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Resources are the key to making a dent in the pop- ulation, but there is an even bigger force at work right here in Volusia County. Citizens, various city staff members and elect- ed officials who have a passion for animals are finding common ground and forging bonds to help them. None of the involved parties knew then it would be the last contact between the heartbroken grand- mother and her troubled grandson.

Clark died Oct. With a sense of duty to her mother, Ms. Panariello wants the case solved. She said a VSCO investi- gator was able to track down a receipt from a metal refinery for the pur- chase of some of Ms. Panariello's jewelry. That receipt contained her nephew's information and thumbprint. The jewelry, however, had been melted and sold. Host families provide havens during family crises r i Baker said at least animals belonging to Deltona resi- dents who otherwise may not have been able to afford the services have been spayed and spay and neuter servicesSeAI L A at the society.

Sadly that is not an unusual workday for Mrs. She is the coordinator of Safe Families for Children with Bethany Christian Ser- vices of Florida, an organi- zation that provides an array of services to families in crisis. Safe Families for Children SFFC is a national move- ment of compassion, origi- nated to provide hope, through a network of host families, to parents who need a temporary refuge for their children because of unmanageable or critical circumstances, according to Bethany's website.

These services are not adoption and not foster care. Host families receive no compensation for caring for children, and parents voluntarily place their children with them," the website states. Ford followed up his comments by saying, "Clearly we need to make an investment in that building.

We need to send, as a city, a message to the people that use it that we care about it. That it's going to get better. As you stage a construction proj- ect, you're going to end up spending more money, especially if we stage this over too long a period of time. The other piece of this is that I hesitate to call the locker room part of this as renovations. It's really paint and cosmetics work. We started down this road about two years ago and we knew what the Y needed.

The Y needed more space. So paint and carpet does not give us more space. So having said that, there are things that we can do. Citizen support for the YMCA proposal was strong. Dinky Allman, 75, a lifetime Port Orange resi- dent, said, "It is definitely a big part of our lives. I have been a member since the day it opened. And, like my town, I have seen it grow and come alive. Talking about growth in the com- munity she added, "We need to stay up with the times, to renovate the parking and generate more membership.

When the city of Port Orange wanted to partner, I approached the Y along with an archi- tect. It was an unusual concept for the Y for us to be partners, so we created a methodology.

We had the property to build a facility, but the numbers didn't quite work. Also advocating a phased approach, Mayor Green said, "We need to have an overall master plan of where we want to go. In other business, the council approved a waiver of bid irregularities regard- ing two issues for River- walk Park and Boardwalk.

During the bidding process for design and engineering services Mr. Kisela said, "We had some minor technical deficien- cies. Kisela recommended waiving the requirement because ulti- mately "whoever is select- ed will have to provide a certificate of insurance naming us as additional My dream is seeing a healthy baby become a healthy boy, who becomes a healthy man, who lives a long and healthy life.

A Everyone has a dream. And none could be greater than a long life of happiness and good health, so you can accomplish all your goals.

At Halifax Health, our goal is to provide the finest care. From the safest birth and childcare. Kisela rec- ommended that all six of the submitted proposals be allowed to present to council. Dis- cussed originally at the Oct.

The developer's initial proposal included only 30 percent open space, far less than Port Orange's 60 percent open space stan- dard. At the Oct. Mayor Green worked towards a compromise between council and the developer that resulted in the 45 percent target amount. Council members were unanimous in their praise for the developer's agree- ment to increase the open space. Elliott is HUM operations man- ager.

Friday, December 13, www. H hometown NewsOL. When our kids were young, I always made a big deal out of trying to convince them I had gone to great lengths to get the perfect tree.

My story included dragging a sleigh up to the top of a snow covered mountain and chopping the tree down with an ax.

Of course, I always got the tree at Scotty's Hard- ware but it was a fun game to play and the fact the nearest mountain was eight hours away didn't seem to matter to the children. In those days there wasn't as much snobbery about Christmas trees.

If it was green, it worked. My own dad would just cut a pine tree, but we always loved it. We had neighbors who just took a leafy branch from their oak tree and decorat- ed it. That worked for them. No one cared about perfect symmetry and such. When you think about it, going outdoors to chop down a living tree and then dragging it indoors is a bit strange. First, we kill it and then try to make it appear alive and standing for a couple weeks. These days, lots of people resort to a fake tree.

Some of these look almost real, but most bear no resemblance to an actual tree. Have you seen the silver tinsel tree? Scrawny and metallic, I don't know what that thing is trying to represent, but I bet if you hooked it into your TV, you could get free HBO. Naturally the more real a fake tree looks the more it costs.

The price of a good fake tree is about equal to that of a real giant sequoia. The folks who put up fake trees usually insist they can't deal with all of the shedding done by the natural ones. There is no doubt that if you buy a natural Christmas tree, you will wind up with a carpet of brown needles on your floor.

To try and keep this to a minimum, the idea is to get the freshest tree available. The lot that has had a thousand trees for sale since Halloween is not a good choice. Some of the big home improvement stores get their trees very early, but have enough room to hide them until the market kicks in. There you have to start poking around the lot sometimes before Labor Day to insure they are not secreting away trees to be sold in December.

A while back I made the mistake of buying one of those and the salesman made a big deal out of cutting the end off the stump so the tree could suck up water to maintain freshness. This guy deserved an Oscar. The tree had been dead so long it had turned brown and then they had hit it with a can of green Rustoleum which they have plenty of. That thing couldn't have sucked up water unless it was wrapped in ShamWows. Each Christmas, it is always fun to string lights on the tree.

Some people buy the light strand so they can light the tree with one wire. That is a big mistake. These lights are made so that if one light does not work, the entire string stays dark. Trying to find one loose bulb out of a hundred usually takes till Easter. It is a better buy to get several strands with four lights on each.

