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What that means is, I did not read the Watchmen comic books, when they were first published, although I was the right age for it, and by the time I got around to reading the books, I had already read other books by Alan Moore that I thought were more impressive, like Swamp Thing, and Miracle Man.

So, I was unimpressed with the movie, beyond liking the special effects, and Dr. But, nevertheless, I watched the first episode. I have to warn you the first fifteen minutes are harrowing, as it deals with the Tulsa Race Massacre because that is indeed what it was of This is a real event, I first read about, when I was a teenager, naturally, it was never something studied in school.

I was one of those kids who, after a while, my teachers just left alone to make up my own curriculum. Needless to say, when you hear some yahoo going on about how there needs to be a Race War, what he really means is that he would like the opportunity to massacre some PoC again.

Genocide of the California Indians. The lynching era — You have to know a little bit about these events to understand something about the alternative universe in which this story takes place. Guns for example are outlawed even the police need special permission from their superior officers, which is some dude wearing a Panda mask, before using lethal force. There is also an offshoot of the KKK, now called by some other name, and using the Rorschach mask, along with his talking points, thanks to the diary that was mailed to the media, after Dr.

Manhattan killed him. In our world, the police and the KKK clashed in Tulsa, and the KKK won, but in that universe, they lost, and The Reconstruction after the Civil War continued, in which Black people got political power, and the police have been fighting a decades long battle with these KKK offshoots. The police now need to wear masks to protect their identities, and families.

So, Dr. My mind kept going back to the logistics of regular falls of squid. How to clean that up? Does it smell real bad? The presidents of this world, often have consecutive, multiple runs, in political office. Robert Redford is the president in this universe, and has been for almost thirty years, where he has instituted reparations to the survivors of the massacre in Tulsa, called Red-forations.

Silk Spectre is still alive, and played by Jean Smart. Vietnam is the fifty first state, as a result of Dr. An interesting note is that Will Reeves was watching a movie about the real life Bass Reeves, who was the first Black Deputy Marshall, and the character upon which the Lone Ranger was based. The movie he is watching was in the style of the Lone Ranger TV series of this universe, only it has the actual Black character in it.

Another interesting theme is the recurring Oklahoma musical. One of the characters loves the play, and we get some songs, and even a little snippet of the movie, which stars an all Black cast in that universe. Regina King is Sister Night, a former cop, and bakery ownerfrom Vietnam, who gets called back into action by some friends on the local police force, after a cop gets murdered by a member of an organization the cops thought might have been extinct.

Most of the episode is just introducing us to this weird universe, and these characters, so outside of that intense opening, things calm down to the end, when Sister finds her mentor, from the police force, has been lynched, and Will Reeves is there, impossibly claiming to have done the deed.

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I binge-watched this entire series last weekend. It was a pleasant series, not as intense as I thought it would be, pretty fun in a lot of places, with the occasional thrill of tension in others. I did go into this with some assumptions based on the trailers. I thought it was going to be a straight superhero origin story, but it turned out to be as much about Nicole, his mother, as it was about Dion.

Nicole was a professional dancer, now turned single mom, after the death of her husbandand she and Dion have moved to Atlanta. Nicole is one of those people whose life always seems to careen from one disaster to another, and when Dion develops superpowers, that just complicates her ability to find and keep a job.

She eventually gets around to telling him. The show mostly turned out to be a mystery, and not the government thriller I thought it would be, as Nicole delves into how her husband died, while he was working for a Biology corporation. I liked these two characters okay, and Nicole was okay too, although I could have done with a lot less dancing in a couple of the episodes. The two stand out characters for me though were Dion and Esmeralda.

The actor playing Dion is as cute as a button, and Dion is imaginative, and kindhearted, which goes a long way with me. Esmeralda is a gem ,and that actress reallt endeared herself to me. Esmeralda uses a chair, and when we first meet her, is around the time that Dion discovers he has powers.

So yeah, I already like the characters, and the show is pleasant enough. There are no world ending stakes involved this season, as the story remains mostly small and personal, which will give the show room to expand, as Dion grows into his abilities. Kate lost her mom and bio-sister in a car accident, when she was a child, and she hates Batman because he was there to save them, but left the scene, and Kate watched them die.

We meet up with her while she is undergoing some Bruce Wayne type training with some sassy Indigenous guy, with long White hair, at the behest of her father who, for reasons of love and safety, is trying to keep her out of his hair, after she got kicked out of military school, for fraternizing with another female, her girlfriend, Sophie.

She and Sophie are given a choice. They can reject their relationship and stay in school, or they can be expelled. Kate chooses to be expelled, but Sophie chooses to deny the relationship and stay. At first, I was mad about it, but Sophie is a Black woman, from a modest background, who worked damn hard to get where she is, and while she appears to love Kate, she is not willing to sacrifice her potential career for her, as she may not get another chance in life.

When Sophie gets kidnapped by a villain called Alice, Kate returns to a Gotham which has been missing Batman for three years. Kate is desperate to save Sophie, and prove herself to her father, and we get some twists and turns in the plot, and some fairly emotional scenes between Kate and Sophie, and Kate and her dad.

We get a little bit of backstory, and a subplot about a traitor among The Crows. I liked that the show made some real efforts at diversity.

There are plenty of poc in the cast, and they all have distinct personalities. Of those characters, the only ones I truly cared about, at the time, were the members of the Justice League.

I will will watch all the shows and some of the movies, though. Well, anyway the big new event this season on the CW is the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, with multiple Supermen, which should and it better be exciting. This is an exceedingly odd zombie film, which I had a lot of fun watching.

Even though most zombie movies give me anxiety, I watch them anyway, because, its zombies, and there was a little of that tension here, but the movie was more comedy than horror. At the very least it will prepare you for watching any horror movie directed by Jarmusch. The first time anyone notices things have gone off kilter is when Cliff notices that the sun has not set at the correct time, and the town crankypants, Busceminotices his chickens and cows are missing.

When the diner is attacked by two zombies, Ronnie and Cliff investigate, and Cliff reaches the swift conclusion that it was zombies. There are long moments of characters standing around, or sitting somewhere, having bland conversations about the situation, the world, or sometimes each other. The town is visited by what Cliff calls hipsters from Cleveland. Cliff takes a liking to one of them, but its all pointless since everyone in the movie gets eaten, even after Cliff warns them to stay inside and not go out at night because of the outbreak.

The humor comes from the laconic acceptance, by all the characters, that the town has been invaded by zombies, and from the activities of the zombies themselves. The director has taken the idea of the zombies being attracted to the the things they did in life, and just ran with it, which results in the Chardonnay quote, seen in the trailer. From time to time, one of regular humans will freak out about the situation, which is only meant to offset the calm of the other characters.

The zombies are given odd quirks of personality. They still eat people, but they also like tennis and coffee.

When Ronnie asks why that song keeps playing on the radio, Cliff explains that that is the theme song. Tom Waits plays the homeless guy, who lives n the woods, named Hermit Bob, who makes voiceover observations of the events happening in the town, and whom everyone thinks is crazy. I liked Cliff, who is both pragmatic and intelligent.

Swinton plays the new town mortician who also turns to to be an alien. You could tell she was a strange one, because she made weird observations, and carried a samurai sword that she was extremely good at using. She is both delighted and unbothered by the zombie outbreak.

Yes, there is a UFO in this movie. The movie ends with the deaths of all the other characters, and Hermit Bob shaking his head with the observation that the world is a messed up place. I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the primary staples of the Horror genre is the fear of disease, or loss of bodily autonomy.

The Fly is a perfect encapsulation of this theme. I was specifically discussing zombification, and where and how such a disease would get started. I mentioned a game I was playing called Plague Inc. The objective of the game is to kill the human race, anything less than that and you lose. You must kill off all humanity. Plague Inc. You have to factor, not just where the disease begins, but how fast it travels, based on how its victims contract it, how the disease gets spread to different locations, and carefully calculate how fast it works on its victims bodies.

