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Breez Evahflowin - Pro-Files, The EP (Vinyl)


So yes, the album starts with a bang, continues to fire heavy artillery for the first half, then slumps a couple of times on some of the second seven songs. And Sentence really has something to say throughout the whole album, and we have not more to say about this record, apart from that you can find more information on voiceboxrecords.

But so far never from Greece. Yip, that place of culture and togas and where North Europeans like to take their summer vacations. Lyrically, they are saying something. Ask someone that speaks Greek. As for the beats, whoever done them likes his keyboard.

So we get somewhat commercial beats, that sound like typical European rap songs Breez Evahflowin - Pro-Files might actually get into the charts, i. So the album is not as bad as we just declared, and as a real rap fan, you should be interested in what other countries are doing anyway.

Actually this is some The EP (Vinyl) damn proper rap music right here. And sometimes both are just very good, sometimes they are quite solid and sometimes they just are. And good. So you already had four chances to know and start to appreciate Pugslee Atomz.

Lyrics are creative and Pugslee sounds comfortable over them, shining right. So check audio8. And damn, is Chicago putting out any wack records right now? Add to that line up Arton from Las Vegas Nevada. As decent Artson is, as oftentimes unsatisfying to horrible his beat selection is.

More information on mindspider. O full length album. After sifting through all the entries and a week of careful and painstaking deliberation the panel of 6 judges weighed in with the final decision. Lawson and Pep and Dumi from O.

Click here for an exclusive listen to the track laced by DaSunOfGod. Please support this incredibly talented young man and hop on over to the Definitive Jux webpage to buy ArcSin 's album "Resonant Murk Tactics". It's the first record on the list. Thank you. I hope you guys are all avidly reading our year end wrap up lists. And I buy everything that has this guy on it.

Thus I was excited to hear that he has this new album coming out, and rushed do buy it. Do you remember that Special Ed used to have this dope flow? Now he does it lackadaisically and it does not work. Plus he got chubby. This is a style that does not fit him. So this is really horrible. But this is truly horrible. Years have passed now, and the team steps up with a couple of new releases. Which are not always very impressive. They are sample based but lack a certain charm.

They sound too much like beats by a dude back just learning his trade. Building their album around old snippets of Fab Five Freddy interviews, the guys then break into the album with take-no-prisoners raps.

Heck, listening to them scratching the surface of a really accessible mainstream-ish vibe, this is better quality than what you have to endure on any given BET program.

The songs range from funky to old schoolish to straight up gritty to also some moments of humor. Heck they even let the DJ shine on two interludes. So yes, for all those that like a little street in their music, go check this out. Heck, this is much better than Little Brother. So, make sure to get this. Play it for your woman. I hate it. Dynamite yes, that Ms. Now, if anything The EP (Vinyl) feat. You listen to this because it plays in the club. Even though Jacki actually has a nice way to deliver her rhymes, a certain effortlessness and acting twist to, it and a good voice to back it up.

What she says is still forgettable. Not really. Tek is also kinda nice, with the rappers honing their bragging and boasting personas. For others to avoid this album.

The tracks all sound very similar, both amongst Breez Evahflowin - Pro-Files other but also compared to the last album. They come with the same tired way to scream hooks. Even worse though is that Jon struggles to really do something new and exciting. Good album; really good album. Not just since the success of Little Brother. Nope, nope, nope. So get with the program, this is some good rap right here. Vinnie is still spitting hard, of course with repetitive subject matter, but over excellent Stoupe production.

Lyrically the cats are secure behind the mic, but say far too much on one song to not exhaust you by the third track. Because the rappers and especially the producer are too good for being labeled that; as accurate it may be. Fly on the hook.

Produced by Dj Spinna. As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, Ms. Talese attended the Cleveland School of the Arts where she began to receive wide spread notoriety as a promising young vocalist.

After completing high school, Laurin relocated to Philadelphia where she attended the University of In perfect complement to her effortless vocal abilities, Laurin is also an eminently gifted and very passionate songwriter.

It is the union of her pure tone and poignant lyrics that enchant so many who desire to hear her sing. As she aspires to maintain musical excellence, Laurin Talese continues to dazzle spectators with her impeccable skills and elegant, intimate performances. Laurin can be seen performing in Philadelphia and the Tri-State area where patrons enjoy the alluring songstress as she seamlessly blends standard jazz ballads, classical art songs, and original tunes for an unforgettable performance experience that is beyond category.

As a label dedicated to producing rare limited-edition Hip Hop vinyl of past and present, Chopped Herring Records lay out their list of releases! Enjoy a track playlist of music by artists who maintain the original boom-bap in their collective approach to classic sound. If you've ever dealt Breez Evahflowin - Pro-Files difficult trails in a relationships, Mr. Porter offers some inspiration in the form of Hip Hop that provokes as much thought as it provides an escape in it's club-ready rhythm and sound.