At least on Christmas you will have something lighting up. Remember those Christmas lights are manufactured in a third world country that only achieved electricity last week and the kids making the lights have no idea what their purpose might be. Trying to keep the tree standing is always a challenge. Once I took the red metal stand with the three bolts and filled it with concrete to try and get some stability.

That didn't work though the tree holder did make a nice boat anchor. But look, I don't mean to be a downer. I love a nice Christmas tree. I hope you all manage a pretty one. As for me, perhaps this is the year when I do climb that snowy mountain. Tuesday, Dec. Linden and Jennie Woods. On the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings, France decided to grant the Legion of Honor to all the U. S veterans who fought on French soil, many of which gave their lives in the name of free- dom and were therefore unable to receive this award.

EE Y99! Here in Florida, your choice is clear. Everyone likes options. My office not only offers car insurance backed by a company with 80 years of experience, but also offers home insurance from several companies Call me today!

Allstate does not make any representations or accept liability related to operations of home insurance companies, including, but not limited to, their financial conditions, Subject to terms, conditions and availability.

Highway 1 Oak Hill, Florida Vice Mayor Herzberg is delighted with the success- ful outcome, but a major concern remains. What about all of the ani- mals without owners to pur- chase a certificate and drive the animals to City Hall, then care for them after sur- gery?

Caring citizens all over Volusia feed large groups of feral cats at shopping cen- Mr. Baker said as of Oct. But those animals multi- ply at dizzying rates. On a recent Wednesday night, the vice mayor made her way to a site in Deltona where fellow volunteers trapped six feral cats for transport to Halifax the next morning. They were taken to another location to recuper- ate before being released.

And it's guaranteed to lower your utility bill! Greenspeed Intelligence controls variable-speed technology that allows the heat pump to run slower for better dehumidification in the summer, and faster for increased heating -r in freezing weather.

For you, that means greater comfort and a lowest cosi. In most cases, the energy savings can help make up for the cost of a new unit, especially if yours is over ten years old. Save Money Every Month with a new 4U' ll. B-CACB 1 l DeLand recently passed a cat colony ordinance where- by caregivers may register the colony with the city, agree to have the animals sterilized and then return them to the colonies for continued care.

Port Orange has modeled success dealing with over- whelming numbers of homeless cats. Port Orange Mayor Allen Green is approaching one cat per acre of land he owns. He isn't necessarily seeking more, but he does have 20 acres of land in Port Orange. Wise possums and turtles steer clear of this particular feline. He happens to be on the solution side.

It's working for us; that's all I can tell you. Vice Mayor Herzberg said the organization is the main liaison between most of the cities in Volusia for informa- tion and grants. Tuxedo Park is a cat colony where the cats are captured, spayed or neutered, and returned.

Pet Smart Charities representatives got wind of what the city was doing and suggested the city apply for the grant. It was awarded in a record amount of time, she said. Mihalic and CCFAW president and co-founder Cheryl Robel have spoken at commission and council meetings throughout the county, and have advised city staff and officials about what works.

Mihalic said. The test colony at Horizon Elementary School in Port Orange has given way to 14 others in the city, 13 of which are well under control. The 14th, at the 7- Eleven at the corner of Tay- lor Road and Williamson Boulevard was waylaid by construction and some well- meaning people who were inadvertently keeping the cats from being trapped.

But Ms. Mihalic said 11 cats from that cat colony recently were trapped, ster- ilized and returned. Prices, certain brands and models may vary slighy. Wilson, 28, of Port Orange, was arrested on Dec. Freimiller, 25, of Port Orange, was arrested on Dec.

Bail was not set. Little, 23, of Daytona Beach Shores, was arrested on Nov. Sweeney, 37, of Port Orange was arrested on Nov. Underwood, 28, of South Daytona, was arrested on Nov. Jones, 28, of South Daytona, was arrested on Dec. McFayden, 34, of South Daytona, was arrested on Dec. ERAU graduating first Ph.

Ranging in age from 26 to 57, five of the students earned a Ph. Both programs were launched in to satisfy the demand for research skills that enable profes- sionals in a variety of posi- tions to approach problems in a more scientific manner.

The Ph. The commencement cer- emony will be at 10 a. Monday, Dec. Atlantic Ave. He was convicted in of possession of child pornography and is required by Florida's sex offender laws to maintain his address on record with law enforcement. He was last known to be living on Forest Park Drive in DeLand, but he has since moved out and his present whereabouts are unknown. A judge issued an arrest warrant for Sut- ton on Dec.

Sutton is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs about pounds and has black hair and brown eyes. If you see Sutton or know where he is, don't attempt to apprehend him. One day courses held weekly, call for more information:. Trin1 ArcTr2inina cotm! COM Rants o Got something to say? Callers are asked to refrain from making slanderous statements. Statements offact will be checked for accuracy. In response to: 'Need New Dining' I would like to applaud the ranter who is asking for a new dining experience in Edgewater.

I would also like to tell this person good luck. For more than 10 years, I have been begging the City of Edgewater to encourage some new restaurants and not just pizza places. All of the places this person asked for I would like to see here also.

Not only would that bring more to the community it would also open up some New Direction - Barbe-Q-Barbies - All Over You (CD situations for some of the locals. Sadly though, it seems that the City of Edgewater and those who make those decisions have no desire to improve this city. They only want to build more homes that sit vacant. It may take an election and getting rid of those who are making all these bad decisions.

A quick drive over to New Smyrna Beach and you see how much growth is going on while still doing their best to keep the charm. So I would really like the City of Edgewater to please explain to the citizens of Edgewater why they only encourage building more houses? Drive down any residen- tial street and you will find houses for sale or empty.

