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То-То И Оно - Various - MTV Русский (CD)


Jamie is older than his sister. Jamie is studying Sociology at university. Jamie is planning to give all the money to charity. Jamie goes running every evening. Jamie, 20, is aiming to raise money for young disabled people at the same time. Then listen again and check your answers. Fly to Kathmandu on 11th June. Spend the night in a hotel. Travel to Lukla on 12th June.

Pick up animals there. Cross the Kosi River on 13th June. Spend 3 nights at the national park. Camp on the glacier on 21st June. Start travelling back to Kathmandu on 25th June. Look at the map and use the notes in Exercise 6 to help you. Then on the 13 they are crossing the Kosi River. The next day a mountain guides are meeting them at national park. On the 21st they are camping on the glacier and on the 25th they are returning to Kathmandu.

Decide the following things and tell the class. Match pictures with the types of accommodation below. A student who wants to go backpacking. A couple on their honeymoon. A family with a car. They want to visit as many places as possible without spending too much money. Somebody who wants to relax and ski in the mountains every day. Match each speaker with two of statements Bill is starting his walk on Thursday.

Bill is staying in Scotland for just one week. Bill is spending a lot of money on accommodation. The mountain shelters have electricity but no hot water. You can meet people from different countries in the shelters. Which places are popular for tourists in our country? What kind of accommodation do people stay in?

Do you often spend your holidays in these places? Please phone 44 for more information. Which advert is this person calling about?

Which things does the student ask about? What do you notice about the position of the verbs after question words with indirect questions? When does it start? Where is the nearest youth hostel?

What time does the train leave? How long does the course last? How many places are there? Could you give me some information about accommodation in the city? Could you give me some information about summer courses in English? Could you give me some information about entertainment in the city? Which questions do you hear? Could you give me some information about accommodation? Could you tell me how much it costs?

Compare your ideas with another pair. Call us now! Write a direct and an indirect question for each item.

The start of the course. How many hours of classes there are a week. How many hours of classes are there a week? The cost of the course. How much does it cost? Where you can stay. Where can I stay? Which of your questions does he ask? I would like to find out about summer courses for beginners. When does the first course start? Could you tell me how many hours of classes there are a week? How much does the course cost?

Look at advert 1 in Exercise 1. Use Speak Out to roleplay a conversation. Student A, look at page Student A Look at the text 1 in Exercise 1, page Use Speak Out to roleplay a situation.

You are interested in the working holiday in Scotland. You can start work on 1 August. You are the team leader for the Go-Getters working holiday in Scotland. Write four more words in each То-То И Оно - Various - MTV Русский (CD). In pairs, answer the questions. Choose from these ideas. Our flight is delayed. We want to go to Bulgaria this summer. Are you travelling to Budapest by coach or by plane? We have to be at the airport at half past eleven. The Moscow train departs from platform 3. Do you send emails?

How often? Who do you send them to? Which email sounds formal and is similar to a letter? Which email sounds informal and is similar to a То-То И Оно - Various - MTV Русский (CD) I am interested in the camp you are organising this summer in Dorset and I hope you can answer some questions.

Are there still places available on the camp? How many hours do you have to work each day? Also, could you tell me when it starts and finishes?

I hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Gina Hughes. Hi Celine, How are you? Are you going to be free at the beginning of July? There are still a few places left, I think.

Email me and tell me what you think. Lots of love, Gina xxx. Choose the correct answers and say why. Which email is better? Hi guys, How are you? I want to go too. Are there any places left? How much money do I need??? Write back quickly and tell me. Subject: About camp. I want to go to a camp in Dorset. Do I need any money? Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards. Write a formal email to the school. Tick each stage in Train Your Brain. Plan your trip and make a leaflet about one of them.

Time expressions, e. How is he travelling to Greece? Where are we meeting on Thursday? Where are you going to stay? Who are they going to see? Use going to and the verbs in brackets. I think I 2 am going to travel from London to Paris by train. I 3 am going to find a hostel in Paris for two nights and I 4 am going to do some sightseeing. After that I 5 am going to catch the train to the south coast. My pen-friend and her brother 6 are going to meet me at the station and then we 7 are going to drive to their house.

Use going to and the words in brackets. Who are you going to invite? What are you going to do with it? How are you going to get there? When are you going to get it? How long are you going to stay there? Use them to write four sentences about yourself. Use the Present Continuous. Andy: Can we have lunch on Friday? We 2 are meeting at the new cafe in town. Andy: Can we meet in the evening? What about dinner? Ken: No, sorry. I 3 am playing football. Andy: 4 Are you doing anything on Saturday?

