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Get Up - Magic Drum Orchestra - Magic Drum Orchestra (CD, Album)


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Radio " withdrawn. When I asked Jeter who Troy Ford is, and what he contributed to the album, he replied that Troy Ford is his older brother, a black cowboy who has been rodeoing specialty: steer wrestling for twenty-five years.

His nick name is Crow. When I say on the album'Crow said take her to the watering hole. I was reminded of the late Reggie P. Reggie P's debut was entitled Who Am I? I'm not going to say Hisyde's debut is as auspicious as Reggie P's well, yes I am. Reggie's legendary, break-out album was his second long-play, Why Me? Hisyde also reminds me a little of Luster Baker Vickie Baker's little brother for the old schoolwho's a musical genius but less career-focused than Hisyde, and of Arthur Young, who is the more accomplished vocalist and writer but lacks Hisyde's producing acumen.

That's some pretty elevated company for a debut artist. Hisyde's not a producer per se he gets the cream of the crop Beat Flippa, Tony T, Eric "Smidi" Smith to do the work for himbut he understands the importance of getting the best out of every record something Young still needs to work onand that's half the battle.

Born in in El Dorado, Arkansas and raised just down the road in tiny Strong, Arkansas, Sernerick Greer aka Hisyde started managing and doing promotional work for a rap group called the Swangaboyz in south Arkansas after graduating from high school. In he moved to Dallas to pursue a gospel recording contract with gospel producer Flaco Da Great. Hisyde first appeared in Daddy B. The giddy and disarming "Sleepin' Pill" Album) gained year-end honors, coming in at 21 on Daddy B.

Who Is Hisyde? The roof-rattling "Is It Ova? Nice to comment: Hisyde is really coming on. Two in a row! Campbell's "I'm Stepping Out" a couple years ago. This song plus "Is It Ova? The rambunctious "Is It Ova? Southern soul devotees may do a double take at "If You Were Mine," a full-fledged country-western single that according to Hisyde has already attracted some attention in Nashville, and proving, like so many before him, that if you can sing southern soul you can sing country.

Of the handful of remaining tracks, there's not another song of which you could say, "This is a sure-fire new southern soul hit single. Hisyde takes to the road with a host of venues in including El Dorado and Crossett, Arkansas, Dallas and DeSoto, Texas, Monroe, Richwood and Choudrant, Louisiana, with big-city stops in Atlanta and Detroit, and if his official video to "For Your Love" is any indication, he should be great in concert.

Blues O. Along with the buckets of love, I think familiarity does breed contempt. As great and durable an artist as O. Buchana is, I get annoyed with him every time he puts out a new album. I feel like I'm pushing for O. He's singing the same type of songs in the same old style with the same old instrumental tracks by the same old label of twenty years, Ecko. Imagine if Jeter Jones put out an annual album twenty years in a row with his same producer, Slack.

I'd probably feel the same way, and I might even say of Jeter, as I'm tempted to do with O. But then, as I listen to the tracks again and again, I gradually break down. Differences and nuances do appear. The songs begin to take on shape and substance, and before I know it, I'm starting to warm to it.

See the review in the right sidebar of New CD Reviews. I still prefer the relative sweetness of the Cummings original, but it will be interesting to see how the greater southern soul audience who may not have heard the original reacts to what may in effect be the first time they heard "Southern Soul Brothers".

And in a bid for striking vintage gold, and just a couple of months following a successful Get Up - Magic Drum Orchestra - Magic Drum Orchestra (CD J. Blues rendition of the late J.

The composition brings out Buchana's finest vocal performance of the set, and the song's refrain "You might have to hurt, But you can hurt and move on. Some of the more uptempo numbers"Bend It Over," "Bet You Got A Good 'Un" and "Tear It Up"aren't' as successful, actually coming off as more sentimental than the ballads and mid-tempo numbers in spite of their token ribaldry.

However, if you're averse to sentiment, O. Buchana is probably not meant to be your performer of choice anyway. Southern Soul Brother may not hit on all cylindersthe songwriting is a little too flaccid for thatbut the set is a worthwhile addition to the O.