Use empty stores Here is an idea for the people in the Holly Hill mobile home park residents who are going to have to move. The condo across the street has a large section for stores. Well, it has been years since it was built and not one store has appeared. Maybe they should turn this area into modestly priced apartments for some of these folks.

Thank you, Hometown News I want to give you a rave about your paper. I love Land- lines by Dan Smith. I wish there was more raves than rants. I love living in Volusia County. It has the best beaches, best weather and people. Have the rules for turning at a red light changed?

I learned the rule was you can turn on red only if safe to do so, and you are not crossing any lanes. I've observed many cars turn onto Granada Boulevard from Interstate 95 from the left of two right turn lanes and they cross two or three lanes to get into the innermost lane while doing their turn.

Voted I Community Newspaper in - j f America in , One of the top 3 in America every year since The program now has enough volunteers to serve 72 percent of the children for which it is responsible. It still needs volunteers to give nine to 12 hours a month to advocate for children in the foster care ad dependency system. For information or to volunteer, call We also see every week a large quantity of pick- ups with trailers mostly from the lawn service crews.

Greetings to service men and women Merry Christmas to our military men and women wherev- er they are. I thank you for serving Album) country. Holiday wishes to our local community service people of the police and fire departments, who put their lives at risk daily for their community, never knowing what the day will bring. Let's not forget those who provide service at our home, the postal workers and waste management people.

Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year and hopefully a better one. Unless you notice and bring it to the attention of the clerk inside, you are paying the higher price. It has happened not just once to me and I want to make sure everyone is aware. The meeting focused on the proposed use of seismic air- guns to look for oil and gas deposits deep below the ocean floor in an area twice the size of California, stretching all the way from Delaware to Florida.

You could go deaf or be forced to move. That's what it's like for sea life that is subjected to seismic testing," said Rebecca Marques, Florida campaign organizer for Oceana, "except unlike in people, a deaf whale is a dead whale. These dynamite-like blasts are so loud and constant that they can disturb the vital behaviors of fish, dolphins, whales and sea turtles, causing temporary and permanent hearing loss, driving animals from their homes, disrupting mating and causing animals to become stranded on beaches.

The government's own estimates show the use of seismic airguns in the Atlantic will injure and possibly killdolphins and whales, including nine critically endangered North Atlantic right whales, of which there are only approximately left in the world. In April, Oceana released a report outlining the threats of seismic airgun use to marine life and coastal economies along the East Coast, including the potential danger to commercial and recre- ational fisheries, as well as tourism and coastal recreation, which puts more thanjobs at risk in the blast zone.

Seismic airgun testing would be devastating to all marine life in the area, but particularly our endangered right whale population. We are committed to partnering with Oceana and Surfrider to take action towards a quieter ocean," Heather Murphy said. The petitions call on the U. Senate and House of Rep- resentatives, also have called on President Barack Obama to stop seismic airgun use. Overcoming obesity in early childhood Early childhood obesity is one of the major issues we are facing today.

I had the opportunity to attend this training in Atlanta. With these goals in mind, it gave me ideas to bring back to my own classroom, ideas to encourage children and families the importance of physical movement every day.

It was not only for children, it was for adults to enhance their quality of life through movements. It has been a nationwide obligation to encourage healthy eating and more physical activities in our daily lives.

I want to encourage families to be more proactive in breaking the trend of childhood obesity and to encourage more healthy eating and more physical exercise.

We as parents have got- ten away from physical activity since they have created electronics that keep our children in front of the television and not outside running, walking, throwing, hoping, jump- ing and being more active.

It has really been one of the rea- sons for our growing problem of childhood obesity. We have gotten away from sitting down to eat dinner, instead grabbing a quick meal from our fast food restaurants. Childhood obesity has brought everyone to the realiza- tion that we have to encourage healthier meals in our schools since most children spend the majority of their day in school and the best place to begin to encourage healthy eating would be in our school systems.

In Head Start, we encourage children to try new foods. We model healthy eating by trying the foods with them. We set the tables family style and each child places every com- ponent on his or her plate.

We encourage each child to take a "No Thank You Bite. I can say I have experienced many children throughout the years who have come to my classroom who would not try anything. Children learn what we expose them to and I can honestly say through positive modeling and the awesome training I received, New Direction - Barbe-Q-Barbies - All Over You (CD make it a priority to model and encourage healthy eating and 45 minutes of physical exer- cise with my students every day.

I want to encourage every family to be more proactive with your children. Just know that we all win when we exer- cise and eat healthier. Judging by some recent real estate deals, they believe Volusia is going to do just fine. Not just the Halifax area where com- mercial construction is booming and there's a ton of projects of the drawing board, but countywide.

Of course, the Halifax area still gets the biggest prices. That's just a small slice of what's going on in the area. For further proof, look at the sudden resur- gence of Consolidated- Tomoka Land Co. The Daytona Beach-based real estate company just completed the sale of about 3.

Race- Trac will be developing raw land at the southeast corner of LPGA and Williamson boulevards, opening a acre parcel to future development. Consolidated-Tomoka also announced it also expects to soon complete the sale of 6. How much this contin- ues into will depend on several factors, espe- cially how the national economy reacts as the Federal Reserve Bank lightens up on its stimulus action.

But, for now, it does provide a ray of hope. After huge growth for several months, the auto sector in Volusia finally stumbled in September, keeping the growth in taxable retail sales to just 2.

Hopefully the drop in September from last year was just a one month cooling off. The auto sector had been red hot since last year.

All other Album) sectors were up, so it's too soon to worry. A couple of construction starts to note: O'Reilly Auto Parts is finally starting to build its new store in Port Orange, or at least it has filed that intention and put up the usual black plastic liner around the site. Silvestri Investments has started construction on the 17th building at Oceanwalk in New Smyrna Beach.

