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Tropes Brought to you by the Letter D. Dagwood Sandwich : In episodeTelly comes into Hooper's Store for his usual cheese sandwich lunch, but after seeing a different patron eating something different Mr. Hanford tells him you can put anything on a sandwich. Afterwards Telly gets a passion to make the world's first "everything" sandwich. Dance Party Ending : The nineteenth season finale is Luis and Maria's wedding; the episode ends with everyone dancing to a salsa remix of the theme song at the reception in the arbor.

Darkest Africa : Subverted in a s segment. Smart Tina claims that Africa is just one big jungle because she saw it in a Tarzan movie. But Roosevelt Franklin shows on a map that only a small portion of Africa is jungle.

The continent is really a mix of different environments dotted with big cities and valuable resources. Deadpan Snarker : Bert or Oscar, normally. Though the writers have infused many of the characters with this trait when the sketch calls for it. Even though Star Wars is a family franchise, the violent fight scenes make it appropriate only for children older then 7.

The celebrity expanded version of Monster in the Mirror ends with a cameo from The Simpsonsa show for an audience far more adult that that of Sesame Street.

Three skits one about the letter W, one about body parts, and one about brushing teeth featured characters from Happy Days Fonzie was in all three and Richie also featured in the tooth-brushing skit. While Happy Days isn't an adult show, it contains risque jokes that make it more suitable for around middle school age and up. Demoted to Extra : Has happened with numerous cast members and Muppets over the years, but the most notable would have to be Big Bird during the s, being overshadowed by Elmo's skyrocketing popularity since The '90s.

Destroyed For Real : Big Bird's nest area in the 5-part hurricane story arc from the hurricane blew down all of the construction doors surrounding the area, the nest itself was blown apart into a mess of scattered twigs and sticks, the whole area was reduced to a shambles and even though Oscar and his can were in Bob's apartment as the hurricane blew through, the rest of Oscar's domain was also blown to pieces.

It took the adults two days to help clean up the debris as well as put the doors back up, and another two days for them all to help Big Bird build a new nest.

Department of Redundancy Department : Intentionally done with Vincent Twice, a Muppet parody of Vincent Price that hosted the Mysterious Theater segments and would often repeat his name twice when introducing himself, hence his name. Even Sherlock Helmock does it when in one installment, Vincent Twice turns out to be the culprit of the mystery. Tropes Brought to you by the Letter E.

Eagleland Osmosis : It was rumored that in a British primary school, a teacher showed this clip to her class and later asked where milk comes from.

Their response? This was no fault of the Children's Television Workshop. The CTW, when asked, will help other nations to create their own versions of Sesame Street tailored to the host nation's cultures, concerns, and budget. They also felt CTW's involvement would be insulting, considering the BBC already had 20 years of experience producing children's educational programs.

Early Installment Weirdness : Early seasons were much slower-paced, and frequently relied on lengthy lectures, making it more in line with competitors such as Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and Captain Kangaroo.

They abandoned this around the mid s. Some of the Muppet characters looked and sounded very different, too. Oscar, for example, was orange, and only his head was visible. Big Bird missed most of the feathers on his head, and had the mindset of a dim-witted adult bird rather than a child.

Cookie Monster was slightly more menacing at first, acting as a disruptive nuisance with a very limited vocabulary. Rowlfwho was the best-known Muppet character instarred in the Children's Television Workshop pitch reel for the show alongside Kermit, but only made one appearance in the series proper in the Henson-made "Song of 9" film from season 1. Oddly, in the pitch reel, Rowlf was the Only Sane Man and Kermit was a Deadpan Snarker though he did get the honors of coming up with the title for Sesame Streetafter a Running Gag of other Muppets straining to think of a good title for the show.

Before Elmo gained his own distinct identity, he was an occasional background character. Sometimes he would have a deep or raspy voice. Animated segments originally outnumbered Muppet segments. Also, the characters broke the fourth wall more frequently, addressing their audience as well as introducing and commenting on segments, as if they tied into each other more.