You receive points on how effective your disease is, and you can use those points to buy specific attributes it, like new vectors, that can slow it down, or speed it up. If the disease kills its victims too fast, then it dies out before it can infect enough people. If it works on its victims too slowly, then the disease will be cured before it can infect enough people.

Horror movies base a lot of their plots off diseases, some of them pretty rare, and some of them entirely fictional, but they all operate from the same basis. Diseases need to be spread somehow, and just like other living organisms, the virus or bacteria, or whatever the disease is based on, wants to survive and multiply, and can only do that by infecting as many people as possible.

Horror movie diseases echo real world versions in that they need to have vectors. These three movies are too similar in their depictions of zombification not to be compared. The only differences are that in 28 Days Later, the victims are still alive, and slowly starve to death, while in Train to Busan, the victims are the reanimated dead. The diseases are spread very much the same,with humans as the transport vector. Much like Rabies, both diseases are spread through contact with infected saliva, like a bite, or interaction with bodily fluids.

The diseases in the movies are spread so fast because the victims are compelled to seek out new hosts, and because it works on the body much faster than any known real life diseases, so its not very realistic in the depictions of the diseases themselves.

These diseases work too fast on the bodies of the victims, but the vectors for them are realistic enough. The vector for the zombification in World War Z is similar to the the one used in The Invasion, which is kind of a slick remake of The Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.

The vector, in both cases, is humans, but one extra thing these two diseases have in common is how they react to the human body, in that a previous infection of some other disease, can render a person immune to the current one. I think World War Z got this idea from the science of immunology. One of the things that World War Z gets right, however are that boats and planes are two of the vectors for transport of the disease.

The victims produce a milky saliva that they use to infect more victims, usually by adulterating beverages. This is another disease that spreads quickly, as the first victims are compelled to seek out more. The Stand — Stephen King The disease chronicled in The Stand is not fictional. It is very real. Called the Superflu, it is spread the same way regular colds and flu is spread, with the only difference between it and the regular flu, is Funky Worm - Various - 100% Blaxploitation (CD) the Superflu was genetically modified to be a weapon.

Scientists hardly needed to make a super version, as there have been several times that the flu has wiped out whole populations of people. There here have been several of these over the past years. The last major Flu pandemic happened incalled the Spanish Flu, it killed some 50 to million people worldwide. Because the flu is easily transmitted, it is capable of infecting a lot of people, without their knowledge.

The description of the Superflu, or as its called in the book, Captain Trips, closely resembles descriptions of The Spanish Flu. The disease travels just fast enough, and kills just slow enough, that no one realizes they have been infected, and are able to pass it along to many unknowingly, by touch. Just like the real flu Captain Trips is contagious before they show any symptoms, after which the disease is airborne, in infected droplets from mucus.

If you caught it, you died. So if you do think you have the flu, you should wear a mask when you go outside. And if you refuse to get your flu shot, you should also wear a mask.

Droplet range is about three feet. People can sneeze as far as 20 feet but about 3 feet is the contagious range. People would go through their days coughing and sneezing, thinking they were just suffering from a light head cold. But as they were going throughout their day, they were infecting everyone they had come across. And then a week later they were dead. The disease still exists today, even here in the US.

One of the vectors for Bubonic plague are rats, and other small rodentswhich carry the infected fleas, which can carry the disease quickly and quietly into populated areas. One of the other vectors is humanity. People infected with the plague are highly contagious, and can pass it on, much like the flu. The bacteria that cause plague, Yersinia pestis, maintain their existence in a cycle involving rodents and their fleas.

Plague occurs in rural and semi-rural areas of the western United States, primarily in semi-arid upland forests and grasslands where many types of rodent species can be involved. Many types of animals, such as rock squirrels, wood rats, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks, mice, voles, and rabbits can be affected by plague. Wild carnivores can become infected by eating other infected animals.

Just as in The Invasionthis disease can be passed on by human beings coming into contact with the bodily fluids of the infected. As the disease progresses they begin to bleed profusely, and the skin begins to slough away.

The basis for the disease in the movie is called necrotizing fasciitis, aka Flesh Eating Bacteria. I caution you to not Google images of this disease, unless you have a strong stomach. For the record, it looks exactly like the disease in the movie. If you have necrotizing fasciitis you have a life threatening condition that could spread to kill you within hours. This is a unique and interesting movie in that the vector of contamination here is speech.

The use of certain words must be said and heard in a specific arrangement in English, which creates an infection that takes over the brain, and turns the victim into a living zombie. The first stage is you might begin to repeat a word. Something gets stuck. The third stage you become so distraught at your condition that the only way out of the situation you feel, as an infected person, is to try and chew your way through the mouth of another person.

The basis for much of the mythology of vampirism is a disease called Porphyria, a set of several inherited, blood disorders, that result in the body being unable to create hemoglobin. Some of the symptoms of porphyria are paleness, lethargy, and extreme photsensitivity, all symptoms displayed by the character in the movie. Porphyria, howeveris not infectious. In The Afflicted, Derek, begins to exhibit all the symptoms of vampirism, after an encounter with a pretty girl at a nightclub.

He first exhibits flu like symptoms, before the disease is offset by the other symptoms of vamprism, super strength, and speed. In the movies, vampirism is contagious through contact with saliva, in much the same way as rabies, to which it also bears a similarity. The different genetic variations that affect heme production give rise to different clinical presentations of porphyria — including one form that may be responsible for vampire folklore.

Rabies is a deadly virus that is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected animal. Globally, it kills an estimated 59, people each year — that equates to almost one death every 9 minutes.

Initial symptoms are only flu-likebut once they appear, rabies is almost always fatal. The cordyceps fungus operates in much the same fashion as the alien in the movie: infect, zombify, repeat. In that way, the creature, also called The Long One, grows to consume the life of an entire planet. The alien mimics the life cycle of cordyceps by controlling the hosts to infect more hosts, through the use of mobile spores, which look like worms.

The cordyceps fungus also infects an ant or other insect through spores. After the host is infected, it is instructed by the spores to climb to a high point, before more of the spores burst from its body, infecting the rest of the colony. In the movie, after a person is directly infected by the primary host, their bodies are instructed to feed until they grow to enormous size, after which their bodies burst, releasing the spore-like worms.

After patient zero, Grant Grant, is infected by an initial spore in the shape of a Funky Worm - Various - 100% Blaxploitation (CD)he is instructed to feed, and impregnate more hosts. Did I say I love dinosaurs, and that I will basically watch any movie with dinosaurs in it including the cartoon ones?

I loved this little short because it combines two of my favorite things, smart, little, black girls, and dinosaurs. Because I used to be a smart, little, black girl who loved dinosaurs! I prefer non-fiction for that, but movies are supposed to be a stepping stone to knowledge, not the end.

Its about a smart, little Black princess, who gets into adventures, when she visits Paris for the first time. How about Lupita, some kids, and some zombies? How about Lupita at Summer Camp, with kids, fighting zombies? While there, he met the famous illustrator Mark English and became his apprentice for several months. He has illustrated thirty United States postage stamps and a commemorative stamp book titled I Have a Dream.

In he created Ebony Visions, which has been the number-one-selling black figurine collectible in the United States for the past twenty years. InBlackshear had a one-man show through the Vatican in Rome. Often, when a character who has done something bad or evil sees the error of their ways and does a Heel—Face Turn in the course of fighting to undo the damagetheir redemption comes at the cost of their own life. Tony is a redemptive figure, who tried sacrificing his life to atone for his sins multiple times, but only experiences a true atonement, at the end of his arc, as it should be.

Perhaps we only hear about it occasionally because the circumstances in which it might manifest itself are, fortunately, not so common. In this instance, Tony, who is established as a Christ figure, a very common trope in Western filmssacrifices his life for the salvation of the human race from Thanos, who is set up as a Satanic figure, in the Avengers narrative, but Thanos is a whole other story.