The company building another six-story, unit condo provides further hope it will be able to go forward with its project on the North Causeway as well as building a condo on South Ridgewood Avenue in South Daytona. Managing Editor Cecil G. Brumley has been tracking business and the economy in Volusia for more than 16 years.

Contact him at cbrumley hometown- newsol. Ridgewood Ave. There are 22 home sites available in the current phase at the Villages of Royal Palm. Wednesday, Dec. Food will be served by Chef Dano. Members and guests are invited, but reservations are required by Friday, Dec. LLC, which markets a wide range of motorcycle cloth- ing and accessories online and through mail order, recently leased 1, square feet of space for a new warehouse and distri- bution facility.

Make sure to tune in or listen online! I'm not gonna watch it, I want surprises when the album comes out, or Posted on March the 26th. Mariah's Hills steal the show To see a video of her arriving at the gig, click on this link.

Mariah is featured on Yahoo! All interviews are up for download on MariahDailyJournal where you can also find the transcripts! She said she woke up today to hear this news and is grateful to her real fans for helping to make it happen. Mariah said it's the track she worked on with Stargate and Johntha Austen and that it's an emotional ballad that people cry when they hear it but it's also a current song.

From previous reports about the album, it appears to be that Bye Bye is the second single. Mariah said they are working on a remix for it now. Mariah joked about not wanting the album to be released on April 15th because it's the day taxes are due in the US. The DJs tried convincing Mariah to come to their newly built studio in Tucson but Mariah wasn't sure if she had time for it since she is going to Europe soon she mentioned going to Germany. Rumors, rumors.

I feel better Yesterday I needed fresh air. I went outside in the freezing weather and ran like crazy, I ran like I didn't run since I was a kid, before my muscular problems, I ran untill my legs and my lungs were hurting. If it wasn't there are still respectful fans, I would have taken a few weeks break, but the moment is badly chosen as it's now Mariah needs our support and our love.

After all I read on messageboards yesterday towards the artist we are supposed to support through all, I needed to vent, I'm not a couch fan for proof I even ran yesterdayI stand up for her, anytime, everywhere, I don't say Mariah is perfect, I'm not that dumb, nobody's perfect, but for what I can judge after being a fan for more than15 years, she's getting close to perfection as much as an artist and as a person for what I know.

I don't pretend to make garbage fans change their mind, if you don't like Mariah like she's today anymore, go away and spit your trash on someone else.

If you want the young Tommy days Mariah back, forget it, it was not her, if you want to hear the style of songs she performed 15, 10 years ago, forget it, play your old cds, if you want to criticize her, stay positive, don't insult her, her performances, her way to dress, her body, beware there's something called karma For the others the trashers who sent me insults regarding my post yesterdayI only have one thing to say, or no, here's an extract of a spit from Bishop Lamont Dr.

Dre's protege for whom I make promotion, it fits perfectly, listen this is for you!!!!!! Posted with relief on March the 26th.

I need a break!!!!! I really need a break!!!!! I went on some messageboards today for the first time since years, not to read but to share my love and inconditional and undying support for Mariah. I was wrong, I better didn't think most of Mariah fans became clean, respectful, supportive. Can't some people hear and even see Mariah has still her cold Support our girl!!!!! I'm out, I really need fresh air! Posted on March the 25th.

Mariah in France end of the week? Source for the info: Alex on our forum Posted on March the 25th. Watch Mariah's performances on YouTube Thank god, someone posted the performances on YouTube while waiting for a fan site to upload it we can already enjoy this ones, don't pay attention it's a lil' out of synch due to the upload on YouTube.

Click here to watch it while it's still there Posted on March the 25th. US fans who missed it which I doubtclick here to watch it. And the vocals? More on point than that time Lauren showed Heidi the door. I'm not sure if we will get the total charts as I think it's still split between the 2 communities in Belgium. Posted on March the 24th. Pre-order the album with 4 Real 4 Real feat. Da Brat as bonus track!!!!! Keep requesting and voting for the track!!!! Keep watching the video on Yahoo!

Touch My Body is now available on iTunes Belgium!!!!! For the ones who like to have something in their hands and their collectionthe cd will be in stores at the end of the month.

Posted on March the 23rd. Please even if you downloaded the Touch My Body video somewhere, keep watching it on Yahoo! I posted it only 'cause I know in some countries it will be dubbed and we all wanna see the original one Click here to download password for rar : tazirishlamb Posted on March the 23rd. Mariah a lil' nervous? Source: Contactmusic Posted on March the 23rd. Good job!!!

You can all find them at their home page now. Touch My Body is currently no. Fans may request the song from the form on the site or send an email to istek capitalraido. UK fans!!!!! Grab your chance!!! Travel and accommodation is included, as is a meet and greet with the DIVA herself.

Click here to enter the contest, UK residents only!!! Let's hope it's a fan who will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Source for the link: Mike by e-mail Posted on March the 23rd. Happy Easter Posted on March the 23rd. Mariah is talking saying Touch My Body is available on iTunes and you can pre-order the album.

Click here to download Thanks to Josie Posted on March the 23rd. First mission of the Heroes of Mariah special commando over 2 commandos of 20 fans 40 great people accomplished their mission with an awesome enthousiasm. Thanks guys, I'm waiting for the feedback of your first special mission, but in any case one of you will be picked at random to win a "Touch My Body" European promo cd. The winner will be picked at randon as soon as Jack the innocent hand will be back.

Posted on March the 22nd. Mariah's non confirmed promo visit in Europe No details and no confirmed infos, but here's what we know until now: UK - Mariah is scheduled to appear on The Friday Project on April the 4th. The announcement of Mariah being part of the show was made on yesterday's show. Germany All we know is that the special site Universal Germany made for Mariah posted the following: So, until now, there's no hint to a visit in Germany, however I cross the fingers for German fans.