In a first season segment where Ernie cleans up the apartmentErnie points out his paperclip collection. Later on, Bert would be the one who collects paperclips, while Ernie would typically think they are boring.

The street set used to look much more authentically New York inner-city back in the old days, with litter and dead leaves covering the sidewalk, grit on the buildings, and the sounds of traffic, car horns, sirens, and whistles heard in the background. The very first version of Snuffy teeters into Accidental Nightmare Fuel.

Ernie, Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster and even Kermit the Frog were far more frequently seen on the street with the other characters in the first ten seasons, since Jim Henson and Frank Oz were more readily available, though after The Muppet Show and other subsequent projects took up much of their time, Ernie, Bert, Grover, Cookie and Kermit were then relegated to mostly inserts, as Jim and Frank were then only able to dedicate one week out of each year for such.

Those characters started to make regular appearances in street scenes again in the s and s, following Jim's death and Frank's semi-retirement. Although always possessing a golden voice, Bob wasn't always a music teacher; in fact, during the show's earliest episodes, he was a shop teacher instead. The first season featured performances of popular and copyrighted songs; it was not uncommon to find things like Bob singing " Good Morning Starshine ", or the Muppets belting out some tunes of The Beatles.

This continued to a lesser extent into the second season. A rare instance of a popular song being sung on the show after the first season was when special guest star Gloria Estefan sang her famous song "Conga" on the show in Count von Count was more sinister when he debuted in Although he wouldn't drink blood or turn into a bat and would still often be out in sunlighthe was much more vampiric, such as possessing hypnotic powers so he could get others to let him count something, and his Signature Laugh was more villainous-sounding, and he wouldn't let anything get in his way of counting.

He was significantly toned down and got much friendlier by the end of the 70s, and they gradually phased out rerunning older segments featuring his earlier self most notably any where he uses his hypnotic powers. There were two letters of the day initially. It was changed to one somewhere around season 3. Ear Worm : In a episode, Big Bird just wants to go about his day, but he can't stop thinking about the song "C is for Cookie".

Played with in an episode where Oscar gets the theme in his head. The reason why he dislikes it is because the song is too happy for grouches. Earth Song : "Don't Throw Your Trash on the Ground" talks about how you should never litter but use trash bins instead. The similarly-titled "Don't Waste the Water" is about how you should never leave your faucet running.

There are three songs featuring a character named Willie Wimple, about environmentalism— one is about deforestation, one is about littering, and the final one is about water pollution. They show Willie doing the bad thing and sing about the terrible thing that would happen if all children did it. In "Just Throw it My Way", Oscar sings about how you should throw your trash into his bin instead of on the ground. River" talks about how rivers are disappearing due to pollution.

Eat the Camera : A not-uncommon means of ending skits, particularly considering his shtick featuring Cookie Monster. Edible Theme Naming : One little girl in a cartoon skit is named Cookie. Downplayed for Cookie Monster, which is a nickname.

The "Noodles and Ned" skits feature Noodles the cat. Educational Song : A major foundation of the show, covering a wide array of educational concepts and music genres.

Edutainment Show : Not the Ur-Examplebut very much the Trope Maker for shows that try to present educational content in an entertaining fashion. With its colorful Muppets, witty comedy sketches, catchy songs, and memorable film and animation inserts, it became a big hit right out of the gate.

David and Olivia explain to Big Bird that people vote for who they want to run in certain offices in the government, so Big Bird and Snuffy decide they Album) to vote too, but they can't because they're not old enough to register to vote and because Snuffy was still "imaginary" at the time.

Embarrassment Plot : One episode focuses on Baby Bear being embarrassed about his baby doll because he thinks dolls are for girls. In one "Abby's Flying Fairy School" skit, Blogg is embarrassed when he visits the city of trolls because he is half-troll and half-fairy so he looks like a troll with wings and feels like the odd one out.