He is terrified of it, but knows it is soon, when he finds out he has lung cancer. At the end of the film, he saves the soul of a young woman named Isabel, who committed suicide, and consequently, went to Hell. He commits suicide too, knowing that the Devil will come to collect him personally, which he does. Instead of wishing for a longer life, or not to go to Hell, Constantine wishes for Isabel to be released to Heaven.

Lucifer agrees, but realizes just too late, that he cannot take Constantine to Hell now, because he committed a genuinely pure act of self sacrifice. Tony has tried a few times to sacrifice his life, but his motives were never pure, and his act of sacrifice was interrupted each time.

I actually like Tony, and appreciated that most of his character arc was him being an unremitting shit, but at least trying to atone for his sins, and failing as much as he succeeded, but I will not lie about the type of man he was. Even after his death, the MCU is still dealing with the aftermath of the decisions he made, and the people he hurt, when he was alive.

Most of the villains that Tony fought throughout his own trilogy, in The Avengers, and Spiderman, came about through his callous disregard for how his decisions affected the lives of the average man. Stark was an arms dealer, and war profiteer. He made money from war, and up until that came back to bite him on the ass by nearly killing him, he spent no time thinking about the amount of death his weapons, the guns, the missiles, the ammunitioncaused in the world. Tony always had a close relationship with death.

Sooner, or later, it would have caught up to him. Nick Fury went on to commit his own sins in his attempt to protect the world.

Throughout the movies, Tony, people often confront Tony. People like to pull out his sins, and slap him in the face with them, and that often works to change his behavior, so this is how I know Tony feels some type of way about the kind of life and living he made for himself. Even Steve gets in on the act, in the first Avengers filmcalling Tony out as a useless coward. Tony often put himself in situations where death was inevitable. Challenging the things he fears is one of the things he has in common with Steve Rogers, although Tony does it for different reasons.

Tony once served death, chased after death, challenged death, and flirted with death. Yet, so terrified was he of dying, that he was willing to commit rather extreme acts of self harm to stave it off the ARC reactor in his chest, for example.

The other times, when Tony tried to sacrifice his life, his motivation was not pure. He was doing it because he thought he deserved to die, and that is a selfish reason. He does it to save the lives of his friends, and loved ones, standing just a few feet away. Removing the immediate threat is his primary goal ,and his death is just the price he must pay for that. His motivation this time is love, and unlike all the other times when he nearly died, his motive is pure.

In any other circumstances, Tony would have been considered a sympathetic villain, but here, in the MCU, he is cast as a damaged, but heroic, character. I like him because he knows how flawed he is, and desperately wants and tries to be one. I am not comfortable with the lionization of Tony Stark, by his fans since his death, however. All along, Downey knew exactly the type of character he was portraying.

I feel it is disrespectful to the character, to make him out to be something he was not, because that ignores his character arc, and diminishes the meaning of his death. This is the story of a horribly flawed man looking for salvation from his sins. In an earlier post, about Endgame, I said I was alright with Tony dying, and this is why. In Avengers Endgame, he actually achieved the redemption he was always seeking, and did so without hesitation.

Some of these are already playing. I felt really distant from the characters, and I think its because of the acting. In a lot of ways this is a typical historical romance film, but with an overlay of politics, as the different races of The Fae are displaced by violent colonization, to another world not this onewhere they are refugees and immigrants.

I watched a few episodes of this, as well, and I liked the plot, and a couple of the characters. Ironically, I would have been more intrigued without any of the supernatural elements. I kept wanting to compare this series to Warrior, which was excellent, and Into the Badlands, which got three seasons, and this show came up wanting, mostly because of the acting.

Okay, I did watch a couple of episodes of this. Is it scary? Yeah, sure, but its mostly scary to me, because I have no clue what the fuck is happening beyond some malignant spirits, tormenting people at a Japanese internment camp. I enjoyed the first story I watched, which involved a murderous vlogger, and it was interesting because the vlogger was a Black, female, serial killer, who made makeup products out of her victims.

I am going to check out a few more episodes too, because I like the idea of the two sentence story, and it seems to have taken a page from the new Twilight Zone, by casting PoC in unusual roles. The second story I watched was about a Japanese family with an abusive ghost, that ended with me all up in my feels. So far, its not delivering what I expect, and I like that.

It heavily reminds me of Afro Samurai, and really looks like fun. I watched the first two seasons, and really liked the dynamic between Jack, and his rather staid, and conservative, British father, who is annoying, but still manages somehow to still be hilarious. The first season was Jack trying to get his father to loosen up by visiting some of his favorite places around the world. The second season was about his father giving him the same treatment on the continent.

I was a little disappointed at the ending of the first season, but I like the trailer for the second season, and it looks like fun because of the addition of Krypto and Superboy!. On the other hand, it does feature an 80s style serial killer, and the writers are all batshit, so I expect this to be halfway enjoyable, to the point where I just might stan, and geek out, since I lost interest halfway through the last season.

Yes, the dialogue needs some serious help, but I like the actress, and the action scenes look like fun. This is one of the few fantasy shows with women of color as the cast, including an Afro-Latina, and also several lesbian characters of color.

Its also not a bad show, either. This is intriguing. Its a show based on the brainwashed sleeper agent idea behind The Bourne series.

Treadstone was the program that created Jason Bourne, and this show is about the aftermath of that third movie, after Jason put a stop to it. I am more than a little tired of the Tobias Whale storyline, and wish they would move away from it.

I talked about this in an earlier post. Game of Throes only caught my attention because of the addition of Ice Zombies. Yeah, I said it. Morgan Freeman starred in a martial arts film. This is an unusual movie, not just because of its dissimilar cast, but because it is as much of a drama, as it is an action movie.

Its not a bad film, but it is a tonally odd movie, that somehow manages to work, and that is entirely due to the acting, and what mindset you bring to it. Morgan Freeman, as Sam, is his usual excellent self, and so is Bob Hoskins as an abusive gangster named Bart. I actually enjoyed this movie, but then I walked in not really knowing what to expect, even though I had heard of the movie with its previous title.

Bart styles himself as a kindly uncle, who is just taking care of the helpless Danny, but he is horrifically abusive, treating Danny like an animal, putting him on a leash, making him eat out of dog dishes, and live in a cage in the basement.

He is a cartoonish example of abusive parenting, and clothes himself in virtue, by calling it love. One day Danny accidentally stumbles across Sam, fixing a piano in an antique shop, and the blind Sam, is kind and friendly to him, something Danny has never experienced.

He becomes fascinated by the piano, and later, asks for one from Bart, but a rival gangster takes Bart out of the equation, via car crash. Get it? Benjamin material. Unfortunately, the change was more in the plotting of the movie, and less with the look and mood.

Elfman has said in interviews that he knew this score had to be melodic, and it does have a kicker of a main theme. Can I get away with a one-word review for one of the few interesting scores of the summer movie season?

However, this year has seen a surprising number of good, possibly great, big-name offerings: A. Only five years into his Hollywood career, Elmer Bernstein triumphed with his first romantic score, a rich, melodic and American work with a memorable love theme and haunting passages. In many ways it was the predecessor to his lush score to From the Terrace. One director, two films, and two legendary composers on one great CD! Henry Orient stars real schoolgirls Tippy Walker and Merrie Spaeth as youngsters in New York City obsessed with a fairly bad pianist and lothario with a predilection for married women: Henry Orient, a signature comic role for Peter Sellers.

In the skillful hands of director George Roy Hill, the film is no mere spoof but an honest and emotional study of the girls whose interest in Henry is an outlet for their yearning for parental love. That the film manages to stay true to its dramatic origins while providing comic belly laughs is evidence of a brilliant composer.

Bernstein evokes innocence, mischief, bonding and heartbreak—sometimes all in the same cue. As recorded by Dan Wallin, the acoustics are so crystal clear that one can practically hear the players touching their instruments. The two themes are scored in a variety of treatments, from fully symphonic to smallensemble jazz. The Egyptian Jointly composed by Alfred Newman and Bernard Herrmann The Egyptian is an historical epic whose score collectors had long believed destroyed.

