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Long Island, New York. Evicted — 4th Place AFH. Week 1. August 5, First Round: Upon entering the house, the move-in groups of four would instantly compete in a competition. In the competition, an item would be shown on a screen in the backyard and HouseGuests would have to find the item in the house.

They would then roll a ball through a maze, with the goal of landing the ball in the hole corresponding to the room the item was in. The first two HouseGuests in each heat to complete the puzzle would compete in the second round. Given the live nature of the competition, this competition also had a 4-minute time limit. Should a heat exceed four minutes, then only those who completed the table maze would move to the final round.

Final Round: The players who made it to the final round competed for one-by-one in a live competition. The HouseGuests would each have to race across a series of pedestals and make it to the other side of the yard, locking in their time with a buzzer. Some of these pedestals were not sturdy. If a HouseGuest fell off a pedestal, they would have to restart.

The HouseGuest to complete the course in the fastest time would be the new Head of Household. August 9, Safety Suite Competition "Don't Miss a Beat" : In this competition, the object was to put together sections of the Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star remix by pressing seven buttons in the correct order after listening to the whole song. The HouseGuest who completed the task in the fastest time would be declared the winner.

August 12, Power of Veto Competition "Going Bananas" : Contestants had to rock back and forth on a giant banana to earn 90 seconds to stack the most fruit cutouts they can on a stand. To earn more time, you had to get back on the banana and rock back and forth before the timer reaches 0. If the timer reaches zero or they exceed the 30 minutes total time limit, whichever comes first, they earn zero points and are eliminated.

In the contest, only Enzo locked in his stack with 18 items. Enzo chose not to use the veto, keeping Cody's nominations the same. August 13, Then Julie would ask the HouseGuest a series of True or False questions, with an incorrect answer resulting in a HouseGuest's elimination from the competition.

Week 2. August 16, The goal is to place all of the drinks on the corresponding tables in the fastest time. All drinks on the red tray go to the red table, while the drinks on the blue tray go to the blue table. This had to be done in such a way that the tables will balance so that no drink falls off.

August 19, Power of Veto Competition "All Starry Night" : Houseguests have to stand on a slanted surface and hold a ball steady on a flat surface held out in front of them.

Last person to let the ball fall wins the Power of Veto. August 20, Head of Household Competition "Mug Shot" : Each Houseguest must push the mugs to the nearest target possible and get most points as they can. The Houseguest with the fastest time and most points wins HOH. Tyler won with a score of 12 points, barely surpassing Janelle, who had Week 3. August 23, The goal is to get past all of the lasers to open the Big Brother (Remix) vault and bring the large ball all the way back to the beginning without disrupting a laser beam.

If hit, the alarm goes off and the player has to rush back to the start and press the button to reset the alarm. The player who makes it back to beginning and hit their button in the fastest time will be safe for the week.

August 26, Power Veto Competition: "Cupcake Clash" HouseGuests competed head-to-head in a randomly drawn tournament to sort out three cupcakes in a Tower of Hanoi pattern. Since there are six players, the fastest of the first round advances to the championship round while the other two winners face head-to-head, with the final two competing in the final round.

August 27, Head of Household Competition: "Carnival Quick Shot" Houseguests are split into two different groups for this competition. Each group compete in each round by getting all three balls in those holes first.

The first three HouseGuest to complete the task moves on to the final round, and the first HouseGuest in the final round wins the competition. Week 4. August 30, Head of Household Competition: "Carnival Quick Shot" Continuing from the live eviction night on Thursday, the competition was played out to reveal the six winners from the first round, who competed in the final round to determine HOH.

September 2, Power of Big Brother (Remix) Competition: "Face the Puppetmaster" HouseGuests had to hold on to four ropes, one for each arm and leg and Big Brother (Remix) there as the ropes were pulled all around.

The last HouseGuest remaining won the competition. September 3, Head of Household Competition: "Filter Faceoff" Houseguests competed in head-to-head rounds and were shown pictures from the Memory Wall, with different filters applied to the Houseguests' faces every round.

Julie gave a category and a number and asked whether the amount of photos fitting that category were more, less or exactly the same as stated in the question. If a HouseGuest answered wrong or their opponent got the question correct first, they were eliminated. The winner of each round chose who would compete in the subsequent round, with the last houseguest remaining, winning the competition. Week 5. September 6, Houseguests had to search around in complete darkness among trash and other obstacles for power icons that would fit inside Big Brother (Remix) of the three power podiums.

Each person who found a power icon and matched it with the correct podium would receive that special power; however, they would not know what power they had received until after the competition was over. All three powers were eligible to be used once over the next three weeks.

