Kaleidoscoptic - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD)


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Dungeon Color. Holiday Jigsaw Thanksgiving Day. Inugami Doggy Dojo! Among Us Mini Crewmate Bundle. Mystery Solitaire Grimm Tales 3. Pale Cachexia. Report Offer. Wizards wears its Terry Riley worship openly but radiates an aura more cloaked and casual, weaving polyrhythmic organ and synth into muted, melting mandalas. Doucet then moved to Los Angeles and in opened the first all-new age record store, incredibly called Only new age Musicin addition to forming another label Beyond and publishing company.

Later, when the internet happened, she bought the domain newagemusic. The first cassette in particular exemplifies new age at its most naked and angelic, sinking and soaring through the sort of earnest, unselfconscious raptures the genre would later be mocked for.

In the wake of these tapes Doucet and her husband settled in the hippie coastal college town of Santa Cruz, where her son Shaman was soon born — to the sound, of course, of new age music. Gymnosphere originated from five and a half hours of piano recordings tracked in a Berkeley studio that were then played back in the vaulted stone halls of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and recorded again.

Too melodic for true minimalism yet too glassy to pass as classical, Gymnosphere prophecies new age in its inner space introspection and widescreen mirage, a liquid looking glass through which any meaning can materialize — and just as easily dissipate. Less than a decade later — on May 17, to be exact — he manifested this vision into a minute suite of smeared synthetic textures, strings, piano, percussion, flute, and field recordings, dusted in heavenly FX and backwards tape.

The only remotely comparable form it shares a lineage with is some sort of outsider spiritual exotica but little in that world feels this hazy, immaterial, and limitless. The sides are diffuse and disorienting, evaporating into hypnagogic wisps of perfumed breeze or quiet creeks of frogs. Trans-Millenia Consort could be characterized as yet another collection of questing, meditative synthesizer music, but the worlds and moods it articulates are singularly vivid, as though Kaleidoscoptic - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD) into being at a higher resolution.

She fell in love with Klaus Schulze and Brian Eno and soon bought a synth of her own — and then, momentously, a 4-track. The songs channel alien ruins, secret gardens, hidden temples and distant galaxies, painting a psychic panorama of personal fantasias with precision and poetry.

It arose from new age but belongs to no age, adrift at the axis and apex of a lapsed utopian dream, one in which sound could heal, music served the higher self, and enlightenment seemed only a vibration away. Special thanks to resident advisor Ian James.

Additional thanks to Sounds of the Dawn and Mildly Amusing Channel for their non-proprietary archival Kaleidoscoptic - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD).

Pauline Anna Strom dreams in color: The legendary loner synthesist on a life of innovation. Another Green World: How Japanese ambient music found a new audience. The 20 Best New Age Albums. Back to FACT. Les Gabriel LaHeart. Moment of Heaven. Heartline Productions, year unknown. Don Campbell. Crystal Rainbows. Spirit Music, Ric Kaestner. Music For Massage I.

Antiquity, Klause Wiese. Qumra II. Aquamarin Verlag, Craig Kupka. Clouds: New Music For Relaxation. Folkways, Shining Lotus. Mountain Magic. Peter Davison. Music On The Way…. Avocado, David Naegele. Journeys Out Of Body. Valley of the Sun, Randall McClellan. The Healing Music of Rana — Vol. Sonic Arts Foundation, Her firebrand persona was at its peak as a brash, rich, pseudo-guerilla genre hacker and a sign of her internet-fried times.

Pistol Annies, Hell on Heels Ten laid-back but bladed ditties about shotgun weddings, opiate habits, serial gold-digging, contested inheritances, domestic arson, and buying on layaway.

On Broke With Expensive Taste, she sang, rapped, and scatted over kinetic productions commingling calypso, hip-house, dance-pop, and more.

How zeitgeist can you get? The Brooklyn noise-pop duo, comprised of ex-hardcore guitarist Derek E. Miller and dedicated pop student Alexis Krauss, crafted a confectionery of metal- and punk-inspired riffs which Kaleidoscoptic - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD) more like jackhammerssticky-sweet melodies, and vibrant pop enthusiasm.