Most cues that have survived are in stellar six-track stereo sound, and many others are in more than acceptable three-track stereo sound.

The Undefeated is a sprawling escapist western with a score by Hugo Montenegro, steeped in tradition yet with a pop gleam in its eye. A stark and realistic western, The Bravados features a powerful and handsome score co-written by two Hollywood greats: Alfred Newman and Hugo Friedhofer.

The liner notes by film music scholar William H. Barry scored this character study of aging cowboys Lee Marvin and Jack Palance with his impeccable melodic touch. The score never before released Between Heaven and Hell is a tough-minded story of an affluent young soldier who finds courage and his own humanity during WWII. This score is complete with excellent sound. The surviving cues have been culled into the best possible representation of the score, with enough to showcase its haunting Asian textures and harmonies—and the great main theme.

Untamed Deepest, darkest adventure! This sprawling epic starring Susan Hayward and Tyrone Power features a thrilling main title—quintessential Franz Waxman Hollywood—with a soaring main theme erupting from the horn calls of an Irish fox hunt.

From there Waxman scores a prairie caravan, Zulu attack, and rescue—through triumph, despair and back again—all the while developing the main theme and introducing an evocative love theme. The complete underscore—plus source cues—are presented in chronological order, in high-quality stereo.

This CD contains the score in Alfred Newman provided the definitive musical representation for God and showed a peerless sensitivity to human spirituality.

A Man Called Peter is the story of an inspiring Scottish minister who became Chaplain to the United States Senate; the score is charged with reverence and joy. His score links the stories with a single, immediately accessible folk-like theme that is a springboard for some of the wildest avant garde writing of his career.

Nowhere else has he been able to display his melodic gift hand-in-hand with his atonal, 20th century side. Everything in the score culminates in the lengthy action climax, featuring devilish clarinet solos as if played by Mephistopheles himself.

A gorgeous, atmospheric evocation of deep-sea adventure, with nine harps grounding the sublimely Herrmannesque soundscapes—from gentle currents to rippling waves to crashing terror. With its jaunty maritime melodies, heartfelt string writing and crashing action music, this FSM CD features the complete chronological score, in stereo, as conducted by Herrmann for the film.

It features a dynamic set of themes and variations for the hero, princess, villain, mentor sound familiar? An early score PLUS a rare demo! Morituri is a complex WWII story for which Jerry Goldsmith wrote a gritty, dynamic score that moved his best TV adventure music to a feature film setting. Raid on Entebbe was a telefilm about the daring real-life hostage rescue by Israeli commandos. David Shire, one of the most intelligent and sensitive composers to work in the s The Conversation, The Taking of Pelham OneTwo-Threeprovides a sparse score with a pulsating, aggressive theme for the Israeli commandos.

For this release, Shire has assembled a four-movement suite of his score, presented in clean mono. Premiere of the smashing OST!

The result is a powerful work, full of majestic Asian writing and pulsating action cues that capture the sound of conflict. FSM dives into the voluminous legacy of Alfred Newman with this doubleheader disc. FSM returns to the rich Warner Bros. Related in melody and attitude is Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skiesa helter-skelter tale of a father-and-son barnstorming team. This premiere release assembles the best listening presentation of the score in a combination of stereo and mono.

This score brilliantly defines General Patton, from the jaunty march to the trumpet triplets that conjure up the ghosts of an ancient, martial past. Unlike previous albums, this is the original film soundtrack. The Flight of the Phoenix is a superb adventure film about a cargo plane that crashes in the Sahara desert.

Order online, by phone or by mail: see contact info below. This is the first release of the original film recording of Rio Conchos, complete in mono with bonus tracks of a vocal version of the theme plus six tracks repeated in newly mixed stereo. While emphasizing action, Hard Ride benefits from a rousing, full-blooded adventure theme, and consciously references Morricone-isms that recall The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The CD features the score twice: in newly remixed stereo and in the mono mix originally made for the film.

Stagecoach is the remake of the John Ford western. The previous Mainstream CD is a re-recording; this CD features the original soundtrack, as conducted by the composer. Wonderful Williams chaotic march for the ape army. Add some striking electronic effects, a bizarre choral mass and you have one of the most original sci-fi scores ever written.

Batman The Poseidon Adventure is the classic Irwin Allen disaster movie, with a stunning title theme and suspenseful interior passages.

Americana-styled main title to Conrack Order yours today! This exciting score features extended passages of familiar Bat-tunes, including a riveting title with supervillain motifspropulsive traveling music, piratical villain ditties, generous helpings of the Batman motif, and a deluxe presentation of his swinging, brassy fight music.

The disc sports stunning stereo sound, unused score cues, specially arranged source music and an alternate end title. A Girl Named Sooner is a telefilm cut from a similar cloth presented in clean mono. Rio Conchos The original hard-riding tracks! Complete your Apes collection! Sci-fi film vets Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter provided the perfect accompaniment to this Irwin Allen film, emphasizing danger, action, suspense and adventure.

Enjoy a full stereo remix of a genre classic by two Hollywood workhorses. Hear the complete score—including unused cues—in a combination of stereo and mono.

Leonard Rosenman returned to score Battle…reprising his atonal sound with new themes. The score includes deranged acoustic and electronic effects, rousing action and moments of genuine warmth, all in in stereo. This is the classic science fiction movie which follows a miniaturized surgical team inside the human body.

It is a powerful, modern orchestral work with breathtaking musical colors, presented here in complete form, in stereo. This spirited score catalogs his diverse styles: from goofy, faux-hip source music to bold orchestral scoring. Listeners will note foreshadowings of his later landmark works. The French Connection launched the film career of composer Don Ellis, a cuttingedge jazz artist whose experimental work fits snugly alongside crime scores by Goldsmith, Schifrin and Fielding.

This CD includes all of the rejected music which Lalo Schifrin recorded for the film—never before heard! Music From Retrograde! Warner Home Video has led the way for video restoration with box sets of their most famous films.

Their soundtrack CDs have been available only within the larger video packages—until now. FSM has limited quantities of CDs to sell via direct mail only to our readers. The Wild Bunch Fully restored, limited availability! The deluxe package includes a page color booklet with dozens of never-before published photographs and concept drawings by Mad Magazine alumnus Jack Davis and Don Duga.

Exclusive Video! Take a tour of his work and lifestyle, from his methods of composing to his love of sailing. NTSC U. Each timing table covers beat 1 to beat at the given clicktempo. With large, easy-to-read clicktempo values and equivalent metronomic values at the top of each page, there are timing, frame and footage breakdowns for rhythmic subdivisions within each clicktempo—including compound meters.

Includes a listing and tutorial of standard timing-conversion formulas for 24 fps film speed, and a tutorial in SMPTE-toabsolute time conversion, plus frames-toseconds conversion tables for U. NEW Updated Edition! Lalo Schifrin scored this adventure with his greatest fusion of funky backbeats, catchy melodies, screaming orchestra and wild percussion.

First time on CD! Topics include spotting, communicating, recording, budgeting and licensing, with explanations of the various personnel and entities involved in each; also included are lists of agents, clearance companies, glossary terms and resources. Silman-James Press, pp. Listings are annotated to differentiate between originals and reissues, commercial albums and rare promos.

Smith also surveys the present state of the market and provides a checklist for the top 50 collectible CDs. Composers covered many with photos are Stothart, V. Published by University of California Press. You can return any disc for a full refund or credit within 30 days. Newman, Shaiman, Shore, Walker and C.

To order multiple copies of releases up to six eachjust write how many copies you want on the form between pages His Golden Age contemporaries considered him the most sophisticated practitioner of their art.