Keep voting in Malaysia!!!!! Touch My Body is 1 again on the Hitz Urban 10 chart this week for 3 weeks non-stop. We don't know at the moment if or when it will be released. Source for the info: Dinter by e-mail Posted on March the 22nd. As you might imagine, this is not just any automobile. Passersby who gawk see only themselves. Carey rolls her eyes.

Then, fortunately, she smiles. So I take it as a compliment. At the same time, Carey is a woman of parts: a dedicated philanthropist The Fresh Air Fund and the Make-A-Wish Foundation are two of her favorite causesan actress and, of course, a monumentally successful and wealthy recording artist. From the time of her discovery as an year-old with a phenomenal eight-octave singing range, she has sold more than million records worldwide and charted 17 No.

She could catch or surpass both with this album. Inshe made one of the most remarkable comebacks in recording history with her multiplatinum album The Emancipation of Mimi. Am I demanding? I think if I were more demanding, I would have felt that I had some sort of power, as opposed to feeling like a pawn, which is something I had to grow out of.

I had to learn to grow up a little bit. I need to make music. She sighs. You really just want to know that somebody loves you for you. She laughs again. Yet before Alfred Carey died inMariah reconciled with him. We discussed a lot of stuff.

Anything and everything I needed to say to him, and vice versa. So I am very grateful for that time that I had. Source: Parade All rights reserved Posted on March the 21st.

Thanks to Andrew for the info Heroes note: This needs of course to be confirmed. I just checked, the show is already fully booked at that date.

Posted on March the 21st. Click on the caps to enlarge Click here to download March 20 E! First look at Mariah in the Macy's commercial!!!! Click here to watch it and enjoy! Click here to download the commercial thanks to Moony Click on the caps to enlarge Additional infos on the second ad The Aubry ad shows the Calvin Klein model reporting for his first day on the job.

He strolls past and speaks to a flirtatious Martha Stewart, passes through the Macy's I. The camera pans back and the viewer sees that all these women have followed him through the store. Best request team ever!!!!!

We voted non stop since 2 weeks now and we will not stop!!!!!! Click here to keep voting. Source for the info: Elise and Linnie on our forum Posted on March the 20th. RDS will have an exclusive interview where Mariah will tell about track by track of the album.

Universal Italy has also confirmed that they will release two versions of the album standard and deluxe, both on 11th April and that there will be surely a bonustrack for the deluxe downloading edition for ITunes only. Source: Billboard - dan by e-mail Posted on March the 20th.

Macy's ads: more details In addition to the pics posted yesterday, here are some details about the ads for Macy's. The stars continue to align for Macy's The retailer's latest round of celeb-filled commercials breaking later this week build on a concept introduced last fall in which various celebrities and designers who sell namesake brands are seen working at the store.

For the spring season there are two new spots, both directed by Barry Levinson, who won an Academy Award for his direction of "Rain Man. Stewart is so distracted by his presence that she drops a plate from her collection with Wedgewood. Donald Trump, meanwhile, looks on from his department and declares, "So very shallow," as the women fawn over Mr. In the second spot which also has a Spanish versionCarlos Santana riffs on his guitar, inspired by his footwear line and Ms.

Carey's fragrance. Carey chimes in with vocals. The first spot airs Sunday on Spanish networks, while two other commercials roll out on network and cable TV channels beginning next week. Source: Adage All rights reserved extract Posted on March the 20th. Too bad fans who knew it didn't share until they found out they won, oh well it's maybe still time to give it a try We are hooking up fans with the ultimate Hills experience you don't want to miss it.

MTV is throwing a glamorous premiere party with the cast of the Hills and performances from the one and only Mariah Carey. You'll find out the Hills scoop right from the girls! We will be shooting in a secret location in NYC, and the show will last from 5pmpm.

Must be red carpet ready, dress to impress! We are looking for outgoing and fun fans! If you are interested in attending please email us at mtvshowcasting mtvstaff.

I'll reply to all your e-mails and also about the contest on how to win the "Touch My Body"promo cds, the remix cd and the vinyl tomorrow, I have so many to do for the street promo Migrate featuring T-Pain 2. Cruise Control featuring Damian Marley 4. Side Effects featuring Young Jeezy 6. I'm That Chick 7. Thanx 4 Nothin' HBF members can win tickets to attend, good luck guys!!! Posted on March the 19th. Below, the singer talks more about how she had to deal with the pains of her past to work her way back to the top.

I grew up with such dysfunction that I was just used to it. I knew that I needed to be singing and expressing myself, or I never would have gotten through that period. I do believe that I learned a lot from him, and that he really did believe in my talent and I am very grateful for that.

So how do you keep your artistic integrity while you become a corporation? No matter where I went, there was always this sense of not really falling into place or into one category. I moved around a lot when I was growing up, so nobody knew me and I was never one thing or the other. I promised myself when I was a little girl that I would never forget what it felt like to be a kid. I never wanted to grow up and be out of touch with what that feels like.

She was an opera singer and went to Juilliard. She still sings and was a classically trained musician. But she instilled the belief in me that I could become who I am today.

So my mother thought, 'Okay, she has an ear. And that year-old inside me is an eternal optimist. I know what it feels like not to have fame or money, and I do still feel like that same person in many ways. I have such faith in God that I really had to surrender everything and just know that I was going to be okay. More than anything, it was learning to grow up and take care of myself.

Not treat myself like the corporation wanted to treat me, but treat myself like a human being. Everything is always going to be all right as long as I hang on to the person inside of me.