Christmas, David, and Dani were the winners. Christmas named Da'Vonne and Bayleigh as her nominations that week. Power of Veto Competition: "Mathcathlon" : Each participating HouseGuest held onto two red buttons until they saw an equation that equals to The HouseGuest who either gave the correct equation last or incorrect equation first was eliminated but would receive a different reward or punishment depending on performance.

The last HouseGuests would win the veto. The first three HouseGuest to fall off would be subjected to "Have-Not" for this week, and the last HouseGuest standing wins. Week 6. September 13, Big Brother (Remix) Dani won the competition, and named Kevin and David as the nominees for eviction. September 15, Power of Veto Competition "Micro Brew" : Each HouseGuests compete by stacking 15 micro-sized beer cans using tweezers to form a five-level pyramid.

The first HouseGuest to complete the challenge wins. September 17, Head of Household Competition "Hydrant Hustle" : HouseGuest had to collect puzzle pieces and build a fire hydrant puzzle, then press the buzzer once the puzzle is complete. The first HouseGuest to complete the puzzle wins.

Week 7. September 20, September 23, Power of Veto Competition "Tiger Zing" : One Houseguest, at a time, entered the maze to find three alien tigers, after finding the tigers, they will have to place those in their proper cages. The HouseGuest who completes the task in the fastest time wins.

September 24, During the eviction ceremony, Da'Vonne was evicted to Kevin, with the votes except Dani and Nicole, making her the second Jury member. Shortly after the eviction, they were informed that Dr. Will Kirby will pay a visit to the house to offer prizes in the upcoming week of games.

They were also informed that the first-ever "Triple Eviction night" will happen following the forthcoming eviction ceremony. Week 8. September 27, Head of Household Competition "Going for the Green" : HouseGuest had three putts to score points ranging from 1 and 21 points. September 30, Power of Veto Competition "OTEV the Psychic Salamander" : Each HouseGuests would search among a pile of clothes for a tie-dye shirt marked with the names of previously-evicted houseguests as band names.

Cody chose not to veto and replace anyone. October 1, An incorrect answer eliminates the HouseGuest. The last HouseGuest standings wins. Memphis won the competition and nominated David and Nicole F. Power of Veto Competition "Ice in Your Veins" : The three HouseGuests have to cross a balance beam and turn their puzzle from a picture of ice veto into a fire veto puzzle and pressing the buzzer. If the HouseGuests fell off the beam the contestant is eliminated.

The HouseGuest who either got the puzzle first or is the last one standing wins. Tyler won the competition and nominated Dani and Nicole F. Power of Veto Competition "Feet to the Fire" : Each HouseGuest have to transfer a piece of puzzle, one at a time, to the puzzle within a balance beam and create a fire-pictured puzzle before they can press the buzzer.

Week 9. October 5, Each time a button is released, the clock then speed up by 10, then 30 and After a certain time, the HouseGuest with more time was eliminated from further play.

The HouseGuest with a lower time after the last round wins the HoH. October 7, Power of Veto Competition "Snapshot Shuffle" : Each HouseGuest have to retrieve six photos of previously-evicted houseguests at a baseball game and have to arrange them in chronological order. Each HouseGuest had up to 25 minutes to complete the task. The HouseGuest with a fastest time of completion won. Cody won the veto but chose not to exercise his.

October 8, Head of Household Competition "Stashing Pumpkins" : HouseGuests have to transfer pumpkins from one side to another with a teeter-totter using a basket. If the HouseGuest or any of their pumpkins touch the ground, they have to start all over.

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Two separate houses were built for Big Brotherand they were merged twenty-three days into the series when previously hidden connecting rooms were revealed. The fifth series introduced a Friday Night Live games arena. An animal enclosure was added to the side of the compound for the sixth series. It was retained for the seventh series.

During production on the series, visitors could access the Big Brother auditorium and view live footage from the house. This feature was, however, discontinued at the start of the ninth series. As the original house had burned down, Seven Network who currently produce and broadcast the series decided on a new location for the Big Brother House much closer to where production and crew members live.

It has been understood the house has been built inside a warehouse which existed during World War II as an artillery shed, with a secondary building previously used a gym housing activities and challenges for the housemates. The theme music was adapted from the original theme used in the original Big Brotherwhich aired in the Netherlands.

The track is an extended version of the main title theme used in the first two seasons of Big Brother Australia, and tracks heard throughout the seasons that followed are shorter, remixed versions of this track. The original track can sometimes be heard in the background when eviction votes, or the nomination tally in the Nominations show, are shown on screen, or when eviction phone numbers are during a show.