Ken: In the morning I 5 am seeing my cousins, but I 6 am not doing anything in the afternoon. Andy: OK. Jon and I 7 are going to the cinema. Do you want to come with us?

Ken: What time 8 are you meeting? Ken: Great — see you there. Remember to write notes, not sentences. Use going to or the Present Continuous and the verbs in brackets. Nigel: Hi Joanna! Joanna: Nothing new. What about you?

We 1 are leaving for France tomorrow afternoon. Joanna: Lucky you! Who 2 are you going with? Nigel: A group of friends from school. David: My То-То И Оно - Various - MTV Русский (CD) results are really bad this year. I 3 am going to study more next year. Bill: Good idea. I 4 am going to my study group this evening. Do you want to come with me? Colin: Hi John! Do you want to come to the match with us this evening? I 6 am seeing Nina at five thirty. Joanna: Do you know what you 7 are going to do when you finish school?

Kate: I think 8 I am going to live in France for a year. Joanna: Do you speak French? But I 9 am starting French evening classes next week. There is one extra person. Evan is going to be a German teacher and he likes working with children.

Greg loves history. Olivia is going to teach German in a university, but this year she wants to practise speaking French. Russia This is an international voluntary camp for young people aged situated in the mountain and forest part of the South Ural, in the Bashkortostan Republic. The main work is cleaning and maintenance of the ecological path.

This is an opportunity to make new friends and learn about the history of the area, the myths and legends of the Bashkir people.

Accommodation is in a small village on the River Belaya. Internet and mobile communication available. For more information contact Dilara Kildyarova [email protected]. Germany For this job you must enjoy working with children and speak good German. The work includes planning games and other activities for the children. Volunteers also cook lunch for the children every day.

Accommodation is in a youth hostel. There are two with shared bedrooms one for men and one for womentwo bathrooms, a kitchen and a games room. France A French environmental charity is looking for volunteers to work in central France. This year the volunteers are going to remove rubbish from the Seoule River. There is a free bus between the campsite and the river. For more information contact Celine Debaene [email protected]. There is one extra sentence. The beach is five kilometres from the campsite.

The work is near water, so volunteers must know how to swim. Volunteers do not need to have any special skills or experience. Volunteers eat lunch with the children but must cook breakfast and dinner for themselves. Write T for true, F for false and NS for not stated. There is Internet access in the camp.

The volunteers in Russia live in tents. The volunteers cook all the meals at the German camp. Volunteers at the German camp all have a single bedroom. The French charity organises a camp every year. Volunteers in France sleep in tents next to the river. The camp language is French. Which holiday do you think is most exciting. Martha is going to an unusual place and is worried. Peter is planning to do some sightseeing.

Ruth is going to do a sport. Tick true and cross false. Most buses are suburban buses and drive to adjacent cities where they finish their ride. Other important terminals are Reading terminal, Carmelit terminal and to a lesser extent Atidim terminal, Ezorei-Hen terminal, University train station terminal and Kiryat Hinukh Terminal. Two shuttles will pick up ticket holders at the Carmelit Terminal and take them to the Expo along two main routes.

At the end of the show, buses will be waiting for ticket holders and will bring them back to their hotels. Find the details here. The information regarding the shuttles will be available in English at all stations and on board all buses.

In recent months, the Municipality has been working hard in order to create a perfect experience for tourists: The railway system will be reinforced, and will let visitors get off at the Tel Aviv University station near the Expo. A new public transportation map will be distributed, a free pocket guide for tourists and a brand new website will include all the info tourists may need.

Information signs in English will be placed on the main bus stops in То-То И Оно - Various - MTV Русский (CD) city. Hundreds of volunteers were recruited to assist tourists during the Eurovision week. The Sherut Taxis - yellow minibuses run on bus routes 4 and 5 but these taxis don't reach the train station16, 51 and For the Eurovision week, taxis on line 4 will extend their routes and reach the venue of the contest.

They cost about the same as the bus NIS 7 on regular day; on Shabbat more expensiveand they run on the Shabbat too. They may not stop unless you flag them down, which you can do anywhere along their route - not just at a bus stop. You pay when you have found your seat, by passing the fare to the person in front of you who will pass it along to the driver.