Buy O. Buchana's "Southern Soul Brother" Album) Amazon. The only constant is the blues. My friends, the blues is still alive. Like one thing never change, The blues will stay the same. Although blues influences are what the set is all about, they're interspersed with liberal dashes of southern soul, funk, rap and even touches of jazz. The blues does change even as it stays the same. There is so much to explore, and fresh sounds abound. Like other recent southern soul-blues Narvel Echols' "Pour Me A Drank" comes to mindrap is given a verse and adds valuable contrast.

Voice-overs segue into rap and vice versa, as in the ballad "Prophecy". Stevie J's vocals dominate throughout, reminding us whenever he's on the mike that he possesses one of the sweetest tones in southern soul, but this band is by no means a one-man show.

In "Trouble Man" Stevie slides from a voice-over into a quasi-rap and ultimately into a conventional balladeering. You never know what the next song may hold, nor even what direction the next verse may take. Not all of the elements in this gumbo-like approach work, but the diversity of this album makes for an appealing debut comparable to recent newcomers The Jay Morris Group, high on variety and verve.

New southern soul recording artist Volton Wright has scored a trifecta of hit singles, and they just happen to lead off his new southern soul debut album, Love On You Tha Album one-two-threetake your pick.

They are, in order, "Southern Soul Girl" featuring T. I can't remember a more impressive line-up of tunes leading off an introductory CD in many years. It could haveand might havebeen so different. He was honored with the lead-off track, "That Thang," but the first artist from the sampler who capitalized on the platform Slack had provided was not Volton Wright but Get Up - Magic Drum Orchestra - Magic Drum Orchestra (CD.

Taylor with his hit single and subsequent album, "It's A Mule". Little did we know at the time that Volton Wright's true specialty was melodic ballads, not "That Thang"-type, mid-tempo jams, and "That Thang" remained the exclusive property of Katrenia Jefferson, who had recorded her song of the same name years earlier.

Wright's penchant for soulful slow tracks first surfaced in mid with his homage to the Temptations, "My Baby". The video featured Volton and his back-up singers, including Jeter Jones, stepping onstage in vintage Temps stage style.

Procol Harum: Beyond The Pale. SAF Publishing Ltd. Procol Harum. Archived from the original on 7 July Archived from the original on 29 September London: Omnibus Press.

Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 1 June YS is a fine song with a catchy chorus. But it also helped pave the way for the sound effects of Sgt. The song was popular in India, at least in Bombay where I lived. Nothing wrong with that. But others do not think so. Nice one Paul, clever! I like it. McCartney, on the other hand, had his best Beatles moments on this album. When George stayed away from the Hare Krishna stuff he was great, but when his songs were consumed by it, I just patiently wait for the next song to kick in.

My fave Beatles album is Rubber Soul. Side 2 is much weaker. So 10 out of 14 for Revolver. But these are only my opinions, not definitive statements. Pepper is great just because of the impact that it had, but Revolver was an absolute great album. If you want to go to school, listen to Revolver. Is the perfect album for play it in a sunny day, song by song.

Whit a couple of beers and maybe some weed. Who was George Martin talking to in his first quote on the second page? John, George, or someone else? I should have made that clearer. That was George M talking about John. All the songs are amazing but that one takes the gold medal in my opinion! He was obviously coming into his own as a composer at this time. It demonstrates the almost high school level of writing for the last verse, in my opinion, that attempts to make some kind of big philosophical statement to close the song.

They were back on the road again. They began their tour of Germany and the Far East almost immediately after Revolver was finished. Yeah, the very same who obviously tried to pay them respect. Tomorrow Never Knows was the standout track on the LP. Several copies were made, including the Phil Collins one, but in my opinion, the only version that came anywhere near was bya band that was almost Roxy Music without Bryan Ferry.

Or do we next get to find out what Cliff Richard has to say on the subject ;o. If you want to talk about Phil Collins, please head to the forum. He tried and covered their most progressive song ever. Respect, Phil, for that! Maybe Phil should have just left the Beatles alone, or cover a Ringo track since he was after all a drummer. You were in a car crash, and you lost your hair. The original U. Great album. Includes some of the best pure pop ever recorded Good day Sunshine etc… to the psychedelic brilliance of Tomorrow Never Knows.