Emo : Abby's classmate Gonnigan. He's shy and pessimistic, wears a striped hoodie, has a floppy hairstyle, and becomes transparent when he's nervous However, he takes it back after he's shown what would happen if he made that wish. Episode Tagline : In one episode, Baby Bear keeps saying the title of his story, "The Three Bears in Outer Space" with an inexplicable echo on that last word which disappears at the end. In the episode where Gabi gets the flu on her birthdayeveryone tells her, "It's OK to be sad if you're sick on your birthday" to the point where she gets, well, sick of it.

One episode involves trying to find out why Natasha keeps saying, "Hoongie". It turns out that's what she calls her doll. Every episode in seasons 38 through Hungry For Love - Bad Boys Blue - Completely Remixed (Cassette has a "word of the day".

Escaped Animal Rampage : Ernie tells Bert about his day at the zoo in an early skit. Ernie describes the trip as largely uneventful, even as he also reveals that several animals escaped their Hungry For Love - Bad Boys Blue - Completely Remixed (Cassette Every Episode Ending : Up to three letters of the day and two numbers of the day are reviewed and given sponsor credits.

Starting with Season 27new episodes generally only had one letter and number of the day. An exception was Episodewhich had two letters of the day. Up until the end of Season 26this was followed by " Sesame Street is a production of the Children's Television Workshop".

The funding credits then were shown, which were initially silent, then had a tune known by fans as "Funky Chimes" playing fromand finally used an instrumental of the then-current "calypso" version of the theme from Everyone Has Standards : In the sketch where he plays Robin Hood auditioning new Merry Men, even giggling jokester extraordinaire Ernie finds Harvey Kneeslapper's wacky antics obnoxious and annoying.

Evil Slinks : Intentionally subverted, in an effort to make things unfairly stereotyped as icky and scary more approachable. Sammy the Snake and his song about the letter S illustrate this nicely. Exact Words : Often a source of misunderstanding. In one Ernie and Bert sketch, Bert's reading is disrupted by the music of a marching band Ernie is leading outside, and Bert asks him to practice anywhere but outside the apartment - so Ernie leads the band inside the appartment.

Expository Theme Tune : Expy : The many co-productions around the world contain their own versions of certain characters. Each country has a full-bodied Muppet similar to Big Bird, but not an exact replica. They even met once. Zigzagged on Zhima Jie. Co-productions also have their own versions of Oscar, usually another grouch.

Sometimes, though, inserts with the original Oscar will be dubbed and used. Elmo is international now, too. His South African equivalent is named Neno. Extreme Omni-Goat : In an interstitial cartoon demonstrating "zero". A complaint was received from the Dairy Goats Association, leading to a follow-up clarifying that dairy goats only eat healthy, sensible foods. See them both, one after the other, here. Extreme Omnivore : Cookie Monster eats anything, as Hungry For Love - Bad Boys Blue - Completely Remixed (Cassette his family occasionally.

Oscar eats some extremely strange food combinations — like sardine ice cream with chocolate sauce — but they are generally at least edible. Narf also eats a helmet at one point. Tropes Brought to you by the Letter F. Faceless Masses : The anything muppets. The reason that they are called this is because they can be anything as needed, however the most memorable are The CountThe Amazing MumfordGuy SmileyPrairie Dawn and of course Forgetful Jones.

Fainting : Happens quite a bit with Muppets i. Also a very common way to end a Muppet sketch. Carl Mericana was asked what kind of shape he was being presented with, and when he responded with "a circle", Betty Lou facepalmed. Fairy Companion : Abby Cadabby, who is a serious point of contention for some fans, as it looks disturbingly like the character was designed by a marketing committee.

However, the book "Street Gang" - while quite frankly admitting that that is how Zoe was designed, and how much she was hated by the writers because of it - takes pains to point out that Abby was created in the traditional manner by the show's longest established writer. Fairy Tale Free-for-All : Whenever the show dipped its feet into Fairy Talesit featured an assortment of fairy tale characters as Muppets. Baby Bear attends Storybook Community School, which seems to be geared toward fairytale characters.