New contest and street promo soon Wanna win???? Infos and details coming soon. Commando members will be the first in line to win these prizes!!! An absolutely crazy street promo is in the works, but no date is setted yet as it will depend of Mariah's promotion in Europe.

As reported this morning Macy's to debut new spring lineup of celebrity ads Macy's Inc. A Spanish version of one ad will run on Hispanic-geared television. The new stars for the national TV ads will be joined by domestic entrepreneur Martha Stewart and tycoon Donald Trump, holdovers from Macy's original star-packed campaign last year. Analysts say the celebrity ads have helped get shoppers to look at Macy's and the celebrity brands it carries, but that the Cincinnati-based retailer must show budget-tightening shoppers the value they can get from the branded products.

For the ones who always hate on me, no I didn't made it up and please notice I added "??????? The album contains 14 tracks and will be available April 15th. Migrate featuring T-Pain Danja 2. Touch My Body C. Love Story Jermaine Dupri 8. Last Kiss Jermaine Dupri Swizz Beatz For the Record Bryan-Michael Cox Bye Bye Stargate Source for the info: Jasmin - Anna by e-mail Posted on March the 19th.

This comes if I remember correctly from the Ryan seacrest interview, thank god it will not happen!!!!! Mariah: I'm not stalling Jackson duet Mariah Carey has blasted reports she has fallen out with Janet Jackson and stalled a planned duet, insisting the collaboration was nothing more than a "concept" by producer Jermaine Dupri.

According to Dupri, who is Jackson's boyfriend, the two pop divas have been planning to team up for years - but Carey insists that's not the case. She says, "That was Jermaine's concept I love J.

Mariah Carey Dishes on the Pitfalls of Fame To the unassuming eye, Mariah Carey appears to have it all: a beautiful face and a great body, millions in the bank and a shelf full of Grammy awards. Sometimes you feel like an ATM machine with a wig on it. Magazine All rights reserved Posted on March the 19th. On Mariah's official site first!!!! The New Album Cover! Click to enlarge Source: MariahCarey. Source for the info: Dinter by e-mail Posted on March the 18th.

The air-date for Mariah's week is unknown at this time. Brown rolls on at No. Down the road, there will be a new No. The song jumped from No. The annotated top last week Chris Brown, With You down 1. Chris enters his comfort zone. March 17 E! News and The Daily 10 E! Click here to download it. Thanks to Moony Posted on March the 18th. The online gossip turned on Carey over the weekend calling "Migrate," her collaboration with rapper T-Pain, "disappointing".

Caustic Hilton upset Carey by claiming the song will be the singer's next single, and stating "it sucks. She added, "I'm definitely not even releasing "Migrate" as a second single.

Tip picked up on the first ring. I don't know if you remember me. But this is Beyonce. I met you earlier last week on the Set". So what's on your mind, 16? You called my hot line so I'm assuming you looking for something".

To the point, I heard that you could get me into the club Chubbys because you work there". I work the club, but I don't have a position with their organization, you feel me? I don't work there but my podna does. He'll get you in. No wristband too. You need anything else, 16? Get use to it because it ain't changing. Even when you turn 17 in September" he said. Even though she ain't 17" he chuckled in a high pitch voice. Ima call my nigga. He's the bouncer. Tell him your name is 16 and he'll get you in".

Thanks again, Tip" I said. I clicked my phone close. I felt dangerous, alive, and naughty. I had called a drug dealer and he was going to pull some strings so I could get into a club. This was too much fun. And it was only the first week. What more was in store from the characters of Tip and Mr. Carter and even Michelle. I went to the club, danced my ass off, and didn't think about Lyndell one time. I left Houston in Houston. This was my new life. Momma forgive me, but as much as I love her cooking, I could not get enough of the buffet style lunch and dinner in the dining hall.

BBQ chicken one day, meatloaf the next, and always with a strong helping of rice and cabbage and a few rolls to boot. Knowing at any time in the day I could go and get my grub on with my meal plan was about as mentally pleasing as a vibrator was physically pleasing. I used it to my advantage eating as often and as much as I could handle, with or without skinny Michelle at my side. College life was still new to me and the friends didn't come as easy as I thought they would.

All I kept remembering was when Michelle had told me the Greeks ran the school and if I really wanted to branch out and make friends quick, the easiest, or most effective way would be to look into pledging.

A few of the popular girls of the school had spoken to Michelle and I in the dining hall. You had to start IGing in order to go through the process of pledging for a sorority. I was cautiously interested in it, but Michelle quickly turned it down. The girls smiled, a truly stank smile, but left our table and moved on to the next one.

I knew i'd have to decide one way or the other if I was going to become IG. I held off on using my credit card for a a week, but when Michelle mentioning having to go to the mall, I was all on it. I bought a dollars worth of clothes, paid for lunch, and bought two new purses, and when I looked at all of my receipts, I was sure I looked just like my dad the last time I saw him peep a bill.

If I wasn't more careful, I'd max on this card in less than a month. I had to become more responsible or learn some self control, or something. Remember why you are here Bee, is what I kept telling myself.

It didn't take long for me to get use to college, as far as the school work went. I already had experience with intense course loads and lots of studying. I didn't have to go through lousy public schools and become shell-shocked by the transition to college, like so many other first year students.

As the weeks passed, I could tell which students would contribute to lowering the graduation rate and which we destined to become alumni. Most of the classes shrunk by 30 percent as kids either dropped the class or just stopped coming to class. While I knew I probably could skip class and still do well, I attended because I actually enjoyed the material. I learned a lot in Criminal Justice, had some interesting reading assignments Album) Lit, and even got a kick out of math, but the New Direction - Barbe-Q-Barbies - All Over You (CD of the week was definitely Mr.