You must tell the driver when you want him to stop. Passengers are not allowed to stand. When traveling by train you should buy a ticket at the box office or in the ticket machine. Machines operate in English and Hebrew. The machines accept all major bank cards for the payment without additional fees. Online tickets can be purchased only by holders of personalized Rav-Kav cards.

The ticket must be kept until the end of the trip. The exit from the station is possible only with a valid ticket, which must be inserted into the turnstile upon exit. While working on the songs, I was also taking guitar lessons from such brilliant tutors as Oleg Mishin Catharsis, O. Q: What lyrical theme do you use in your music? What message do you want to send? Efes: There are two main lyrical components in my music — lyrics based on certain well-known fantasy universes, as well as lyrics about non-fantasy themes and plots but still having a distinct fantasy flavor in terms of verbal images and shapes conveyed by them.

What message? There is actually no message at all in the conventional sense. It is not about pros and cons, some social or political protest or any other biased nonsense.

As the author of music, lyrics and arrangements, my goal is to compose rich, beautiful and interesting music which is pure, sincere and totally untainted by any contemporary socio-political or economic trends. Q: How have the gigs you been doing been? Do you remember your first show and what was it like? Are there any bands that you enjoyed playing with more then the others? So there are no gigs. It is still a bit too early to talk about that, since there is no gig setlist comprising at least 10 songs known to the audience.

Q: What equipment do you use? If I did, it would be just a one-way promotion of these brands, and I am not inclined to do it, because the only form of cooperation I believe in is mutually beneficial. Suffice it to say that it is quite decent, I mean my gear and instruments. Efes: The list can go on forever. However the greatest influence in terms of music is Blind Guardian. Q: What made you decide to make this project?

Efes: My first band То-То И Оно - Various - MTV Русский (CD) up in A fervent fantasy fan and a devout metalhead, I just decided to combine these two art forms in my own music. Q: What is your opinion on sites posting your material and other bands material?

Efes: If I understand it correctly, you are referring to torrents and file-hostings. On the other hand, for a project like mine it has its drawbacks, because there is almost no income from music, and it takes me longer to raise funds necessary to make my next release. But the bottomline is that torrents and free downloads can be compared to a hurricane or a tsunami.

One may wish that things were different, but they are not, and the only thing one can do is to suck it up and try to make the best of this situation. Q: How do you feel about the classifications in metal?

Like deathcore, metalcore and other subgenres and how some get a negative rep.? Making classifications is the province of either fans or critics. But there are always exceptions which are both bonecrunchingly brutal and yet musical and beautiful, for example, Obscura. For me, the main criteria for any music is its beauty and musicality rather than the amount of gain on the amp, the intensity of growling or the blast-beats.

Q: What song do you enjoy playing the most? Q: When not doing things with the project, what can you be seen doing? Efes: I read a lot, play computer games, watch some movies or TV-series. Q: The biggest moment of your project? Efes: In a word, it sucks. There are some really talented bands and musicians out there. However the advance in recording technologies has made it possible for almost anyone to record stuff at home.

And second-rate bands with awful material are sprouting daily like mushrooms after a heavy rain. And this leads to a situation when some REALLY promising bands are left behind and unnoticed by both the labels and the audience and washed away by this shit flood to end up in obscurity. For the most part modern metal is not about musicality or beauty of sound and singing, but rather primitive aggression — the more the better.

Q: How did you come up with the name for the project? I had to come up with a name that would promote me as the author and would state the main idea behind the project as clear as day. Q: What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Efes: More fantasy-metal, rich and vibrant! My music is for those who are of bold mind, of brave heart and strong in spirit! And such people I salute. YouTube View all images. What inspired this? Indeed, Kredo Tvoyo was inspired by the Assassin's Creed game universe.

I'm not going to shy away from the fact that this song, as well as my three previous special singles Za Khladny Gory, Elfiyskiy Marsh and Iskusstvo Voinyis an attempt to draw the attention of the respective target audience to my music and, thusly, to boost FS PROJEKT's coverage and exposure.

In no way does it mean though that my intention to make this track was dictated by this reason alone. It just doesn't work with me. I usually can't do anything of a merit based on something a plot or an idea thereof that doesn't speak to me. I'm certain that one of the challenges in writing the lyrics for this particular composition was that the game's plot has very little to do with the actual history of the Order of the Assassins which I studied as part of one of my university courses.

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