Coal Grey Sky - The Buttless Chaps - Cartography (CD, Album)


The multi instrument talent, who along with Jerry Douglas did a lot of the work on the Dirt Bands, "Circle Two" album. The mandolin appears more, and in my opinion is most suited to Celtic music. I recall telling a story years ago here. In on a Saturday afternoon at the Cedars pub in Gibsons, a bunch of us were setting up instruments for a Saturday afternoon jam session. My brother was standing tuning up his mandolin. Two fellows, looking quite different from the crowd, by their dress and manner came strolling over to us.

They were two lads from Ireland, just slipped off a ship loading pulp at the Port Mellon pulp mill. They came in to enjoy a couple pints of grog.

The one young lad, a good looking fellow, was eyeing Lorne's mandolin. I said, "Do you play? Well shit! We gave him the mandolin, and struck it up with him, unplugged. Whether a reel or lament, that lad could play! Some times the most fun you'll ever have in playing music is a spontaineous event like that. I've thought of that boy from time to time. When they left we gave each other a hug.

He was an instant friend, with a manner and respect and humility that you had to appreciate. Yah I think the mandolin is great in Celtic music. Subject: john martyn and levon again there's another cracking levon and john martyn duet on 'no little boy' ,a song called 'rock salt and nails'. NORM- Avast. Hope all is smooth sailing for you, Old Salt.

I was in Copenhagen in July and I had a room right across the street from Tivoli Gardens for a couple of days. The following May The Band played somewhere in Copenhagen. By that time the Navy had recalled me and I was on a ship in Galveston, feeling pretty pissed off and betrayed. I eventually got over it. Someday, up in Paradise, I might even bump into Richard Nixon, the guy who ordered me back into active duty.

That's when I'm going to get even. It's a Snake Farm Sometimes I have no idea what you are on about, but then I only recently discovered Larry Sparks. That disc is a keeper. My bluegrass collection keeps on growing. Like jazz, I love to listen to bluegrass. It's a lot like jazz - not really my culture, as much of it is Gospel-tinged, but man, I love to hear it.

Someday it may even pry open my agnostic heart. The picking can be a bit frenetic if you are not in the mood, but those cats can really play. So I not only love the old hands, but many of the not-the-way-Bill-Monroe-did-it types who have been influenced by it. Exhibit A: The Greencards. Keep the faith, baby! Subject: Nebular Buoy Well I really do appreciate your twisted, fucked up sense of humour.

You crack me up! Of course no one can beat our juniors at hockey. It's obviously a given we'll be given the gold medals at the end of the tournament, like we have for the last five straight years. The embarrassing performance I'm referring to is that wicked, off-key singing of "O Canada" ours lads perpetrate at the close of the event every year.

I mean, yikes. Can't Hockey Canada get the kids to spend a little less time on hockey skill-building and a little more on vocal training? We know they're gonna have to sing the anthem in front of the world every year. Why be modest and pretend otherwise?

With Canada having given the world Rick, Richard, Neil, Joni and whole host of other great vocalists, cripes, we can't afford to then have a bunch of toothless teenagers tarnishing our international reputation every year with their complete lack of vocal prowess.

Besides, from what I understand Celine Dion just hates to be upstaged. Having found out about the "Howlin Hill Project" album on this site a few years ago, and loving the music on it tremendously, I searched the web for its non-The Band protagonists and found out that during the sessions, two albums worth Album) material had been recorded - the other album being billed to Tommy McCoy, who is the brother of Howlin Hill guitarist Gary McCoy.

I had never heard anything from this album until now. The sound samples on the cdbaby. I'm not sure if these are all different takes of the same songs, but they are definitely the same arrangements. That leaves 7 out of 12 songs that don't overlap. These are all sung by a voice not familiar to me, who I assume is Thomas McCoy.

I don't have any idea on who gets paid what amount from the sales of these records. I hope this helps clearing up the confusion that arose in December. It upsets him som-n awful 'cause no one can come even close to playing hockey with us. Wha'd you expect? Hey Joe Are you still up to your ass in the white stuff over on your rock there? Subject: Illka Illka- Never confuse "courage" with "stupidity.