Hey, kid - you wanna buy an 'O'? Furry having the power to turn invisibleand Furry Muscles Super Strength but have a hard time recruiting a fourth person to fill that role, before eventually settling on Chris. Fat and Skinny : Ernie and Bert, although Ernie is more broad than fat. Because of this, Elmo can't decide whether to have his earache treated or not, and sings a song about it. Feeling the Baby Kick : In the first part of the 3-part episode, "Three Bears and a New Baby", after the Bear family hug each other when Mama tells Baby Bear that they'll still have the same amount of love for each other as they did before, their hug is interrupted by Baby Bear's new baby sister, Curly, kicking from inside Mama.

Baby Bear is impressed when he finds out that a baby can move around inside its mother, and Mama allows him to feel Curly kick. Filler : The televised version of Abby in Wonderland was combined with a cover version of " I Believe in Little Things" and the street scenes from "The Golden Triangle of Destiny" in order to fill an hour.

Also, through the years, various tricks were used to fill the hour. These included the inserting of one of several stock segments - such as the famous "dot bridge" dots would be placed, one at a time, on the screen, to form a 6-by-5 grid - to repeating segments to a quick clip of someone either a mainstream celebrity or cast member making a comment a la Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In.

Sometimes, the end theme and "sponsors of the day" was simply started early over a generic street scene, but the camera just pulling away from the action in progress.

Filthy Fun : All Grouches except Felix enjoy being dirty and hate being clean, so they "wash" with things like mud and cheese. Irvine, Oscar's niece, did want a bath in one episode, but that was seen as an unusual activity that she's only doing because she's a toddler.

Slimey the worm likes mud, probably because he's a worm. First Day of School Episode : Abby, and later Baby Bear, had episodes focusing on their having their first day at a school for fairy-tale characters.

One episode focused on Elmo's first day of preschool. A book based on the series focused on Grover's first day of school. The Count remembers his first day of school at one point during a Flashback.

Fish out of Water : The Yip-Yip aliens, who spent their first years on Earth attempting to communicate with inanimate objects Hilarity Ensues. Some stand out more than others, though: Zoe was originally a little girl monster who enjoyed dancing, among other things Telly used to be merely fond of triangles instead of obsessed with them like he is now. Cookie Monster, in his earliest appearances, just loved milk and cookies before becoming an Extreme Omnivore.

Since the mids, Elmo has become increasingly loud and hyperactive within each season as well as a Karma Houdini. This is especially noticable in the segment Elmo's World. Many of the topics involving Elmo now would have been explored by Big Bird thirty years ago.

Fly-at-the-Camera Ending : The musical skit "Surprise" has a Pie in the Face ending with the pie flying straight into the face of the viewer. Then the fog clears up, so they all dance the London Clog. Forgetful Jones : Trope Namer.

Forgetful Jones is a cowboy who forgets a lot. They later end up in two towns filled with people from Mexico and West Africa, respectively. Friendly Neighborhood Vampire : The Count is one of the finest examples of this. He's a vampire, but very friendly and never seen drinking blood. Funny Animal : Some upright-walking animals, such as the Bear family, feature.

Funny Foreigner : The Count is one of the Transylvanian variety. Furry Confusion : In one skit, teaching about frogs, Kermit is horrified when Bob tells him that frogs do not eat pizza or live in apartments, and is noticeably squeamish when Bob shows him a real bullfrog. The song "Bears, Bears, Bears" is about how the Bear family are still bears even though they don't act like regular bears. Furry Reminder : The Bear family doesn't hibernate, but in one episode, it's revealed that they still need to occasionally take all-day naps to make up for lost sleep.

Tropes Brought to you by the Letter G. Upon finding out her real sex, he renamed her Chuckie Sue. Generation Xerox : The Christmas special Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas shows the street in the 19th Century, where the great-grandfatehrs of Elmo, Cookie, Grover and others are more or less identical to their present-day counterparts save for some extra mustaches.

Though, this is merely a story made up by Elmo's dad. An episode featuring a visit from Gordon's father reveals he used to be a famous singing star.

