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Taki Pejzaż - Ewa Demarczyk - Live (Vinyl, LP, Album)


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The Beatles. Pink Floyd. David Bowie. Led Zeppelin. Bob Dylan. The Rolling Stones. Arcade Fire. The Velvet Underground. The Smiths. Kendrick Lamar. I News. Lio Belgium. After her parents divorced inshe emigrated with her mother Lena to Belgium to escape the dictatorship of Salazar.

In she takes her stage name from a character in Barbarella comic strip Album) Jean-Claude Forestreferring to that little girl that carries her pictures everywhere she goes.

Lio is cultivating her Lolita character perfectly, singing punky electro songs with lyrics with a clear double, erotic meaning. And even now, after thirty years, her first two albums sound extremely new and fresh and it is no wonder why Europe embraced this young and sexy girl back then. In the second half of the eighties, Lio wanted to record more mature music, but her record company did not reacted enthusiastically.

Therefor she turned her energy more towards other ways of expressing herself. She started an acting career and became quite a successful fashion designer.

And looking back at her career, it still is one of her finest releases, cherished by her real fans. And it was the album that helped Lio to accept the fact that she had become a cult figure with a smaller yet very loyal fan base.

With her newly found status and identity she could record and release whatever she wanted in stead of what the record companies wanted. With these recordings, Lio proved that — even with her limited voice — she could interpret serious material in a credible way. It opened the way to new creative projects. Lio is the mother of 6 children: NubiaEsmeraldaGarance, and Leah and Diego She is the sister of singer Helena Noguerra.

She was made a Knight of the Order of the Crown in Click here to visit Lio's page on europopmusic. At the start of the Eighties Spanish popmusique was picking up fast. On the forefront of La Movida Madrilena gestated ideological movement in the late seventies in Spain after the fall of the dictatorship of Franco was the bizar persona of Alaska.

Het first combo was called the Pegamoides playing poppy electronic music. The song handles the story of a jealous girl and her husband who is cheating with another. She follows one night to the address where he commits adultery and, without thinking twice, decided to kill him running over him. Drama all over. The art-work for the single and the album was made by young fashion photographer Javier Vallhonrat who Alaska met during his debut show at the Aele Gallery in Madrid in The single showed two muscled boys wrestling in their underwear, on the album Javier placed Alaska holding a very muscled man.

No wonder rumours started that Alaska was actually a man but all this added to the popularity of the band. Over the years the song has become a sort of gay anthem in Spain. The fans of Alaska started calling themselves the Alaskitos.

In addition to the singles that were released, the album is diversity of musical styles, adjusted to the general synthipop tone of the album. The album went on to sell overcopies in Spain and to more than one and a half million albums worldwide.

It was their biggest success. Click here tot visit Alaska's page on europopmusic. More information on Javier Vallhonrat click here. Raymond van het Groenewoud Belgium. To understand what possessed Belgian singers like Johan Verminnen and Raymond van het Groenewoud to create their own Flemish version of blues we have to take a look to what happened in Belgium in the sixties.

That era started with the violent loss of the colonies, Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. Thus deriving Belgium from valuable resources the country joined the EGKS the pre European Communion conglomerate with its coal and steel industry.

In the Flemish movement gained more terrain and the Flemish-Wallonion differences came back on the agenda. This resulted in a new language barrier with Dutch-Flemish on one side and Wallonian-French on the other. A new language law in fuelled the so called linguistic wars that still go on today. And last but not least the violence of WW1 and 2 left deep, deep scars in the Flanders country.

Due to this most of the post-war Marshall help went to Flanders Doing so a significant percentage of the foreign capital particularly from the United Statescoming into Belgium to support new industries was being invested in Flanders. In contrast, Wallony's coal mines and time-worn steel plants and factories were in crisis.

The region had lost thousands of jobs and much investment capital. A new Dutch-speaking, upwardly mobile "populist bourgeoisie" was not only becoming visible and Album) in Flemish movements but also in both the local and national policy.

Only in was an official Dutch version of the Constitution accepted. To know this is to understand why Verminnen and friends were so eager to create their own version of the blues. And in the Flemish language. They mirror the Flemish unemployed workman eager for love, sex, beer or just some recognition but stuck in old traditions. Searching for a meaning to his life. Unlike Verminnen who is more romantic by nature Van het Groenewoud stays close to the themes of the blues but with Album) unique Flemish signature.

Commercially this was a maybe not the wisest choice since singing pop and rock in your own language was not considered very cool in those days. In the eighties he is able to make a switch to more general themes and so wins a steady fanbase in Belgium and Holland.

He refers to himself as a musician but also a poet, philosopher and clown. And that he is. Click here to visit Raymond's page on europopmusic. If you're searching for a good introduction to Van Het Groenewoud's work; Dutch collector Vic van der Reijt just released a three-disc compilation celebrating Raymond's anniversary.

After the fall of the iron curtain, the institute, which was paid for by the city of Cracow, was cause for a lot of debate. Some considered the funding of this institution as an expression of public patronage and support of an artist of the former era, that was not LP in modern days with free market. Latest information that we could found on this subject, was that the theatre had huge financial problems and had a legal issue regarding the unpaid rent for the past four years.

It is difficult to compare her with anybody whom we have known in the realm of song. If you like this, you probably like What do we think :. PA: Summerwe spent our holidays in Poland. Since we had checked out some of her clips on youtube, we wanted to find some albums both vinyl and cd by Ewa Demarczyk. Finaly, in the third music store, we found two cd's and two lp's in a second hand store.

The next day we put the cd into the player of our car. After Album) first few seconds we were completely taken by Ewa's intriguing voice and songs. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.

Wikimedia Commons. Ewa Demarczyk in Piwnica LP Baranami. Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski. Joanna Olczak-Ronikier. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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