Treats is an exhilarating jolt to the brain and an open threat to the eardrum. It had been almost 20 years since A Tribe Called Quest released The Love Movement before they unveiled what would be their final release. A triumphant return to Midnight Marauders -era form and an uncommonly urgent swan song for the legendary crew, service also functions as an elegy for the late Phife Dawg.

Eilish once again reinvented what a pop star could be: An all-inclusive, xanny-rejecting, tongue-stapling, lonely Lucifer who has just taken out her Invisalign.

Japandroids, Celebration Rock No bass, no ballads, no bad songs, no synths, no interludes, no time for indulging cynicism or restraint. Celebration Rockthe still-thrilling second album from Japandroidsis a master class in stripping rock music down to its vitals and discarding all the other nonsense.

Tinny percussive beats explode in midnight shades, daring clubgoers unafraid of the bpm speed limit to fuck up the dance floor until they slip on their own sweat. Rashad tragically died from a drug overdose inleaving behind his cohorts DJ Kaleidoscoptic - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD), DJ Earl, Taso, and others who all make appearances here, a big collaborative family that revolutionized dance music — and a too-large hole where their star used to be.

Parquet Courts, Sunbathing Animal At this point in their young career, Parquet Courts had mastered their particular vision-illusion of shaggy spontaneity, expertly selling the sense that every song was being written even as it was being committed to digital tape. Were primary songwriters Austin Brown and Andrew Savage even singing? Those listening to Sunbathing Animal might blink and miss a killer tune, so swiftly they came-and-went that, starry-eyed and only nominally about anything significant.

Not since Slanted and Enchanted or at least Is This It had stray slack been so beguiling, so brilliantly casual. As with obvious forebears Reed, Boon, and Malkmus, they laid down a marker for their s counterparts to pick up.

It was difficult to say with certainty whether Danny Brown would survive any given banger, or whether he even wanted to; anyone who went four or five rounds with XXX unlocked a brilliant narrative portmanteau linking chemical excesses to their sociological roots.

Each segue seemed to begin before the last one had a chance to end. This minute Christmas gift re-sequences nearly all of that work into a stunning and deservedly long narrative that reveals the quietly profound and wide-ranging achievement of this notoriously reclusive legend behind the boards.

But the entirety of Tunesawash in warm vinyl static and peppered with field recordings, is essential listening for understanding the current landscape of electronic music and some of the darkest comfort food your ears will ever consume.

Many artists offer hope in a hopeless world. Burial builds his own hopeless world from scratch and imbues it with hope. What Whack World lacks in grandiosity and winding song structures it makes up in spades via playful eclecticism, both in subject matter and sound. The songs juggle heavy emotions behind the presentation as a goofy, tossed-off curio.

Whack World the music video is even more impressive, a minute candy store of vibrant looks, sets, and concepts that change completely from one scene to the next. But she made history with that first thunderbolt no matter what follows: Whack World is the rare album whose form is as interesting and charming as its content. For a band that once seemed easy to hate, the polished songcraft and emotional urgency was suddenly undeniably resonant.

Instead, this revenge-of-the-thirst-trap debut LP served as a showcase for Cardi B the personand not just the skurr-skrting, Bernie-stanning FashionNova icon. Invasion of Privacy opens the table to a new generation of pop artists remaking American music in their own image and accents. And Cardi will remain front-and-center. After all, these shoes are bloody for a reason. The drowned-reverb haze of Visions entranced critics of a hipper stripe, but her less defined early work would grow in confidence by unpredictable bounds.

So her fourth album was a candy-explosion surprise — after three years of tactful tooling, avowedly soberand chasing dreams of Gaga-level ubiquityGrimes had come up with a DIY pop monolith more purely visionary than anything Stefani G had put her name on. Byhe had almost expectedly culminated his streak with this gilded work of audio-visual art, one of the greatest albums of the contemporary age.