A flashback has him portrayed by Miles, Gordon's son. Genre Savvy : Occasionally, Big Bird decides not to introduce Snuffy to the adults, knowing that Snuffy will probably wander off before they can meet. One example comes in episodein which Big Bird makes a plan for them to meet, but then imagines what would happen, imagining the usual formula for when he tries to get them to meet. In another episode, Snuffy shows up at a clothing store when Gordon is trying on clothes, as Snuffy goes to try on Snuffleupagus-sized pants and later when he leaves to pay, Big Bird says that maybe Snuffy and Gordon will run into each other and meet but then adds "probably not".

The Golden Rule : Lessons on bullying usually play out with one character bullying another and a third reasoning with the bully Album) asking them how they would feel if someone else treated them that way.

It's usually enough to get the bully to knock it off. Gone Horribly Right : EpisodeMr. Handford tells Telly that you can try new foods easily by putting them into a sandwich, which leads Telly to try and make the very first sandwich with everything on it. In an episode fromAlan finds himself in the same spot as Mr. Handford did. After hanging a sign that says "Hooper's Store: Where you can have whatever you want just the way you want it. After he enjoys his lunch, Alan takes down the sign admitting that hanging it was a mistake because it worked a little too well at getting Telly to have a specifically-catered lunch.

One animated skit is about mothers tucking in their children. One skit has Humphrey putting Natasha down for the night and singing a lullaby called "Goodnight Natasha". A book based on the series called "Time for Bed, Elmo! Blob Collector's Edition [Blu-ray]. Hot new releases See more. Chicago Fire: Season 5. Luca Feature [Blu-ray] Bilingual. Venom [Blu-ray] Bilingual. Cartoon Network: Over the Garden Wall. The Addams Family. If you would prefer not to lend your voice to LibriVoxyou could lend us your ears.

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Carn never sacrifices the swinging, songlike structure while underscording the complexity in Tyner's harmonic inquiry. The "Acknowledgement" section of Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" is rendered with elegance and spiritual soul in Jean's delivery. The familiar bass and piano theme buoys her.

The horns gather force and cascade under and around her as Carn lays down fat, open-ended chords for the rhythm section to play off. His lyrics are full of optimism and spirituality. Horace Silver's "Peace" closes. Carn's chart showcases an elegant interplay between bass and Rhodes piano as Jean expresses the lyric with nuanced resolve and resonance while the trombone emerges as a second voice.

All of Carn's Black Jazz titles are influential, but Infant Eyes arrived at a special cultural juncture. It balanced accessibility with adventure and established both the label and the Carns as co-creators of a brand new, specifically Afro-centric approach to creative jazz.

He found a home at the Black Jazz label, where African-Americans called the shots and, of course, racial tension was nonexistent. Who was this year-old whose first album, Infant Eyes, sold very well away from the machinations of the music industry?

Following his muse to Los Angeles, he worked in an organ trio and studied with organ and piano player Larry Young, who had co-founded the seminal jazz-rock band Tony Williams' Lifetime and recorded an excellent mids hard-bop record titled Unity, among other things.

Carn assumes several roles well: organ and piano player, arranger and lyricist. His wife at the time, Jean, is just as impressive singing. First track 'Welcome' -- a Coltrane piece found on the early s collection The Gentle Sound of John Coltrane -- has Jean's operatic voice and a swirl of instruments conjuring a state of awe in just over a minute.

Next, Jean displays a world of conviction singing the joyous lyrics about a newborn that Doug penned for vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson's 'Little B's Poem' originally an instrumental on Hutcherson's Components album. Jean opens still another vista of wonder singing the new lyrics of the melodic Wayne Shorter ballad 'Infant Eyes.

It was the first of twenty albums by a label that was very different from other new indie jazz labels that were being founded across the America. This included albums that featured political and spiritually influenced music.

Between and the label released twenty albums that included everything from spiritual jazz and soul-jazz to free jazz and funk. Eclectic described the music that the label released. That described the albums that Black Jazz Records released during That was still to come. Doug Carn who was just twenty-three when he signed to Black Jazz Records. Not long after this, he began work on his debut album Infant Eyes. Doug Carn put together a band and spent the best part of a year practising and then when he signed to Black Jazz Records recorded the album.

