Pennies From Heaven - Joe Bushkin - Joe Bushkin (Vinyl, LP)


I will note those some of those albums that were re-released. Capitol also released a series of International Records during the 's starting with the number I will also list some of those titles for reference purposes. I do LP) have a year of release for this series. A side note, LP) Classical division had it's own numbering system utilizing the series and series for the Angel Label for those releases. A Capitol Records Catalog. After SeptI cannot confirm titles that were released on reel.

When I have confirmed info, I will update. In the early 's Capitol, like the other record labels began reissuing mono recordings in a process where the "highs" treble were heard on one speaker and the "lows" bass were heard on the other speaker. Columbia Records called it "Electronically Re channeled Stereo". Capitol called it "Duophonic Stereo". Capitol Duophonic Albums have a "D" prefix in front of the mono prefix and is listed in parenthesis's in this listing.

This format enabled these Capitol titles to be played on a Stereo Phonograph since the original mono grooves were cut at a 90 degree angle where Stereo Records were cut at a 45 degree angle.

Playing Stereo records of that time on a mono turntable would damage the record. Also there were albums released as Duophonic during the 's. One example, The Beach Boys. Some albums were recorded in True Stereo and some were only in mono and released in Duophonic. The early 2 Track Stereo Tapes were numbered from 1 to to be catalogued in a separate listing. Note, most LP releases were not issued on reel.

Those tape releases were assigned the prefix "Y2T" or "Y2W", as well as the next number in line. I have to this day not seen double LP issues of the tape releases, except on 8-track. Those numbers will be listed in this survey. I have no catalog source to confirm actual titles released.

The Years! Hey Girl! Mack pn — King vc i Autumn Leaves — ts out — dm out —? Mack pn j All the Things You Are — ts out — dm out —? And in those few days Joe [Helbock] boarded a rattler, shuffled off to Buffalo and came back with one of the strangest outfits the town ever saw—four rhythm, a trumpet and violin! Postings suggesting that the pianist might be Clyde Hart have been removed.

Chicago Press,incl. Robert K. Farrell San Francisco, Encounter,incl. They were divorced infollowing which she married Rafield Hill who died in She was born 19 May and died 7 September The labels are based on Gennett label designs. Angelus did no recording themselves. They licensed from various labels incl. It was all sewn up that I was going to New York, so I did. At the first, so I have been reliably informed, both the studio and the control room were infested with managers, assistant salesmen, presidents, vice presidents and the usual quota of stooges, all giving the nervous and embarassed leader points on how to play the violin and how to make the band feel at ease.

The finished records successfully reflected this chaotic state of affairs. Hanighen saw to it that the hordes who were in attendance at the first date were kept outside, proceeded to change the band around to its normal state, practically elininating the non-swinging piano and caused the boys to produce records which represent them at their very best. If anyone, after visits to the Onyx Club on W.

Hammond also mentioned Smith in the record reviews he wrote for New Massesat first under the nom-de-plume Henry Johnson, later under his own name. An alternate take, assumed to be -2, although it is just possible it could for example be -3, was released in UK and Germany. The existence of two different takes has gone unrecognized for seventy years, partly because assumed take -2 actually shows take -1 in error: the original US Vocalion true take -1 was pressed by Columbia; on the European pressings, in the UK pressed by UK Decca, the usual Columbia-style matrix script is not present and is replaced by Brunswick-style matrix script also showing, though now in error, take When the metal parts were pepared for processing, the alternate take, assumed to be -2, must have mistakenly been designated True take -1 was quickly withdrawn in US and the alternate, false take -1, then also released there.

CD Avid [EN ]? Members of the band are seen jiving and playing. Duration is one minute twenty-eight seconds. Shot entirely outdoors in various weed-choked, industrial-looking locations in Northampton, Massachusetts, the film draws a parallel between these neglected, formerly useful sites which have gone to seed, and the musical treasures which the ever-changing machineries of cultural production have left in obscurity. Buscemi coupling unassociated.

All members of the band declared bankrupt citing attorney Herbert K. Rosenberg as chief creditor. Smith himself was not legally entitled to bankrupt status because of a LP) declaration within four years.

Cooper ran an instrument repair shop in Chicago, home of National Dobro, and kept guard dogs which she named Fritz Kreisler and Stuff Smith. Cooper is almost certainly the female representative for National whom Smith recounts as having introduced him to the instrument at the Onyx in New York. They married in If I had been here when you attacked a smaller man with a bar stool I would have shot you dead there and then. Seaman is an IM error for Carl Hogan, who recorded with Louis Jordan, but he is anyway unlikely to be the guitarist here.

