standard hits on the radio, but had no coherent musical wants or likesoutside, that is, of what was always played in my house: John Denver, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton-John and Barry Manilow.

Yes, I admit it, I could sing along to several Manilow tunes. Remember, I didn't have any older brothers or sisters to show me the way Think: Almost Famous. But then, ineverything changed. I discovered good music. And I can thank K-Tel for that. Labels: sadventures in vinylalbumBlondiek-telPat BenatarRamonesrecordrecordsRock 80vinyl.

Happy May. Labels: 33 rpmadventures in vinyldiscok-telKC and the Sunshine BandMusic MachineRock 80vintagevinylvinyl voyage. Greg Kihn is following me on Twitter. Yes, that Greg Kihn.

And at this moment, certain melodies are crackling through your head. Mine, too. And, of course, here on Vinyl Voyage we have a day dedicated to the 80s You Made Me Believe In Magic - Bay City Rollers - Memorial (CD the Greg Kihn Band appears several times. But still, seeing that name there in the notification got me a little nostalgic. Remember the "Jeopardy" video? I distinctly remember seeing it for the first time.

I turned fifteen in and it freaked me out a little. The wedding. The bride turns into a skeleton. The guests turn into zombies. And then a creature from hell breaks through the floor and Greg Kihn kills it with some guitar-shaped piece of wood. Now that's a video. I checked out a little about Greg Kihn. That's the thing I have enjoyed most since starting Vinyl Voyage Radio over a year ago: getting reacquainted with music and artists.

When Greg Kihn hit it big in with "Jeopardy," he had already been making music for several years. In fact, Kihnspiracy, his album which spawned that Album), was his 9th album. And he has released at least seven albums since then, the most recent being a box set anthology entitled Kihnplete. He still plays music; his Kihncerts have been popular for the last 11 years. This year he'll be playing with Steve Miller and Pat Benatar.

Too bad this lineup isn't coming to the Chicago area. I'd be there in a heartbeat. In addition to the DJ gig and his music, Greg Kihn has also written several novels. Most in the horror genre with a little music mixed in. Probably something to do with that "Jeopardy" video, I imagine. But all of this highlights the fickle nature of the record industry.

Upon revisiting Kihnspiracy and other releases, it is clear that "Jeopardy" and " The Breakup You Made Me Believe In Magic - Bay City Rollers - Memorial (CD "two of his biggest hitsare not his best. They are good songs, to be sure As a matter of fact, I just heard "The Breakup Song" the other day on the radio and found myself singing along on the drive to work. It also appears in the movie Let Me In.

But there are others--others that never got into rotation on FM radio. Not being a musician myself, I can only imagine that this is probably the most frustrating thing about being a musician, especially in today's climate where digital downloads of hit singles are what the industry pushes, not whole albums or songs that some guy in a suit thinks can't make it into the pop-dominated airwaves.

And that's a shame. Talent does not automatically bring success. For example, the Greg Kihn Band released Rockihnroll in That is the album with "The Breakup Song. Yet, that song is the better of the three, in my opinion. It seems to me that some of the best songs written never chart. I recently explored that in a video podcast of Frampton's "Lines on My Face," perhaps one of his best songs ever.

Yet, it too, never charted. Journey's quintessential release Escape produced several hit songs, but the best, such as "Still They Ride" and "Escape" never made it.

Instead, we were subjected ad nauseam to "Open Arms. And you can't summarize Todd Rundgren's entire career with his only top-ten hit song, "Hello It's Me. Check them out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised; especially if your only exposure to the band was through "Jeopardy" or "The Breakup Song. Labels: s80sFramptonGreg KihnJeopardyjourneymusic industrytwittervinylvinyl voyage. Thursday, April 19, Frampton Comes Alive!

Vinyl Voyage Video Podcast. Trying so hard to make me smile until this heartache mends. Friday, April 6, Gypsys, Tramps and White Trash? This album has some iconic 70s tunes, including my favorite Cher song, "Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves.

However, the song was so popular, the album was renamed and re-released as Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves. I remember this vividly. My parents had a reel-to-reel player and recorded their albums to tape. Music was always playing in our house. And Cher along with Sonny, too was in constant rotation. And he did. You can hear this song and many others this month on Adventures in Vinyl.

The lyrics are crushingly bad at times and pretty crass to modern ears, but the harmonies are fantastic and the three singers complement each other well. So overall this album rocks harder than I expected with some excellent drumming and bass playing alongside very competent rock guitar work.

Uli Hassinger: I have to admit that I only knew the earlier bubblegum glitter-rock hits which I now know that the band was not responsible for. That doesn't mean I don't like them. Ballroom Blitz is still a 70s icon to me.

But this record is more serious, has more balls and harder and straighter rock. You can feel the effort to emancipate them from their dependency and do their own stuff. The opener Set Me Free is the burner of the album. The rest is solid 70s rock. Like earlier mentioned there were similarities to the early Queen in No You Don't.

On Sweet F. The album is pure 70s. Same with the hairmetal bands. Thanks for introducing it to me. Hai Kixmiller: Sweet was a great band whose music was very central in developing my taste in music. Their music has more hooks than a firehouse coat and hat rack. Stop laughing Sweet sort of reminds me of Slade in that I like their music better when others re-record them.

One would have thought that I'd learned my lesson after losing my leg when I swore positively, absolutely that Catch The Wind was Bob Dylan and not Donovan. Oh, well Whether it's the "soft" bubblegum stuff or the classic Hard Rock stuff, whether you're partying or cruising in the car, or just need some background noise, Sweet rock n' roll is the tasty treat that always put a smile on your face, a tap in your feet, and snap in your fingers.

I shouldn't have worried. This is a good hard rock record. Yes, a few handclaps and do-wop type melodies, but in every song there is a hard rock riff running through it. My ears were especially drawn to the opening and title track. A bit like Slade, hidden, heavy depths but we get brainwashed with Top Of The Pops conditioning that neglects the material on albums such as these.

I'm far from converted but would open to listening to more non-chart tracks. Roland Bearne: Apart from occasionally murdering Blockbuster at karaoke, Sweet always felt like the band your mate's older sister would listen to! Well, knock me down with a feather, this album rocks. It sounds great and is big, bombastic fist in the air fun. I've heard Set Me Free before but had no idea it was Sweet!

That they have three great singers is a fantastic weapon in the arsenal and as mentioned before, give a link to Queen.

There are moments Restless where one gets a sense of the pizzazz that informed Van Halen. This was an absolutely joyous surprise and exactly why this page is so blooming good! Only reason it didn't get a cheshire-cat grinning 10 is Peppermint Twist. Definitely one for Top Of The Pops! Gary Claydon: Early 70s and, being around 13 years old, any musical credibility was hard won but easily blown to pieces, so you had to be careful when it came to some of the scenes around at the time, particularly glam.

You were pretty safe with the avant-garde end of the spectrum with the likes of Roxy Music and Bowie. Bolan you could get away with as he retained an air of cool, and Slade backed up their glammed-up boot boy image by being a stompingly good rock'n'roll band, so they were fine. But you had to be extra careful at the bubblegum end of glam. The likes of Mud, The Rubettes et al were not for the serious young rock fan.

And The Sweet? I should Co-Co. They were a novelty act weren't they? Hell, they didn't even play their own instruments if the rumours were true. But then they unleashed a string of highly enjoyable glam rock singles on an unsuspecting world, starting with Blockbuster. But there was more. The flip sides of those singles revealed bona fide, top notch hard rock songs which cast The Sweet in an entirely different light.

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