The rhythm section featured drummer Michael Carvin, bassist Henry Franklin and bandleader Doug Carn who switched between electric piano, organ and piano. Meanwhile his wife Jean added her unmistakable vocals. George Harper played tenor saxophone and flute and was joined in he front line by trombonist Al Hall Jr and Bob Frazier who played trumpet and flugelhorn. This talented and versatile band worked their way through the seven tracks which became Infant Eyes.

The session was engineered and produced by label owner Gene Russell and the album was scheduled for later in When Infant Eyes was released inDoug Carn still regarded the album as a demo.

Despite that, it was well received by critics and hailed as a groundbreaking album. It was a similar case with the other two albums Doug Carn released for the label. That was no surprise given the quality of the three albums he released. The first was Infant Eyes. Initially the arrangement is intense and almost frenetic before the band lock into a groove.

By then, the scat disappears as unleashes an impassioned vocal. On Moon Child Doug Carn switches to piano, and his playing is moody and melancholy. Meanwhile, the horns add an atmospheric backdrop during this eight minute epic which is an emotional roller coaster.

Horns are to the fore as the organ sweeps and swirls and join with the cymbals in playing a crucial role in the sound and success of the track. However, six years later Doug Carn added lyrics and his wife Jean takes charge of the vocal. Doug Carn added new lyrics full of social comment which are delivered by Jean. She plays a leading role in the success of breathtaking, powerful and poignant take on a familiar track from the late, great jazz pianist.

Despite that, it was the most successful album that Black Jazz Records released that year. Infant Eyes was very different to old school jazz and was new type of jazz album. It featured everything from avant-garde and even elements of free jazz, funk, fusion, soul, soul-jazz and spiritual jazz. These genres were combined by Doug Carn and Jean Carn who unleashed her five octave vocal on Infant Eyes which introduced the pair to the record buying public across America.

This was just the first chapter in the Doug and Jean Carn story. Infant Eyes was the first of four critically acclaimed albums that Doug Carn released between and These albums are now regarded as cult classics, and amongst the best that Black Jazz Records released during the five years it was in business. And nothing elsewhere in the infinite universe like them either. Peter will ask, you know: "Have you dug 'Faces in the Jazzmatazz'?

And which person are you in "Flibbity-Jib'? But the thing he is probably best loved for is a series of albums released in the late Fifties on Dot Records called Word Jazz. The four albums, recorded between andhave been anthologized several times over the course of their history including a vinyl collection on Blue Thumb and a CD on Rhinobut they have never before been made available on CD in their entirety.

In all, 27 tracks make their CD debut. Needless to say, Ken has also written some notes, and has provided some rare photos for the set. The Charlie Parker Dial MastersThe Judy Garland Decca MastersThe Machito Columbia Masters —the titles assume a certain form: the imperious definite article, the name of the artist, the recording company, and, at the end, that masterful word, masters.

But he did not define his era, and it did not define him. He is a performing artist of indeterminate medium, all but unknown to the general public and not well-known among musicians either. Most of his career has been in television and radio, where he lent his dark, agile bassvoice to numberless commercials.

His album Colors was originally a series of radio spots for the Fuller Paint Company. The accompaniment is not always jazz, nor is it exactly accompaniment. Explanation The last line always spoken by a Slylandro Probe before they attack, usually interrupting something it was saying before.

Sunset Riders : Marry me with my money Explanation Yet another arcade mutation: the first boss, having been defeated, is actually saying 'Bury me with my money'. This lead to those who agreed with the inclusion of non-binary and trans-affirming pronouns joking about the bad reviews en masse.

Crystal Skates Crystal Skates Crystal Skates Explanation As of the early access release, players lose the Crystal Skates item that leads to several useful areas and items as part of the story, and then the available story content ends before you get them back. The amount of players asking for it eventually lead to the devs telling players that a Tateru dies each time they ask. Cue players spamming it repeatedly. Tetris : I am the man who arranges the blocks Explanation A video about the complete history of the Soviet Union sung to the melody of Tetris quickly spread across the internet.