My many detractors will back me up on this point. I just wanted to tell you that we had a Swedish exchange student from your part of Sweden, back in She was from the Vaxjo area, a small town named Moheda.

She still writes us once in a while. A fine girl with very red hair. I remember taking the ferry from Copenhagen to Malmo back in my youth. There used to be a bunch of guys at the bar who drank duty-free liquor as the boat went back and forth all day. Sometimes I wonder if they ever got off. Talking about obsessive, I ordered Dylan's 'Self Portrait' last night. Where do we go from here? Subject: Recommended book Thanks to everybody for John Martyn mentions. His death was a main article today in Scotland's national newspaper.

Thanks Joan. Don't be mislead by the title it's not a Dylan encyclopaedia, but it's about us guys - the music obsessives who seem to have a soundtrack to their lives.

I may be a seven on this scale, but there are many people on this guestbook who rate a ten. At the end of the book,tears rolled from my eyes. Rare from a dour Scot. So make sure you buy it. Sorry for my typo. I only scrolled down about 10 posts and did not see the other John Martyn posts. There are many more obviously but those are songs where it's played to compliment the song. Roz I thought all the music that got rolled into Rock and Roll was country music. Northern Boy, Arizona, 8 wins 8 loses, is the team the smart money will be on Sunday to win the Super Duper Bowl to bookend this year of mediocrity with the Giants.

Kamprad was born. Subject: Honda This was done with no artifice. What you see actually occurred. It has nothing to do with music, but it is so cool. A young man sold fountain pens and self-made furnitures. A warm applause to Mr. Lars Pedersen who has the courage to post here in his own name. I'm joking, but several people mentioned John's passing, including Dunc in Scotland, who is a great fan, and has always championed John Martyn.

Subject: Where Erotica Meets Bluegrass Been a bit of an erotic some might say smutty undertone here of late, along with some discussion of bluegrass.

This was as close as I could come to finding a video that "straddles" shall we say, both of these threads. We all know it, and I believe there's even a TLW connection in the vocals, which are literally entralling. Can't believe nobody on this board mentioned his passing yet. Remembering Reagan Moore made a name for himself playing with Bob Wills in the Texas Playboys, where he tore through western swing leads with a solid-body electric mandolin.

Along with their comedic approach, they brought the strong influence of melodic jazz into country music. Don't push that one certain "suggestive" button in the synopsis for the film under the link. Under link you will find the chick in the tittie flick and the name of the film featured in your video, chuckles! Nuthin wrong with me.

I just decided not to mention that neither Flatt nor Scruggs carried a mandolin on stage and I won't go any further. I have found myself forever defending bluegrass music to uninformed folks who drop it into the "country music" catagory without knowing the they did anything wrong.

Ros, what is it you have against rocks this morning? First walking, then mandolins? If the chick was carrying or playing a mandolin whilst walking across the rocks in heels you'd probabyl have had a canary. Vivino produced, Thatsong was one of JOhnnie's live staples. MIke Henderson is one of Nashville's busiest session guitar players.

Kooper's 65 th birthday show coming up, feb 7. And I'll be at a black tie bar mitzvah, a few blocks a way. Can't get out of going ,no way, no how. I've looked at every angle.

Start listing drummers and the story changes dramatically. Subject: 40th anniversary of Beatles final gig together. Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Beatles famed London rooftop performance, a free show that was the band's very last gig together.

The performance will happen today atop Seattle's Pike Place Market. BIll Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, et cetera, are country Steve, If that's where you were going then I strictly agree with ya. About I spend most of my time siftin. Since Steve brought up the mandolin. I will take this opportunity to ask if anyone here actually considers Levon Helm to be a "mandolin player"?

If so, you should hear how it' really suppose to sound. That guy who was sitting on the couch gets used as some kind of a punching bag, don't he? Plus he gets puked on. Another thing. Why is one of these guys named Robbie? Why does Robbie have a French wife and two daughters?