In the s Friedhofer gave a lengthy oral history to the American Film Institute, rife with anecdotes, opin ions and wit, which forms the centerpiece of this book. This coffee-table book is a stunning collection of soundtrack LP covers.

Take a trip down memory lane, or experience these powerful images for the first time. Turnstyle Music Publishing, pp. Largely comprised of composer mini-bios with reviews of their most notable works and photo portraits from Golden Age titans to present-day mastersthere is also a thor- FSM: The Complete Collection Get every issue of Film Score Monthly from to the present in one package.

Sorry, but that's what happens when you live so far away from Film Score Monthly. The most influential film composer of all time, who scored such classics as Citizen Kane, Vertigo, Psycho and Taxi Driver, Bernard Herrmann was also famous for his musical passion, bad temper and outbursts. This hard-to-find book is the definitive biography of the leg- This book by longtime film music columnist Brown is the first serious theoretical study of music in film and explores the relationships between film, music and narrative, and chronicles the aesthetics of it through several eras.

Film Music and Everything Else! Brown Long out of print, a few copies have surfaced from the U. This p. Lone Eagle Publishing. If you already have some of the issues, we can create a customized set of the issues you need at a prorated price.

Contact us today! Featuring interviews with composers Jerry Goldsmith, Alexander Courage, Fred Steiner, Gerald Fried, Ron Jones, Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway, producer Robert Justman, music editor Gerry Sackman and others, the book contains a complete list of scores written for all four TV series; a guide to how certain shows were tracked and credited; Trek manuscript excerpts from the composers; and several cue sheets.

Francillon This is the ultimate resource for finding out which composers have scored what films—over 2, composers cross-referenced with 25, films! Never be puzzled again. Also contains agency contacts, Academy Award winners and nominees, record company addresses and more.

We are happy to accept gift orders and ship them on your behalf, complete with your message and identification. Please write on the order form or a separate piece of paper the name and address of the gift recipient, and any note we should include. Rosenthal on the Vineyard; Salter in memoriam; classical music in films; John Williams in concert; Recordman at the flea market. Also: History of Soundtrack Collecting Pt.

Here is the present line-up of available gifts: Disturbing Behavior Mark Snow score to recent feature film about teens in sci-fi trouble. Issues pp. FSM Pt. Volume Three, Expanded format! Issues 48 pp. Cuomo, Kamen. Visit our website at www. You will receive an automatic confirmation. All of your information including your credit card is confidential and encrypted for your protection.

Save precious days that might otherwise keep you from your music! Howard Dinosaur ; more. Index How much stuff have we printed in FSM? Cost: same as one back issue. Granted, many people consider this a good thing. Its scope is truly operatic in a muscular way— think Wagnerand it incorporates a gigantic orchestra and exceptional sound production. Even now, thoughts of those dance re-mixes of The Deep and Close Encounters make me cringe. Plus, it has a lousy beat, and I would never dance to it.

For baseball fans, this movie is a loving recreation and fitting tribute to the great American pastime. The song CD also includes nice songs from the era, but the baseball songs are the best. The main gripe I have with these releases is that since both CDs are short to begin with, why not combine them to make a jampacked listening experience?

Each album on its own is a bit skimpy. Incidentally, Jellybean Records forgot to tell Marc Shaiman about this CD, because when we told him he was shocked and asked what was on it and how he could get a copy. Contradictory, strident and ill-prepared to be pigeonholed, this schizophrenic, genre-defying score is a winner. Instrumentation is more than key in helping the music achieve this classification. There are solo instrumentals punctuated by sparse, open harmonies and the occasional percussion outburst along with electronica.

Most of this music could easily have been written for Gladiator or even Crimson Tide. The way the electric guitars are used provides a more contemporary, urban sound to the score. And while the occasional forays into funk might work on certain levels, I found them mostly annoying. These dissections are not an attempt to deny the talent and artistry of Rabin.

He has adapted a boldly anachronistic style that has become commonplace of late in most drama, regardless of period, and has applied it to a western. Whether or not you like this sort of thing will determine if you consider it genius or not. I suspect the producers were more interested in trying to pretend that this film was as excit- ing as Con-Air or Armageddon.

As it is, this score may turn out to be the only redeeming element in what is otherwise a cinematic misfire. That blows my mind. FSM: Would you describe yourself as an experimental composer? AB: Of course I do. You could take the meaning of his images in a million different ways. But then he surprised the world by directing the beautiful, real life Straight Story with Richard Farnsworth.

There was nothing abstract about that. I think David has done Mulholland Drive with a tremendous amount of confidence. AB: Yeah. David and I have always hit it off together. We like each other.

FSM wonderfully. The boss of ABC [also had a part] at the time. What kind of movies are you looking to work on? But as far as the kinds of movies that would be ideal to do, I would like the opportunity to do scores that are very open and tragically beautiful.

I want the music to really hit home. How did you get involved with that film? Jean-Pierre sent me storyboards for his film, and they fascinated me.

It was also a great way to work, because all I really did was to start out by composing the main themes. Then I went to Paris and played them for Jean-Pierre. He loved them, and I went back home to write the score. We recorded it in Europe.

But I wrote something totally different that I loved. Though not in the same league as Shakespeare in Love, this film has one big asset: its mood. The music sounds historically accurate while retaining a modern edge, and it also perfectly captures a hot summer setting. As I listen to the CD, I feel transported onto that island. The most notable and impressive cue features, of course, the mandolin. The rest of the CD stays on this same even keel for most of its length, with historical source cues popping up every so often.

Even the music for the soldiers and the war scenes are played ominously, as opposed to the usual in your face action approach. The track beautifully conjures up a languid serenity. The score for Aliens—which Horner was purportedly given only a few weeks to complete—so enraged Cameron that the notoriously perfectionistic director literally slammed the young composer against a wall at one point or so rumor has it.

Featuring over 30 minutes of previously unreleased music, we can finally hear what Horner had in mind The liner notes by Nick Redman describe in meticulous detail where and when the various cues were meant to be heard. Now you can throw away that Concorde bootleg, and shame on you anyway for having it! Things get spacier and spicier in the remaining three CDs, each focusing on sci-fi-related music from the realm of pop and novelty tunes.

The five discs are included in a literal silver box, Funky Worm - Various - 100% Blaxploitation (CD) a holographic brain pasted onto three ends.

The tone is complemented perfectly by a wonderful page full color hardback booklet, featuring nostalgic photos and full liner notes on the music and the genre.

There are also retrospectives from Ray Bradbury, Forrest J. Ackerman, Bill Mumy, Joe Dante and others. Looking at the wide variety of offerings recently released on DVD, it will be interesting to see if fantastical creatures like Dracula, the Blob and the Mummy will capture the attention of viewers, despite the real-life horrors our world has been plunged into over the preceding weeks.

At the outset, the Universal films were hugely successful with audiences seeking an escape, but by the time the U. When the movie was brought back into circulation on video over a decade ago, it found a new collection of admirers, many of whom joined critics in stating their preference for this moody, atmospheric follow-up over its predecessors. Certainly the erotic overtones of the piece, directed by Lambert Hillyer and written by Garrett Fort, make for a fascinating film, focusing on the title character Gloria Holden arriving in London and putting the moves on young Marguerite Churchill.

Edward Van Sloan reprises his role as Dr. Von Helsing in the film, which has been remastered for DVD using superior source material than the laserdisc release from a few years ago. The Son benefits greatly from the return of Boris Karloff to the role of the Monster, here resurrected by the son of Dr. Its sequel, Ghost of Frankenstein, highlighted the beginning of a downward cycle in the Universal series—lower budgets meant less inspired screenplays, less elaborate surroundings and generally less interesting films, though even the B-grade Universal films are not without their merits.

All of the Universal Double Feature DVDs feature trailers and abbreviated production notes culled from their more informative laserdisc counterparts.