The line would constantly reappear throughout the song, and now you can usually expect to find it several times in the comments for any video related to Tetris or Korobeiniki. It should be called T-Spinnot Tetris. Explanation Modern Tetris games award a "T-Spin" bonus for maneuvering the T piece into a tight position and clearing a line with it.

Some games award a bonus for accomplishing the Difficult, but Awesome T-Spin triple line clear, with the bonus being higher than that of a Tetris. Whether this is a fair reward or going against the spirit of the Tetris franchise is a hot topic. Death mode, in which the game begins with pieces dropping instantly. A mirror of the infamous video, titled "Japan Tetris Finals", can be found here. Invisible Tetris Explanation Tetris: The Grand Master 3 is best known for having a section during the credits in which the game continues, but with pieces turning invisible as they lock down.

The video can be found here. Ready, go! Explanation The game has a distinct robot voice that speaks this at the start of every game.

Explanation In TGM 3failing to complete a section in Master mode fast enough results in this message, as well as a grade penalty and a Scare Chord. And you'll be Hiragana Alice Alisu. Time Crisis : Wild Dog's death or lack thereof Explanation Wild Dog, The Dragon of the first two games' Big Badsis notorious for appearing to blow himself up in one game, only to appear in the next and repeat the process.

The series currently spans five main installments, which Wild Dog has appeared in every single one of. Every time a new Time Crisis game comes out, one of the first questions fans tend to ask is something along the lines of "Does Wild Dog finally die? Explanation With clever use of rotating anchors and anvils, players discovered a method of creating a wild amalgam of anvils that easily tossed nearby mice around.

This was later incorporated into an official level. This bridge looks legit. Explanation Many levels require shamans to create bridges to the cheese. Between weak architectural design, an imperfect physics engine and good old-fashioned trolling, they can't always be expected to work. The meme can be used both straight and sarcastically.

The developers decided to leave it in. Still, it becomes almost certain that experts will get to the cheese first, and some players are bitter. WTF is a Gleany? Explanation An unlockable adjective. Almost no one seems to know the definition.

Untitled Goose Game " Peace was never an option. Explanation Completing a track with no misses results in a Full Combo mark, as is typical of Rhythm Games.

However, clearing the track with misses awards a Missless! Players on both sides of the Pacific struggle to understand what the game means by this, whether as some sort of Anti-Frustration Feature or Sarcasm Mode. It may be Engrish and was intended as Miss Less.

Warframe 26 million registered losers. The community embraced their newfound loser status. Greedy Milk. John Prodman, the most badass Corpus who ever lived. He's now in the gameas an opponent you can fight in the Index. He drops an autographed Employee of the Month poster. The Witness : Jonathan Blow's piss jar. Explanation During the Golden Endinga jar of what appears to be urine can be seen briefly on the floor, something YouTube commenters are quick to point out.

The World Ends with You : So zetta slow! Used in a similar manner as Slowpoke to mock someone for posting about an old topic. He's also used similarly to Ultros to tell some Incredibly Lame Punbut math related. Joshua and his Super Jesus Beam. Joshua is a form of the name Jesus, after all. Yoshua and Yeshua have the same root name. Come get some Hot Stuff. Explanation Mick learns how to market pins using outdated slang in horribly right ways. Shiki's "Pants.

Tin Pin. For Tin-Pin is a Manly Game. Explanation "Another Day" presents us with a considerably more upbeat Neku, whose love of Tin Pin Slammer prevents him from being the antisocial jerk he is at the beginning of the main game.

There's a party in my mouth! Explanation Beat's often considered ridiculous line for when given his favorite food. Shut up and walk, dear. I need more candy canes. This line is emphasized by the instruments cutting out briefly and makes less sense than most.

Worms : Oy! Explanation One of the lines from the titular Worms. It also has an absurd number of snowclones in the form of "The best thing about X isn't Y, it's showing everyone online that I did. Because when you see it, you'll turn degrees and walk away.