I was going to mention Gospel, NB, but in deference to you left it out. And that snotty little black hobo kid. Shulberg should have sued! I just wanted to belt that little bastard! That movie just grated on me. I dug Richard Gere's character and I did like the "carnivale" type stuff. Obviously lifted from HBO's Carnivale!

And Dylan allowed this? If I were Dylan, I would have come out with a vengeance against this pile of pretentious shite. Maybe Bob Dylan is a pretentious shite? Maybe he just don't care any more. He certainly was a smart mouthed little prick tho.

My favorite character in the film? Mr Jones! Grossman came off as probably exactly what he was! I never liked the look and feelings I got from Grossman. He seemed so "puffed up" all the time. Why did they not destroy Donovan in this movie too? They always enjoyed letting him have it before! Subject: john martyn and levon duet sad news about john martyn. RIP john. Thanks for the link.

On banjo, there is a little moment of irony in "I'm Not There. The positioning makes it clear that this is meant to be Robbie. So why the banjo? Otherwise, I found the film near unwatchable, though Blanchett was by far the best portrayal of Dylan. What really got on my nerves was the shoehorning of song titles into dialogue.

Funny the first couple of times, then very tired. Something to rock your morning, Peter? I once spent a confusing few minutes in the long-gone Tower Records main store in Picadilly Circus looking for The Dillards. I tried Americana, rock, country, folk and admitted defeat and asked. It was in Bluegrass. Rocks and high heels: In the s we walked the Samaria Gorge in Crete. The tour bus had forty Germans in full hiking gear, two Brits me and Mrs V in open sandals and three elegant French ladies in high heels and smart skirts.

The Germans won the race to the bottom by an hour, and we went slowly along with the French ladies who had fallen down a few times. But we all got there in the end. Bassmanlee - We seem to have the same tste in music. Great bluegrass is like an other great music. It doesn't just lay on top of the ground waiting for you to reach down and pick it up. It's hidden, ya gotta mine for it. Yeah, that's unrealistic. Them shoes? No Way. You ain't gonna catch ANY wonam walkin' across rocks in them heels.

Is she on her way to work? She's carryin a purse Wonder how much she makes? Whatever she makes an't enough to bail her stupid ass outta jail Album) she ever gets caught doin' what she does with one or more of them boys. Maybe she's a school teacher. Maybe she's that kid's mother. Hey, that's incest. Jeff just posted a incestous video on the Band's Guestbook! Wonder if Jan Hoiberg will dip in and ban for that? Probably not, He only bans me. Hey, that chick's got nice knockers.

I need some surgery, mine don't bounce as much as they used to. I'm gettin low Insurance don't pay for it. Hey puta, What's with the lemons? Hey babe, you're gonna get your slip all sticky. I bet they got the idea of usin those lemons from that Atlantic City movie starring Susan Sarandon That's a pretty good movie.

I ain't seen that movie in years. She must deal with cash in her line of work to. I feel like a glass of lemon-aid. Maybe I'll just skip the sugar and rubb'em all over my tits!

Peter, were you talking about erection made easier? Well, someone had a sense of humor,and Johnnie is laughing appreciatively up in heaven about this for sure. And we all forgive the guy for spelling his name wrong in the title. Now, Now took the Tiny Desk stage with a minimal setup dig the sampler as drum kit that laid the vocals bare, but still lent the songs a room-filling pulse.

The guitar is quiet and echoed, adding textures to the songs. It retains some of the feelings of the original, but the synths still have the newer bounciness which is a little disconcerting. The original also has a lot more guitar in it. I saw this book at the library and I was intrigued by the title. And, seeing it was from Oni Presss, I knew it would be a good read. And, boy was it ever.