Inthe theme music was retooled into an electric amplified remix, in counterpart of the format changes that were made that year. Four years later in the revival of the program, the original theme song returned with a futuristic remix.

The theme song was completely absent from the season. The title theme was initially released as a single. The track was an extended mix of the main title theme used in the first two seasons, and was released with an acoustic "Diary Room" mix and more trance influenced "Eviction" mix. The show aired on Prime in Between andthe show aired on a one-day delay from the Australian broadcast. As such New Zealand viewers had the ability to cast eviction votes to determine the weekly evictee, however this did not continue in as the show aired on a three-week delay long after voting in Australia had concluded.

The show returned to New Zealand, as part of the TV3 summer line-up in November with the tenth season of the show. The second season to air on Seven was broadcast online-only, via TVNZ OnDemandstarting 4 May with the first four episodes and each subsequent episodes being released within 48 hours of the Australian broadcast.

The edition of the show was also broadcast on Finnish streaming service Ruutu. The broadcast would occur each weekday at pm. The series received some criticism from commentators and audiences for its sexual content. The series was occasionally referred to as " Big Brothel " in the press, in reference to the sexual content of the Uncut episode.

Adults Only was cancelled early in the season due to continuing controversy. After the series, complaints prompted the Australian Communications and Media Authority to launch an investigation into Big Brother: Uncut. Included in those requirements is a commitment by Network Ten to compile episode footage early enough for censors to evaluate it. As a result of criticism, the show was renamed Big Brother: Adults Only for the season.

The daily shows in the first 4 seasons were rated G, despite their mild sexual references or innuendos and adult subject matter. The daily shows in the latter seasons were rated PG. Late Night Feast, an adult-oriented show first aired in the seasonwas rated M for moderate sexual references, non-graphic nudity and coarse language.

On 1 July two housemates, Michael Cox using the alias Ashley for the show and Michael Bric using the alias Johnwere removed from the house for allegedly sexually assaulting" Turkey slapping " female housemate, Camilla Halliwell[43] in a season of the series that had already attracted significant controversy.

Following the incident the live feed was temporarily replaced by an old UpLate update of the housemates completing their football task, continuously looped [ citation needed ]and the forums on the Big Brother website were removed. Queensland Police were shown the relevant footage, but opted not to conduct a criminal investigation. Then Australian Prime Minister John Howard asked for Big Brother to be cancelled, saying, "Here's a great opportunity for Channel 10 to do a bit of self-regulation and get this stupid program off the air"; Leader of the Opposition Kim Beazley and Senator Steve Fielding supported this view.

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie argued that the show employed many Australians in production and that, because of the already diminished size of the Australian television industry, the show should continue. The show's producers aim to get "real people" in the house. This has been done by personality testing, engaging with people around the country and appearances.

While there are housemates who are "unique" and reflect many diverse people in Australiathere has been a high number of individuals in the latter seasons who come from a modelling background which has alienated them from the public audience. In the season, to lower censorship controversies that stemmed from the housemates' generally salacious and revelling personality types from the previous seasons, producers selected more sophisticated, reserved and modest type of housemates, such as Rebecca Dent, a devout Mormonand Jamie McDonalda computer geek.

Such practise of selecting more educated and mature type of people continued into the latter seasons, with other examples being Michael Beveridge from the season, who had the IQ of a geniusand Priya Malik, an Indian Australian schoolteacher with an English Honours degree from the season. It was rated M which means that the DVD requires a mature perspective, however there is no legal restriction on access.

Unseen showed Launch and Eviction episodes, while Uncut features clips from Big Brother Uncut ; speaks of how television censorship laws of different countries that have Big Brother seasons that differ from Australia 's; footage of the audition process; and a package where Peter Abbott, the voice of Big Brother for the first three seasons, was "Big Brother'd" for a day, where a camera followed him from the time he woke up to when he went to sleep.

Unreel section has information on the first three seasons' housemates, including Big Brother 's housemates' introduction packages shown at In They Go ; an image gallery with information on what the 24 original housemates of the first two seasons were doing at the time of the DVD's release; and an interactive tour of Big Brother 's Houses before and after they were merged.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Big Brother Australia. Australian television series. The logo of Big Brother Australia Mike Goldman Sonia Kruger. See also: Big Brother Australia - Controversy. Herald Sun. Retrieved 9 September Retrieved 28 June TV Tonight. Dawn of Chromatica features remixes of songs from Gaga's sixth studio album Chromaticareleased in May Artists who see the world, feel the world, and put that feeling into something bigger than Big Brother (Remix) of us: music," Gaga wrote on Instagram.

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