In all cases, the mono soundtracks are weak, making the already coarse recordings even more difficult to comprehend. With this batch of new titles, Universal has virtually completed the release of their classic monster films on DVD. The letterWilliam Finley seeking boxed disc includes interrevenge on a villainous views with Valerie Leon record producer Paul and writer Christopher Williams, who also Wicking, TV and radio penned the score who spots, a still gallery and a stole his beloved cansecond bonus DVD comtata.

Jessica Harper prising trailers for 20 other essays the rising music Hammer films. In many ways, this is a evil Dr. Alas, no other extras are provided here aside from a trailer. That version included the original trailer, which is inexplicably absent from this new edition. Still worth it for fans, but hang on to or track down the first DVD for its superior picture quality. This new Universal edition features enhancement for televisions though the transfer looks identical to the Goodtimes discthe original trailer, and production notes, but none of the previously announced additional supplements—including deleted scenes and director commentary— that seemed to be the only rationale for its rerelease.

Sting and Jennifer Beals essay the relationship between Dr. Burum make this a flawed but entertaining picture worthy of rediscovery. Co-scripted by Frank Darabont Shawshank Redemption and director Chuck Russell Eraser, The Maskthis fun, fast-paced and gory monster opus is a clever update of its predecessor, and perhaps even more entertaining on subsequent viewing.

Foreign shipping more; only mail to U. Gordon non-classic Tormented. Definitely different and lots of fun for both those who remember these kinds of shows and others like this author too young to have experienced them. Still, this low-budget effort is lively and entertaining for genre aficionados, presented in a superb package with a letterboxed transfer, audio commentary, screen tests, deleted shots, still galleries and the original trailer.

Richard Egan plays a lawyer who returns to his hometown to sort out a racially oriented mystery and finds himself reunited with an old flame, played by Dana Wynter. Poster images courtesy Photofest. Bernstein triumphed with his first romantic score, a rich, melodic and American work with a memorable love theme and haunting passages. Both scores are remixed in stereo from the original multitrack sessions; the CD features liner notes by Herrmann archivist Christopher Husted.

One director, two forgotten films, and two legendary composers—that is the basis for this doubleheader of great film music with no shortage of personality. Forever Dinah 8. Farewell The Chase Still photographs courtesy Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. Photo Archive. The film stars real schoolgirls Tippy Walker and Merrie Spaeth as youngsters in New York City obsessed with a local, fairly bad pianist and lothario with a predilection for married women: Henry Orient, a signature comic role for Peter Sellers.

The girls follow Henry throughout the city, spoiling his escapades and causing trouble with their innocent games. His main theme, with gentle mixed meters and a catchy theme, is instantly memorable. As fans of the film have known for 37 years, the score is an absolute gem, without a phony note. The music was recorded at the Goldwyn Scoring Stage—now closed—which was widely considered the finest stage in Hollywood. Cold Remembrance Coffee with Henry The Search Retreat Related documents.

Jan 24, With a colorful background and love of fast living, his real life exploits put to shame anything seen in his films.

A noted motocross aficionado and racecar driver, Steve McQueen was born of Scotch roots in the throes of the Great Depression to a flying circus stunt flyer who abandoned him at an early age.

Difficult family relations led to a hardscrabble youth as a real life juvenile delinquent and gangbanger, leaving him living on the streets at one point before being consigned to juvenile hall.

He later joined the merchant marine, went AWOL, worked in a whorehouse, on an oil rig, as a carnival barker and roustabout, joined the Marines, went AWOL again, did time in the brig…no question, he earned his reputation as a tough guy. Turning to acting relatively late in life, he was already approaching the ripe old age of 30 by the time he landed his first notable role With a…. Jan 10, Intended to be brought up in "proper society", he blew his shot at Yale by tossing the headmaster into a local pond - his penchant for two fisted belligerence and a taste for strong, even "difficult" women present from an early age.

Joining the Navy at the height of the Great War, he came back from his experience "a liberal who hated pretensions, phonies, and snobs, defying both conventional behavior and authority" Breaking into film in a recurring, even typecast role as a gangster of one sort or another supposedly due to a resemblance to folk hero gangster John Dillinger, but I'm not seeing ithe worked that niche for 6 years and dozens of films before landing the role that made him a star….

Dec 13, Born in Brooklyn, the former Carmine Orrico started out as an old school studio contract player, starring in healthily budgeted but forgettable films alongside the likes of Mamie Van Doren, Esther Williams, Sal Mineo, Fay Wray, Jimmy Stewart, Fabian and Sandra Dee as a succession of JDs, teen idols and romantic interests, before carving out something of a niche in film and television westerns.

But it was when he first ventured out to Europe that his filmography got interesting, working with the likes of Mario Bava and in a pair of notable SF films in the UK and for Sam Arkoff, and with the dawn of a new decade, an unforgettable leading role in the classic Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon.

With a string of Italian poliziotteschi, a pair of Gene Roddenberry pilots and a succession of oddball efforts like Joe Don Baker's much lampooned Mitchell, Claudia Jennings hicksploiter Moonshine County Express and the delirious Mexican eco horror The Bees, Saxon moved deftly through cop films, blax…. Sep 20, Impressing Francis Ford Copolla enough to get cast in what wound up being three Godfather films in the pivotal role of Michael Corleone perhaps appropriate, as his family hailed from that city in I….

Sep 6, From a local child prodigy in karate and competitive bodybuilding to one of the first and most influential kickboxing film stars, tonight we talk a man who supposedly inspired the entire Mortal Kombat series, whose oft referenced but seldom imitated balletic approach to full contact martial arts is positively legendary.

Aug 23, When it came to movie tough guys, Eastwood was your strong silent type, Stallone your streetwise paisan, Schwarzenegger your jokey bruiser…and Bronson the hard ass, vindictive son of a bitch nobody wanted to deal with. Making his way up from decidedly humble roots in Pennsylvania coal mining and a veteran of WWII, this unlikeliest of action heroes came to prominence Funky Worm - Various - 100% Blaxploitation (CD) past accepted Hollywood vintage his first notable ensemble roles came when he was in his forties, and his earliest European headlining roles a decade after that!

While his no-nonsense gruffness and a few major successes tended to pigeonhole him in the gritty revenge film ghetto, he still proved capable of many…. Aug 9, Notable for playing nebbishy if likeable everyman types, the former Elliott Goldstein was something of a unique type who could pull off comedy and serious melodrama equally believably. Born and raised in the heavily Italian immigrant neighborhood of Bensonhurst Brooklyn, he spent about five years working in theater before being given his first film role.

With a propensity towards darker, more loaded and nihilistic comedies offset by cheery, lighthearted takes on heavier genres like war, crime and noir, Gould straddled a middle ground shared by very few actors of his day, the sort who…. Jul 26, From humble roots in the dust bowl of Oklahoma, Carlos Ray Norris took his post Korean war-era stint in the Air Force and turned it into what became a black belt in three separate disciplines Korean karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo and international karate championships, where he met and trained further with the man, the myth: Bruce Lee.

Tapped by Lee for his Way nee Return of the Dragon, he shortly found his way into film, starting with the trucker and CB craze hicksploiter Breaker! He single handedly kicked off the international ninja craze of the 80's with The Octagon and crossed over into the contemporaneous mania for slasher films with the strikingly bizarre Silent Rage, before signing up with the legendary Cannon Films, where he shifted into a strangely jingoistic run of over the t…. Jun 14, This time, we're taking on another counterculture icon!

Tonight we take on a Canadian actor and former radio newsman hailing from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in his younger days. As such, it's probably no surprise he hails mainly from Scotch stock with a bit of German in there for good measure He double majored in, of all things, engineering and drama, quickly dropping all the dry bourgeoise practicalities of applied math to pursue acting across Western Europe, doing a lot of work in cult British television and horror films before finding a niche as a rebellious hippie outsider type in several celebrated war films of the late 60's and early 70's - the Dirty Dozen, Kelly's Heroes, the Eagle Has Landed Front and center in a number of im….

May 31, Charlotte Rampling, like Diana Rigg and many others of her generation, began her career as a 60's fashion model.