Without trying to reduce the story too much, call it a male version of Lumberjanes but with a whole end-of-the-world, zombie vibe thrown on top. The book begins on Day 1 as we see a gruff and, frankly, angry-looking dude waiting for someone. Turns out he is Padre Ron,the adult leader of the Junior Braves. And over the next few panels we meet the braves. He is sullen and quiet. Their other adult leader is a recent graduate named Buddy. Padre Ron is, as I said, kind of jerk, telling the parents that their boys will go out as children and come back an men and blah blah blah.

Exactly the thing that would make me hate the Scouts if we did that now. Then Padre lets Buddy know they are not going to the promised camp. The are going to a very secluded spot that proves to be very cool indeed. Everyone has a pretty good time except maybe Johnny for 7 days. But as they head back home, something… everything is wrong. Read Full Post ».

And while I like his light manner and fun hair, musically, nearly everything else about this Tiny Desk is cheesy to me. Lets go on to the next song. I guess the lyrics are funny, but they seem really tone deaf. His delivery and voice are really nice, I wish that he would sing about more substantial stuff. Can we go to one real quick? And while the verses go too far, the chorus makes me smile.

I did enjoy watching drummer Cory Limuaco because for such simple drumming, he uses all kinds of mallets and sticks and sides of sticks, which is always fun to see.

This play was created by Dead Centre. The play was discovered after he died. It had no title, but is probably a play he referred to in is letters called Fatherlessnessalthough most renderings of the play have named it after the central character—a philandering charismatic schoolteacher named Platonov.

This was the 9th night of their 10 night Fall Nationals run at the Horseshoe. This is the final night with a recording. I compared all of the setlists from the nine shows and was somewhat surprised to see just how much repeating they did you can see the grid at the bottom with all of the songs for each night.

Kevin Hearn joined them. As with the other shows with these two recordings, the Clarkson one is audience recorded and louder, but with audience noise. The show starts with a song by Martin and a song by Tim. Tim seems to be having a lot of fun this night. Thanks for coming and rocking. Dave introduces the Bastard Brass who will play with them for three songs. Unlike some of the horns they have play with them, these guys are the real deal and they sound great. But seriously mind the person next to you.

I thought it was good. Thanks, Mike its all your fault. The Kevin Hearn Revival. Him and his fancy T-shirts. Dave says that Kevin and Dave will interweave their songs. Playlist for Thursday February 21 Playlist for Thursday February 14, Playlist for Thursday February 7, Playlist for Thursday January 31, Playlist for Thursday January 24, Coal Grey Sky - The Buttless Chaps - Cartography (CD for Thursday January 17, Playlist for Thursday January 10, Playlist for Thursday January 3, Playlist for Thursday December 13, Playlist for Thursday Nov 29, Playlist for Thursday Nov 15, Playlist for Thursday Nov 8, Playlist for Thursday Oct 18, Playlist for Thursday Oct 11, Playlist for Thursday Oct 4, Playlist for Thursday Sept 27, Playlist for Thursday Sept 20, Playlist for Thursday Sept 13, Playlist for Thursday Sept 6, Playlist for Thursday August 30, Playlist for Thursday August 23, Playlist for Thursday August 16, Playlist for Thursday August 9, Playlist for Thursday July 19, Playlist for Thursday July 5, Playlist for Thursday June 28, Playlist for Thursday June 14, Playlist for Thursday June 7, Playlist for Thursday May 31, Playlist for Thursday May 24, Playlist for Thursday May 17, Playlist for Thursday May 10, Playlist for Thursday May 3, Playlist for Thursday April 26, Playlist for Thursday April 19, Playlist for Thursday April 12, Playlist for Thursday April 5, Playlist for Thursday March 29, Playlist for Thursday March 22, Playlist for Thursday March 15, Playlist for Thursday March 1, Playlist for Thursday February 22, Playlist for Thursday February 1, Playlist for Thursday January 25, Playlist for Thursday January 4, Playlist for Thursday December 21, Playlist for Thursday December 14, Playlist for Thursday December 7, The university said that the hall can no longer Nicolas Fleet be used?