Joined by singer Mela Machinko, dEnAuN shows his ability as a soloist to paint a picture on both the boards and mic in this modern vision about the trails of love. Let the breezy Latin Funk of the AFLEX Combo uplift your spirit as this upbeat guitar-driven groove touched by vibraphone and female background vocals sets a mellow vibe. If you love Funk fusion for a feeling of festivity, "Hibaros" provides a nice balance between edgy and carefree sounds as sounds which project a lighter touch blend with aggressive rhythm in percussion.

De La bring together the elements of a classic as they command the crowd with their thoughtful lyrics and intellect to the thump of a mellow and thumping groove. This is one song which strikes a fine balance between captivating both your imagination and urge to dance through deeply written lyrics which are laid upon the foundation of funky music.

Now as a father…. I just crave the love and joy of togetherness and the season. And what better way to get love, then to give love. So this is a remake of one of my musical idols, Donny Hathaway, and it is from my heart to you. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the spirit of the season and share it with others. This sound of music is sure to brighten your day as Pat's soulful sound carries 8th W1's reassuring messages of life.

All the makings of a signature evening at the Loft After an extended respite from the biz, 8th W1 is back to what he does best, reciting straight-forward stanzas over massaging instrumentals. With Lux DeVille we catch 8th as he ponders the troubles of the world and the potential for sun rays on the other side. His main cohort PVD plays the role of funky drummer, composer, and producer, laying beds of electronic jazz over hip-hop beats. Check our extended length video to see how it all unfolded, live InPreemo and Papoose represent proudly for the tradition of Hip Hop from New York as classic boom-bap meets the force of a powerful and aggressive rhyme flow.

Enjoy the sounds and download the single here at iTunes. Urban Mystic's latest album "Love Intervention" released in April of now available digitally. Thug Tear Dropz ft. Young Noble Enter the mind of a couple street disciple who weave thoughts of religion and history with tragic visions of inner city American life. On a haunting 4th Disciple production, the Wu-Tang essence of unforgiving truth in the form of street cinema continues to show it's influence in and beyond with this approach of thought-provoking raps.

Hear more new Hell Razah and his crew on the mixtape "Gheeto Govt. Witness a collective of modern talent who are a slave to the rhythm and demonstrate an exciting free-thinking approach to the sound of Jazz-Rock.

What you are hearing here is a hybrid of these two songs, featuring the arrangement of "Beauty In Freedom", but with Carolyn's vocals from "Beautiful Dreamer" mixed in at the end. Feedback is welcome. Thanks for listening. Outstanding skills in the art of Hip Hop remain everlasting, as demonstrated in the entertaining New York event known as The Halftime Show anniversary. Enjoy the sounds as a series of producers provide heat on production for a gathering of legendary and emerging MCs.

Audio courtesy of Undergroundhiphop. Block McCloud 2. Archrival 3. Pumpkinhead 5. The Rugged Man 6. Zion I 7. Deuce Eclipse 8.

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Sean Price of Heltah Skeltah Sadat X of Brand Nubian Lambo Dolla 2. Swigga 3. Al Tariq 4. Problemz 5. Polyrhythm Addicts 7. Slaine 8. Scienz of Life 9. El Da Sensei Guilty Simpson Fresh Daily Block McCloud Tony Touch Silent Knight Filed Under: Alessandro Alessandroni composerJuno. Gangstarr Girl. Texas Hip Hop Spot. Ron Mexico City. Aaliyah 1 R. Apache 1 R.

Camu Tao 1 R. Dilla 35 R. DJ Hideo 1 R. Guru 28 R. Heavy D 1 R. Jam Master Jay 1 R. Killa Sha 4 R. Nate Dogg 1 R. Nujabes 2 R. ODB 5 R.

No. 10 Coro « Chi In Dio Sol Spera » - Mozart* - Oratorios, Cantatas, Masonic Music (CD), Allegro - J. S. Bach*, Jean-François Paillard Chamber Orchestra* - Concerti For Harpsichord And Orch, Kill Miss America - Wednesday 13s Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13* - Little Box Of Horrors (, Elias - School Of Seven Bells - SVIIB (Vinyl, LP, Album), Stargate Atlantis - Timo Tolkkis Avalon - Angels Of The Apocalypse (CD, Album), Tryin To Get The Feeling Again - Gene Pitney - Trans-Canada Highway (Vinyl, LP), Freq Theory - Bass Trap (File, MP3), Mr. Brightside - The Killers - Direct Hits (CD), Still Or Not., Väike Aed - Olev Vestmann - Olen Su Mees (CD, Album), Act I, Part I - Verdi*, Philharmonia Orchestra, Philharmonia Chorus, Herbert von Karajan - Falstaff, Hells Party (D.J. Ricci & DFC Team Mix) - Various - Trance Dance - 18 Of The Hardest Club Sounds