As the title implies, his fifth album is opulent, self-absorbed, grandiloquent, the sound of a soul at war with itself. Skrillex showed that dance music could be as noisy and distorted and punk as anything a real guitar has ever contributed to. For the former frontman of From First to Last, his unlikely second act as a producer who changed dance music forever led to multiple Grammys — including one for the unstoppable, Sirah-assisted title track and Best Dance Album for the whole record, despite electronic gatekeepers initially turning their noses up — and turned him into a summer-festival hero.

Deliciously addictive, Bangarang remains awash in melted-gummy synths, woofer-torturing basslines, and eye-gouging electro. Dance music may have broken a bit later in the U. After being previously accused of being too robotic and having a cold personality, she opened up her previously shielded world to dedicated Beyhive fans and a sudden battalion of converted critics.

In a vulnerable move that set the foundation for Lemonadethe self-titled album found the famously guarded singer more candid than ever. Inmaybe you already felt a radically transformed way of life — radical transformation as a way of life — was, in the face of various hard-to-solve problems, a duty, and necessity. Maybe, while pushing the shopping cart, jamming avant-garde Swedish synthpop on your iPod Nano, confidently inhaling raw supermarket air, you wondered whether or not you were obliged to commit to all that right now.

Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly By the Spring ofKendrick Lamar had already solidified himself as a deep-thinking rapper who was not only one of the best professional rappers alive, but also one with the kind of cultural capital and marketplace real estate that marked him as a once in a generation rap artist. For To Pimp a Butterfly — his second major-label studio album — he put his entire net worth on an impolite polemic against whyte supremacy that reinforced that Black Lives Matter without ever invoking the slogan and rarely mentioning whyteness.

If his major debut, good kid, m. From first listen, the album made clear that it would not be easily made over to fit into any cookie-cutter models.

Instead, it sprawled into the underbelly of fame, squatting with depression, and treating introspection like a series of gang walks, sweaty backyard cookouts, block parties, and street riots. There were no easy singles and even the ones that emerged felt more like they were carpetbagging on mainstream grounds than trying to move on up. Produced by a squad of design-bending architects that included Pharrell Williams, Flying Lotus, and Terrace Martin in addition to in-house talents Tae Beast and Sounwave, the album was simultaneously retro, modern, and futuristic: Suites of free-flowing live instrumentation buttressed by swampy floors of bass and moulded by synthesizer flourishes.

To Pimp a Butterfly immediately emerged as timely and timeless, and five years on — with the country excavating the foundation of itself and removing statues from public spaces — it remains a necessary reminder that this stolen land of the free was built by the souls of Black folks whose houses have many rooms. So it came as somewhat of a shocker when that impressively prolific trajectory halted.

The pop star took a step back four years to be exact to contemplate where her sound should go next. That self-reflection birthed her universally worshipped eighth Kaleidoscoptic - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD), whose very essence is explained right in the title. ANTI is the antithesis of what fans and industry critics came to expect from her. Before the age of 30, Rihanna crafted the most purely enjoyable album of the s by embracing her fully realized womanhood.

ANTI is a double-edged journey: One on end, it is a collection of diamond-studded hooks that roam through the multiple stages of love. Gone were the glittery, chart-friendly credits of Sia or Stargate.

No, Rihanna was ready to get weird, erotic, and unfiltered. Will you ever respect me? By breaking her own rules, ignoring her long-satiated craving for a hit record, and accepting the authority of her own artistry, Rihanna once again became a trendsetter.

But few pop stars ever realize the full possibilities of that. This time, Rihanna embraced tunnel vision and pushed her boundaries off the map.

And the end result just happened to be the best album of the decade. To see our running list of the top greatest guitarists of all time, click here. Nicole Kidman attended an event with a look that we're obsessed with—curly hair. Let's just say that she is rocking it. Later that evening, she burst into tears. Was not expecting this from Katie There were several truly dominant performances in Week 5.

How did it shake things up in the latest power rankings?

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