Either the university is an independent Third-year mathematics and economics student entity that coerces and controls its population, or Rock is a Album) drone under the influence of Why no one said a word his administration. Or both. We had this But OCP fought back. The And OCP won. The Rock adminis- then as they are now. Here are some: tration did not retract the ban, and the event goes First, people are afraid of joining any discussion on with greater force.

Usually, the The hall was used in such a way that gave rise same types who scream and rant in favour of to a human rights complaint? And now Rock same-sex athletic hours are totally mute when it and his administration are under tribunal inves- comes to faculty representation, differential treat- tigation for violating the Ontario Human Rights ment for academic tenure, and standards of hiring Code.

Rock and his administration are instigators and evaluations for university administrative posi- of injustice. Rock and his administration are per- tions. They are also generally incapable of holding petrators in power. Rock is the enemy sity newspapers like yours are incapable of foster- of academic freedom. Allan Rock is the enemy of ing debate because of the infantile way in which our university.

Fourth-year science student Instead of taking the time to do some in-depth research, to inform people about what has been the experiences elsewhere, to document and ex- thefulcrum.

Have you followed the federal election? Lastly, in the new-media era, I suspect that there are far more influential voices on the Web Yes: than the usual collections of gender ideologues No: on campus. I suggest your paper tap into this vast ocean of opinions and thinking regarding these Moderately: issues. News Oct. What the U. Sisters in Spirit raises awareness for financial crisis missing Aboriginal women means for Canadian students by Kelwryn Ord Fulcrum Contributor.

What exactly has happened and how does it affect students at the University of Ottawa? The answer to these questions, like the problem itself, is multi-faceted and complex. In order to evaluate how the credit crisis will impact students, it is imperative to under- stand how it impacts the Canadian economy and how the crisis came to a head.

On Sept. This lack of credit is the central problem behind the financial crisis. Banks and companies have stopped lending to photo by Matt Johnny one another, or will only do so at extremely high Supporters gathered at Parliament Hill on Oct.

Among the speakers were women are missing from Aborig- consequences. At the end of the ulation. According to Amnesty ment to attend to the issue more job. I thought ployment equity, were tabled and will return to around the world as safe assets. Two of the other prospective members and member locals building on campus.

A Canadian Mendes agree that the global eco- will likely be hit hard, or at least Like all Canadians, students can to carry a hefty price tag. Economists deficit is more likely to result from nomic crisis is the worst since the expect to find it more difficult to today have a far greater understand- the slowing of U.

Canadians are caught employment both now and possibly systems than they did ineven thanas a direct result of the credit In fact, according to a CNN opin- even after graduation. With parents though many regulators did not crunch. Sacca- potato, and without the private sec- depression is likely. Consumer con- difficulty in wrestling away that reccia explained that the failure of tor taking on debt, the government fidence south of the border is low everyone else.

The prospect of a re- As far as this country is con- large-scale unemployment. It is now up that any government bailout package for some years to come. Mendes Domestic Product. The Department bers of his force are wearing will worsen of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at interactions between police and minor- the University of Alberta, however, says ity groups.

Coal Grey Sky - The Buttless Chaps - Cartography (CD this model over-predicts the instability The pants are the newest phase of si- of permafrost. For nearly two the interglacial period in question, it years, the officers have been working. The city issued Coal Grey Sky - The Buttless Chaps - Cartography (CD for- al warming models are incorrect, the mal complaint to the Essential Services.

Brief discovery points out they are missing Council ESC stating the camouflage pertinent information from the perma- pants put the police in danger and de- frost period. North where tensions between resi- ria attempted to pay their tuition with payments last June due to credit-card ern British Columbia is the only uni- BUFA is composed of full- and dents and police have been high since wheelbarrows full of change on Sept.

By elimi- versity in B. He was the president of the Student Federation and noted that the Conservative Party holds its lieves education should be as close to free as pos- of the University of Ottawa from —, has student appeal in its own youth involvement.

Conservative party, head to patrickglemaud. A year resident Conservative Party of Canada area. Liberal a guarantee.