Carters class. He always had some out of left field scenario for us to debate over, like abortion and water-boarding. The fact that he would never tell us if he actually was a former drug dealer only added to the allure of it all. While my other classes started getting smaller the more I went, Mr.

C's class remained full. The conversations were too lively and the teacher to engaging for us to skip or drop. And I soon learned, Mr. C wasn't the only reason to attend the class. Some of the students were hilarious characters themselves. Aside from Day-Day and other niggas with attitude, there were the overzealous nerds like Michelle and then the flirty girls always trying to slide in some innuendo.

Everyone seemed to have an opinion about this one, and unlike most of our debates it seemed to be cut right down the middle. Half of the class felt it was unethical while the other half felt it was ethically fine. While everyone chimed, I sat and observed.

I had a hard time picking a side because each argument was convincing to me. Them cats actually had names for the male teachers that were sleeping with the students. I forget the name, what were they? Jarvis smiled, "My point is, education included sex with teachers. It was their way of life. And no one blinked an eye to it, even the cats like Socrates and Plato, and the other dudes who were creating the principles of ethics.

If the creators of ethics had no issue with it, why should we? It's all relative and it works on a sliding scale. We only think a teacher messing with a student nowadays is wrong because of a broken moral compass". They didn't create ethics. You can't create ethics, only attempt to label the terms. Secondly, what makes you say the compass is broken? Maybe the Greek way of ethics was antiquated.

It's why a female having sex with her male teacher makes the man a monster but a dude having sex with the female teacher makes the dude the man.

You tell me what's outdated". The students clapped when Jarvis was finished. He was obviously a smart guy, but what we loved most about him was his humor and how he could have us crying from laughter. He was so arrogant and brash, but it was that heartless arrogance along with his quick wit and deep intelligence that we all loved.

I mean, who cares about the opinion of some rapper who wears pink and says no homo? Is it unethical for Camron to move his family instead of telling the police? It's the natural order of life.

Survival of the fittest. Two different choices, but is a lot more convenient than the other" he responded, chuckling. And that is the type of debater Jarvis was.

We'd end up going in circles because of his ability to keep pulling up analogies and forcing us to reword, rephrase, or reinterpret a situation. I believe Mr. Carter both loved and hated him for it. Everyone seemed to always find a way to hop in the debates, but I mostly remained silent. I wasn't use to participating in group discussions or debates. My class room sessions were one on one with my tutor. This class was a free for all, royal rumble.

I didn't even know the man knew my name until one day as I was leaving class he gave me a suggestion. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these subjects" he said. I was startled to hear him speak my name and tell me to participate more.

And surprisingly, my heart had dropped when I heard my name roll off his tongue. I didn't know how really to respond to him, so I nodded my head and walked out of the classroom. As with most classes, a few students stayed behind and chatted with him, Michelle being one of them.

I was hungry and was going to the dining hall to get something when I heard a voice from the side of me. Really funny and really true a lot of the times" I said as we walked. I try. Why come you don't be speaking up? I'd think you had a wealth of info to share" he said. If you could be in college at 16, you must be smart as hell". A lot of guys, well and the girls, are talking about you.

You got fans I will say that". You are a pretty girl, smart, and got a nice shape. The hos is jealous and the niggas wanna hit. It is what it is" he laughed. I turned around in shock at how bold and rude that was. I didn't even know how to respond to such a thing.

Just initiate convo and then diss me like that? What an asshole. I think you are gorgeous. It's just not physically possible for me to want you" he said. I didn't quite understand where he was going, so I didn't say anything, just grabbed a plate and kept walking down the line.

Still, he had my attention and I was waiting for him to clarify. I nearly dropped my plate when he said this. I did a double take to see if he was serious. Even though he was grinning, his words seemed to still be full of honesty, not jokes. Damn, I had never noticed or even thought about him being ghay. It's not a secret or anything. Just figured your ghaydar would have went off by now. But I will chalk that up to the home schooling" he laughed.

We got our food and made our way to an empty table, he seemed head-bent on us keeping up this conversation. But I didn't mind the company, especially after the realization that the dude was a homosexual. I didn't know any real life ones.

So I was kind of taken back by you saying that" I said. I want to hear your opinion. C did say for us to be strong in our convictions. So what you say? Are ghays the devil? I picked at my food and tried to find the right words for him, so he wouldn't be offended. He seemed like a cool guy, why would I alienate myself from him by talking against his sexuality? But I wasn't around my daddy anymore. I didn't have to regurgitate what I had been spoon fed as a church girl. I've just never really met someone that was like that".

I'm just messing with you. I know a lot of people feel some way about it. Hell, my dad is a pastor". He laughed, "well you see where I'm coming from then. Always hard for a church kid to come out of that shell and be something other than what their parents want". He took a sip of his Sprite and made the face that people make when the soda first hits them. I took a sip of soda as well. Worst than rape, murder, stealing and all that. Let a black dude boast about killing someone and he is immortalized, like tupac and them.

Let a black man talk about loving other black men and he is the devil himself. I'll be in hell with the other sinners" he said, more jokingly than his words would have suggested. I understand he was going for sarcasm, but I felt the piercing pain in what he was saying.

I decided that I wasn't going to be that person. Jarvis and I ate lunch and was joined shortly by Michelle. We all talked about how much we were feeling Carters class and then we talked about what we had wrote for our first essay. Michelle wrote that him being a former drug dealer wouldn't hurt his credibility, while Jarvis wrote that it did hurt his credibility. I was with Michelle on the subject, but I found myself waffling in my opinion after hearing Jarvis speak his mind.

One thing I loved about him on just my first time really talking to him was he was very passionate and blunt. He said what he had to say and made no apologies for it, regardless of how aggressive or politically incorrect it was.