Explanation At the time, this was most likely the general mentality. The requirements were met with massive backlash and, perhaps more effectively, the DRM was the subject of a brutal Take That! Xbox, go home you're drunk. Explanation The Xbox One can be controlled by vocal commands, which includes features like turning the console off, going to the home menu with "Xbox, go home", etc.

Thanks to the bad display of the Xbox One, many people quickly made fun of the vocal command feature.

Yes, people tell nonhumans to go home for being "drunk". The Xbone. Explanation A fan nickname given by combining "Xbox" and "One", but it can also mean how boned the console is due to the bad PR by Microsoft. Recently ascended with a domain name purchase.

Xbox Done. Explanation A fan nickname that surfaced after their dreadful presentation at E3since the general consensus is that the Xbox One doesn't seems to have a leg to stand on with the high price and draconian DRM policies. Because Microsoft took steps back. Various gifs pasting "Sony" and sometimes "Nintendo" as well over someone beating up or destroying someone or something with "Microsoft" pasted over it.

Often described as a "Summary of E3 []" Explanation Sony's E3 presentation went over extremely well, in contrast with Microsoft's less than stellar one. Also used to describe Riki's status as a Memetic Badass at least in gameplay and a heropon. Xenogears : Chu-Chu died for your sins. Explanation In a scene where your characters' Gears are left hanging from crosses. However, you can have Team Pet ChuChu in your party at this point, who simply grows larger during Gear battles, leading to this.

A MAN! X-Universe memes are mostly limited to the games' forums. Nevertheless: Profitsss. Explanation The word the Teladi are obsessed with, and say using Sssssnake Talk. Praying to GoD. Explanation "GoD" is the name given to the games' economics management engine, which among other things deletes underperforming NPC space stations. Closely related to Random Number God in effect. Briefly, a picture of Bernd Lehahn, one of the developers, at his computer, posted during the announcement of X Rebirth.

The image on his computer screen started getting Photoshopped into all sorts of things "this is what Bernd is really looking at"including a picture of Bernd at his computer.

This became a Discredited Meme after the people with Photoshop basically ran out of ideas. The idea that the autopilot is a gerbil. Zero Escape Series : "This is a doomed timeline. Explanation The series' plot involves travelling to many alternate universes in order to create an 'optimal' timeline where the protagonists are able to accomplish their goals.

Usually, these other universes are ill-fated. When the third Album) was put on hiatus, many fans declared that this meant ours was a useless timeline, and expressed their desire to leave for a better one.

The Funyarinpa, Ladders, and Science Boy. Explanation Some of Junpei's dialogue options in the first game are rather They're frequently quoted for being so memorable and wacky, even in context. His answer is that his motives are "complex", which fans love mock because 1 it sounds like a Writer Cop Outand 2 makes it look like not even he knows what's going on. Zero Wing 's "Blind Idiot" Translation opening is one colossal meme by itself, spawning edits, remixes and variations by the thousands, along with creating a host of lesser memes, though it long ago became a Discredited Meme.

Explanation Zombies Ate My Neighbors seems to have a thing for cheerleaders in general. ZX Spectrum : R Tape loading error, Explanation The most common failure message encountered when trying to load software from a cassette tape a process that takes several minutes.

Memes still needing formatting. Croc : Dantini! The "U" wasn't always used though, resulting in "1P". Again, chiefly Japanese usage.

Amor Amor Amor - Nilla Pizzi - NIllamix (Cassette), Minusbaby - Monkey Patch (File, MP3), Heavy In E - Magic Muscle - One Hundred Miles Below (Vinyl, LP), Die Schlange Vs. Dämon Der Antwort (Re-Recorded, Remastered) - Project Pitchfork - Second Anthology, Behemoth (3) - Evangelion (CD, Album), Light Your Ass On Fire - Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw (DVD), Big Love Sale, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire), Jan-Michael Vincent - Double Naught Spy Car - Comb In Blue Water (CD, Album), Shoe Of The Year, Stainless - Sparkwave - Documents 2010 (Vinyl)