Making minor waves and memorable if brief appearances in everything from existential counterculture opuses like Vanishing Point and much feted dramedies like Woody Allen's Stardust Memories to neo-Noirs like Farewell My Lovely and Angel Heart and cheesefests like Zardoz and Orca, tonight we celebrate the cool yet sexually charged Emma Peel-style appeal of the lovely Charlotte Rampl….

Born to a poor Cockney fishmonger and charwoman you know, the folks that come around after hours to clean the office? May 3, With his sleepy eyed look and tousled blond locks, he came across as some amalgamation of Robert and Chris Mitchum Generally strolling through films as oddly passive, even disinterested, he could flip to a crazed enervation unexpectedly, leading him to serve as the ultimate outsider figure: either failing to react or overreacting to the events onscreen, in turn.

Seldom a lead but always a presence, he effortlessly shifted from star boy soprano under famed modernist composer Benjamin Britten to child actor to that rarest of transitions: a popular adult career in cinema, as both actor and eventually director of film and television.

Apr 19, Born into a stiff, lower middle class Austrian background just after the war, Arnold Schwarzenegger rebelled from his rigid father and proscribed life at an early age, eschewing the family plans for his life and career to pursue a rocky road in the dubious world of bodybuilding. Idolizing the likes of up and coming cinematic pepla stars like Steve Reeves and especially Reg Park, the young Arnold followed his dreams from breaking into local gyms to work out on off hours to participating in international contests and a solo move to America, without even possessing a proper command of the English language.

Catching the attention of big names in the physical fitness field like Britain's Wag Bennett and America's Joe Wieder, the young up and comer became the face of Wieder's supplement and equipment empire for many a year, his association with the famed Muscle and Fitness magazine running well into recent years. Taking major titles like Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe multiple times apiece,…. Apr 5, Our late in the run At Eye Level correspondent from Scotland regularly brought up, as a sort of bemused reality check, the fact that his grandmother's milkman was none other than Sean Connery.

A prophet has no honor in his own country Supposedly an amateur bodybuilder though you'd probably never know it from what we see on celluloid and ex-Royal Navy man, Connery was a milkman both as a youth and an adult, a truck driver, a grave digger, an artist's model and a laborer.

But that all changed. Turning down all manner of blue collar jobs and manual labor supposedly even a shot at being a pro footballerhe made a crucial right turn into acting Because inhe took on the role of Ian Fleming's superspy James Bond, one rejiggered to the fantasies and hopes of its day, all tech gadgets and Cold War gravitas kneaded into a pulp action adventu….

Mar 22, A British character actor, who made precious few films outside the US. A former child actor who made his fortunes more on his adult career than what came before.

Mar 8, Hells Kitchen brought the world two rather formidable things: my grandfather and the Sylvester Stallone. The son of Following theatrical work with a number of walk ons and bit parts including the infamous Italian Stallion aka Party at Kitty and Studs, Woody Allen's Bananas, Death Race and episodes of Police Story and KojakStallone rose to sudden and unexpected fame when he scripted Going on to star in several films in this franchise, he'd strike gold for a second time when he starred in a film adaptation of a hicksploitation novel….

Feb 22, Elvis Presley. The very name conjures a host of associations, both general and particular to the individual. The young trucker with a golden voice, making his way through the tough Southern rockabilly circuit before emerging as the posterboy for everything rock n' roll - the positive liberation of an emergent youth culture and the first musician to truly "cross the color line" of the era, the negative associations of stiff necked traditionalists and conservative fearmongers, damning everything from rock n' roll to comic books for their children's nascent rebellion from conformity.

The clean cut army brat with the whirlwind and presumably chaste romance with a teenaged Priscilla Beaulieu. The surprisingly adept actor and musician, contract bound into a decade worth of million dollar a picture films, seemingly unaffected and siloed away from a rapidly and dramatically changing world. The high overlord of Las Vegas, one of its biggest draws and chronicle of his ongoing d….

Feb 8, We've talked superhero television and the serials before them in an earlier show, now buckle in as we take on the long running, seemingly inexhaustible run of superhero cinema, from the serials to its mostly televised fits and starts of the s and 80's through the Fox Studios licenses of the early millenium to the ever more interconnected Marvel Studios universe of today!

In our final show, we pick up where Marvel Studios begins, finally bringing the outsourced characters home to roost and building a still evolving and surprisingly still popular, after so many years and films Marvel Cinematic Universe! Join us for the finale of our trilogy of exploration and occasional evisceration of superhero cinema, as we take on the Marvel Studios superhero films, only here on Weird Scenes! Jan 12, We've talked superhero television and the serials before them in an earlier show, now buckle in as we take on the long running, seemingly inexhaustible run of superhero cinema, from its fits and starts of the s-early 80's Superman series and present Batman series through the Fox Studios licenses and DC revival of the s to the ever more interconnected Marvel Studios universe of today!

In our first show, we take on the earliest days, once again paying visits to those seminal Superman and Batman runs through darker times to follow before digging in to modern day DC properties, all the way to the much feted Wonder Woman! Join us for the first part of our exploration and occasional evisceration of superhero cinema, as we take on the films of DC, only here on Weird Scenes! Week 56 - Superhero cinema from the 90's to today pt.

Dec 25, We've talked superhero television and the serials before them in an earlier show, now buckle in as we take on the long running, seemingly inexhaustible run of superhero cinema, from its mostly televised fits and starts of the s through the Fox Studios licenses of the early millenium to the ever more interconnected Marvel Studios universe of today!

Join us for the midpoint of our trilogy of exploration and occasional evisceration of superhero cinema, as we take on the early Marvel superhero films, only here on Weird Scenes! Week 57 - Superhero cinema from the 90's to today pt. Sep 28, The show that launched not only a sequel a decade and a half on, but an equally popular movie series two full decades thereafter, the tropes and score of Mission Impossible have been used, referenced and celebrated throughout popular culture well past any similar series' shelf life.

With a rotating cast centered on a few central figures themselves often rotating in and out of the series over the course of its lengthy runthe series was later followed by not only a surprisingly good late 80's revival series with a nearly all-Australian cast and setting, and despite its partial "direct remake" of previous series scripts featuring….

Sep 14, While other directors like Cirio S. Preceded by the moodily incestuous family dramas cum Hammer style horrors of frequent co-director Gerardo De Leon Terror is a Man, Blood of the Vampires, The Blood DrinkersRomero would continue on to both high points like the surprisingly metaphysical Beast of the Yellow Night and lows like The Twilight People and Savage Sisters before making way for even more entertaining Fillipino productions to take center stage, like the q….

Aug 31, Only in the 70's could a beefy, drawling television character actor change gears and morph into not only an action hero, but even some measure of sex symbol to an audience bedazzled by an aging, Vegas Elvis and the good humored down home charm of Burt Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson After nearly a decade toiling away in bit parts on series from Honey West and Gunsmoke to the Mod Squad to Mission Impossible, Texan good ol' boy Joe Don Baker brought a likeably rootsy appeal to his roles, from the corn pone Death Funky Worm - Various - 100% Blaxploitation (CD) of breakthrough hit Walking Tall to roles with kung fu specialist Robert Clouse Golden Needlesas hard boiled, vaguely noiresque detectives Mitchell, Speedtrapin outright horror films The Pack and as crusty authority figures To Kill a Cop, Powersometimes even in comedies Fletch, Joysticks, Leonard Part 6!

Eventually landing a recurring role in both the Dalton and Brosnan runs of the James Bond franchise, he'd spend later years filling in for Carroll O…. Aug 17, One of New York's own, scion of an acting dynasty that includes his famed father, controversial sister and indie film regular daughter, Peter Fonda walked a very different path from the man who raised him, in short order becoming the figurehead of a generation.