But he did it with such flare that it usually would provoke laughter instead of any ill feelings. Even when he spoke out against Christianity, I found myself as a Christian laughing at what he had to say instead of being defensive. Jarvis was that guy. As we sat and talked, I realized that as much as I liked hanging with Michelle, Jarvis was on a different level. He would be someone I'd want to hang out with on the Set and just listen to him talk.

That is eventually what happened in the coming weeks. He and I went to the movies, studied together, and I even came to his dorm a few times. The no guy rule was much stricter in my building, but it wasn't no thing for the boys to help sneak girls into their dorms.

What made me so comfortable was I knew Jarvis didn't want me in anyway, other than someone to joke and shoot the shit with. The only male I had ever been around consistently was my daddy, and he was a stark opposite of him, maybe that it why I was so drawn into him.

We became friends quick, him the loud mouth, opinionated, arrogant, conceited, male and me the shy, soft spoken, laid back, gal. Although opposites, we clicked. Lyndell had been pressing me about calling him more often and I was really getting to the point where I was going to break up with him. He was needy and starting to get really jealous and possessive, always accusing me of cheating on him with some college guy.

While I had been thinking of breaking things off with him officially, I wasn't cheating. I was spending too much time doing school work and hanging with Michelle and Jarvis to be cheating with any guys. Word got around quick that the fresh meat in Diamond Hall was only I still got the stares from the guys, but not nearly as many of them were stepping to me.

To celebrate the halfway point in the semester, Jarvis and I went out to Chubbs, where once again the bouncer let me in. That club was as hood as you could get, and that was probably why I liked it so much. The loud outfits, the loud booty shaking music, the loud smells and loud people. This was why I had come to this school. To be close to my people. And in the club, Jarvis was my bodyguard. He allowed me to dance with whomever I pleased, but his presence there made it to where no guys were going to take advantage of me.

They would look out for you like a lil sister. Female friends were cool and everything, but many times they were more concerned about getting theirs than making sure you weren't getting taken advantage of. When I first went to the club with Michelle, she pretty much did all the watching while I did all the dancing.

I had to make her come to the dance floor to dance with me because she was taking it all in like she was a reporter instead of a college girl having fun. It kind of became a burden making sure she was having fun. Not with Jarvis though. He'd booty dance and grind on me for one song, laughing and cutting up the entire time, and making fun of people in my ear on the next song, keeping me laughing the entire time. He was fun to be around. I appreciated how he could make things fun.

It was why after the club, when he invited me back to his dorm, I accepted. It was around 1, I had missed calls from Lyndell and my daddy, but I wasn't ready to turn in and call it a night. He wasn't either, as he pulled out some beers and sat on his bed when we came in. I'd never taken a drink before in my entire life.

But something in me told me that I was going to drink my first beer that night. Where the hell you learn how to shake your ass like that? Not in them pews" he grinned. We learned a lil something something from them Ciara videos. But I should be asking where did YOU learn how to shake yours". He cracked open one beer and handed it to me. I took it instinctively, before my mind even wrapped itself around the concept. Older sisters.

They taught me a thing or two" he said before cracking open his beer. He immediately took some down, making the same face he had made when taking down a Sprite. I looked down at the can in my hand. The smell was already coming out and it wasn't very pleasant. I hoped this shit didn't taste disgusting. Closest to alcohol I ever had was when my grandma would put some in her chicken" I said. He lifted up his hands, motioning for me to be his guest, and i looked back down at the can. I slowly brought the can to my mouth, slowly tilting it so the beer could touch my lips.

I tried to anticipate a taste. I tried to prepare for the worst as I started drinking down what filled my mouth, still not yet tasting anything. When I dropped the can, swallowed, and assessed, the taste hit me. So this was beer? I frowned my face and started laughing. I walked over to his bed and sat down. I frowned my face up when thinking about it. He laughed some more and finished off his beer, tossing the can in the trashcan on the side of his bed and then laying back on his bed.

I wasn't even halfway done with mine, only taking small sips, but I decided to take a big gulp so the damn thing could hurry up and empty out. He laughed at my attempt to finish it off. But I know your ass is a virgin to sex too. It's so obvious". I got ho radar. I got a good ghaydar too. Trust me, let me hang around anyone for five minutes and I'll tell you if they are ghay or a ho" he said.

I judge the shit out of people. And just know that I know you ain't no ho. You one of those prudes though" he shot back. He ignored my question, reached in his mini fridge and pulled out two more beers, smiling as he handed me one.

I took it, cracked it, and put it to my lips, still looking at him. No one ain't know for sure. She had the biggest crush on me for a few years so I let her ass take me to prom" he grinned before turning serious. I think that is when I really knew. I was ghay. Not straight. Not bi. But ghay. She was one of the finest girls in the school. But naked in front of me. And I had to think about 50 Cent for my dick to get hard". But that body is something serious. I was thinking bout them bullet wounds in his chest when I was rubbing on hers" he said.

I can't even imagine. How you know you would like sex with a guy though if you've never done it? Sexuality aint based on experience, you feel me? Sister stations. Call sign meaning. The New York Times. September 1, Retrieved July 19, ISBN The original WMMS logo displayed the call letters beneath a half-rainbow. A corporate design shared by all Metromedia album-rock stations, it was Madison Avenue 's idea of psychedelia December 13, Retrieved October 9, June 19, Retrieved April 17, The Washington Post.

Archived from the original on August 21, January 31, Retrieved May 6, North East Radio Watch. September 27, Nielsen Business Media, Inc. ISSN Retrieved May 1, New York Daily News.

Retrieved Crain's New York Business. November 9, Retrieved November 17, Radio Insight. No Longer "Fresh " ". Media Confidential. Retrieved 3 August Adult Contemporary radio stations in the state of New York. Audacy, Inc. CBS Radio List of radio stations. Authority control.

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