Further analysis is pending of confusing 78 dub matrices of identical takes on Varsity tests, releases, Commodore, Montgomery Ward, LP releases of this session. For the moment it is assumed that Rose is the featured off-screen violinist for both the Clarence Muse character and his son in both classics and jazz.

The reasonably good quality of this Varsity release suggests that it may not have been recorded by Varsity at their studios noted for sub-standard facilities and poor recording.

This could also account for the lack of an exact recording date. Can Stella Brooks vc be shown to have been in LA at the right time? Thus some surrounding IM entries should probably be redated. She wrote it while working with Stuff in N. The credit to Allen on his later 78 Brunswick is in error. June ; Stuff Smith Trio A previously unknown inscribed location photo of the trio has come to light.

Research by Konrad Nowakowski suggests that the Steiner—Davis session was released several years after recording. It was given by Rosenkrantz to Gray Weingarten who presented it, along with a few dubs of parts of other known Rosenkrantz sessions, to the Institute of Jazz Studies.

The 26 August date is found in the Rosenkrantz log which reads Jimmy Jones. The tenuous assumption is that there is only one session. Other titles remain lost, including a vocal by Inez Cavanaugh and a vocal by Ella Logan. It is of course possible that Jimmy Jones played on other titles. Dress rehearsals for 2 November ; 2 February have not come to light.

The sheet music confirms the correct form of the title: Is! Jubilee H Part 1, the side incl. This also throws into question the correct stamper for the side of H incl. Smith, not as yet viewed. The vocalist is not Inez Cavanaugh.

It may be Rubberlegs Williams — research assistance Tom Buhmann. A lacquer has been located with further titles, one with Stuff Smith, dated 20 Augustconfirming that date as correct. Buster Bailey clDuke Ellington pn. I also sometimes would be "Quentin" - don't remember what qualified me for that role But, hey - I got to be the main characters - pretty good!

I have many memories of the show and the two movies of course, I went and saw them at the theatre when they came out! Besides Barnabas and Quentin, my favorite was Angelique. What a beautiful woman - and so evil! I also liked the werewolf a lot can't remember who that was. Note to self: I really need to buy the DVD collection. Anyway, I can go on and on about this show, but I'll stop for nowand let you download the album. It'll be great to play as background music for your Halloween party!

BTW, the two "Blue Whale" tunes are pretty groovy and you can dance to them! Opening Themes: 1. Dark Shadows 2. Collinwood 2. Josette's Theme 4. A Darkness at Collinwood 5. Meditations - Narration by Jonathan Frid 6. Night of the Pentagram 7. The Secret Room 3. Epitaph - Narration by Jonathan Frid 4.

Seance 5. I, Barnabas - Narration by Jonathan Frid 6. Back at the Blue Whale 7. The Old House 8. Epilogue 2. Dark Shadows And, just to remind you of the opening sequence, here's the color one used from to Posted by Esther at PM 3 comments:. Labels: dark shadowsdavid selbyjonathan fridrobert cobert orchestrasoundtrackvideo.

As we count down the last few hours of summer, I've decided to share a double-record set with you today. Remember those TV commercials that would advertise record compilations by a company called Sessions? It's a great album with some wonderful familiar hit songs from the late s and early s. And I really like the cover - with the old record player and 45s.

Remember how fun it was to LP) the latest record and invite your friends over to listen to it? And you would have an impromptu dance party LP) school? Kids today don't know what they're missing since they don't do that anymore!

I like all but one song on this double-album I've never liked 3 on Side 1, and I particularly don't like this version - I've always found it annoying with his "oh, yeah!

The first time I heard it was around the time that David Cassidy became a big teen idol. I developed a huge crush on him, and "Born Too Late" became the song that I would dedicate to him every time I listened to it. I still think of him when I hear it. Well, anyway, I think you should definitely download this and play it at your next Saturday night sock-hop! It'll bring back lots of wonderful memories! My Happiness - Connie Francis 2.

Tom Dooley - Kingston Trio 3. Born Too Late - Poni-Tails 6. Wayward Pennies From Heaven - Joe Bushkin - Joe Bushkin (Vinyl - Gogi Grant 7. Young Love - Sonny James Side 2: 1. Bye Bye Love - Everly Brothers 2. Ivory Tower - Cathy Carr 5. Green Door - Jim Lowe 7. Allegheny Moon - Patti Page Side 4: 1. Tammy - Debbie Reynolds 2. Broken Hearted Melody - Sarah Vaughan 4. Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers 5. Morning Side of the Mountain - Tommy Edwards 6.

Posted by Esther at PM 2 comments:. Labels: compilationsessions.

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