From an oddball pair of Roger Corman quickies that barely seemed to grasp the counterculture they centered on and were ostensibly marketed towardsPeter Fonda took on the role of a lifetime in a film that was just as loose, wild and freely improvised as the spontaneous youth productions of the era, and yet more profound and incisive than any dozen deliberately crafted "arthouse" and "message" films.

Following up with similarly "loaded" and relevant films that still adhere to and fall under the umbrella of cult and genre film of the era like Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, the Last Movie and even Futureworld, Fonda would make a sideline in both rural action films and low key dramas throughout the 70's, appearing in cultier fare….

Aug 3, A man of contradictions whose name's literal derivation is "from the shadows", yet is one of the most recognizable, well beloved cultural icons of our time.

A Canadian actor, nearly all of whose performances were both lensed and based in the States. A "singer" whose recordings consist of hilariously bombastic theatrical spoken word readings A persona noted for his onscreen virility, despite spending the better part of same busting out of every suit he's seen in, right from the dawn of the 80's.

In honor of these many, often glaring contradictions, we're going to completely avoid or at least significantly gloss over the role he's best known for in television and film, to talk his most interesting and to hear him talk of it, desperate …. Jul 20, Born in the Bronx at the dawn of the Great Depression, a young man falls in love with film From humble beginnings in film editing and dubbing, he formed the celebrated Audobon Films, responsible for the importation and distribution of numerous well known European erotic and crime films, only to use this as a springboard for his own directorial career not long after.

Working a surprisingly lush and Decadent aesthetic in a number of jet setting European and New York set softcore melodramas like CamilleThe Image and Score, he eventually moved with the trends of the time straight into more pointedly adult fare, most of his films as "Henry Paris" remaining among the most celebrated and enduring classics of the entire genre:….

Jul 6, At the very dawn of the s, a then-typically "Anonymous" book of erotica appeared on the shelves of the more specialized and discreet booksellers and bodegas of Paris. Generally considered to be autobiographic fiction, Emmanuelle was penned by a Thai expat going under the pen name of Emmanuelle Arsan. While the book was later widely reattributed to her French husband, Emmanuelle was an amazing novel, rivalled only by Pauline Reage's Story of O and the works of Sade as a quintessentially French admixture of hot erotica and Decadent philosophy, taking the swinging suburban roulette schtick to both exotic locales and thoughtful intellectual extremes in a way seldom seen since the heyday of Decadents like Huysmans, Mirbeau and Rachilde.

Finding its audience and influence greatly expanded upon the release of Just Jaeckin's groundbreaking cause celebre of a film adaptation, Arsan herself took the helm for the quite similar Annie Belle feature Laure, handling both scripting a….

Jun 22, A Russian-Pole cabaret singer and contemporary and collaborator! Join us as we celebrate one of the greats of French cinema, the inimitable Eddie Constantine! Jun 8, In the wake of the surprising runaway success of the Hammer Horrors, any number of budget conscious producers suddenly saw gold in them thar hills, ranging as far distant as Roger Corman's California production house with the much lauded Hammer-derived "Poe cycle" and as close to home as Kevin Francis' short lived Tyburn, Tony Tenser's far more credible Tigon Featuring a plethora of both Stateside and UK luminaries of the silver screen past and present, Rosenberg and Subotsky's English cash cow dropped many a Saturday afternoon syndicated chiller on television audiences and the filmgoers whose airings preceded suchfeaturing trilogies, quartets and quadrilogies of short form shudders for the "monster kids" of the 60's and 70's.

But equally if not far more interesting were their non-anthologized efforts, which ranged from a pair of oddly…. May 25, How does a nice British girl out of Liverpool wind up as the figurehead of Italian horror cinema? One of thousands of feckless art school attendees during the beatnik era that both preceded and prefigured the sweeping cultural change of the British Invasion and subsequent hippie movement, Barbara Steele's striking, yet severe looks landed her roles in several classic Italian films, even catching the eye of Federico Fellini himself while creating an all too brief series of gothic horror efforts that all but define the genre.

Working alongside the now-much feted likes of Mario Bava, Riccardo Freda, Antonio Margheriti and Sergio Corbucci, Steele all but personified the Italian mala feminina, the most deadly of femme fatales: because in the right hands, the Steele anti-heroine embodied the inescapable allure of the thanateros, the morbid obsession, even passion and longing for the dissolution into the other, most pointedly in the finality of death.

Parlaying her Italian fame into roles…. May 11, While many would laud his efforts with Reed and takes on Who-penned rock operaswho but us would equally if not moreso both defend and celebrate such efforts as Altered States, Gothic, Whore, Lair of the White Worm and Crimes of Passion…most of which yours truly greatly prefers to their more popularly beloved forebears?

Week Embracing Mania —…. Apr 27, Oct 16, Week 92 Sun. Next Sunday, October 15, join us for Week 92 of Third Eye Cinema with one of the founding and longest standing members of a band whose very name has become synonymous with the term "US power metal"! Releasing their first legendary EP back inColoradans Jag Panzer have weathered many a storm, not to mention a lineup change, over the decades Now back in full fighting form with their most beloved and justly celebrated lineup, they've crafted a comeback album to beat all, hearkening back to their mid's glory days so strongly, it's almost shocking it was only recorded this year!

Oct 4, Week 91 Sun. Signed to the legendary shred label Shrapnel Records, Hexx put out two unimpeachable slabs of molten steel But all was not well behind the scenes, and subsequent years would find them eschewing both traditionalist frontmen and style in favor of first a thrash, then more of a death metal orientation on successive releases, before folding in the wake of an unstoppable wave of very 90's bad taste Stateside.

Reforming with the last decade and cycling through numerous members of earlier lineups along the way, Hexx has just released a surprisingly solid return to their earlier form, Wrath of the Reaper! Join us as we talk the often harrowing…. Jun 10, The Third Eye Cinema podcast returns with our official 90th episode, as we catch up with one of our very first guests and interviews and discuss his newest venture!

Aired as the second week of our brand spanking new podcast in January ofwe covered everything from SOV to classic sexploitation directors to the pending decline and fall of home media.

Now a good 6 years, nearly podcast episodes not including nearly episodes of sister podcast At Eye Level and a good 50 of Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine, among others and thousands of pages of print reviews of film, music, literature and audio drama later, we've come full circle, once again meeting up with Mike to catch up on what he's been up to all this time, his exciting new Blu-Ray restorations and discoveries of previously lost films in the Jo….

Join us as we discuss this unusual situation and look towards where things may or may not go from here, in terms of the network christened after our reclusive compatriot, the archives for all four podcasts and at least the view on this show for the short term As the Nina Hagen reference indicates, things may be about to get weird Dec 19, And here you thought you heard it all the first time around The last gasps of Connery and Moore!

Hell, there's even a nod to both versions of Casino Royale More laughs! More gaffes! More unexpected shifts in opinion, and why! And a whole lot more edutainment! It's all in there Week 42b Revisiting Bond: the Finale. Dec 15, And in no case does this aphorism greater apply than with respect to the inimitable Klaus Kinski.

While My Heart Is Still Beating - Roxy Music - Avalon (CD, Album), Monday Michiru - Mermaid (Vinyl), Get Ready - Various - The Hitsound Of Motown Volume 2 (Cassette), Petit - Culture Hub - Eruca EP (Vinyl), Immaculate Fools, For The Judged - Madball - Hardcore Lives (CD, Album), Bada Bada - Ward 21 Crew* - Bada Bada (Vinyl), Illumination Theory - Dream Theater - Dream Theater (CD, Album), Power Lounger Theme Part 2, Enchanting Odyssey - Ivy Garden Of The Desert - Docile (Vinyl), Peaceful - Bobbie Gentry - The Best Of The Capitol Years (CD), Ill Never Smile Again - The Platters - Remember When? (Vinyl, LP), Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Minimix) - Björk - Greatest Hits (CD), Drinking For 11 - Mad Caddies - Consentual Selections (CD), La Conclusión - Dos Gajos - Dos (Vinyl, LP, Album)