Conservative schooling, Legeais is also looking to promote soci- position of director general. Canada Ottawa-Vanier. A former resident of Ottawa-Vanier with homeland security, particularly on giving Independent with nature, which values the health and vitality of who now lives in Hull, St.

He plans to move back to the region if ing immigration more tightly. Liberal Manoussi, who was at the University of Ottawa he is elected. His additional platform concerns include pro- Marlene Rivier for the Oct.

Onge and the CAP would institute a program that would give all Ca- moting unity among Canadians, placing restric- tions on the use of tasers, and revisiting the War NDP due to one principal reason—he works with students nadians access to post-secondary education re- Measures Act. For over 25 years, he has taught business gardless of their financial situation.

This educa- Scholarship Foundation that would increase to more students across a range of income relieve students by promising to reconstruct tion policy intention follows the Conservative gov- Canadian National Student Loan funding and brackets. Once a student finishes his The Liberals not only plan to help stu- would involve an interest break geared to- was implemented in January The party also believes regarding post-graduation interest rates.

They have eral parties and their commitment to low- children from low-income households to establish Additionally, the party platform mentions also included several goals related to aca- ering tuition fees, as well as look at broader savings for university. For more information about the Liberal To find out more about the NDP platform, For more information on the Conservative Par- More information about the Green Party and party platform, check out liberal.

Even while some may consider both the university administration When I, along with a journalist with the BOA. It our hands, the chair subsequently of Order—a comprehensive docu- together in a public forum since May. Ex- keep an eye on the business of the ing. One of the ways the astonished by this action. Just as it is elected members.

This week, this statement. Art in the shadow of Parliament. The participatory concept of The ties. No details were spared in the planning of From 7 p. The Alexandria Bridge of- personal way. It revealed to participants as they make their contributed to the contents of at least one tent. The piece was created by Canadian artist addiction and for problems related to men- The installation, which was free to visit, This particular production of The Encamp- Thom Sokoloski, with help from fellow artist tal health in the Toronto area.

There were 68 allowed observers to physically enter the ment was intended to be the central event of Jenny McCowan. The two artists worked in tents in the original showing. There the piece became with intellectual disabilities. The stories were sary. It now heads back to its city of origin, Community Living CACL to bring an illu- a representation of the persons that suffered strung up on the outside of the tent in both Toronto, where it will be placed on display by mination of Canadian history to the capital.

Now, in Ottawa, The Encamp- light, for visitors to read. The interior of each Watch out Hogwarts, here comes McGill University. One member, Clara Thaisson, had a decorated broom and a lightning-bolt scar drawn on her Quidditch team unites sports forehead. As a result, this new and highly complex on the playing field, practising hard. Savior 9. My Obsession Don't Wake Me Pull Remix The Older I Get Yours To Hold Better Than Drugs Comatose Those Nights Say Goodbye Whispers In The Dark.

Girls 2. You On A Good Day 3. No Can Do 4. Hanging On A Star 5. Side Chick 6. Unbreakable Heart 7. Sunday Rain 8. Every Heart Broken 9. Nothing's As Good As You Beware Sound Of Goodbye Can We Call A Truce About You Now New Acoustic She's Like A Star. Au Diable Nos Adieux 2. Homme Sweet Homme Remix 3. Zen 4.

La La La 5. Je T'aime Mais 6. Hissee Haut 7. Homme Sweet Homme 8. Larsen 9. J'envoie Valser Craque Monsieur Un Point C'est Toi Une Souris Verte Fou De Toi Les moutons Tout Le Monde 2. Tous Des Anges 3. Femmes Tefales 4.

Chanson D'Ami 5. Stop 8. Rose 9. Cyber La Vie Devant Moi Made in Love La Preuve par trois Sous le voile Tout le monde replicant mix. My Lover 3. SixOlogy 2. Always Online 8. Cries In A Distance Wrong Number 3. Don't bring me down 6. Flower Lady Love In The Ice. Give Me The Gun 2. A Good And Faithful Servant 3. Morrissey And Weller On Roundtable 4. Harmony In My Head 5. I Hear A New World 7. The Visitors 8. Here Comes The Rain 9.