I think that it was important that they were still touring when this was made; part of secret is that they are a band and not a few song writers treating the other band members like session players.

Even Taxman gets a bit monotonous after awhile. The albums that came after Revolver are better in my opinion. Still a great album though. I prefer Revolver to Sgt. George is my favorite Beatle, and he is extensively involved on Revolver especially when compared to his seemingly disinterested and limited role on Pepper.

Great stuff. I keep changing my mind, like every hour. Or comparing apples to oranges…. Best Beatles album is right here. Why is it the best? Not a dull moment. Every song is awesome. Abbey Road gets boring during Sun King though the rest of the medley is brilliant.

Some people just have problems with feel-good songs…. The White Album was actually pretty amazing when taken as a whole album because of the sheer diversity of songs. It made a bigger impact on me than Revolver did. I have to agree — overrated. For me, side 2 drags after the brilliance of side 1. Redeemed by Tomorrow Never Knows at the end although more for the effects than the tune, which is not the strongest… probably better rendered by the Pink Fairies, really.

Side 2 drags? I have to strongly disagree! I think side 2 of Revolver is the best side 2 of any Beatles album, with the possible exception of Abbey Road. The melody and intro are wonderful. Well, for me and not only for me this is the strongest song collection of ALL Beatles albums.

They never had many fillers at all, in contrast to ALL other Rock groups, but Revolver is strong from start to finish. Pure brilliance. Peppers had more impact and even more creative and versatile and innovative in the studio and production-wise, but Revolver has the highest and most consistent song quality of all Beatles albums.

Definitely not close to worst on Revolver. King, I have never understood the fuss about this album. My only complaint with Pepper is that all the psychedelic sounding keyboards on it makes it sound slightly dated now. But Get Up - Magic Drum Orchestra - Magic Drum Orchestra (CD music on it is awesome.

The Beatles best album. Many people critics, publications, etc. I fully understand those who say Revolver is their best album and those who say Pepper is their finest. These are definitely the pride and glory of Beatles years, for two completely different reasons. Just try and listen to it as an excellent piece of music by itself.

I was confused that on the Taxman and Tomorrow Never Knows page you seem to strongly suggest that the guitar in the tape loop of TKK is not the from the exact solo used in Taxman…but on this page for the album you seem to imply or say that it is. Did you mean to edit this or did you post this article first before realizing that you do not believe it is from Taxman?

I think this album is quite overrated. Yeah many songs are great but I think all John songs except and your bird can sing are absolutly terrible. Tomorrow never knows is their most progressive song ever and easily my favourite Beatles song.

Robert is also great, especially for the guitar sound and the backing vocals, especially in the middle eight. Strongest song collection on any Beatles album, or ANY album!? For No One… this is the biggest chill inducer of anything recorded in 50 years.

I can sit and listen to this track and wonder how there could be any material left in them, yet the LP just continually pours forth amazement. Revolver is the very definition of inspiration. Albeit pleasant sounding filler. This is probably the best set of John songs on any Beatles album! Live In The U. Anthony reads a book describing all the mascots and each of The Wiggles.

Greg sings Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Anthony has a guitar and invites everyone to see what each of The Wiggles does when he is by himself, to the tune of Where Is Thumbkin. Song 4: Get Ready To Wiggle - a beachside. Song 5: D. My Favourite Dinosaur - animated. Captain hails his crew, but the friendly pirate crew are not their normal selves. Ben says we don't have any music.

The pirate radio is broken. Captain offers to use his magic buttons to play the radio. Dapper Dave requests opera and Captain sing a quick song. Cool Clarky wants to hear rock-n-roll. Captain pushes the button and sounds like a DJ announcing. He sings Hot Potato in Elvis's voice.

Caterina wants to hear her favourite country music singer Beccy Bluegrass. Captain tries his buttons, but they don't work. Jeff's asleep. Wake up, Jeff! Everyone applauds. Caterina remarks on how those pirate magic buttons saved the day. Song 6: Captain's Magic Buttons.

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