Girl At The Bus Stop Games For Boys February Silly Things Lovers Do Sunshine Tomorrow Why Am I Crying Another Rainy Day In Manchester You Are Something PS51 JohnPeel Talks About 14th Floor. Take Me To The Star 2. Heaven 3. Happy Birthday 2. Happy Birthday Original Karaoke. Love Me…Love Me Not… 4.

Later On 2. Vivian, Don't 3. Summer Grof 4. The Carnival 5. Needlepoint 6. The Cat's Pajamas 7. They All Laughed 8. Ain't This The Truth Alphabetical Order The Black Flag. Christmas for you. Will 2. I Have Nothing 3. Boom Boom Boom 2. Love Somebody 7. Shake it UP 8. We can be Heroes Last Christmas Wake Me Up GO! Hug,Hug All my treasures Knights In Mountain Fox Jackets 2. Falling In Fall 3. I Know Where You Live 4.

Run Run 5. Hitten 6. Actionman 7. Shuffle 8. Home Sweet Home 9. Duet Under Waters Kids Those Dancing Days Spaceherosuits Fiction Those Dancing Days Detektivbryan Remix DIVA 7. Remember 2. Confusion Beautiful Days. Wanderland 2. Vampiregirl 3. Trigger 4. Keyword 5. The Revenge of Surf Queen 7. Supernova 8.

Faust 9. We are Innocent Living Dying Message. Hello Hello. Mojo[CM mix] 2. Acid House All Night Long 7. The Words 9. Area Arena Fake it! Continue 2. Dear Music 3. Love in Fall 4. Studio Skit 5. You've Got a Friend 7. Happy Smile Again 3. Rainy Lady 3. Fumble 2. Capo 3. Biggy Bang 4. Hard In The Paint 5. Graceful 6. Juggernaut 7. Backin' Up My Gang 8. Don't Sleep On The Streets 9. The Sicko International Hell And Back What You Wanna Do Hood Rat Love Stand Up Curtain Call What What.

Rad Cult 2. Shock Twins 3. Fresh Hex Demo 4. Mexican Icecream 5. More Magic Insight 6. Street Trash 7. Well Water Black 8. Strectch Your Face 9. Positively Radical Lamborghini Meltdown Die Slow Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish Backwoods Altar VHS Static.

A Day Like Today 2. You Only Disappear 3. Ghost Of A Shark 4. Stronger Than Dirt 5. Overthrown 6. Walking 2 Hawaii 7. Mermaid Blues 8. Karaoke Soul 9. Line Of Fire Human Remains. Acid Queen 2.

It Would Be A Crime 3. I'm Ready 4. Addicted to Love 5. I Can't Stand the Rain 7. Private Dancer 8. Let's Stay Together 9. Better Be Good to Me Steamy Windows The Best Nutbush City Limits We Don't Need Another Hero I Don't Wanna Fight Proud Mary Believe 2.

Deliverance 3. Daddy's Little Girl 4. Motivation 5. Birthday 6.

Time Passages, Wild As You Can Be, Variations - Morton Feldman - The Turfan Ensemble, Philipp Vandré - First Recordings: 1950s (CD, Alb, Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour - Françoise Hardy - Le Palmares (Vinyl, LP), Let Them Sing - Wolfstone - This Strange Place (CD), Dont Need - Whistle & Flute Productions - Dont Need (Vinyl), Words Of Love - Atlantis (12) - Attention! Best Of Atlantis! (Vinyl, LP), Do You Really Care, Hitch Hike - The Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads UK (File, Album), Wishbone Ash - Argus (Vinyl, LP, Album), Da Capo - Mia Martini - Il Mondo Di Mimì (CD), Love-Ray - The Trudy - Tune-In To The Trudy Love-Ray! (Vinyl, LP)